.        call Leo Quinn if you want to succeed} sadlyso insofar as nowadays it's all about knowho not knohow maybe more knowall on knowhat for business blackmail then you're spoton what with his QinetiQ quackery but that doesn't deserve brazen browntonguery

.        Small drop sprayers causing drift} was precisely what was suppressed in my dropsize-dropdrift halving US patented SPRAYer = Stimulated Pulsatile Retention Aeolian deliverY but you'd never know it from this commentary nor indeed from not making the market

.        London – Edinburgh open access average fare £25 for 200 km/h} internationally implemented sensible standard will kill contrived case hyped for HS2 & not just on cost but also capacity_pity line wasn't modernised to match HST's 200mph for 2.5h transit!

.        substitutes for stainless steel vessels mixers bioreactors} suggests notsimply strength but sufficient hardness against abrasion aswellas anticorrosion capabilities? Be nice to know about adoption for industrial implementations_asked as 60s ManUni alumnus

.        50% glass-fiber reinforced polyarylamide will replace stainless steel} bottom below serendipitously supporting another speculation suggested yesterday but no idea of practicalities as alternative for your apps

.        IC Aeronautics: Aerodynamics seminars no events Turbulence seminars no events} wot none at all or are you just keeping them secret so I'll not interfere as awkward asker. Tempted to popin during your IUTAM though!. Happy New Year!         PS Prompted also by today's BBC Toady bottom below pretty much aligned with what I mentioned to our favourite friend inspired by defconXies done dusted late 80s which culminated in my clathrating chemicals being dunked all over the soviet submarine superhighways for LidaRaman seascape sensing and sniffing backed by Wind-Over-Wave* foundation fundamentals as Miles modification for viscolastic modulus inhibition of crest capillary roughness that amplifies swell scaling on airflow induction via Townsend transfer. Roguery remember (for waves!) arises from countercurrency also as slam by blockage and its reinforcement into climate change era (due to WVap not CO2!) was anticipated arising from reduced whitecapping so suppressing the only significant energy sink. No wonder I'm still madder than any march hare about my blackballing duodemidecade ago what with substantial scholarshippers like me/us scooped by superficial sellershippers, especially as Soton NOC was biggest beneficiary of all that deflab stuff which QinetiQ couldn't accommodate_indeed, recall my anger at their inaugural exhibition featuring posters plazyiaristically portraying my IP without any admission asto origin.*my ERCOFTAC WOW SIG recall, with augural conference attended by a dozen FRS matched by alien equivalents.    Hope to hear soon that you're still happy to have DAMTPosaurian descendent hectoring your speakers when they slip up.

.        TherrmoScientific Chromeleon CDS Software}} forlornly flinal fling at attracting attention to my teaching training Load&Go VisBasic FACTS = Fast Analysis ChromaTographic Separations via my webbage on NEALE.THOMAS.net

.        Last chance Chromatography} forlornly flinal fling at attracting attention to my teaching training Load&Go VisBasic FACTS = Fast Analysis ChromaTographic Separations via my webbage on NEALE.THOMAS.net

.        Re: BAPCO Critical Communications 12-13mar Coventry} enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies  JohnTaggart@RedBox # Scarlet Stower better bet to distance your deliverables from treasury tainting ; GeoffRevill@Krowdthink # signal sorting for trace tracking akin to submarine sighting despite stealthing via quadripoled configurations as sound & stratification sources ; JoseOscarFajardo@Nemergent # RL below ditto ; RolandLeander@Frequentis # "critical control ecosystem" innovated integration but no mention of expectation excursion evaluation as alarm algorithms ; GrahamBaskerville@Antennentechnik # amazing that advances still accessible with over a century since Marconi's morse but then Dyson did it with principles patented for victorian chimney cleaning ; AndySmith@Polycom # can't quite recall but maybe card reversed NIKHILBH @ live.co.uk was clue? ; MaxBegley@MobileSafety # maybe amazing account of academic adventures  spawned from sixties PhD proved pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides after Kruschev humiliation by Kennedy in cuban climbdown

.        Cleantech Innovate most exciting_Mark Taylor}sellership spikes scholarship with CartoonsForDummies says x-ICaero 70s JFMer for foundation formulation of squashed eddies in 5x4 father of all rolling roads immediately implemented for earliest F1 evaluations

.        £600M Crossrail causes bleak financial outlook for TfL} deserves to die for financial follies exemplified in 100kW HVACs for station stabilisation of ~100MJ/rushour stop pathetically placed below platform requiring replacement after 20% design designation

.        Metamaterials Steer longrange Lidar} only a duodemidecade since defconXed in coldwar closure campaigns for satellited seascape sensing of submarine superhighways moreover as LidaRaman for surface speciation as speculated in 70s by NASA planetary people

.        Re: AGM to hear your views} how about howler in diverting dividends from owners to gonggogetting virtualosity vanelities in Loonydon Luvvieland who never did a decent day of dirty digiting whilst promotionally pickpocketing poor old pursey in rejected regions

.        ESTA aM&T 14Mar Ansty AMTC} enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies   RobinHale@ESTA # thanks for tolerating awkward asker yet again hopefully supplying some spice to annoyingly anodyne assertions by missionary mantropolitans maybe enough to warrant a short spot on scienced sensibilities ; TimHolman@TEAM # GDP doubling Energy halving since '90 arguably attributable to 30% depreciation & 30% debtation & 30% deficitation in denomination & decimation & education & importation ; AndrewFinnie@TMResource # amazing adventures eclipsing Clancy caricatures emulating Carre conspiracies spawned from submarine significance of my 60s PhD pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides ; DavidStone@SheffieldUni # 70s Dinorwic water hammer & 80s LeAcid sonication supercharger & 90s LUG 100MJ brakebox rescue & 00s TfL HVAC folly ignoring PSed spray solution ; RyanSullivan@NetworkRail # WVap warming 20x CO2 now 1/Exp-e from saturation inferred from meaculpa by climate cabalist confronted by conundrum of Jurassic joy in 10x current CO2 & CH4 whilst wildfires caused by combustion catalysts in seabreezed soot

.        Martyn birthday} evenmore enjoy your Aussie adventure}back to Merritt} I voted LEAVE} so did I & REMAIN aswell because we'd be beauruggerised both ways & sure enough shorting by Commons conners have crooked killings from homeland hedgehoggery

.        I love Birmingham: A place in the sun} no you don't else you'd live there like I've done for 35 years enduring the death of 300k jobs not jollies that killed £10B GDP supposedly shorffalled say Whiteminsters who wipedout rejected regions

.        What can be done to stop distracted driving? nudging drivers} enduring an epidemic of evermore exaggerated garulous gongogettery via nattery from naggery to nazzery whilst ignoring impending impact from gabbledegeekeried Artefuctual Imbecilligence

.        CAV expert warns industry must learn from Boeing groundings} bleeding banality of obvious observation when real need remains resolution of ambiguities arguably intrinsically irreconcilable as Rumsfeldian unknowns aka Goedelian enigmas

.        Tom Gash: The wonderful Beth Murray is leaving Catch22} hangon matey_look at her linkedin to see she's been a mantropolitan moneygorounder eversince english graduation in messianic mafia of knowho knobblers who've sickeningly sidelined knohow knackers

.        This week's news and views from industries} rare redressing timidly toward proper purpose as sector stimulator albiet asever garulously gongogetting with virtualosity vanelity via Attenborough's Armageddon typified in that plastic prewrapped tossed turtle

.        LSE Intergenerational Fairness Climate Change long short of it_cancelled} appropriate abandonment given their garulously overt opportunism in pickpocketing poor old pursey's pumpishment for superficial sellership that's supplanted substantial scholarship

.        Porto} super sights just like I remember from that megamonied EU-ftproject I coordinated duodecade ago accommodating biannual beanfeasts paidforby poorold pursey public

.        Defence Secretary Prosperity Programme} hyped hotair can't conceal collapsed confidence in Transatlantic Treatied longlead razor RTD that availed access to Trident1 discounted on decadally definitive deliverables since WW2 until profiteered piratisation

.        Balfour Beatty remarkable turnaround by Leo Quinn} entirely as expected since masonically moneygorounded knowho knobblery hammered knohow knackery here amplified by attrition as fraudulent financials crucified competition

.        3Tmarine litter collected}exemplifies extent of biblical banality by solipsistic salvationsists determined to demonise an algal attractor nevermind nonsensically paltry poportion of 1kg.pa.pp in turn tritely trivial against 10T.pa.pp rancid riverine runoff

.        UK 35 MW from offshore wind} looks like nonscience now that 10MW is unit standard & 100MW impending but maybe no more than expected from a former cityspiv commentator without proper jobbery nor even a hint in his history

.        Ken Gabriel x-MIT military civilianisation eg sonicated separation}done dusted in coldwar closure decade of defconXies & muchmore Trident Treatied via UK-ARE-SMC Holton Heath courtesy of RodLane as my academic agent on amazing array you might like to learn about as paperback platform eclipsing Clancy's caricatures even emulating Carre's conspiracies. Said as a son of last lot of DAMTPosaurs recruited by GKBatchelor Head for 30 years having been recruited by GITaylor for shaped charge sums on Manhatten mentioned below and mentored by MJLighthill who headed up bonafide delegation prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission that featured my PhD stratification beamlet greens function utilised in stealthing submarine signatures disclosed for Brezhnev bonafides in return for cold plasma control of MIG interceptors with halved drag of F104s. Much more to tell but best done 121 with Ken.

.        Materials in Extreme Environments_GeoffWest WMG} wondered whether interested in advising on antiabrasion anticorrosion coatings for concrete mixer blade edges? Asked as 90s defconXer for ARE-SMC HoltonHeath also 90-00s VisFell WarUni Engrg (PeterCarpemter)

.        Re: Energyst EV Event 9apr London} you enjoyed my interventions at ESTA & followup banter with me as DAMTPosaur & you as conCERNer so wondered whether you'd tolerate awkward asker for freebie at yours? Hope so

.        Energy Emissions Rural Business 6-7feb Telford} enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Josh Pollock @ Associates # 90s dti-SMARTee WATER-BOOSTIR = Wind Activated Treatment Enviro Recovery - Bio Oxidative Operation Single Tank Remediation to Discharge Consent via 4-stage BOD NOD deN SS copycatted by durchtecnickers ; Chris Gillard @ NIBS # coldwar closure defconX delivered standoff sonication scavenging of diffusional drag on electrode exchange boosting damage-free disrecharge rate to x50 in LeAc batteries for submarine silent escape emergencies ; Derek Scott @ Scotts # verge vac grass gathering needed by Brum's embattled victims notonly burdened by binstrikers but by reduced roadside maintenance leaving streets looking like linear landills not merely overgrown jungles ; Paul Davies @ Landia # reviving referral dating back a decade to multiphase mixing from fundamental formulation eradicating errors in US-NRC approved PWR-LOCA codes to homogenisers for downhole gas-oil 4-phase fluxes ; Richard Love @ Vogelsang # biogas biomass blenders mobilisers macerators fluidisers feeders dispersers as designs driven by crippling challenge of caloric conversion via gasification of glutinously wet waste suggesting solutions via cyclonic systems such as Taylor-Couette ; Howard Chantry @ GreenCrop # farm irrigation slurry dirty water storage disposal for which WATER-BOOSTIR should've succeeded for adoption amongst grinergetic goodies but sadly succumbed to scepticism that's suffocated innovation investment ; Graeme Webb@ Berthold # acoustic alternative to ionising radiation also microcoil magnetostrictive eddy current induction in prestressed BH-biased samples for crack detection on submicron scale to mm depth

.        Scaffolding collapses onto London street} wellwell you switch jobs & this happens within a week!

.        Hunterston AGR cracks_model core by UniBristol} inevitably inferred you were involved but apparently not_looks like this negligibly nonsensical residual risk approximates actuality more than Magnox weld worries publicised by OU opportunists

.        RENFE pro-active international expansion low-cost service to increase share  people prefer 6h drive cheap off toll motorways. We have to address that} a lesson not learned by HS2's head in clouds codswalloppers

.        Self-Healing Material Can Repair Rusted Metals} nowt new here with coldwar closure defconXies done dusted duodemidecade ago on hyperwettabiliity agents as drag-noise diminution derivatives hybridised with fatigue-fighting formulations for supersteels

.        news or comments to share} how about restoration of rationality slientifically swamped by all this messianic missionarianism manically mcluhanised by grinergetic gonggogetters educationally excluded from engineering expertise on industrial implementations

.        concerns over approved schemes}you don't get it do you_it's the economy's stupid scambackery peddled by perjurative politrickicians larding Loonydon with 10x average infraex percap aswellas 10x also permile on hapless HS2 & 10x perunit on exorbitant energy

.        injustice of a world where millions of people suffer preventable vision loss} looks like interested in implementation only not evaluation of prospective improvements such as accelerated annealing of dry macual reattachment by soft sonication

.        OceanJunkie Nathan’s bracelets are handmade from nets retail online for £5 +PP} exemlifying extremities of gongogetting virtualosity vanelity extinguishing economic efficacy with biblically banal messianic missionarianism

.        BBC MoneyBox: Amigo Guarantor Loans} did not question illegality of involvement for third parties unknowingly obligated via solely shared assets currently subject of compensation complaint to amigo referred  for ruling by FCA

.        Biomass still interested?} always & in everything but sadly so sidelined as to be no more than that in anything! Rancid about all regulatory regimentation by moneygoround mafia pickpocketung poor old pursey public to tune to £50Bpa on climate culdesac

.        Obit: Walter Munk "too many topics to have done thorough jobs"}GKBatchelor said similar of GITaylor renowned as Rutherford's brightest boy famed for slick slit photonic PhD yet stalwartly sensible as WM & GKB &&& in that elite era of dabbling dilettantism

.        DSTL cutting-edge keeps UK safe from harm via DECA MoD Sealand} profiteering piratisation crucified capabilities consoliidated deuring decades of coldwar cricality as exemplified in extremity of unAstute's doubling of digitally designated drag-noise 


.        Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 issues cost at least £1.5B +  £186M hit from A380} latter unavoidable but former certainly was & arose from 90s complacency on increased Infestation Tricknography in design development & inservice innovation

.        Birmingham's 'dynamism and ambition' attracted HSBC} certainly couldn't have been roads & rubbish in citycentre suburbs & surrounds all attributable to showcase squanderng on megamoney mirages of dragons denneried computered kidology & streetlight sillies

.        Health Secretary orders NHS to email} coincidence of course him Blind Trusted from family financed on Infestation Tricknology but only human to wonder why extraordinary eagerness for admin over action wasn't anticipated by predecessor poseurs

.        MIT Aims To STAMP Out Accidents} recollection reminder_}cannot read message} quirky tweemail sent as subject to save space so unseen when setup skips header. Hope you'll persevere as my OTO was PSed with warning to doubleup on blowout blockers which would've likely hindered horror of DeepWater disaster. Similarly sceptical sentiments also on somuch other stuff maybe most notably error eradication from multiphase mixture modelling amending 30 years of NRC-approved unsafe guidelines for meltdown moderation following depressurisation in PWRs and from free-stream boundary-blocked turbulence modelling after 30 years of CFD fudged figures from classical wall law. But climate changers take this cake with 90% enumeration contrived on correlations colluded by 90% pretenders portrayed as experts in ecomentalising nebulously nonscienced catastrophist caricatures to consolidate careers costing £1Bpa on UK campuses but morelike £30Bpa on policy perversion into culdesac slushsidies, much more indeed as indoctrination via school solipscience now generationally ingrained as biblical belief that the extermination end is now nigh, not least because of the plastic prewrapped turtle portrayed in Beeb's BluePlanet by producer-presenter team with track records in Disneyian distortions for emotional effect. &&& but enough for now, far too much indeed!

.        AI}algorithmic asininity from minimalist manifoldality functionally formulated as 30s Goedelian gabbledegeekery reiterated 70s by Lucasian Lighthill popularised 80s by Rouseball Penrose semisorted in 90s antistealthing algorithms aka 00s Rumsfeld rummaging

.        Nicholas Jones - Blog and Archive Website. via http://www.nicholasjones.org.uk/ bbc midlands 90s industrial correspondent was ???. Asking as former 4-fold dti-SMARTee at that time national numerouno as campus company creation who got covered in halfhour profile as phenomenon from Cambridge making waves in Brum via endorsement from BirUni VC Michael Thompson as ex-Harwell physicist who backed my initiatives not just teaching toughest topics because it guaranteed best of bunch clamoured for my PhDs despite ludicrously lucred lures from city spivvery but also training the biggest one-man unaided faculty team of PGs PDs & VIP visitors whilst forensic faultfixing  for a dozen ormore midlands manufacturers mostly bluechip biggies aswellas decade of defconXies from transatlantic treatied Trident trust funds on subsea warfare via ARE-DRA-DERA SMC HoltonHeath extending to liaison with Winfrith Halsar Portsdown on weapon testing. &&& much more but came across you in googling for Beeb's last midlands man before  ecomentals extinguished final few remaining remnants from a century of Chamberlainian techno triumph, inall eliminating upwards 300k proper jobs across greater WM almost exactly accounting for the £10Bpa GDP deficit about which Whiteminster's Oxonoronic LSEfties have been moaning ever since 70s when they started slaughtering their golden goose. I was hoping to approach him for possible interest in my amazing adventures as an academic who happened on a 60s PhD that proved pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission for bonafides with Brezhnev who had to stay silent after Kruschev's Cuban crisis climbdown and ended up doing a decade of gizmo games that eclipsed Clancy's caricatures emulated even Carre's conspiracies & even extended to Goatstarer gambits. Anyhow seeing your own extended enthusiasm for inspirational insights maybe you're the man to cover my own even to extent of paperbacked popularisation. Hope to hear.

.        Cleantech_RobWylie CambridgeAgritech}wellwell always goes&comes around eventually: recall the 90s DAMTPer with FRED's SMART SPRAYer halving drift&dropsize yet failed to make market dueto DEFRA's diligent protectionism for agrichem commercial statusquoante

.        UK universities receive £110m to fund AI Masters and PhD courses} exemplifying extremities of expertise ignorance in ignoring Infestation Tricknology's meaningless multimodality formalised in foundation factualities from Goedel Lighthill Penrose

.        Managing Mental Health in the Workplace} perversely parasitic overtly opportunistic by any sensible standards of nannery to nattery via naggery to nazzery OPMed on poor old pursey public in rejectd regions like Honda's hit on 3.5k jobs x3 intoto

.        producing selling using plastic bags imprisoned for 4 years fined $40k. I wish we would copy} gongogetting groaner from nattery to nannery via naggery to nazzery bandwaggonning banarama on Armageddon Attenborough's plastic prepacked tossed turtle

.        EVs tiny fraction of cars But sales growing rapidly predicting cost parity within a couple of years}via vicious regulatory regimentation designated by despocracy crippling country's rejected regions for fatcattery of overtly Oxonoronic Loonydon Lardies

.        buyer beware hype surrounding EVs_demand for these cars increases} via vicious regulatory regimentation designated by despocracy crippling country's rejected regions for fatcattery of overtly Oxonoronic Loonydon Lardies

.        How Supercomputers Can Save Lives in Airborne Chemical Attacks} exemplifying exaggeration from factoid via fictoid to fuctoid as sellership stuffs scholarship here in silence on subscale correlational closures that set scene for indicative inhalation

.        Don’t scapegoat aviation} but battle it isn't & sadly so seeing as no-one mentions humidity up by 5% since 70s & that alone as much as all ambient CO2 on impact ironically as only 5% are educated enough to be aware only 5% isn't correlationally caricatured

.        Digital Highway Code}expected evermore insidious impostion by Luvvies from nattery via nannery to naggery & nazzery by Lardies already pickpocketing poor old pursey totuneof £30Bpa pumpishment plus £20Bpa commercially concosted extraction killiing economy

.        Farooq Khan]should not be complacent about 4 years elapsed since his silent insolence on my complaints about his complicity in seeking to see me sectioned via corrupt collusion with cowboy clinicians entailing endorsement of my assignment to zero tolerance

.        Mach cutoff & sonar waveguide} same science also for waveguided buoyancy beamlets indeed my 60s PhD inspired a generation of quadripole stealthed submarines arguably also ahead of airborne apps in EM warfare aswellas sonic silencing

.        fantastic start-ups_high rate failures despite EIS R&D credits tax relief Patent Box} pickpocketed from poor old pursey public dirty digiting in proper jobs until plug pulled* to pay for privileged punters like you & yours * 300k killed across WM since 70s

.        GKR Scaffolding business strategy_virtual reality headsets as safety training} just a thought although maywellbe incorporated in your company's safety standards

.        Generative Computer-aided design} no hints here of criticality consequences exemplified in NRC approved PWR-LOCA codes despite decades of flawed fundamentals on depressurisation dryout ditto PiperAlpha design ops apps implicated also in DeepWater disaster

.        your endless exposure as Beebie commentator correspondent reminded me of my famousforfive tellytime courtesy of PebbleMill's last industrial editor* who hosted my halfhour profile as 90s 4-fold SMARTee startup national numerouno indeed * Mark Who?

.        PSD ocean color remote sensors} attracted attention from firsthand familiarity with Malvern multiscatter multidisperse ambiguities that stymied 90s initiatives on colour interpretation after implementation of longrange LIidaRaman sea-air signature sensing

.        adopting another text} not now I'm dotaged buit maybe you might adopt mine as an amazingly adventurous academic whose 60s PhD proved pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Missiion for Brezhnev bonafides after Khruschev's Cuban climbdown 

.        tobacco plants as ‘green bioreactors’} exemplifies evermore sellership stuffing scholarship as indicative ignorance of learned literature that definitively demonstrated viability of hairy root integrated bioreactor separator avoiding agriexpenditure

.        Rolls out of Boeing engine contest} final phase of terminally toxic decades of denial by Oxonoronically overbearing masonic moneygoround of Whiteminstered wenkers who squandered squillions perniciously pickpocketed from poor old pursey public

.        ZwickRoell UK High-Temperature Seminar 27feb Ansty}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies    Lee White @ Zwick # thanks for tolerating intrusions by awkward asker's apparently amusing asides seemingly significant visavis sellership stifling scholarship sadly evermore evident since superficiality supplanted superiority in educational experience ; Andrew Wisbey @ Wood Risley # apart from ARE-DRA-DERA Holton Heath SMC stuff on superalloys eg crack evolution & BH offest stressed surface sampling to mm depth also water clathration chemistry extending to LJ molecular modelling &&& ; Craig McKenzie @ Element # overriding obesession with codes compliance distracting diversion from failure free functionality in presence of persistent excursions via vibrations & implusive impositions aswellas abasion & active agents as localised loadings ; Phiilip Jones @ GE Power # apart from Rugby for familiy link loads of overlaps from my lifetime learning mentored by generational gurus Lighthill & Batchelor spawned by serendipitously special status in 60s PhD pivotal for Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission ; John Boucher @ OU x-RR # safety sensitivity apart in assessment of AGR weld integrity with DIC implementation & speckle patternation prompted recall of 60s evolution from ManUni MecFlu hypersonic interferometry to laser schlieren in stratification wavefiels

.        author cited you} probably Proc '97 IMA inaugural WOW conference that I co-convened, maybe my contraclimacy campaigning commenced '90 precipitating premature pensioning '96 despite biggest unaided faculty RTD + national numerouno SMART startup &&&

.        £110M to fund AI Masters PhD courses + £78M on 16 Centres for Doctoral Training} Artefartual Imbecility with never ever even a hint of Lucasian Lighthill's damning dismissal as Goedelian garbage reiterated in Rumsfeldian un-knowability

.        Researchgate} 25 years since I was prematurely pensioned as counter-correctness climate-contra so super seeing I'm still in top 10% but maybe no surprise seeing as my first paper upwards 50 years ago was ignored for 25 years but now seen as seminal source

.        Fewer than 1 in 10 believe HS2 will benefit them}so believers have halved since '17 as evermore evidence accumulates on autocratic kickbackeried collusion to steal 3x than needed for doubledeckered upgraded HST-APT affordability plus exempire exportability

.        Renaissance Celebration for Chromatography} so surely should be eager to evaluate FACTS = Fast Analysis ChromaTographic Separations for VB LGO teaching-training & apps ageing for ops optimisation via googling to get my webbage

.        driverless vehicle testing by worldclass vanguard} bleeding banality of bureauggerised baloney with regulated regimentation crucifying key carmakers for efficacious employment in rejected regions onceagain being burned by Lardieland Looters

.        Re: 527-Welcome message for participation in W.C.S.M-2019, Rome, Italy} why me? 

.        high-performance polymeric batteries: k-cyc 50C tolerance} was identified as coldwar closure candidate but displaced by LeAc heterodyned standoff sonication for 50C disrecharge by denying diffusive inhibition without gassing or electrode erosion

.        What can go wrong?} reality rather what will go wrong as Goedel guaranteed as manifested in PWR TMI & Fukushima also HPHC PiperAlpha & DeepWater all encountered as forensic faultfixer physicist amazed at insidious infiltration by Infestation TricknologITs

.        Tesla-Maxwell ultracapacitor battery complement} 50x PD but <10% ED so sensible solution for racers but why amplify already dangerous delivery of transient torque accessing accelerations 5x engine expectations? 

.        Presumption oclock offsite}crucially compunded by inactivity on insolently coned corridors adding 20% travel time nevermind bus-bike blockages trebling transit times precipitating pollution peaks excusing evermore pernicious penalties wankered on workers

.        New Funding_Highways England investing £20M} why when somuch squandered with solittle return for rejected regions persecuting poor old pursey public with £30Bpa pumpishment plus debilitating delays £20Bpa also crippling commercials totuneof £30Bpa

.        ‘scant progress’ in education} no hint here of decimation in degree curricula by customerisation for pernicous profiteering from explosive expansion_said as anglo auldie sacked for sustaining standards securing best of bunch for PhDs not city spivvery

.        BBC Toady today on tariffs} beggare belief in bantered bureauggery of naive nebulosity by Loony Liam's LSEed rentaranter versus rationality reasoning by Stoke's Saviour as ceramicist credentially Cantabbed in scienced sensibilities sadly since sidelined__into politrickeried populism but educationally overlapping mine as decadal DAMTPer who mentored one of the brightest boys in the last* cohort of 3-year Part2s for PhD prior to his recruitment by ICI NewSci Runcorn where I also CASEed a Brum PhD on polymeric stabilisers^ sorting bioreactor bubble bursting problems for Factor8 & HGHormone before he moved to AlderleyPark on pharmacological factoring whilst I persevered for a decade as faculty fulltimer teaching toughest topics inspiring best of bunch to eschew ludicrously lucred city spivvery in favour of my PhDs in biggest oneman unaided faculty team attracting affiliations from RoySoc BritCoun sponsored senior sabbaticalists, this twinned with a campus company created for access to a transatlantic treatied decade of defconXies in submarine stealthing but famed for startup status as national numerouno with 4-fold dti-SMARTees, enough to attract attention for a halfhour TV profile by BBC WM's last industrial editor before his ecomentalised elimination, exposure that in turn spawned a decade of forensic frontline faultfixing for a dozen bluechippers.     * discontinued due to declining intake quality sadly soon further diminished somuchso that a foundation year was added to comply with state aid rules on state school intake! ^ arising from awareness acquired in defconXies on seascape suppression for helicoptered hydrophones later adapted for LIDARaman monitoring of soviet submarine superhighways with USNavy as biggest buyer of ICI's Emkarox!

.        SMALL BUSINESS TECH PROJECT GOVERNMENT INVESTMENT} too late for majority of SMARTees like me as 4-folder 90s national numerouno campus creation copycatted by deutsche durchtechnickers a decade after burning bread totuneof quarter million not making market

.        Chris Weiland} intriguing inventory mirroring much of my own during a decade of defconXies spanning coldwar closure on transatlantic treatied gizmo games eclipsing Clancy emulating Carre spawned from destealthing detection via Frank Herr & Rod Lane

.        NRL-EPA Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler Detection of Oil in Water Column_air bubbles provided additional suspended particles} done dusted as NRL derved defconXies during coldwar closure so nowt new here not with superscatterers nor indeed without 

.        new biogas facility will power RAF Marham} asever autocratically OPMed on poor old pursey public as bannered baloney countering criticism of extreme extravagence on F35 follies_nevermind nonsense on numbers inferred as implication from_ _5kTC as 50GWhpa @ 5MWe x2te = 5khpa = 15hpd or 60% fullbore usage: really? Saving £300kpa or ~1p/unit opex means ~100y ROI on 10p/unit 20y capex for typical £10/W plug price. That ain't saving it's scamming on any accounting so no surprise no sign of plant price accessible anywhere!

.        Tim Crosland instrumental in Paris Agreement} weasely whiteminstered oxonoronic oppressor careering carbonastrophism invocationally invoking nudgery naggeried naztery as factoidery fictoideried fuctoidery opulently OPMed on poor old pursey public

.        you need RoadUserChargingConference} no-one needs this pernicious paradigm of nudgery naggeried naztery via factoidery fictoideried fuctoidery evermore evident in sellership skewering scholarship with nonscienced nebulosity

.        you need RoadUserChargingConference} no-one needs this pernicious paradigm of nudgery naggeried naztery via factoidery fictoideried fuctoidery evermore evident in sellership skewering scholarship with nonscienced nebulosity

.        HS2 create 30k jobs}so that'll be £2M/job or 20x average for advanced activities illiustrating inanity of never measuring mission against alternatives here exemplified in doubledeckered uprated HST for 20% price plus cost cutting via exempire exportability

.        Women Inspiring Pharma} why gender why not nationality or speciality or disability or affluence or any alternative amongst a myriad markers for statistical stamp shuffling when real requirement is what works & why & it won't be women nor men but motivation

.        excellent encounter at Carluccio (thanks)_always admire your enthusiastic excellence mirroring my own on overlapping experiences & endeavours. Pursuing your prompts I'm picturing Alice Thomson (Times) & David Collier (Barts) on possible interests arising__as follows with apology for presumption in proceeding without prior invitation.

    So for Alice it arose from my remark about CamUni DAMTP pre-eminence during decades from WW2 invirtue of GITaylor's affiliation accompanied by his DAMTPhisbena acolytes GKBatchelor & MJLighthill, former as Head for 30 years, latter as Dirac's Lucasian successor en route to UCL Rectorship having been Director RAE Farnborough & ImpColl Maths Head. My connection arose via MJL's apprenticeship as ManUni Maths Head fresh from CamUni with PhD charged by GIT with regenerating ManUni MecFlu where I graduated in late 60s and elected to stay on for a PhD chosen mainly to maximise my play&pub-time waiting for saline diffusion of a 50-layer stratified sandwich before making waves with travelling toys.

    Nutshelled, your interest might be aroused by my getting bored after 18 months in the holiday camp somuchso I started sketching out some sums and serendipity supplied me with a generalised Greens Wavefunction for the basic beamlets from which all fields might be synthesised, including inversion as far field deconvolution for the forcing field. Thought no more about it beyond being pretty pleased to see it published in JFluidMech being GKB's inhouse platform for premium papers but never connected it with careering onwards via ManUni NucEng as Reynolds ResFell arising from a fatal accident on an intensive heat exchanger that failed having hotspotted with supercritical water, thence to ImpColl Aero with PWBearman (later DepRector) on industrial turbulence fundamentals when serendipity again smiled with my happening on a benchmark corrective confirmation for boundary blockage as belted floor workup in the windtunnel that spawned the first realistic rolling road, indeed was assigned pretty much continuously to F1 Teams for 10% model testing from '75 until they implemented their own fullscale facilities nowadays of course an essential element of evaluating pretty much all prototypes including road vehicles. Then out of the blue I found myself in DAMTP as JCRHunt's servant when he was still being groomed as GKB's successor, amazed at my special status amplified after the core of my PhD appeared as centrepiece spread in MJL's '78 monograph with him encamped as Lucasian and DAMTP's infamous Friday seminars split down the middle literally with acolytes awaiting the opening salvo in critical commentaries on speaker shortcomings.

    Anyway, enough of that for now so suffice to say after a decade I declined GKB's assurance that I'd be good through to retirement in his hallowed house, thinking he'd be retired a decade before me so I accepted faculty offer for CheEng in Brum on industrial biotec megamoney, mainly to add biology to my portfolio after rejection as school subject for its being twinning with geography then (and should still be but sadly not) seen as sloppience for simpletons so I plumped for german supplementing obligatory french with both deemed fashionably functional in early 60s. And serendipity smiled again in chancing on coincident arrival of MWThompson as VC, formerly Harwell physicist on radiation embrittlement of supersteel so steeped in same stuff as GKB whose shaped charge shock focussing foundations were key component in Manhatten project and MJL whose jet noise foundations likewise for Concorde's approval, and ofcourse GIT whose overarching foundations spanned both and muchmore as expected from Rutherford's brightest boy whose PhD set scene for wave-particle ambiguities at the heart of exploratory evaluations in quantum coherence computing.

    MWT facilitated my freedom from bungling bureauggery, allowing me to create the company I needed for access to transatlantic treatied subsea stealthing during a decade of defconXies on fundamentals of sonars-surveillance-materials for concept credibility with an album of amazing adventures that eclipsed Clancy's caricatures and even emulated Carre's conspiracies, same time as spawning 4-fold dti-SMARTees that made me national numerouno as speculative startup inturn attracting attention enough for exposure on BBC TV programme profiled by their very last WM Industrial Correspondent before extinction by ecomentalism that's now a monstrously messianic mcluhanisation but fortunately for me was seen "just in time" by a dozen ormore corporate captains who catalysed my decade of forensic frontline faultfixing, all of which financed materialisation of extraordinary equipment such a salvation of the last living Townsend-Bradbury turbulence tunnel from Powergen's piratisation pyre and maintenance of PhD students on CASE projects spawned from SMARTees (on wind-driven WWT and aeolian-activated arable low-dose spraying) and from defconXies as disclosable derivatives (eg ICI bioreactor bubble burst damage diminution and supersteel fatigue-fracture interrogation via eddy-current hysteretic microcoiling of prestressed BH-offset samples).

    As afterthought must mention also I managed to maintain biggest one-man unaided RTD Team with a dozen ormore PGs and PDs plus RoySoc-BritCoun Visitors aswellas a dozen on UG training-design projects, plus a handful of fixed short-termers in the campus company office, again on allofwhich muchmore might be said including on my premaure pensioning within weeks of MWP quitting in despair at burgeoning bureauggery, when I was accused of disputational disrepute attributed respectively to needlessly stressing weaker students (deemed clients) by my insistence on retaining some tougher topics for finalists because it guaranteed best of bunch stayed on for my PhDs despite ludicrously lucred city spivvery and latter to my TV appearance without prior permission compounded by presumption in nearly negotiating establishment of military and multiphase materials institutes courtesy of key controllers at ARE-DRA-DERA SMC HoltonHeath and EC-FML Lyon.

    Finally as coupdegrace must mention that nighon decade after my demise I chanced on former hi-flier from RAS MecInst Moscow reprising his lifetime on stratification waves who reacted to my insistent interruption with a hesitant enquiry as to whether I was the guy who did the greens function and then promptly invited me to his upcoming 3day event to reprise my PhD and have a week in Petersburg with my wife at his expense plus explanation of why Russian RearAdmirals had been buttonholing me at post-glasnost oneday events to ask if I was guy without ever explaining why they knew. Transpired the stuff had been used as bonafide bargaining chip by Nixon prior to his Triple Treaty Moscow Mission, entailing disclosure of US detection capability in return for Soviet interceptor superiority (cold plasma), with US delegation delivery headed up by MJL as UK national trusted by both sides complemented ofcourse by diplomats and spies atleast as inferred from ex-SIS topdog JohnScarlett's disclosure to BBC's GordonCarreras only a few years ago that the only time he played JamesBond was at an early 70s supersecret session in Moscow when he debriefed his contact in a hotel bedroom in the bathroom with the taps running!

    That's it then and do hope Alice's appetite was whetted enough to get back for more and on how it might be disseminated for amusement, ideally also attention of nextgen kids bright and brave for such dilettante dabbling! As for David, well the connection arose from my wife Diane being in the nursing team that started the ball rolling on Bart's open heart surgery back in the 60s and from MJL's foundation formulations for mathphys of arterial blood flow, little knowing he'd die from mitral valve collapse whilst swimming around Sark in his late 70s, as he'd done decadally since being teenager. Extraordinary man amongst extraordinary men indeed from an extraordinary era about which-whom far less is known that should be..should have been indeed during decades of stultifying silence.

.        Re: Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging} lookslike what we needed for early 90s defconXies on seacscape suppression by surfactant with clathration condition correlated on optimal OH for aqueous H-bonding or would saline conductivity kill capability

.        Rolls-Royce launched Trent engine change services} no hint here of red herring nor by RRer in BBC BottomLiine IoT but then sellership sadly stuffed scholarship evermore everywhichway & now it's knowhos not knohows ruling all roosts with banarama bantering

.        genocide-generated drop in carbon dioxide} evermore extensive sellership stuffing scholarship with mickeymouse mcluhanisation by Gummer Groupies OPMed on poor old pursey public totuneof £1Bpa being burned by 10k campus clowns on culdesacked camplaigning

.        Raman-spectrokinetics} awesome advance on LIDARaman coldwar closure capabilities hybridising seascape signature & surface sniffing speciation on submarine superhighways as extraodinary evolution of NASA's flyby formulation & Harwell's hot engine evaluation

.        Mandatory measures} evermore enocomicalised virtualosity vanelity via nudgery naggeried to naztery from factiodery fictoideried to fuctoidery crucifying country busted by bananarama bureauggerisation that exptinguished efficacious earning

.        UniPlymouth 85% reduction in energy} easily engineered from silly starting point but payback silence suggests more sensible simplicity might have been better than employing exotica merely to minimise opscost merely because capcost was piublicly pursed

.        customer wants control not nanny} overdue outburst against nudgery naggeried naztery via factoidery fictoideried fuctoidery that's evermore evident in mantrapolitan mcluhanisation of Lardied Luvvielanders' insidiiously inflciting nebulous nonscience

.        AI ambiguities} bleeding banality of this baloney beggars belief as exemplar of Rumsfeldian rambling on Goedelian gabbledegeekery_multiple manifiolds with ppb SNR can be decisively disambiguated with auotadpative Kalmanlysers donedusted for destealthing 

.        158 yearold IET tarnished brand_IET was formed in 2006} ironic indeed that it's failure on flotation was for false pretences precisely why it will still be mistrusted for manipulatively marketed murder of venerably venerated IEE by MBA moneygprounders

.        industry shout louder}probably pointless because mantra mcluhanisation magnified by nudgery naggeried naztery via factiodery fictoideried fuctoidery exemplified in Armageddon Attenborough's prepackaged turtle inspired by his sacrificially snaked ignuanas

.        ECA with EOCharging} Loonydon Lardies in Luvvieland OPMed on poor old pursey public in rejected regions on 10% percap infrastructural investment yet pumpished intoto totuneof £50Bpa for Gummer's Groupies games on carboneered catstrophism

.        Insightful Intelligence in Unpredictable Times?} howabout acting as agent for my memoir on amazing adventures arising from sixties PhD proving pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides after Kruschev's Cuban climbdown

.        Circular Economy}nebulously nonscienced codswallop of course to anyone with aniota of actuality nevermind secondlaw sensibility on evermore entropic exorbitance of remediative recovery but then ignorance was inevitable implication of educational extinction

.        Offroad EV 600kW 600km range} say 40mph or 10h to 50% depletion means MWh capacity with 250W/kg or 4T battery weight against 2.5T listed_aha it's only 180kWh battery so that's <1T okay but cyclelife crippled by 3C+ depletion or 10min to 50% depletion.

.        InnovateUK £1M for WIND TURBINE blade coating reducing rain erosion impact from 6 year failure against 25 designated} wellwell another asinine shortfall on specification OPMed from poor old pursey public for masonic moneygoround of Gummer Groupies

.        Combining fuzzy sensing artificial intelligence} nowt new seeing as same strategy been standard for subset destealthing developed during coldwar closure campaigns entailing autoadaptive Kalmanalyser as bifuckation busting nuancer in NASA's Apollo algorithm

.        EU A320 hybridisation howler busted billions} stupendous superspend on outcome obvious to auldskuled aeros from earlier era of calculational competence since strangled by Neumann's nightmare of Infestation Tricknology here conveyed in CartoonsForDummies 

.        HEFAT}composition certainly conveys new world order manifested more in minimalisation mimickry than exponentiated educational elan, sadly same as evermore evident dismal decrementalisation in learned literature since sellership started spiking scholarship

.        regulations & mindsets transform plastic economy_Unilever CEO: committed to truly circular by design} nudgery naggeried naztery via factoidery fictoideried fuktoidery from  nebulously nonscienced mantra mcluhanisers knowingnowt about entropic exorbitance

.        women in seniorities} potted kettle what with CN's eighth worthy of potted picture editorial entries_expected asever bleeding banality from McKinseyian mcluhanisation as attribution actually inverse for causality correlation on aspirational affordability

.        Grayling: Scrapping HS2 betrayal # Morgan: capacity not speed} said same on earliest encounter with quadratic-cubic-quartic speed sensitivity for load-shock-noise thricing price on double-deckered 200kph standard for 200km intercity hops everywhere else

.        Neale, you're not booked in for the 6 Feb ESTA meeting? Will I see you there?} do my best not to disappoint but either way best of brit for future fortune

.        Childhood Lead Exposure Linked to Poor Adult Mental Health_link is modest} exemplar of epidemonological equivocaton as stamp shuffled attention attractor when extremity exposure from decades of domestic water deemed notto deserve even contextual comment

.        most blocks still with Grenfell cladding without essential sprinklers (fire service)} as advised post PiperAlpha (OTO98162) interim intervention for fraction of time & cost would be autopopoff sprays on mains cebtral supplies located up main stair well

.        Greggs Director on challenges of calorie reduction} it's generic gorging on messianic mcluhanisation with nudgery naggeried to naztery via factoidery fictoideried to fuktoidery from plastic prepacked turtle tossing to screen swamped exercise evasion

.        Workshop update Horiba Mira expert on increasing complexity for stringent Safety & Greener gains} extreme expenditure for entropic exorbitance never noted in mcluhanisation madness of nudgery naggeried to naztery via factoidery fictoideried to fuktoidery

.        FarouqAli EOR liaison interest} excuse to reconnect but if not nice knowing you're still sidestepping the terminal tilter so do hope you'll update me on stuff since our last encounter duodemidecade ago during glasnost emegrnece era 

.        Speed penalty survey support_smart city&&& | SmartTransportationMobility} Loonydon Lardie Luvvieland Lobbyers OPMed on poor old pursey public's pumpishment intototuneof £50Bpa brazenly barracking baloney on back of sanctimoniously slanted survey

.        Community Fund v reinvestment & dividends} distinctly different disposal via virtualosity vanelity of greedy gongogetters OPMed on members money without explicit endorsement so no wonder BenReid dumped you in despair

.        Re: Eddy-Current Sensors Replacing Inductives}didn't spot integrity interrogation for fatigue failure suchas donedusted during defconXed Trident Treaty coldwar closure campaigns using offset BH magnetostrictive minor loops for micron resolution over mm ran

.        Twinned predictive maintenance GE, Siemens and Lufthansa Technik on new technique boosting reliability} recall RR 902 interactve inflight initiatives minimising maintenance turnround time so why no hint here of their groundbreaking genius?!

.        Mark Apsey IChemE: minimise footprint to reduce impact on life support systems of our single shared planet}virtualosity vanelity expected of exploitative Ameresco adviser but not reasoned rationality as engineering essential for industrial implementation

.        850W 58klum Crossrail luminaires on totems 7-11m spacing} 70lum/W only half LED norm whilst 200lum/m2 twice duty norm so says allabout arrogance of Loonydon Lardies opulently OPMed 10x infravestment of poorold pursey public in rejected regions

.        Serco Home Office nighon £2B contract via CEO Rupert brother of Nicolas Soames MP grandsons of Winston Churchill, protegee of Weinstock's disintegration demise & apprenticed as masonic moneygorounder via Politrickeried Philandosophy Enocomical oxonianism

.        Robots: Innovative or invasive?} equality eccentricity exemplified in educationally evacuated editorialism manifested in mcluhanised mediocrity on emergent engineering & industrial implementation here blissfully blind to micromanipulation methodologies

.        nownonever nuclear} no-one notes prepiratisation protocol via CEGB Barnwood-Marchood-Berkeley-Leatherhead  for specification sourcing & contractor commissioning to completion with SizewellB exemplifying excellence entirely exterminated longsince by Lardies

.        Argent saved ParadiseCircus}perjurative perversion as Carillion was crash-case acknowledged for aeons same as Council cahooted in cashbackeried cookbookery with poorold pursey pickpocketed to pay for squandering in scrappage of evermore essential services

.        PREMIER LEAGUE GROUND-BREAKING Birmingham CONCUSSION STUDY} maybe more hype than hope given the plethora of projects on this skypie_disconcerting discrepancy insofar as Mirna principal's publications don't mention mRNA as listed on bham.ac.uk

.        extremism psychology}indoctrination ignorance from decades of drivelling decline as substantiated science was substantially substituted with nuanced nebulosity & mcluhanised metamorphism of nudgery via naggery to naztery from factoid via fictoid to fuctoid

.        Do microplastics in the ocean pose health risks? There are still many more questions than answers} mimicked my own but sady such sensible summaries are sidelined by Attenborough armageddonists hellbent on hellfire for anything that ain't antieverything

.        optimized packing for excellent column durability lot-to-lot reproducibility long lifetime} recollection reminder of my VisBasic teaching-training demonstrator for Fast Analysis CromaTographic Separations with parameters educed from breakthrough tailing

.        Eco-innovation Action Plan: Alfredo Balmaceda has worked for over 20 years on environmental sustainability and circular economy issues} paradigm PRoponent of virtualosity vanelity OPMed on poor old pursey's pickpocketry by regulatory regimentation

.        BirmUni BizzInn entrepreneur £310k on InnovateUK for stoma products inspired by tattoos lingerie using adhesives to reduce inflammation} NHS shortages snuffing sickies as artyfarty fiddles with fancifuls overtly OPMed on SecState's cashcowed cynicism

.        Government rejects calls for earlier ban on petrol diesel cars_from Business Energy Industrial Committee Chair Rachel Reeves_PPE Oxford & LSE} wellwell masonic mate of Gummer's  Groupies feathering future fortune from poor old pursey public's pumpishment.

.        Re: Wonder whether coauthor Michio Nonaka of your '91 paper was same guy who spent several sabbbaticals with me whilst tenured at Tokyo Uni in Minerals Engrg but later specialised in healthy fish foods? Sorry for presumption but I long ago lost his eddress

.        additive manufacturing miitary materials: DSI Advisory Joe Guerco x-DARPA sensor-comm systems} intrigued enough to ask about post-piratisation lack of UK legacy for transatlantic treatied stuff such as via ARE-DRA HoltonHeath until late 90s termination Prompted to ask as former advisory agent on aspects of sonar sourcing & sensing & suppression materials as PZ-MS embedded morphers & foamed viscolastomerics for stacked actuators also soliton shaping special apps such as weaponised MW sonar gun as Gulfwar1 countermeasure against Saddam's supposed secondhand submarine secreted littorally with Scudded WMD intended for Pentagon & White House. Also active in wave arena starting with late 60s PhD beamlet greens function for stratification sources* implemented in quadrupoled submarine stealthing capability used by Nixon for bonafides bargaining with Brezhnev prior to his Triple Treaty Moscow Mission, plus mid90s variant Kalmanalyser for autoadaptive attractor retrieval from ppb SNR, as evolution from doubly dipoled deception that emerged from critical layer considerations in extending Miles analysis of wind-waves to seascape suppression by surfactant, in turn correcting previous linearised dispersion formulae including by Bock (WoodsHole) aswellas serendipitously sourcing PAG-PEG clathrating monolayers verified by Lennard-Jones molecular dynamic simulations supplied by an Amgen secondee to HoltonHeath which in turn triggered technological exploitation in hydrogels aswellas being ICI's biggest buyer of Emkarox lubricant bought by the barrel for navy apps with helicoptered hydrophones and submarine superhighway sensing using airborne LidaRaman for centimetric telltales triggering airside analytics. Much more to mention but no-one to heed amazing adventures eclipsing Clancy's caricatures, a couple even emulating Carre's conspiracies, but no-one here able to appreciate because it was all solicited by informal invitation and rewarded likewise via payments signed off by a Whitehall oik whom I chanced on a few years when he revealed I'd been his biggest beneficiary as transatlantic treatied sole supplier for nigh on a decade spanning glasnost. So it's a longshot but just possible your leading role in these arenas could accommodate my reconnection if only for a memoir to motivate waltermitty wanderlusts amongst academically adventurous kids unconvinced by kidology of Infestation Tricknologits advocating Artefarcical Imbecilligence. Therein lies another tale setting the scene for unAstute but best left for now at least.     *uncited for 30 years despite distinguished mention in Lighthill's '78 monograph then abruptly appeared acknowledged widely by warming worldies as fundamental formulation for longrange lossless excitation of oceanic mixing via triadic intensification andor attractor amplification. Also reemerged as fourth-fifth order KdV variant tunnelling term countering turbulent dispersion of the soliton sonar gun emission into foamed ambient acting as crucial compliance for functionally useful coupling, indeed over 50% I'm told. Enough, more than indeed. 

.        particle models of very fine cohesives simulated via  models validated using real-life trials for industrial improvement} notsomuch validation as calibration of correlational caricatures of multimodal multiscales muchlike F1 fudgeried Cartoons For Dummies

.        Sound Waves Prevent Clogging} done dusted in coldwar closure defconXies duodemidecade ago with heterodyned standoff sonication for damage-free 50x boosted boundary flux in LeAc batteries inspired by 70s JFM on NASA levitation_nowt new nowadays!

.        London's must-attend mobility event_free for public-sector} evermore extensive parasitic perversion of public policy in pursuit of pernicious pickpocketry from poor old pursey public by moneygoround mafia who never did a decent day of dirty digitry

.        organic cotton-hemp plastic  # JLR to cut 4,500 jobs} consequential connection via correctness cajoling by Loonydon Luvvielanders who never did a decent day of dirty digiting in destroying decent people pickpocketed to pay for their privileged perversions

.        HS2 CEO says slower trains among 'number of options'} wellwell so why were we ignored in advocating double-deckered uprated HST-APR as evolutionary legacy with exempire exportability to offset pickpocketing of poorold pursey in rejected regions

.        For your amusement as promised backlog of stuff sent but likely binned enroute seeing as you stayed silent_maybe not all but at least you'll know I tried to stay in touch

.        : trying again_}& new academic @ddress} avaricious academe #nostalgia#reunion} super seeing you survived rigours of renewal to humidity hellhole where I visited several times on Schlumberger & to see Dukler but most memorably to talk on downhole_deviation difficulties recommending transient localised homogenisation only to endure my biggest ever putdown, this by Euan Baird (later topdog, sadly since succumbed) who boomed from back of room "Look sonny, we're the oil business not food so mousse is no-no", then 6 months later on next trip invited to inspect their latest toolstring addition, a collapsible funnel homogeniser indeed although had to caution differential inertial response would need concentration correction but never did get to know whether that was done as directed. As for Dukler well that overlapped my DAMTPian added mass correction when Drew & Lahey took time out to visit and quiz me on my critique of their error incorporated in all PWR LOCA codes at the time. A decade later I discovered it retained in duplication HP-HC codes when doing my postPiperAlpha HSE-OSD commissioned critique in now notorious OTO98162 which was rushed out in 92 for Cullen compliance only to be blocked for five years on excuse of threatened defamation suit* then emerged in 97 still badged urgent attention after incoming SecState signed off articles amendment requiring publication of all academically approved expert endorsed outputs, this courtesy of retiring CS McQuaid's swansong determination to right that wrong.  *By AEA Harwell piratisation outfit, same people with whom I'd had a runin after putting a Copyright caution on my buoyant criticality code lodged on their computer for my sabbatical with their FAST Reactor Team needing better phenomenology for fault flag.    # Almost tearful seeing FAST-FRED named again after aeons, duodemidecade indeed since it was murdered by the morons who emerged to rule all roosts after VC Michael Thompson quit in despair at the burgeoning bureauggery which has now beaten bankstering as the new betenoir. I've several emails to allies in that earlier era of elanistic excellence with which you might like to nod agreement so let me know and I'll CC. The book remains a twinkle until I tie down a paperbacker to do justice but for sure it should have a chapter on the damage done by tyrannical teaching loads like yours prompting recall of my own which doubled to 120+ in my Brum decade with evermore overseas students furnishing fat fees, nowadays of course with domestic ones being duped as well. Meanwhile research citations have become evermore incestuously crossed and duplicated also corrupted by author multiplication now often a meaningless miasma. I don't envy you at all, indeed I think they're squandering your skills enslaving you like that when your CV statement (below) shouts topdog in all those arenas.    # Reunion be splendid but don't trek up to Brum when I could easily see you in London and Diane would like an excuse to pop down to her old stamping ground as 60s Barts' theatre sister in first days of open heart surgery. She's suffered rather more deterioration than me in recent years including multiple limb fractures which thank goodness ceased some time since. As for me, well my macula was mangled in one eye and surgery left me with nasty bout of UVitis which needed emergency eyeball injections to save sight but at least it's stabilised again thanks to continuing steroid suppression. Enough of my woes, so until we meet I've included* bottom below my many failed attempts to stay in touch, for your amusement at least and will add other exchanges with former friends and academic allies if you indicate interest. Best for now and hope to see you soon. *On second thought I'll do it later having used up all my time before taking Diane off to another grandkidsitting session with 4 inall now in Rugby, boys 6-12 and girl 2 whilst Sam is still ponying in Shrewsbury. 

.        Seasonals to you&yours too_}Brexit?}bipolar because of bureauggerised baloney banditry bothways whilst wellaware that rejected regions would be outers despite destruction being by Whiteminstered wenkers with tempering tokened by Brussel sprouters_ _whereas inners would be lardied luvvielanders on mantropolitan moneygorounds globally gorging on entrails of exterminated expectations everywhere else ruinously robbed of properly purposed provisions & pensions. Firsthand familiarity in enduring EC mismanagement of multimill projects whilst being busted by UK preposterous postindustrialisation and piratisation then prematurely pensioned by browntongue beanbaggery for teaching tougher topics retained because the challenge guaranteed best of bunch pitchedup for my PhDs despite ludicrously lucred city spivvery was too much to take, nevermind recent runsin with cowboy clinicians whose commercially avaricious activities resulted in notonly daily driveway denials by couldn'tcareless clients buteven damage by renegade reversers with upshot being colluded campaign to see me sectioned for effrontery in compounding my complaints by commissioning a lawyer's letter. So that'll be another chapter in the memoir if I can procure a professional paperbacker to do justice to my amazing adventures and extraordinary encounters. Leave you in peace for now hoping for a pubbed pie&pint before the terminal tilter or at least time for tea to chat convivially on scienced sensibilities in sadly scarce supply nowadays.

.        Re: 2018 negative public opinion started to cause real harm} opinion isn't an amorphous agglomeration_}Thanks for sharing_}rapid response prompts perseverance with another in same vein bottom below on which note I'll leave you in peace_for now!

.        Re: BhamCityCouncil named development partner on £1.5B transformation of 17ha Smithfield city centre} but Brum's been bankrupt for decades after delivery of deadended deals pickpocketed from poor old pursey public for piratical profiteering by masonic mafia

.        MacularSoc webbage} no hint of dry hole-separation remediation by C3F8 bubble buoyancy nor associated UVitis risk nor externally actuated vibrosonically acceleratef annealing because bottomsup is burdonesome even intolerable for invalids/fatties/asthmatics

.        Crossrail: disputed events_why such fuss on matter of weeks when commuting crowds will benefit for century or more} monstrous mcluhanisation concealing corruption cost to rejected regions' pursey public parasitised for privileged perkers super services

.        SMMT: substantial decline due to Anti-diesel rhetoric & negative fiscals} industry's inhouse greedy gongers should be sacked for crude complicity with virtualosity vanelity of Loonydoners leeching rejected regions for public provision of super services

.        Carew etal} nice knowing_} I agree shame it's still UoB confidential} at least still exists unlike my own library of texts papers reports they trashed when I was ejected worse still residue burned-binned on repeat runin rescinding my visPr at Aston Uni__and that's full circle seeing as Aston's suits skinned me within weeks of CEAC Head Nigel Slater returning to Cambridge Chair, him having been an 80s Unilever topdog, repeating runin by Brum's suits within weeks of VC Michael Thompson retiring to escape their burgeoning bureauggery, him having been my protector during that decade of FAST-FRED's awesome adventure across all avenues of teaching & training complemented by commercial creativity in 4-fold DTI SMARTees & coldwar closure campaigns in subsea stealthing nevermind forensic faultfixing for amazing array of midlands makers lured by halfhour TV profile courtesy of Beeb's last industrial editor just before everything was ecomentalised into Attenborough's armageddon! Such a shame it seems the biobook won't be written at least not by me with my dotaged dyslexia.

.        Re: Top engineering figures honoured_ energy ImpColl & female Herriot-Watt & Thales Chair at UCL & ambassador for women at IET} correctness conformity & compliance connections clearly key to dubious distinction via Ox x2 & Princeton & IET

.        Unilever staff to ignite new sustainability era}manic mcluhanisation by LonOx Luvvies hasn't hidden real reason for company coup being commercial concerns at insidious impositions by garrulous gongetters hogging headlines for superficial slushstainability

.        Ex-Crossrail Chair Says TfL Removed References to Project Delay From Statements and Reports} surely no surprise but now need to lift lid on bigger bread burning banditry at HS2 costing 3x sensible solution as double-deckered HST-APT hourly transit timer

.        Community Fund is opening soon!} gongetters grabbing glory via virtualosity vanelity when real requirement is reimbursement rewards for poor old pursey public who've paid their dues as continuing customers despite co-op's criminal clangers

.        Re: how a contractor might change_}cautionary comment for scaffold servicers-sellers} another on avoidance of possible pitfalls archives.westernbusinesspublishing.co.uk  

.        CRISPR Technique Refined for Potential Application in Muscular Dystrophy} spotted just after my last_another ambitious activity in that arena surely must mean they think they're onto a promising procedure so here's hoping for rapid returns

.        [Tucows Inc - Compliance]_who sought + sanctioned & compensates?}question?} Hover terminated my service without warning saying I'd been labelled spammer then reinstated it whilst refusing to address my complaint that action contravened contractual__commitment on prepaid supply of service, allthemoreso so with me a duodecadal client originally twinned with webress. Now I've just discovered* my mail messages haven't been delivered for over a year ormore to a longstanding learned colleague, with another pair likewise apparently seeing as he hasn't acknowledged them *exchange extracted below. Seems this intolerable intrusion has not only been going on for years but been increasing with maybe a majority of correspondents now not getting my messages. The example below "looked like spam" exemplifies extraordinary presumption in interference with mail, especially with my syntax scrambled by dotaged dyslexia as noted below. Should say can't recall more than a handful of nondelivery notes, so seems most delivery denials are merely disappeared and that's an offence under UK Data Law.     Having asked now you know_as for amahi.org, I'd say they complained they couldn't deliver to a Tucows client, not that they were a Tucows client but I only included it as evidence of issues. 

.        new Editor } here's hoping it's end of Attenborough Armageddon editorialisation everywhichway by goodie gongogetters OPMed on virtualosity vanelity_no more exaggerated emolligence for plastic prepacked telly turtles tossed overboard!

.        Scott&Thomas IN Charnotskii&Ermkov} tridecade since my seascape suppression sums sorted earlier errors soonafter supplemented with clathration capability via PAG-PEG prescription plus phemonological parameterisation as evolution of Miles model uncited here

.        2018 negative public opinion started to cause real harm} opinion isn't an amorphous agglomeration it's driven by dogma in mcluhanised mantras of correctness careerers as virtualosity vanelity on OPM via politrickeried pickpocketry of poor old pursey public

.        BSIF CEO: 1988 PiperAlpha} no mention of Cullen's call for critiques of which my OTO98162 condemned codes on explosive depressurisation upshot being threatened defamation lawsuit that resulted in 6 years suppression until retiring CS adopted it as swansong   campaign for HSE articles amendment requiring release of all expert endorsed reports duly actioned by incoming spurs-seeking SecState in '97, resulting in issue 6 years after its 3months completion for Cullen compliance on urgency of awareness. Might mention it was PSed with remark that all BOPs should be doubled up as for sure day would come when one failed as indeed it on DeepwaterHorizon when a single unit broke away due to concrete casing failure. Rumsfeld's adage applies as ever, indeed ever since Goedel first expressed it as a theorem still unproven but a selfevident principle that whatever you thought of it's for sure you forgot something more important than everything else!

.        Road User Charging responsibility} evermore evident naztery via naggery from nudgery pickpocketed from poor old pursey public's via pumpishment to tune £30Bpa x2intoto during decades of economic extinction fuktoidery via fictoidery from factoidery

.        Low Emission Vehicle Fleets} evermore evident naztery via naggery from nudgery pickpocketed from poor old pursey public's via pumpishment to tune £30Bpa x2intoto during decades of economic extinction fuktoidery via fictoidery from factoidery

.        Carew etal} nice knowing it's still cited but surely essential purpose of projects on nonN big bubbles is gasoil exploration emergencies entailing wake accelerated accumulation needing rapid response for kick suppression in shallow wells especially

.        Procurement 'value' game-changer_ to build more diverse, tech-savvy workforces} ironic indeed with astonishing absence of firsthand frontliners involved in implementation of provision practicalities from politicised prioritisation & mcluhanised motivation

.        Lord Adonis: Political will evaporating for new projects} because 90% electorate excluded from 90% infrastructural investment with HS2 paradigmic pinnacle of wanton waste when best bet was double-deckered hybrid HST-APT for £20B with exempire exportability

.        Passenger head kinematics in abrupt braking and lane change events} grave groaning Rutherfordian response to epitome extremity of stamp shuffled pickpocketry of poor old pursey public_kinematics equates to equilbrium so even title is terminologically trite

.        Beebie on Equity Release Trap_Kevin Dowd on overly optimistic trending} generic gambling loss leader by casino cowboys seeking to sucker prospective punters as merely a materialisation of physical phenomenology for explosively exponential feedback forcing

.        Beebie on HS2 viability} why now when it's done deal why not a decade ago before the Lardfyland Leeches' moneygoround miasma was set in stone costng 3x adequate alternative in double deckered HST-APT legacy launched for ex-empire exportability

.        Re: Cesar Gomez MiningMatsEng McGillUni x-PennSUni_ Hydrogas dispersion in flotation} recollection reminder of NoelWarner as UK IMMM Pres & FarouqAli as OER global guru both BirmUni CheEng where I was facultied for a decade from mid80s

.        news views across plastics rubber industries_World class 'all plastic' recycling could be coming to Swindon} seemed psychosis had been sorted on ejection of ecomentalised editor but it's back again displacing deserved core coverage of industrial interests

.        Why do you admire Julian Hunt so much? Never did say although Christos may remember my asserting his significance in advertising advocacy of an arena that always been too arcane to attract attention outside an exclusive elan with firsthand familiarity for only a handful of heroes like us! I think GKB saw him same way in grooming him as future topdog at least launching his case in allowing that 100page RDT JFM monstrosity on a nod via editorially invited comments rather than regular refereeing. Even though he queered his case for DAMTP by engendering jealousy of his paired pension ontopof losing George's irongrip through illness impairment, there's no denying his dissemination influence has been immense, albeit as a cavalier cowboy in disregard for due credit arguably even to extent of plazyiarisation as indeed I know from firsthand familiarity although to be fair he hasn't so much ignored independent inputs as sidelined them in extending and exploiting. But he's a politician first and foremost, groomed by leadership of Camb City Council for future peerage as recognition reward for loyalty in party politics not academic altruism! So that's why my feelings summed up would be angry admiration of his achievements, whereas I've no time for the armies of appratshits milking money for mediocrity in exploiting ecomentalisation that's extinguished our educational excellence once envied everywhere especially ex-empire where it's emulation has been sustained! Enough at least for now so here's hoping we get together again before terminal tilters intervene.

.        Hyperspectral ms capture on 125 channel for agriapps & LIDAR 2cm sampling ice-sheet elevation} looks like civilianisations catchingup coldwar closure defconXies for submarine signatures & surface speciations done dusted duodemidecade ago! 

.        excellent excuse for hello having chanced on your item prompting recollection reminder of 70s 2GW SecCW crisis with 20% entrained air into 50cumec 5m weir plunge of 50m downshaft feeding km accumulation tunnel airblasting into 50m upshafted outfall. Sorted

.        editor on national BBC Radio to explain smart motorways joined  by Peter Carroll Campaigner} exemplyifying extremities of moronic mcluhanisation in politrickeried profiteering from masonic moneygoround parastically perverse pickpocketing of poor old pursey

.        IMA Conf}morelike mates reunion for Cantabs but NG's webbage prompted pleasant memories for this Mancman's mid70s DAMPTian decade aswellas Rollers&Rafters response after Beeb's 95 Horizon ended with "How the heck did those ten ton slabs slide so far?

.        Data does damage} lack of learning anything appropriately technical even as trivality explains editorial virtualosity verbosity that's increasingly indicative of garulous gongetterology by politicised poseurs who never did a decent day of dirty digiting  

.        Martin Lishman sprayers receive top praise} recollection reminder of my SPRAYer = Stimulated Pulsatile Rendering Applications deliverY via aeolian activation halving drift with halved dropsizes for feelgood economiser as outlined on my URLed /SPLAT.ppt

.        Woodland Trust antiHS2 campaign} bigger bang for bucks via classaction in concert with other opposition including alternative advocacy for double-deckering hourly transit-time via IC-APT revival with ex-empire exportability as 125 evolution 

.        Frank David: Gas Chromatography} recollection reminder of my URLed /FACTSorption.htm VisBasic Load&Go teach-train-use tool for optimal operation aswellas ageing assessment via tailing topography. Be nice if you like it enough to adopt/adapt it.  

.        Re: citation of ??? in Masood PhD} nice knowing which & what because_} since spotted full file link so now know but my mail bounced so maybe mentors will answer my awkward reddened remark below. Thanks & regards to FranzDurst who hosted me aeons ago

.        citation of ??}  awesome array of spray stuff revived recall of my US patented aeolian SPRAYer + coldwar closure campaigns on combustion with aqueous additives whilst Petersburg prompted memory of seminar stay & stopover courtesy of Yuli Chasheshkin &&&

.        Beeb's Toady:  LEDs dent UK energy demand_reasons for decoupling not understood} emptyheaded empowerment of LonOxCam Lardies as carbonastrophist camplaigners too insightfully impaired to spot massacred manufacturing as real reason for diminished demand

.        Tritium 10min 350kW chargers for 250mile} say 50mph in a tonner needing kN orso so that's 175kWh capacity at 80% depletion or with max charging that's 3C penalised with 1/3 1C cycle lfetime nevermind battery burden at 175W/kg doubling demand etcetc

.        Breathalyzers cancer diagnosis}military monied_LonOxCam Lardieland knowho knobbling knohow_}Anstie achievements recollection reminder of early-mid90s evolution of LIDARaman satellited seascape cm sensing & ppb sniffing along soviet submarine superhighways

.        Road User Charging Conference} will it cover context of UK £30Bpa pumpishment from pursey public impoverished by 200% taxtaken tosspottery during duodemidecade of perjuratively politrickeried carbonastrophism codswalloped on moneygoround mafia

.        Ivan Ivanov cited ?? IN PhD} be nice knowing which one from my decade in plant biotec_english abstract left me thinking was one of several on cell suspension sensitivity but also wondering hairy roots might be a better bet?

.        Trent failure forced Rolls  to lower inspection interval from 2kcycles to just 300 hitting flight schedules} exemplifies engineering's prior paramountcy bureauggied by beanbaggery for duodemidecade dabbling with Infestation Tricknology for maxed margins

.        Seasonals to you & yours too_our kids hard on ageing heels of yours with Chris early 40s just now jumping ship from Technicolor as EuroFinDir after HMV demise indicative of sector slide & Sam still pony partying as 40 looms. Di & I doing our best to deter_ _terminal tilters or maybe meant defer seeing as setbacks are accumulating, what with her busted bones & my mangled macula but meantime I must try to resume regular interruptions of your retirement reverie now we're both back to being better ifnot best. Indeed be nice to pub a pie & pint exercising your ear on reality reasons for weather wobblies (re your disaster movie) and sorry state of substantial scholarship longsince stuffed by superficial sellership mcluhanistically mediarised via celebrified crushing of cerebrality, not least to smokescreen squandering on politrickeried perversions exemplified in EV-HS2 exacerbating carbonastrophism costing £30Bpa in pumpishment alone evermore expanded during a duodemidecade of virtualosity vanelity by Gummer's Groupies. A billion now being busted on 10k campus cowboys careering codified caricatures contrived to amplify armageddon asserted by an appratshit army whose expertise is empty as CO2's 5% significance swamped by WVap whose attribution has been anonymously demoted into driven derivative despite nonscienced nebulosity when 4% increased WVap warming since 70s alone accounts for asmuchas all ambient CO2 and that now nighon 2/3 of saturation (ie within 1/e) which is why that recent jamboree junket so frantically frenzied 1.5C as new nasty number because that's when CO2's significance stops! Ask the dinosaurs if they enjoyed basking in 10x our CO2 concentrations with verdant vegetation for feasting without famine or floods moreover manufacturing 10x our current CH4, rapidly rising as replacement for CO2 correctness culprit in veganistic vilification. Must mention a monomechanistic materialisation of the weather woes in terms of surfacted soot alone accounts for all aspects as fagpacked figures even initiation identified by the appratshit army as the 70s hockeystick switch, this inspired by one of many defconXies during a decade on coldwar closure submarine stealthing but what's the point in persevering with reasoned rationality when no-one has heeded it since my earlymid 90s slagging started by barracking the baloney that since snowballed into messianic madness.

    Nice to see your Honda tunnel ticketing has been as an Imperial-istically impeccable 10x5 in same spirit as 5x4 forerunner facility with its inaugural implementation of a rolling road now evident everywhere but no-one believes me when I recall the first F1 modellers moved in within a week of our finishing that foundation study of shearfree boundary blockage, so no wonder there's never any acknowledgement nor even for the earlier HST publicity promo apart from Grange's own sly sideswipe about slipping sweeteners to technicians! Reminded me also of your 3x3 and my own indeed rescued from Powergen's pyre as the last living Bradbury-Townsend tunnel, paid for from faultfixing for a dozen ormore midlands manufacturers along with a new mezzanine floor with flow exiting onto a test facility for my VAWTed WWT courtesy of my 4-fold dti-SMARTees that included a consultancy for JMRG on working out why our unit had hypered Betz limit via vortexing the approach flow in virtue of its uniquely high speed high solidity. Those were the days my dear, when excellence was everything and I even enjoyed exposure on a halfhour BBC2 profile programme courtesy of Beeb's last WM engineering editor who was ejected by emergent ecomentalisers now ruling all our roosts ridiculously regardless of earning expertise being eliminated for substitution by spending spreetise. Anyway my day was done soon as VC Michael Thompson quit in anger at burgeoning bureauggery and the suits shot me within weeks although at least I had a last laugh via letter from former ACAS chief advising in his opinion it was primafacie construction, upshot being 12 year pension topup plus doubled lumpsum as full-term retirement, not that I wanted to quit indeed even to extent I sought substitution but blackballed once was enough for exclusion everywhere despite DAMTPian support from the three biggest boys of that earlier era. As for my 3x3, threatened with court order for its removal I managed to rehome it at Glasgow Bell College only to be threatened again courtesy of the masonic mafia until it was found a final resting retirement at StrathclydeUni mecheng still sporting the Powergen plaque recognising my rescue although I think it was finally burned after the bean baggers deemed it had negative net worth for its footprint being fatter by far than a few terminals running Cartoons For Dunces.

    And  that's just a couple of my amazing adventures of which the coldwar encounters were best by far, both topped and tailed indeed via my late 60s PhD with beamlet wavefunction as Nixon's cuban crisis bonafide for Brezhnev through to glasnost spanning decade of Trident Treatied tricks culminating in Haslar's last water tunnel test in postpiratisation proving of my torpedo nosecone and in a critique of codified caricatures for nextgen systems borne out by unAstute's doubling of design designated drag-noise as worst mismatch since WW2. Indeed, with so much eclipsing Clancy's caricatures and some even emulating Carre's conspiracies, it's such a pity they'll not be recorded as paperback parodies to inspire any kids cavalier enough to take their chance on waltermitty wandering. In my case it was because my grammar head said look Thomas you've never been a prefect so I can't send you to LonOxCam nor can I advise maths because you aren't good enough so it's ManUni aero for you my boy.. to which I said that's great because City are my team and I like making model aircraft. What I'd not known nor even realised until after my retirement that RexShaw had done law as Trinity contemporary of Lighthill then recently ManUni Maths Head and MecFlu proxy principal so was well aware of his elan as RAE Farnborough Dir, later much more of course so perhaps he'd speculated something special might emerge. And it did, serendipitously after I scraped survival as fresher more interested in snooker & sport, until I luckily chanced on Rarity & Ackroyd as second year talented teachers who motivated me to get stuck enough to attract PhD offers. Of these I chose the one maximising my time to play games & pub pied pints whilst waiting hours for gradient diffusion in a 50-layer saline stratified tank before inserting toys to make waves, then getting bored after 18 months in the holiday camp so started speculating on some sums for the schlieren patterns and luckily enough hit on a greens function that was JFMed and subsequently honoured by handsomely acknowledged appearance in Lighthill's 78 monograph.

    But that achievement was only after I arrived in DAMTP and it would be another 25 years when I chanced on Yuli Chaseshkin at an IOP reprise honouring his RAS Moscow IOM lifetime on internal waves who reacted to my awkward asks with an invite to attend a Petersburg prestige event and stay for a week with my wife at his expense. Only then did it finally dawn on me why Russian Rear Admirals had buttonholed me at postPerestroika bashes asking if it was my sums that had sourced stratification stealthing for 20 years on both sides, also why life had led me up the ladder of academic affiliation despite absence of evidence of excellence nor effort even. Indeed, civilianised citations of that 72 JFM remained in single figures upto the 00s then they exploded and recently reached a century courtesy of climateers championing longrange triggering of turbulence as mixing mechanism in their warming world, although Clear Air-Water Turbulence had always been cited as the case for conducting, or rather concealing real reason for, research resource. It also explained why the mid80s cold call to aid coldwar closure campaigns in subsea stealthing was predicated on me being the right man for the job even though the tasks were well removed from my firsthand familiarity, aswellas explaining earlier encouragement from DAMTP topdogs to pursue tenure track in CamUni Eng & ChEng, also why both were blocked because it would've compromised an incumbent grandee guru commissioned to software my solution for quadrupoled configuration of submarine shapes, at least allegedly as reported to me many years later! So I'll simply close by saying the same fourth-fifth order derivative dispersion central to linearised longrange beamlet transmission reappeared entirely independently in a KdV variant representation of MW acoustic solitons for a weaponised sonar implemented in Gulfwar1 as countermeasure for Saddam's supposed secondhand submarines secreted nearshore with WMDed Scuds aimed at the Whitehouse and Pentagon, or at least that was the excuse for eyewatering expenditure! Enough for now, too much indeed so Happy New Year to you too.

.        Beeby on Arla's epic milk to cheese & icecream} recollection reminder of your own epic evolution also my own early encounter on maximising margin by making most of aeration without tripping transition to mousse done dusted during my DAMTP days as advisory         Super seeing you tree topping as duly deserved. Maybe meet up as final fling before I'm tripped by terminal tilter. Hope so.

.        Lattice Boltzman powerful new tool to simulate flow}coarsened cells irrevocably introduce smoothing meaning LBS is variant LES with same SGS subjectivity whilst probabalistic parameterisation inevitably impacts nonGaussianity notably impaired intermittency

.        Re: NEW STUDY FINDS rainiest days get rainier}wellwell it's only a duodemidecade since I started saying twice as much rain half as often_}as bonafides my decade in DAMTP endorsed by lategreat AdrianGill mentioned for his SouthernOscillation seminals &&&

.        Re: Amazing Footage Through Soap Membrane_never before been witnessed} maybe not quality but laser propagation was option for gauging H-OH substrate-sidechain synergy in hydrogel filmed seascape suppression for submarine signatures duodemidecade ago

.        Re: L-iDAR CEO rooted in defense_most lidars don’t do velocity_detect a truck at 1km_ARMed FPGA}duodemidecade since seascape scanning centimetric speciating LIDARaman was satellited for submarine superhighways so nowt new here ditto destealthing via ARMed-

.        CHRISTMAS CHEER}splendidly suggestive but tad tarnished by dad & daughter Lawsons' own flab fights mimicking my own 2stone shedder via Calperdiem max 1800 scoffed & min 200 dogwalked daily because baserate & bumdump leaves only 200 max for domestic duties!  SEASONAL SALUTATIONS to all especially ones who once knew me as 40-a-day fagman (for 40 years even) summarily scared into midnoughties abstinence by approaching anaesthesia  with indefinitely impaired respiratory recovery albeit merely for a minor nose job on a benign bump, nonetheless deemed a cosmetic coup by a splendid surgeon who textbooked it as a triumph for not mangling my meninges!

.        AI limits happening already} were wellknown to Lucasian Lighthill in 70s critique endorsed in 90s by RouseBall Penrose, indeed in classical context familiar from multiple manifoldalities needing bifuckation busters for evolution evanescence

.        Addressing Emerging Mega Trends Through Innovative Land Administration} platitudinous piety exemplifying extremities of virtualosity venality by correctness camplaigners seldom skilled by educational expertise for claimed capabilities

.        Unilever  “Plastic” Hackathon for designers innovators venture capital packaging experts with One Young World to create lasting positive change & Plastic Planet to turn off plastic tap} more messianic mcluhanisation despite denigration by shareholders_        _sensible enough to see through sellership superficiality centred on gongetting gambits nebulously nonscienced on intrinsically inert stuff supporting algalised activation for foraging food chains in barren blue deeps, moreover miniscule at kg perpop against 10T detritus from coastal erosion and riverine runoff with rancid road & rural chemical contamination. But battle was lost because superficial sellership swamped substantial scholarship exemplified in extremity of BluePlanet Beebies who tossed  that turtle overboard prepackaged in plastic for immediate impact in figures & future fortunes from rabid rerunning. No way to win this war, not after decades of distortion ivia ecomentalised education morelike misinformation exemplified in exposure to Gore's gorging on climate catastrophism as if there'll be no tomorrow for today's kids. Baloney of course as even the dinosaurs were well aware whilst lunching on lush vegetation generated by 600ppm CO2 confident they weren't about to be cooked because its IR insolation had saturated once hothoused to what's deemed a disastrous 1.5C excess.. this consistent with the meaculpa that materialised months ago from the cabal cowboys but is never mentioned in the media, namely an apology for earlier exaggeration 50% higher than actuality, alternatively (noting 2/3 is 1-1/e) indicative that temperatures will top out after another 0.5C leaving us with warm winters for the first time since the last ice age! But no chance that truth will be aired anytime soon, not with the whole stalinian shebang milking megamoney from poor old pursey public, £1000 orso per family in pumpishment plus pricing perversion paying investment incomes 10x baserate, nevermind the millions dedoled into deadended delivery of unsmart solutions nor the 10k orso campus careerists cavorting codes comprising 90% ormore in flexible fudgery beloved by enocomical establishment that caused the collapse crisis in collateralised debt obligations aka fraudulent fudgery for bankstered benefit.. well well what a surprise seeing same faces enjoying another feeding frenzy.

.        EVs central to energy contracts} absurdly anacronistic says grumpiatric groaner remembering  milkfloats on town rounds which is where they should stay seeing as M25 defines city centre commuting credibility before battery burden has iniquitous impact!

.        benefits of converting food waste to power in anaerobic digesters long been proven}virtualosity verbosity verging in venality or merely moronically mcluhanised messianic mantraction when entropic exorbitance is evident in power provision from wet waste

.        Corbyn shot himself in foot calling PM Theresa May a “stupid woman”} in a week when many more similarly succint statements on shortcomings were issued by frenzied feminists so strikes me merely more evidence of editorially electrical emptiness

.        Levitating transport systems could be ‘a motion revolution’} sickeningly shocking that this is now stridently sellershipped but silently scholarshipped on luminary Laithwaite's insightful invention semicentury since in ManUni ElecEng as model motorvation

.        Plastics & Rubber Industry Returns!} too little & late to salvage sabotage by quisling collusion with messianic marauders from grinpiss & fiendsearth exemplifed here in mindless muddling of power with energy compounded by cavalier entropic exaggeration

.        Merry Xmas GEO Business team Versha Caroline Cheri Sophie Sheila Heather Hannah Charlotte Georgie Apinya Danielle} bit bizarre don't you think entirely excluding representation from sectoral specialist education experience expertise & ofcourse gender!

.        Grenfell:Fire Chief “We did not let you down. The building let us all down.”} PiperAlpha perpetuated with Cullen's corrections inevitably ignored in piratised profiteering failure to route mains water supply up main staircase with autoactivated popoffs

.        SmartCities community: Bristol SanDiego Dortmund} no hints here of megamoney milked from poor old pursey public pickpocketed to pay for PReposterous PRomotion ofby masonic moneygoround of knowho knobblery desperately devoid of knohow knackery

.        Most cars will incur EU CO2 emission fines says PACons} manufactured mutilation by regulatory roostrulers careering on codswallop conspired to create impossible impositions on economic engineering for poor old pursey public pickpocketed by persecutors

.        Re: If you get an email that's suspicious please forward it to phishing@santander.co.uk} strikes me it's a scam seeing as I've asked annually for aeons for closure of all my accounts but was never acknowledged never mind actioned

.        Sprayable gel} mackerelisation marker of drag-drift as as delivery deposition determinant inturn indicator of coverage quality enhanced in 90s US patented aeolian applicator worthy of workup for clinically critical arena don't you think?

.        DfT supported GeoPlace BParkingA OS conducting a discovery into process for Traffic Regs (TRO)} A WHAT? Country's in crisis, citizens crippled by 200% concosted pumpishment & these Loonydon Lardies pickpocket poor old pursey for this stamp shuffler

.        Emerging Trends in Bathymetric Lidar Technology_ extremely high-resolution 15cm} duodemidecade since coldwar closure defconXies delivered cm ripple resolution for LIDARaman satellite supported seascape signature sniffing

.        Taming Turbulence} intrigued_} Here is a pdf} thanls for rapid response_regret yet to digest beyond wondering whether RDT could collect modal-mean coupling as accessibly adequate approximation & ifso whether my neale.thomas.net/SIMCLO.ppt might be __candidate as calculation platform. As for tokamak implications well some years since I suggested similarities with Taylor-Couette metastability from focusing of hotspot heterogeneity, inspired by behaviour of discrete particles as multiphase markers but probably always a red herring. Maybe more to say once I've thought through your stuff. Seasonals to both.

.        Don’t I know it . Berkeley Nuclear Labs Leatherhead & Marchwood all extinct following the Privatization of the CEGB. Harrwell etc departed -  a national disgrace          :#1 Profiteering piratisation cost capability from concept to completion commissioned via #2 CEGB on big baseloaders indeed GDCD's WallyMawer coauthored my Littlebrook fix & via #3 ARE-DRA on submarines indeed my final fling advised against composite__ codification (aka multiphysics) #4 for 90s nextgen specification prospectively to be platformed on PAFECs+FEAT for flexured flow plus VF/MEGA for EM inside-outside & ISVR/SA for signatures supplemented with mine for weaponised MW sonar in Gulfwar1, #5 all of it tobe gabbledegeekeried for big bucks to be hippocketed into Chisholm's cabal, yes Gordon Brown's mate as biggest beneficiary from flotation for only a third of hard asset value and that only a third of soft ones shed as greybeards despite being key on capabilities consolidated since WW2 and #6 on connections with yanks crucial for transatlantic treaty trust on Trident. #7 My Haslar report said it was nebulous nonscience seeing as any component had compromised confidence in virtue of correlationally conjectured closures comprising  90% of numbers, never mind the mess manufactured across the set of softwared speculation. I was dumped of course, displaced by cabalised cronies in Bliarownian bureauggery (you can guess the kind of crew) and upshot was #8 unAstute with doubled drag-noise as biggest design deficit since WW2, whilst QinetiQ was delisted by US-DoD for cavalier civilianisation of sensitive stuff in pursuit of premature profits just before they went to the wall only to be #9 bailed out by the bandits in Loonydon Lardieland. Just one of my many amazing adventures eclipsing Clancy's caricatures even emulating Carre's conspiracies that deserve to be disseminated but never will without a professional paperbacker. # Any ideas?                What on earth is about? Could you explain in plain English. Is it something I should know about following our previous emails?      #ed bulleting to aid accessibility for moaning mike  #1 prompted by your 12dec remarks on CEGB & AEA extinction which I took to mean also inability to maintain power provision, never mind distribute it without crippling charges #2 GDCD = Generation Development Construction Division at CEGB Barnwood with Wally Mawer as Head of Civils and my Littlebrook fix was to suppress air entrainment into 50 cumec secondary CW plunging 5m into 50m downshaft because it's intermittent escape via 50m upshaft into Thames estuary was violent enough to endanger entire plant #3 ARE-DRA = Admiralty Research Establishment - Defence Research Agency with SMC Holton Heath their Structural Materials Centre for subsea warfare who engaged me for feasibility assessment on what's now called digitally twinned manufacturing for which I selected PAFECs as the then structural standard software to be coupled with FEAT being then the only FEM flow code moreover "validated" in an equally critical arena as nuclear powered-weaponed submarines. These were to be supplemented with VectorFields code for ElectroMagnetic machinery and DaveRogers MEGA code for field strayed signatures, plus InstSoundVibrationRes linear acoustics algorithm as codified by JeremyNedwell's SubAcoustec supplemented with my own on solitonised shocks as infrasonically weaponised shallows sonar countermeasure for Saddam's secondhand submarines supposedly SCUDed with WMD #5 This whole shebang was solicited by biggest beneficiary of piratisation who quit under a cloud after QinetiQ collapse only to bounce back as ImpCollRector and now topdogging NHS Genomics, all of it on knowho without knohow #6 Trident 1 was costcut for value of UK inputs but Trident 2 won't be because we haven't had capability, indeed were delisted by US DoD because of cavalier commercialism by QinetiQ #7 I warned against compound codes for composite calculations already abject in anycase merely for damped drag-noise from flow over flexurals especially as estimates pinned by small scale correlations #8 was an inevitable costly cockup still secret of course, unlike QinetiQ's demise and dependence on #9 HMG handouts to avoid faecalised fans, also as kickbacks for clowns who caused the cocksup.     So if it's still impenetrable then you'll have to ask Christos, else wait for me to appear again* in your neck having endured confinement due to damaged shoulder which took nigh on a year to mend and mangled macula still not sorted but at least much improved from my one-eyed status at its worst. *12dec below you asked when. Okay?

.        BBC DesertDiscs Mariana Mazzucato} exemplified endemically evil extermination of knohow knackery by knowho knobblery expressly evinced in namedropping nebulosity of exaggerations expressed in wankipedia whitewashing of mundane mediocrity

.        WOW cited in wind to wave groups} recollection reminder_} hoping to hear_be nice xmas pressie after aeons. Was prompted to pursue by Reeks response on another aspect of unfinished business_multiphase mechanics if you're interested in joining in     WOW cited in wind to wave groups} recollection reminder of coldwar closure defconXies on surfactant seascape stilling which started with Miles revisited plus viscolastic surface modulus then ditto on Longuet-Higgins crest caplliaries all reformulated as__bidirectionality of structurally speciated spectral energy meaning capillary riffling spawns swell with spacing scaled on airside forcing by Townsend turbulent contrails subsequently amplified by spawning LH-crest roughness which when starved by surfactant means smoothed swell slumps & stays that way without renewed riffling, this providing wind doesn't disperse damping material which in turn is delayed by certain PAG-PEG cocktails with hydroxyl sidechain spacing synergistically H-bonded to substrate as hydrogelled clathration as confirmed in LJ molecular modelling which is why ICI sold more Emkarox volume to USNavy than any other client during a decade or more of adoption for hydrophoned helicopter downwash suppression and for longrange LIDARaman surface signature & gas speciation above Soviet submarine superhighways &&& much more for subsea stealthing and sonar strategies. Nice seeing civilianisation of such stuff slowly seems to be getting there after duodemidecade, indeed a duodecade since I was prematurely pensioned by roost rulers who've now wrecked our HEIs with their piratical profiteering sacrificing scholarship substance for sake of sellership slushstance! Enjoy life_indeed we must meet up after aeons of absence before terminal tilter obliterates opportunity!     PS Must mention also auotadaptive Kalmanalyser conceived as chaffed countermeasure entailing signature selection masked by finite time singularities akin to doubly dipoled critical layer was robustly resolved in presence of parasitic harmonics andor dispersive noise, indeed akin to radiation reconciliation by irreversibility but that's another story for another day. Picturing another pair of anglo auldskulers for their enduring entertainment, more likely bemusement than amusement but you never know.

.        Rolls-Royce Industrial AI proof of concept for different data-science approach to improve Trent reliability} hotair hyped Artefarcical Imbecilogy by Infestation TricknologITs obscuring objectivity via actuality assessment from correlational calculus 

.        Amey 'lined up for takeover' Profits wiped out when set aside £209M potential losses on road contract in Birmingham legally disputed} cause for concern here is primaface participation of bankrupt bureauggery in allowing accumulation of amazing amount

.        consumer outrage virtue signalling}flipflopperied falsifications from careering camplaigners who never did decent day dirty digiting in pandering to populist perversions pinnacled in insidious Attenborough's artefarcical plastic prepackaged turtle tossing

.        HS2 'cost pressure'?} but moneygoround maximisation of pickpocketry from poor old pursey public has always been principle purpose of perverted policies during decades of deception intensified here with insanity of speed as solution when it's not needed 

.        JR nextgen HST maxspeed from 320 km/h to 360 km/h to cut Tokyo- Sapporo time to 5h from current best 8h} & that's the thing it's allabout transit time so with 200kph sufficing for hourly hubbing here double deckering is only sensible solution for capacity

.        Prompted by JCRH below I googled Gerrit & got awesome array with several shared strands but thought you might like neale.thomas.net/SIMCLO.ppt whilst peforated + hydrogelled TBL subsea silencing done dusted in defconXies during coldwar closure campaigns__& you might ask Maas at UU about my 60s PhD / JFMs on internal waves entailing quantitated Schlieren even emergent colour capabilities via Stevenson courtesy of firm foundations in Mowbray & Rarity JFMs & Lighthill's resourcing of MecFlu as ManUni Math HoD, supplemented by manually telescoped PIV for comparison with my beamlet greens function. Anyhow hope to meet up whenif you manage to pop over (JCRH remark). Oh yes I guessed your shock-BL interaction overlapped LexSmits (we shared a room in IC-aero, me PDing with Bearman, him PGing with Bradshaw) and sure enough it must have been and was via Melbourne. As for your Wijngaarten prize, well I spent many excellent evenings suppering with him on Toulouse main square talking shop on multiphase & muchmore. Finally my JCRH link arose from a decade in DAMTP courtesy of his resources having overlapped on IC-aero industrial interests in turbulence shearfree boundary blockage, generating a JFM paired with his.     Much more to talk about given a chance before grumpiatric groaner gets terminally tilted, perhaps particularly on condensation contaminated by suspended soot accumulated in inversion layer, a bonneted bee of mine since early 90s climate caricatures were (& still are) cavalierly cobbled for WVap as posthoc parameterisation when of course it's overwhelmingly responsible for IR trapping, indeed with its 4-5% increase since 70s accounting for asmuch ormore than all CO2 not just its 25% increase in that interval. But no-one wanted to hear because of the megamoneygoround spawned by politicised policy perversion worth £30Bpa in UK pumpishment of which £1B orso is squandered on sustaining 10k campus cavorters with prettymuch same paltry proportion sensibly schooled as in CO2's significance for warming. Indeed no-one wanted to hear so much so that they got rid of me in the mid90s, prematurely pensioned at fifty and no way back against the bureauggery beneficiaries of HEI piratisation for the profiteers who've ruined our once everywhere envied excellence exemplified in DAMTP's delivery of anglo auldskule scholarship since Stokes through to Lighthill & Batchelor maybe extending to Crighton but longsince no longer in that sweet spot of inspired intellectual insight. Sickeningly sad for all who enjoyed its extreme elitism, especially now enduring our exodus from representational roles in auspicious academic arenas seemingly still surviving elsewhere.

.        Re: WOW cited in wind to wave groups} recollection reminder_} hoping to hear_be nice xmas pressie after aeons. Was prompted to pursue by Reeks response on another aspect of unfinished business_multiphase mechanics if you're interested in joining in     WOW cited in wind to wave groups} recollection reminder of coldwar closure defconXies on surfactant seascape stilling which started with Miles revisited plus viscolastic surface modulus then ditto on Longuet-Higgins crest caplliaries all reformulated as__bidirectionality of structurally speciated spectral energy meaning capillary riffling spawns swell with spacing scaled on airside forcing by Townsend turbulent contrails subsequently amplified by spawning LH-crest roughness which when starved by surfactant means smoothed swell slumps & stays that way without renewed riffling, this providing wind doesn't disperse damping material which in turn is delayed by certain PAG-PEG cocktails with hydroxyl sidechain spacing synergistically H-bonded to substrate as hydrogelled clathration as confirmed in LJ molecular modelling which is why ICI sold more Emkarox volume to USNavy than any other client during a decade or more of adoption for hydrophoned helicopter downwash suppression and for longrange LIDARaman surface signature & gas speciation above Soviet submarine superhighways &&& much more for subsea stealthing and sonar strategies. Nice seeing civilianisation of such stuff slowly seems to be getting there after duodemidecade, indeed a duodecade since I was prematurely pensioned by roost rulers who've now wrecked our HEIs with their piratical profiteering sacrificing scholarship substance for sake of sellership slushstance! Enjoy life_indeed we must meet up after aeons of absence before terminal tilter obliterates opportunity!     PS Must mention also auotadaptive Kalmanalyser conceived as chaffed countermeasure entailing signature selection masked by finite time singularities akin to doubly dipoled critical layer was robustly resolved in presence of parasitic harmonics andor dispersive noise, indeed akin to radiation reconciliation by irreversibility but that's another story for another day. Picturing another pair of anglo auldskulers for their enduring entertainment, more likely bemusement than amusement but you never know.  

.        ICMF} Reeks}Kol=mogorof!# Turbulence transience apart clustering heterogeneity-intermittency consistent with trajectory metastability & vorticity multimodality # Perkins & Simonin & Christos sadly seem past blasts & 90s INI for my last chat with Crighton!          Particle microstructure in clouds  Dear Julian  I am really interested in your recent work on clouds and in particular particle microstructures.  My own work in this area has looked at the influence of turbulence structure on particle  clustering and the influence of small and large scale acting together on droplet size distributions. It was an attempt to explain the very wide distribution of droplet sizes that  is observed in clouds. Classical condensation theory actually  narrows the size distributions. What we found is that it clustering is a highly intermittent process and that singularities in the particle concentration field are a marked feature when the particle Stokes  number based on the Kolmogoroff timescales ~ 1 You may find the attached papers of some inteterest 1 2 3  I am of course “retired” or Prof  Emeritus as it is referred to these days. But I am still carrying on my work on particles in turbulence in a reduced capacity ie no research students to do the hard computation Computation. I like Neale am not very impressed with the things are going on in multiphase flows: it’s all simulation whether it be DNS or LES. No time it would appear for theory or modelling. It’s about letting the computer do the work for you. The simulators have no real contact with modellers. There’s  only one group that combines the two and that is Simonin’s group in Toulouse. Anyway I’m always impressed with your hands on involvements with turbulence especially with your work on clouds. I well remember your inspirational talks on the fundamentals of turbulence that you gave at the INI program on turbulence we held in the late 1990s.  I am a visiting prof  at Imp C where of course I work closely with Christos who since that  time we met at the INI program have become close friends as indeed is  another post doc of yours  Richard Perkins.  Anyway it would be nice to make contact with you sometime perhaps at one of Christos ‘   turbulence seminars. I wish you continuing good health.  My sincere best wishes Mike  It would be interesting to get your views on Brexit, and the long game Labour appear to be playing. Is this the case or is Jeremy Corbyn just sitting on the fence? We need a people’s vote   

I share your frustration. I am working with colleagues in Delft and Japan using 10peterflop computer to look at particles in microstructure where it is not as simple as Kol. and Batchelor explained! Important for cloud particles I think. Keep well. yours Julian       Correction. They apologised and included me on their Scientific Committee. But your observation is correct Neale.  Best wishes  Mike International Conference Multiphase Flow ICMF 2019} Reeks apart indeed as global guru no sign of a significant Brit Brit whereas once we set scene on signature seminals such as TASH 1983 recap of error elimination for flawed fundamentals in mixture models

.        Sprayable Gel Could Help the Body Fight Off Cancer After Surgery}nowt new as clinicals all derived from coldwar closure campaigns on sea surface stilling with PAG-PEG cocktailed for clathration coverage in submarine se\rching with helicoptered hydrophones

.        15% CarbonTrustGrant to £5k with largest savings carbon energy lighting control services instrumentation control} allofit armleg attrition on economic efficacy costing country £30Bpa alone in pumpishment perniciously imposed on poor old pursey public

.        Interserve confirms debt-for-equity talks_Interserve shareholder revolt over CEO Debbie White's 125 per cent bonus}primafacie pointer to sinking ship syndrone aka Andersonian accessory asin unsecuritised debt defaulteries

.        484% growth in share price in last 15 months, renewable energy investment opportunity} masonic moneygoround & catastrophist cabal perniciously profiteering from poorold pursey public pickpocketed in petrol pumpishment & power pricing intoto >£1kpa.pp

.        BAESys £25M submarine academy} won't fix faultline from deflab decimation for piratised proifteering says coldwar closure decadal deliverer for ARE-DRA SMC HoltonHeath who scorned softwared sourcing of unAstute's doubled designation on drag-noise-cost

.        Re: Beeb bandwagonry on alarmist Attenborageddon mired by Marr-iage with catastrophist careerists cavorting codswallopry on plant perspicacity & pollution perishacity both absurdly atodds with actualities via serious scholarship unspoilt by spurious seller

.        DASA Joint Effort accelerate integration of advanced materials onto military platforms}sickeningkly sad that defence RTD deliverabilities decimated by deflabs profiteered piratisation catalysed by coldwar closure after centuries of preeminent performance

.        EPS matrix adopted by EA} clearly a classic cabal cosy for knowho knobblers who killed knohow knackery with vacuous verbiage now absurdly amplified with virtualosity venality as final phase of extinction for engineering excellence

.        Holmes etal} unable to access paper so only suspect it was hairy root-tube bio-reactor/separator proofofpracticality for scopolamine from datura but much more done on suspension boosters including callus cocultivation for hormonal reactivation

.        worldfirst CO2 negative fuel_ cheaper than oil and coal} nebulously nonscienced sellership strangling scholarship with crass claims ignoring entropic essentials such as rootmass release nevermind rendering requirements exceeding energy extraction

.        how a contractor might change if access to finance become tighter since Carillion’s collapse_worsening for companies with strong balance sheets – or avoided pitfalls experienced elsewhere} cautionary comment for scaffold servicers-sellers

.        Rivian EV Media Sensation SUV} twiced price & weight of sensible solutions & then only 40Le fuel so claimed range means 10m/Lesp* for 3T truck so that's crawling speed seeing as 3kN sensible speed resistance means merely 4m/L *equivalent shaft power

.        citing OF Thomas&Stevenson (1973)*_ pleased as punch at attention after 45 years since my PhD_ & amazed that it festered for 30 years despite featuring in Lucasian Lighthill's monograph! So much for careers conveyed on citation counts! # Nice seeing Chashechkin's seminals cited contextually but beggars belief that Stevenson's substantials sidelined whilst Lighthill's lucidity entirely excluded. Anyhow now I know why Russian Rear Admirals buttonholed me for a decade after glasnost asking if was the PhD guy whose beamlet greens function spawned a generation of subsea stealthing!

.        ICMF 2019} Reeks apart_}share frustration_observation correct} bottom below in  same vein # be nice knowing if particle trajectories follow metastable bimodality seen in TC flow imposing compound angular acclerations # Lords lunch invite still open?     International Conference Multiphase Flow ICMF 2019} Reeks apart indeed as global guru no sign of a significant Brit Brit whereas once we set scene on signature seminals such as TASH 1983 recap of error elimination for flawed fundamentals in mixture models

.        Let the authors know why you're interested in their research: I'm Thomas pleased as punch at attention after 45 years since my PhD & amazed that it festered for 30 years despite featuring in Lucasian Lighthill's monograph! So much for careers conveyed on citation counts! # Nice seeing Chashechkin's seminals cited contextually but beggars belief that Stevenson's substantials sidelined whilst Lighthill's lucidity entirely excluded. Anyhow now I know why Russian Rear Admirals buttonholed me for a decade after glasnost asking if was the PhD guy whose beamlet greens function spawned a generation of subsea stealthing!

.        Phillips etal 2006 size-shape stratification} was originally inspired by 1997 BBC Horizon on rocky runouts concluding with question "how did those big beggars get so far" being multiton slabs sitting on flat substrate kilometre or more from slipped slope 

.        failed to find mine but yours reminded me of my US patented Aeolian activation via matched momentum coplanar air sheet engagement with fragmentation locus seen a salient stretcher & shedder for vortex train conveying dispersion with halved drift & dropsize

.        Re: Air Quality Waste Water AQE WWEM 21-22nov Telford }enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defcon       David Little @ Grundfos Pumps # dti-SMARTees on WATER-BOOSTIR = Wind AidedTreatment Eco Recovery - Bio-Oxidative Operation Single Tank Enhanced Remediation via snorkelled aeration for 4-stage BOD NOD deN SS discharge consent ; Mark Scott @ WWT# amazing adventures as campus coldwarrior complemented by frontline faultfixing for dozen dying midlands makers aswellas 4-fold SMARTee making me national numerouno attracting attention for halfhour Beebie on Cam cleverclog set to save Brum Mikko Laakso @ Vaisala # samples spiked by siting such as SellyOak bus transfer station at A38 trunk A4040 intersection during rushour # Brunt Vaisala nostalgic nod to my 60s PhD spawning seminal stratification beamlet greensfunction key to submarine stealthing ; Armin Gross @ Bruker # spectroscopy recollection reminder of coldwar closure defconXies delivering LIDARaman for deepblue submarine highway seacsape signatures suspicious enough to warrant interrogation of adjoining air from spyplane then satellite_awesome ; Satty Jandu @ Dustscan # x-Nott Trent like my daughter who did well in Equine Studies & Birm Uni like me for a decade to mid90s as fullime faculty teaching toughest topics to ChemE finalists running 15 researchers & VIP sabbatialists + respark company ; Gillian Peden @ Rivertrace # oil-in-water monitoring prompted recall of EC-fp5/ICT multimill Bluewater entailing CCTV for shoreline bathing beach encroachment evinced in glint & grey spectrum supplemented with UV-IR extension for bio/anthropo-genic sources ; Standman @ Ricardo # carbonastrophist crippling £30Bpa pumpishment of poor old pursey public dedoling 2M into deadenders + £1Bpa for campus collusion in policy perversion when real responsibility resides with WatVap up by enough to swamp all ambient CO2 ; Rob Farquharson @ Air Liquide # super stories as coldwas caricatures eclipsing Clancy emulating Carre spawned from 60s PhD proving pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides after Cuban crisis with Kennedy humiliation of Khruschev

.        NHS £16M tranche from £78M e-prescribing initiative } SecState family software business but no commercial conflict of course not with his blind trust but then again these cabalistic creatures out do they?!

.        Please un-subscribe all Midsummer accounts from this mailing list} Likewise mine from yours seeing as you passed me your card for followup on my intriguing interpretation. Endof & Byebye_pity about prejudice against actualities

.        Tommy Kemsley @ Midsummer Solar PV # carbonastrophism costs country £30Bpa pumpishment of poor old pursey public in dedoling 2M into deadenders with £1Bpa on campus clowning via codes contrived to continue creating case for more moneygoround manipulation; Ash Bintcliffe @ Midsummer Solar PV # policy perversion from nudgery cum naggery now naztery via factoidals cum fictoidals now fuctoidals as admitted by archactivist Allen in nebulously Natured meacupla for mendaciously exaggerated expectation of emission effects; Michael Gaughan @ Solamics HotWater & BatteryStorage  # theguardian.com touted as a free source of clean <Michael Gaughan @ Solamics HotWater & BatteryStorage  # theguardian.com touted as a free source of clean unlimited energy to heat your water but the first independent test suggests they are not as efficient as # marginality means  protracted payback; Gautier Dupont @ NGK Power Storage Batteries # doubles deliverability costs competitive indvidually itemised only because of taxes taken on fossil fuelled sources typically trebling few p/unit for big baseloaders for supply synchronisation with globalised gridistribution; Juan Romera Wade @ Peimar PV # earlier execrations reinforced by reality that CO2 contributes only ~5% H2O upby 4% since 70s caused by Californian constraints to stem smogs soon emulated by EPA Japan Europe entailing everywhere epoch of sooty surfactants; Andrew Cooney @ IET portfolio development # recollection reminder of earlier era when Savoy Place hosted more meetings than any other institution as freebies for awareness of academic appicabilities # amazing adventures spawned from postCuban PhD deserve dissemination; Tristan Bridges @ UKSOL # can't quite recall but likely more of same scepticism expressed earlier perhaps airing also despair at distortion of education with ecomentalisation nebulously nonscienced for correctness compliance with mantrapolitan mcluhanisers; Tony Dowd @ EA Tech Capenhurst # prompted pangs of nostalgic nods to earlier era of anglo auldskule when we had 4 power producing reactor regimes & I postdocced as Reynolds  ResFell with late great ManUni NucEng founder Bill Hall on fatal accident fundamentals; Paul Scott @ Athena PTS Cumria # recall reminder of locating lagging lead from FAST Reactor 7 years redundant resident on sheep smallholding in Penrith who enjoyed escape on faultfixer for tubetrain brakeboxes busted by GJ/m3 & then WashwoodHeath was wasted; Standman @ PigeonProofingSolarPanels from Sacramento # that's outrageously onomatopoeic! #  nostalgic nod on earlier era as jetsetting journeyman visiting UCDavis whilst wifey went to Sacrarmento whilst wending way down Route101 from SanFrancisco to LosAngeles; Boban Vujovic @ KACO PV inverters # sooty surfactants from regulatory requirements alone account for doubled rainfall on doubled intervals & seaice cheesecutting collapse & high altititude-latitude albedo impaired melting & airsea diminished dissolution &&& not CO2!

.        Eco-innovation Action Plan} paradigmic pontification on pickpocketry from poor old pursey public iniquitously imposed via regulatory regimentation as Stalian-style arcane aspirations for economies expired by concostery colluded by mantrapolitan mcluhanism

.        magnetic beads} not beads but fibre fragments embedded crosslinked as composite component for flexural forced morphology aka SMARTerials_done dusted in defconXies duodemidecade ago in coldwar closure campaigns for subsea stealthing

.        DARPA $10M for BAE data-driven machine-learning algorithm differentiating important RF signals in real time} done dusted duodemidecade ago via bifucation busting sensitivity switching Kalmanalyser capturing chaffed concealment in subsea stealthing

.        refuge from cold CN charity partner LandAid funds for YMCA} gooodie gongogettery merely mantrapolitan virtualosity verbosity when real requirement is resource realignment from Loonydon Luvvies Lardieland to rejected regions wrecked by decades of denial

.        inspiring topics & speakers} so how about grammar lad whose 60s PhD chanced on basic building block for fundamental formulation of submarine stealthing used by Nixon for bonafide bondng with Brezhnev prior to that pivotal Triple Treaty Moscow Mission &&&

.        EDS Engineering Embedded  Design 17-18oct Coventry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies    Guy Holdaway @ Plunkett # still seeking informal liaison on principle proving 9:1:9 single stage chainless gearing compactly coaxed with driveshaft in 4" dia deep housing as weight slasher for cycling upwards to motored drivetrains ; Konstantin Slabenko @ Infologic Design # EM software prompted nostalgic nod to prepiratisation era when ARE-DRA-DERA SMC Holton Heath commissioned feasibility fundamentals on multiphysics discounted as implausible-impractical decade before unAstute emerged ; James Dixon @ Mercedes AMG # recollection reminder of '75 study of unsheared turbulence blockage seminally JFMed but significantly sourcing inaugural rolling road immediately endlessly employed by all leading F1 Teams for 1/10 model wing tests ; Luke Galloway @ EIP patents # aren't worth the extravagent expense for SMEs unable to finance fight on IP infringement by corporate cowboys # Dyson exemplified exceptions for rich kids with multimill family funds for fight to rights using popstrar attorneys ; Chris Riley @ Bunting Magnetics # assemblies & applications} nostalgic nod to prepiratisation era of exotica via ARE-DRA-DERA Holton Heath SMC viz eddy current integrity microsearcher for micr cracks at mm depth via off-axis BH microlooping prestressed samples ; Gethin Roberts @ Iterate Development # medtec hometec weartec} should've sought assistance in making market with my SMARTees instead of aiming for adoption via corporates who milked megamoney on practicalities pretences whilst filing features for future reference ; James Seccombe @ Otter Controls_bimetallic switches # recollection reminder of flextensional actuator amplification for piezo transducers but same principle pertinent here for ultrafast bimodality ; Dirk Bilgram @ HIMA Embedded safety automation # closure commentary in my HSE-OSD oto98162 commissioned for Cullen compliance called for autonomic activation of shutdown setpoint to avoid devastating delay with PiperAlpha ; Richard Mount @ Swindon Silicon chipped sensor system # derived from defence demands for rapid response exttemity exemplified in stealthed threat dechaffing demanding bifucation busting tracker-forecaster algorithmic autonomy ; Plamen Belev @ICBlue # reminiscence reminder of IBM branded as Big Blue back in mainframe 70s of 360-165 heavyweights ; Alistair Wingfield @ Dassault Systemes_Siumlia EM # recalled 90s final fling for dying deflabs advising against submarine simulation as multiphysics methodology pyrrhically pursued in pirateers' unAstute prototypes with doubled design drag-noise worst sonce WW2 ; Richard Chippendale @ Comsol coupled multiphysics # futility folly exemplified in encounters with US-NRC approved PWR-LOCA codes conveying doubled delay to depressurisation dryout dueto fundamental flaws also in HPHC codes critiqued postPiperAlpha oto98162 ; Tom Wallington @ Siemens_Helping teams to mee regulatory and compliance requirements by maintaining standard project documents.# bravely bootstrapped from Bournemouth but beware blunderings in regulatory compliance asserted above

.        No AI in cockpit anytime soon say Onera Thales because empirical system cannot explain choices} all AAs are correlationally predicated on regularity for trend tracking & forecasting but bifucation busters do exist exemplified in selfsorting Kalmanalyser

.        Fluidic Analytics’ UniCambridge insights into proteins fold aggregate interact in solution as in body} recollection reminder of coldwar closure campaign with LJ optimisation of PAG-PEG Hbond clathration_ask Nigel Slater about me & my stuff

.        Road User Charging Conference_200 decision makers from Tolling industry} says itall don't you think moneygorounders milking poor old pursey public already totuneof £30Bpa UK pumpishment perhaps £3kpa.pp intoto with Loonydon Lardieland's crippling charges

.        HS2 reputation on line} so it should've been since it started seeing as everyelse adopted doubledeckered hourly transits so 200kph still suffices & should've been via exportably efficacious ICT125 upgrade

.        Join thousands of businesses who’ve swapped dirty power for clean power} evermore evident epiidemic of wouldbe goodie gongers on messianic mantrapolitan moneygoround milking investment income 10x ormore accessible from savings by  poor old pursey public

.        Miller.com industrial twin fluid nozzles}not with 3psi LP blower same as aeolian_as for excess power excusing termination well never mentioned to me by partners or DEFRA_indeed 15kW (300W per nozzle) <10% engine shaft power. Wipedout by unwillingness!

.        Farm Family Maintec 7-8nov Birmingham}}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies          Paul Christian @ Sentry # farm management_arable adoption of patented 90s dti-SMART SPRAYer = Stimulated Pulsatile Ranging Aeolian deliverY halving driftloss with halved dropsize_just discovered 00s copycat reproed below # nice nostalgia on Airtec inventer Binnie ; Amber Painter @ MPC Wastewater # offmains recall reminder of my FRED.ltd dti-SMART WATER-BOOSTIR = Wind Activated Treatment Enviro Recovery - Bio-Oxidative Operation Single Tank Integrated Remediation of BOD-NOD-deN-SS to discharge consent quality ; James Beresford @ Saniflow # WATER-BOOSTIR & SPRAYer candidates for culturally correct compliance with greenification gabbledegeekery as nudgery via naggery cum naztery nonscience of entropic extravagence pickpocketed from poor old pursey public ; Louie Barley @ Cotterill Civils # WATER-BOOSTIR as remote rural / third world sanitation solution for overloaded lagoons & rancidified reedbeds via VAWTed 4-stage annular tanked technology validated for standard strength sewage & smell suppressant for slurry tanks ; Trevor Archer @ Perfo S2T Grass # thanks fo sample sheet yet to be tested in my jungle_will let you know when I have but must be better than what I've got! ; Humphrey Thomas @ Ivy Living outdoor gasfires # probably not for me but my biobook on amazing adventures from coldwar campus origins with PhD pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission miught well be for you once it's been Clancyfied ; Jacob Tompkins @ Water Retail # especially enjoyable for nostalgic nod to my Mancunian PhD roomate Peter Carpenter one-time Exeter Engineering Head later lieewise Warwick sadly since deceased # hope to hear enthusiasm endorsement for Jaccuzi shower SPRAYer ; Paul Geoghan @ Xetec # nostaligic nod to xedos & my supercharged 2.3 miller mazda with 300k clocked over duodecade also as money milker for ford in zetec nevermind styeline standouts still in Jaguar copycatted also in BMW # stiill no sign of bifucation busting tracker-forecasters ; Oliver Pogmore @ AVT maintenance monitoring & fault forecasting via leaks & anomalies # PiperAlpha paradigm for catastrophic collapse explosively exacerabted by inadequate information for authorisation of field shutdown costing $million/hour_OTO98162 critique : info@millerstn.com

.        Advanced Engineering 31-32oct Birmingham}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies           ; Tim Hughes @ SMMT # so sad seeing what little's left of auldskule anglo autoengineering being beggared by regulatory restriction manoeuvred by mcluhanised moneygoround of loonydon luvvies & lardies cavorting catstrophist careers via climate & congestion caricatures ; Andre Goepfert @ Rucks Maschinenbau # atmospheric adsorption within 1.5C of CO2 saturation as implicated in moronic meaculpa by cofdification cabal conceding 50% exaggeration in prior prognostications via artificial amplification in closure clutter ; Simon Teagle @ MicronEpsilon # magnificent monicker guaranteed to grab proper physicists familiar with asymptotic analytics of pairwise perturbation # coldwar closure capabilities for supersteel sensitivity via eddycurrent extended evaluation via offaxis BH analysis ; Richard Thompson @ Alvant # metalised matrix fibred composites stiff strong as steel light as aluminium} done dusted in defcon/xed coldwar closure campaigns for PZ-MS morphing materials in advanced actuators for sonar stacks ; Gaham Waters @ Airbond # structural strength via fibre splicing still leaves limitation of interfacial integrity reliant on bonding as well as binding inturn integrity intensified by rugiosity rendering ; Grahame Grover @ UAVE # offaxis thruster pitch trim induces increased drag compounded by roll tim for tailpane all avoidable as outlined in principle ; Steve Barbour @ Composite Braiding # as distinct from spicing but what is distinction & also issues of interfacial integrity fibre--fibre aswellas to substrate # SMART structures means simply shape memory or actively adaptive as mechanicaly morphed? ; Lauren Mills @ Racecar Engineering # as notified Kevin Marsden (KDM) raced F3 into 60s until recently retired & still builds from scratch also recently raced F1 rebuilt for synchronised simulation as racespeed rated track entertainment_eagerly awaits airing as page profile ; Ian Alderton @ Alrad # asever always good to grab a chat as nostalgic nod to earlier era of anglo auldskule engineering excellence sadly succumbed to sidelining much like me multiplied with encroaching necrotic decrapitude manifested now in mangled macula

.        BBC Inside Science: SheffUni student Cooper explains Turing patterns re morphology patterning of shark scales for energy saving in aerospace automotive} defconXied duodemidecade ago so yet again evermore evidently spiked scholarship stuffs scholarship

.        Hybrid electric aircraft} 150kW motoring of 25kWh batteries means merely max few 100 cycles especially with 110kW charging whilst EE 30 min means merely 50kW morelike 25kW to 50% resdiual so why 3x weightiermotors? Smells of Siemens scambackery

.        AI Renaissance} IT AIn't anymore  than other Infestation Tricknology Artefarcical Imbecilligence tracker-forecaster AKA eggspurt shitsum_as anticipated in 50s by jvNeuman rewarned in 70s by Lucasian Lighthill reiterated in 90s by RouseBall alterego Penrose

.        Highways 7-8nov Birmingham}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies  

.        Gareth Bathers @ Geospatial-Cyient # hires imaging analytics still shy of coldwar closure capability with satellite LIDARaman for cm rippling & gas composition on submarine superhigheways in seascapes calmed to clathration by Hbonding substrate with supersurfactants ; Millan Martin @ TaylorWoodrow # Artefarcical Imbecilligence via Infestation Tricknology as mono manifold expectation extrapolation ignores bifucation busting Kalmanalyser as civilianisation from coldwar closure contrachaffing codes ; ; Lance Richardson @ Mway # showguide suggests & webbage waffle "LEAN progressive journey of Continuous Improvement" looks like standard suspect for crippling concosts inflicted as improvements responsible for regulatory restriction of madaged motorways ; Steve Parsons @ Siemens # "control charging enforcement" by corporate crony of mantrapolitan mcluhanisers hellbent on hostility to motorists milked totuneof £30Bpa pumpishment pickpocketed for deadended dedoling of millions mangled by cityspivveried colluders ; Neil Wallace @ AquaSpira # peanut pipes againbst secondary CW conduits for big baseloaders specced 5mdia for 50cumecs as at LittlebrookD with 50m downshaft & 500m tunnel upshafted midThames destabilised by air entrained into 5m weir drop at low tide ; Tim Naidu @ Asphalt Reinforcement # G-PFR meshing underlay crack resistance to compressive deformation on compliant substrate_like all such solutions dependent on interfacial binding of matrix with infiller in turn on configuration & layering ; Niall McGill @ FKLowry # foundation pilings shouts out for industrial chimney Salford streetscene of LSLowry's memorable matchstick men # emissions prompted primer on truth about climate catastrophism codswallop costing country £30Bpa in pumpishment penalties ; Mike Wilson @ HE@HUK # "army keeping network safe & reliable":ask people paying for privilege of enduring endless delays due to meaningless motorway mismadagement whilst roads remain rackruined & aquaplane accidents awaiting anticambered accumulation ; C Strider @ WDM # "provision dependent on not just highway authority but partners contractors interaction critical to outcomes":ironic implication that public is better bet than private when smart means stupid & safe means scary so merely monstrous mcluhanisation

.        Free Mediation Showcase} pictured panel looks like refugee family from Jeremey Kyle codswalloper. I'm for stoicism always have been & looks like might well be on way to revival as fashionable philosophy being better bet than nonscienced navel glazing

.        Siemens £1·5B 94 LUTrains at new factory despite Alstom & Bombardier confliction complaints} moronic madness of knowho knobblery on masonic moneygoround exemplified in economic insanity of incinerating Washwood Heath after  century as skilled supplier    

.        Dstl AI for image search_spam filter for sensors_minutes not weeks}so no-one* knows antichaffing algorithms delivered during coldwar closure for subsecond selection viaviz bifukation busting Kalmanalyser_*ask Lucasian Lighthill's RouseBall alterego Penrose

.        Sequestering CO2 Using Novel Lithium Battery} done&dusted decades ago in apollo applications so although structural science immensely improved applicabliity over amines as industrially impractical asever so sadly more sellership stuffing scholarship

.        HyperSizer Reduces Weight of DreamChaser} hyperization without hints even of confidence constraints which for composites comefrom interfacial imperfections in bonding both for fatigue failures & resolution restrictions requiring correlational closures

.        UK largest offshore wind power in world} extraordinary extravagence pickpockected from poor old pursey by masonic moneymilking loonydon lardy-luvvies via pumpishment totuneof £30Bpa dedoling millionormore in commercially culdesacked economic endgame

.        ADBA National Conference} no hints here of scandalous squandering pickpocketed from poor old pursey on masonic moneygorund of loonydon lardies & landed luvvies via cowboy kickers on dubious deals even fraudulently fudged AD approvals

.        HS2 £435m station battle of Brum} by a debt-driven den of nonresident even nonnative masonic moneygorounders stupendously squandering taxtaken theft from second city with country's largest lowest quadrant community on impaired incomes

.        strong ocean warming due to emissions} dissolution dominated by seascape & seaskin so merely modest attenuation* alone accounts for findings but no hint here of sceptical scholarship for fear of strangling sellership_*coldwar closure LIDARaman leftovers

.        Re: Martyn Thomas was at The Royal Eastbourne Golf Club !} & Dad will be grave groaning at Downs displacement by posh lot.. always supposing it still survives as artisan attraction! Few other family photos of Brits abroad for your album.} Few more mementos

.        Re: The Way Forward with the Geospatial Commission_display of RICS ‘soft’ power, the power to influence} & that's the nub of nonscienced nebulosity nolonger nudgery nor even naggery but naztery by masonic moneygoround knowhos naysaying knohows

.        Do you know who's on your site?}who's asking? Oh a careering correspondent with no firsthand familiarity of this sector indeed anythng industrial or engineering even & that's why we're on the brick of bankruptcy_too many mcluhanists too few functionalists

.        single-use wasn't a dirty word_BluePlanet public awareness}plastic prepackaged turtle tossing cynically contrived mluhanised manipulation for impact ignoring remediative role aswellas actuality 10kx more detritus delivery as really rancid road-rural runoff

.        African HS line_ double-deck 160km/h 300km €2B} 40x cheaper than HS2 against 8x expectation prorata percap so evermore evidence of rotten rancidity in masonic moneygoround of loonydon lardies & luvvies cahooted with cashcowed whiteminster wenkers

.        PWC HS2 Report £7B savings} PReposterous PRetence by cabalistic cityspivveries seeing as contemporary conversions with double-deckered capacity & 1h transits cut costs by 70% not pathetically paltry 10% projected here 

.        Capacity Market anticompetitive} nevermind minnies moaning about maxxies grabbing the goodies, it's all a stalinian shebang always was since supply services were stolen by piratisation profiteers on masonic moneygoround of loonydon lardies & luvvies

.        news views from plastics rubber industries}nope nowt_only virtuallosity venality via verbiage careeristically cavorting industrial ignorance as evermore expected from jobbing journalists denying dedicated engineering experts access to airing actualities

.        HT buoyancy blockage}still no sign of occamesque agnesi attenuated eddy extremity stress scaling sufficing for PrandtlBoussinesqReynolds subcritically hysteretic log law using only unfudged classical KT coefficients_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF??

.        Re: Use it or Lose it!} killed my company a decade ago by bankruptcy to save my SSAS from taxman but never ceased cerebral contemplation so wondered about eligibility as say sole trader without sales but able to evidence activity as summary statements?

.        Carillion's true cost only just starting to emerge}so scandal isn't confined to Carilion but as primafacie pointer to collusive contrivance at audit interface involving poor old pursey's public protectors promotionally profiteerng from fudgery andor fakery

.        High levels of pollution negative effects on plants insects} enumeration essential for science to emerge from slyience yet no hints here on essential exposures_leafy leachate from sooty surfactant be better bet as everywhere everything impairment indicator

.        liberal democracy threat from populism_Fighting Misinformation: LSE TruthTrustTechnology}ironic indeed that luvvieland lair of nudgery cum naggery to naztery via factoid cum fictoid to fuctoid climaxed in climatastrophism moaning about mcluhanised mangling

.        AI: Reality or Marketing Hype?_Using AI, the system “learned” to identify component shapes} lategreat Lucasian Lighthill goedelianly gravegroaning at evermore extreme hyped hotair so nope not AI but merely ES notsomuch Expert System as Emulation Simulation

.        Older workers: Why construction cannot afford to lose them} too late mate after acrossboard apoclaypse by preposterous postindustrialisation during decades of decimating greybeards garbaged by beanbagging bureauggery longsince bankrupted British brains

.        last week's leader has touched a nerve_in 8days 100,000 tonnes of fly-tipped waste} but no sign of scepticism that 100kT would need 10kx10T lorries or over 1k pd meaning sustained streaming which would've attracted attention nationwide yet nowt on google!

.        Air pollution death of halfmill Europeans} exemplifying extremity of nudgery via naggery to naztery as factoidery via fictoidery to fuctoidery inferred as 60kpa uk or 50% hike on ecoexaggerted figure decisively discredited by statistician Spiegelhalter 

.        DBS Leoch batteries 95% recharge in an hour &&&} all of it done dusted duodemidecade ago in coldwar closure campaigns on submarine stealthng additionally augmented for 10x ormore sonication stabilised superdisrecharge

.        Renewable record by independent researchers from Imperial College} extremity exemplar of nudgery via naggery to naztery from factoidal via fictoidal to fuctoidal falsiftication even in accreditation of assessor in actuality a cavorting careerist

.        Crossrail:Mayor under attack again} merely another manifestation of perjurative politrickery evermore evident especially at insidious interface of masonic moneygoround's publicly pursed exorbitantlly extravagent private profiteering # Persimon as paradigm

.        3D-Printed Cement} self-healing compliant concrete done dusted in coldwar closure campaigns inspired by glasnost goodwill expertsie exchanges revealing Soviet 60s submarine with sonar stealthed concrete cladding

.        High speed freight)IC125 spec size shape so why did we abandon efficiacious export earner_ditto APT also imitated by italians # 80% emissions elimination asever sidesteps sourcing & interfacing & inflexibility alltold absorbing allbut 10% orso advantage

.        Re: DARPA Looks to Knock Some Sense into Machines} no hint here of 70s scienced sensibility in CamUni Lucasian Lighthill's damning dismissal as Goedelian gabbledegeekery respoundingly reinforced in 90s Emporial excoriation by OxUni alterego Rousian Penrose

.        BBC Toady: cautious commentary on hotrocks} blast from past made my day until swamped with sadness recalling RTD ambitions & achievements in earlier elanistic era when I sabbatically chanced on your role in faultfixing FAST reactor convective criticalities

.        Air Pollution More Complicated than Previously Thought} no it's not as was well known from 80s stuff on sulphur scares sourcing thousands of transients & intermediates so indicatives were agreed analytically for pollution policy practicalities

.        raised recollection of WATER-BOOSTIR = Wind Accelerated Treatment Enviro Remediation - Bio Oxi Operation Single Tank Integrated Recovery to discharge consent on BOD NOD deN SS in 4 annuli concentric with VAWT directky driving drawdown venturi ventilators

.        If you think adding road capacity is a solution, you are part of the problem} nope YOU ARE as nudger turned nagger now naziter in fudging factoids via fictoids into fuctoids slyiencing Schrodinger whilst inanely ignorant of Kynchian kinematics for capacity

.        Chromatography Techniques} NT: youtube.com for simple standalone load&go entry experience try my VisBasic virtuality via www.neale.thomas.net/FACTS.doc done dusted duodemidecade ago tested & tolerated by honours & masters on biochemeng degrees

.        Re: Plaques}thanks}Checking}UVitis _engine} enjoyed exchange#awaiting OGA list justincase#relieved W&T reality reconciliation, hoping ethical exploiters don't delay CRISPR capabilities eg especially enthusiastic Texas team

.        waterflooding optimization in petroleum reservoirs} difficult to believe that shunning consensus capabilities can ever be better than crude correlationalities_indeed like all expert expectations bet it's bifuckationally boggered 

.        Power to the people_hydrogen may well be powering UK trains by 2022} at what cost to an already overpriced operation, not just 3x conventional on capex & opex but mantrapolitan moneygorounders never mention insidious impacts on poor old pursey public

.        Mark Wild’s extensive experience of integration projects} congratulations from former frontline forensic faultfixer at Washwood Heath  whose final fling was fixing mid90s new LUG overheated brake boxes supplemented with solution for steamy stations 

.        BBC Toady_MetMan on weather extremities} another appratshit from army of careering  catastrophists on £Bs.pa pernicious pickpocketry from poor old pursey public still short on scienced sensibilities despite duodemidecade of perjurative pontification

.        Re: Gorges Group} absolutely amazingly perfect picture_looks like spring more than autumn never mind no sign of their snowy arrival a week ago # & another gorgeous one of Sam also looking like spring sprung

.        GM Proposes More Electrification} rancidly reckoning regulatory requirements will boost buying but communistic command control eventually extinguishes economies paradigmically portrayed in stalinian suffocation via successive sevenyear financial failures

.        more efficient application of pesticides} prompted to wonder whether you ever heard of SPRAY= Stimulated Pulsatile Rendering Applications deliverY halving dropsize & drift with aeolian vorticity penetrative packets accessing undersides of groundhuggers

.        Maintenance or Retirement:New genetic algorithms} haplessly hyped plazyiaristic PRomotion as all cost constrained compromises are configured via parametric perturbations of an evolutionary expectation_real trick is bifuckation busting stealthed SNRs

.        kids in technology why is it no one cares? simply a lack of knowledge?} do as I say not as I did says simpering superficiality when this war was longsince lost with tougher topics sacrificed to sustain standards arbitrarily attributed to A-grades

.        Single-use plastics} hysterical hyped moronic mcluhanisation via fictoidal naggery from factoidal nudgery to fuctoidal naztery atodds with actuality as stable substrates bolstering biofilms as algal activators promoting planktonics as fundamental foodstock

.        Dstl market industry day 28Nov Williams} interested: Neale Thomas x-Vis.Pr x-FRED.ltd  x-Man.Dir. Purpose: to gauge extent of expenditure on RTD repetition from firsthand familiarity from my coldwar closure defconXies delivered on decadal ++ capabilities

.        Budget measures reducing plastics waste taxed on packaging less than 30% recycled} rigidity regardless of difficulty degree actioned asever in pursuit of profiteering from poor old pursey public breadlined to busting by perjurative politrickery

.        Chromatography Techniques} NT: youtube.com for simple standalone load&go entry experience try my VisBasic virtuality via www.neale.thomas.net/FACTS.doc done dusted duodemidecade ago tested & tolerated by honours & masters on biochemeng degrees

.        SheffieldRotherham tram-train launched} £10M/km outrageous overspend as 5x contracted cost as another absurdly empty extravagence by postpiratisation profiteers on masonic moneygoround of Loonydonistic Lardies & Luvvies

.        ARGUS}coldwar closure delivery defconXed via transatlantic treatied prepiratisation UK for subsea signature LIDARamaned via seascape suppression using my specced goo & damping descriptor eradicating earlier errors civilianised in 00s ECfp5 Bluewater

.        Battery multiple-unit unveiled speed 140 km/h range 80 km} but what about additional weight as entropic energy?} wellwell googling got me you after aeons since I was silenced by blindness from mangled macula since sorted (somewhat). How about you?

.        Overcoming Reticence To Drive Technology Adoption}computational careerer knows nowt about analytic absurdities of Artefarcical Imbecilligence mechanistically materialised in Infestation Tricknology for extrapolated expectation without systemic significance

.        some surveys: 80% support speed cameras} statistical skewering by bananarama bureauggery hellbent on hyping virtualosity via venality as profiteered pandemic perjuratively persecutes poor old pursey everywhichway evermore extinguishing economic efficacy

.        Burden : ZA51905}_}_}_} _} insulting my intelligence_} month ormore & only silence_} your vmail collected today triggered following final attempt for actionable assistance against daily driveway denial by cynical customers of profiteering practictioners

.        At our Inspire Me event, only a dozen men in 110 attendees}relieved rancid nudgery aka naggery to naztery deadducked despite mantra mcluhanised correctness collusion in virtualiosity venality by gong getting grabbers who never did decent day dirty digiting

.        OXBRIDGE BEATS EUROPE on UNICORNs} nodoubt notsomuch knohow as knowho indeed distinctly derived from masonic moneygoround treetopping via LonOxCam Lardies & Luvvies whilst Manc-Leeds money muppetry mentioned but Brum blockballed as only an amateur alsoran!

.        Evidence-based everything & Hard Truths} mcluhanised manipulation by knowho knobblers longsince sidelined knohow knackers wirh extremity exemplification in climateered catastrophism cavorted by messianic messaging from masonic moneygorounders

.        GlobalFinancialCrisis}simply spawned in subprime securities by city spivvery + perjurative prudence exemplified in endorsement of Shreddy as saviour of British Bankstering at that Luvvie Lardied Brownian Banquet & no gangsters gaoled for junketed jamborees

.        supercritical suppression}still no sign of occamesque agnesi attenuated eddy extremity stress scaling sufficing for PrandtlBoussinesqReynolds subcritically hysteretic log law using only unfudged classical KT coefficients_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF??

.        supercritical suppression}still no sign of occamesque agnesi attenuated eddy extremity stress scaling sufficing for PrandtlBoussinesqReynolds subcritically hysteretic log law using only unfudged classical KT coefficients_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF??

.        Re: DuPont safety day Birmingham 10th Oct} would've been nicer had my acceptance of your invite been approved but your leglady said I wasn't welcome so I didn't go

.        Re: NIDays 2018, will I see you there?} nope not now you're charging me_} showcases worth the money}not now I'm a paltry pensioner dotagedly deferring terminal tilter as awkward asker on codified caricatures of applicable actualities &&&

.        citations OF ???} access needed payment so thought excellent excuse to hello you after aeons since Windmill Hill with John Scott longsince lost from my lists so any ideas on his fate?  

.        Conference on promises to modernise defence security productivity} ironic indeed that legacy of lunacy in unAstute's doubled drag-noise spec shortfall was spawned in preposterously piratical codified caricatures that disastrously displaced greybeard gurus

.        GreenGB Week pledges}corporate colluders in perjurative profiteering from virtualosity venality nebulously nonscienced via codified caricatures conveying carbonastrophist pickpocketry of poor old pursey by Loonydon Luvvies & Lardies on masonic moneygoround

.        Homeland Hurricanes} exemplifies evermore invasive infatuation with Infestation Tricknolography as codified caricatures of realisable realities adequately approximated from firstprincipled formulation: viz Cuban separatrix as partitioning principle &&&

.        MPs earlier ban on petrol diesel cars vans}nudgery via naggery to naztery for nebulously nonscienced demented despotracy politrickerily perverting economic efficacy with frenzied fears from epidemonologically exaggerated & caricatured carbonastsrophism

.        Whether COMSOL ever uttered the term “democratizing simulation,” they've been advocating it since before the term was hip} superficial sellership stuffs substantial scholarship evermore every which way without caveat on correlational caricatures

.        Complex Movement Hydrogels in response to light for robotics muscles} nowt new not really recalling magnetostrictive elastomerised phoretic foams as actuation agents & compliant claddings demo dusted during defconXies as coldwar closures capabilities

.        talking about digital twins every time we meet_ to blur lines between pre-design, design, pre-construction, construction and operation}look where that got RR eliminating engineering elan in pursuit of profiteering from madagement model as birdbrained BIMer

.        financial incentives with sharp teeth would be a good start} wellwell what a paradigmic portrayal of demonic despotocracy derived from nudgery via naggery to naztery from the masonic moneygoround of Loonydon Luuvieland Lardies

.        Goldring etal} aswellas surges (also GMT on siphon priming) better bet for bubble dynamics surely should be Thomas Auton Sene Hunt '83 & Sene Hunt Thomas '94 eradicating errors in mixture modelling & emprical evaluation for plunging entrainment 

.        Advanced servitised business models require connected data-centric capabilities} paradigmic policy perversion politrickeried by profiteering piratisers at expense of engineering elan exemplified in RR's return to RB211 rancidity from mismadagement meddling

.        GE supersonic enabler} meanwhile madness from RR receding toward RB211 darkest days of bankbusting boggery by mismadagement moneygorounders whilst GE cashes in on Concorde's engine excellence from earlier era of elanglish engineering 

.        record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, the Larq self-cleaning water bottle} breaks the biscuit for nebulously nonscienced perjuratively PRomoted virtualosity venality compounded by chariteered gong-gambling

.        Texas HS_400km 90min_$10B} exemplifies extremity of excessive expenditure on HS2 similarly specced on delverable duties but cripple costed 10x for criminally kickbacked cowboy culdesackery_no wonder now we've been queer streeted by masonic moneygoround

.        citation of ??} wondering also whether work extended to Coanda bistability-helicity & tilt induction of asymmetry enhancement of agitation & dissolution. Be nice to know

.        cohesive frictional suspension_adsorbed polymer layer 'collapse'} recollection reminder of 90s defconXed seascape suppression by PAG-PEG filming clathration via substrate hydroxyl H-bonding emulated as Lennard-Jones lockedon synergetic spacing

.        BBC R4 Feedback: facts Re: DuPont safety day Birmingham 10th Oct} would've been nicer had my acceptance of your invite been approved but your leglady said I wasn't welcome so I didn't go & fakes_Martin Parry's 1.5%/C complaint} ironic indeed that jetset geographist should moan about mediocrity whilst campus cavorting nebulously nonscienced naggery taking nudgery to naztery via caricatured contrivance of catastrophism

.        Trade delegation aims to enhance Birmingham-India connectivity}Beggars belief that promo picture entirely excludes the subcontinent's commercial community that's benefited from Brum's Chamber Commerce promotional policy for multiracial membership

.        need engineers? uncomfortable truths} knohow knacker notes it's a knowho knobbler advocating Artefarcical Imbecilligence after Infestation Tricknography punitively pickpocketed poor old pursey for perjuratively profiteered moronic motorway mismadagement &&

.        DHS AIML} no hint of hidden multimanifolds asin stealthed scepticism from Lighthill-Penrose nor autoadaptive attractor analysers # PatrickCarrick prospective propulsors} no hint of axial ejector as helmholtz resonated vortex imploder manifested mid90s

.        Sound is Used to Print Liquid Droplets for First Time} typiclally trite populist plazyiarisation in Harvard hyped imPRopergander goosing of capabilities created via evolutionary engineering in developmental decades to practical products already available

.        Re: Photonex Vacuum Enlighten 10-11Oct Coventry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies    Lawrence Deveraux @ Photonex etc # sorry for snubbery but my memory for faces sadly succumbing to dotaged decline # excellent event as ever especially extraordinary tally of talks but pity posters weren't listed for followup ; Damian Gardiner @ Optomel # intrinsic colour not interferometric means rugged reliability # Newtonian shouldering by Hookian giant ironic inversion with oxonian ringer! ; Lee Parnell @ Interface integration engineering # late 90s emergence coincident with deflab decimation by Blairownian bonkernomics after my decade of defconXies on transatlantic treatied Trident gizmogames in military materials && ; Antony Shaw @ SS Scientific # Eastbourne where I was educated as greengrocered grammar lad emerging to enjoy a lifetime of freelanced freewheeling as academic adventurer courtesy of Clancyian coldwarriored 60s PhD pivotal to postCuban reconciliation ; Alex Ribeaud @ Buhler Optics # IonBeamSputtering recollection reminder of my 60s failure attempting anemometric application for saline stratification waves abandoned for perhaps earliest PIV maddeningly manually recorded! ; Ron Smith @ LoughboroUni # prompted by your poster on plasma CFD simulation thinking that Marangoni modulation probably important for interfacial evolution # anyway greetings after aeonic interval since last encounter trusting alls well with you & yours ; Carl Richardson @ CR Consulting x-Cam Mats escapee from corporate cabalism # enjoyable exchange on my decade with GITaylor's DAMTPhisbena GKBatchelor heading MJLighthill Lucasian tail & JCRHunt as protegee pretender sadly stuffed by CPSnowism 12Oct Photonex Vacuum Enlighten 10-11Oct Coventry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering

.        Re: UK Construction Civils Building 9-11oct18 Bham}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies    Daniel Kirk @ 3D Systems # excellent exchange on involuted inaccessibility & campus coldwarrioring courtesy of 60s PhD pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides after Kennedy's Cuban crushing of Khruschev ; Tronn Rotvoll @ Securo Fire Protection # recollection reminder of my Cullen commissioned critque of codes on offshore safety for HSE-OSD post PiperAlpha compliance viz OTO98162 precedential for Articles revison requiring publication of all approved reports ; Steve Barnes @ GrammBarrier Noise Security Photocatalytic Pollution Fencing # neither Caricatured Fanciful Dabbling nor Atmospheric Boundary Layer Windtunnelling compelling given complexity of actuality ; Rene Meier @ Landolt Nonwoven / Geotextiles # looks perfect for my purpose of replacing decrepit carpet tiles on splintering floorboards in rudimentary sunroom ; Martin Jones @ Cathexis Vision Surveillance Sophistication # enjoyable exchange on supermarket security & military manifestations civilianised for material modulated shoreline seascapes & finding skinshed sunlotion principle pollutant ; Stuart Pocock @ Renewable Energy Assoc # carboneered catastrophism crippled country with £30Bpa pumpishment contrived by codified caricatures concealing factualities that CO2 is 5% factor swamped by WVap as forcing not feedback ; Hasan Baig @ Build Solar x-ExeterUni # enjoyable exchange ranging from reminiscences on late lamented Peter Carpenter through campus coldwarrioring as academic adventurer to GKBatchelor's foundation for double glazing & implication for your invention

.        Indonesian earthquake tsunami appeal} evermore excruciating virtualosity venality in pursuit of goodie gongs whilst ignoring implicitly in denial of doorstep deprivation

.        Celebrating innovation at Venturefest West Midlands} celebrating scandalous selloff as yet another kickbackery killing for piratisation profiteering from pernicious pickpocketry of poor old pursey public by perjurative politrickicians

.        HS2 Birmingham_Andy Street: ‘catalysts for regeneration, jobs opportunities for local people and economic benefits} clown claimed same for his NewStreet & JohnLewis legacy yet left it lurching along with car chaos from stupidly small station dropoff

.        Re: _}_}_}_Maria's motion}_analytical adequacy!} prediction versus postdiction_Cuban coastlne is hazard separatrix for Florida_} there you go_} relieved for you that Michael micked Maria_& fitted the formula!

.        Wireless system can power devices inside the body} done dusted duodemidecade ago defconXied as coldwar closure capabilities sadly sidelined when greybeards were garbaged in piratisation profiteering by Bliarownian bedlam bonkernomickry

.        Sheffield tram-train to launch this month_announced 2009 approved 2012 cost £19M envisaged 2015 but 2017 cost increased to £75.M} 4-fold filibustered concoster connived by masonic moneygoround that's crippled our country during decades of decimation

.        IPCC need for immediate, deep decarbonisation} more messianic mcluhanisation from mantrapolitan monergorounders & jetset journeymen nagging their nudgery into naztery via concocted castrophism from nebulously nonscienced codified caricatures

.        Shell rolls out fast charger easier payment system} to grab goolies & squeeze them for an hour whilst refuellers escape in minutes shafted with same priced power, cheaper indeed without booted battery burden despite pernicious pumpishment as 70% price paid

.        BBC Toady 11oct Meat eating overheating} another anathemic LonOxed Luvvielander who never did decent day dirty digiting courtesy of cosy climatastrophism for jetset journeymen on the messianic moneygoround that migrated nudgery into naggery & now naztery

.        Re: Burden : ZA51905}_}_}_} _} now you're insulting my intelligence_} month ormore & only silence so my looks like assumption you were conducting confirmation enquiries was wrong & you likely trashed my mail. Please reassure me you aren't so cynical

.        Re: NIDays 2018, will I see you there?} nope not now you're charging me whereas you used to invite me "personally" properly for free & benefit from my lifetimed experience in  awkward asks of your "experts and specialists"

.        Re: As Previous Attendee upgrade to Special Guest for ISE 2018 (formerly UK Security Expo)} not sure why I bothered: "You will be notified in due course if your registration for the event has been successful"

.        Infrastructure needs capital investment_Cable urges £100B} so HS2 £70B isn't infrastructure_certainly isn't sensible because service could've cost £20B allowing £50B for rejected regional recovery even more from an exportably efficiacious HST-APT evolution

.        Sustainable Solutions Forum}denied} ironic indeed given my HSE-OSD OTO98162 safety codes critique commissioned for their compliance with Cullen's conditions post-PiperAlpha worst ever offshore killer yet lessons unlearned eslewhere viz Grenfell

.        Gareth Thistleton tips on award application} so my reddened recommendation below would be rejected?

.        BBC Toady: climate coercion} bananarama banditry by academic alsorans colluding catastrophism from Infestation Tricknography codified to caricature enocomical endorsement of poltical pickpocketry by masonic moneygorounders in Loonydon's Luvvie Lardieland

.        HS2 Midlands Infrastructure Apprenticeship} no apology for obscene overruns & overpayments never mind culdesacced kickbacks dwarfing disastrous college cocksup & all for inordinately inappropriate implemention too pricey for pursey public to access anyway

.        What’s human or not: Could you tell the difference?} Turingistically trite mcluhanistically motivated mimickry for cerebrally compromised celebrification_Artefarcical Imbecilligence aka Eggspurt Slystems done dusted duodemidecade ago!

.        EuroPharmManuf} no longer my brief beyond skimming stuff to stay aware but wondered whether denturation inhibition by flash freezing via coplanar coflowed cold gas contacting amplified by aeolian agitation has appeared after duodemideacade since patented  

.        HTC buoyancy blockage}still no sign of occamesque agnesi attenuated eddy extremity stress scaling sufficing for PrandtlBoussinesqReynolds subcritically hysteretic log law using only unfudged classical KT coefficients_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF??

.        IMA: Dense Granular Flows}recollection reminder of my role in Rollers & Rafters as small spherical mobilisers with motion maintained by large slabbed masses was inspired by mid 90s BBC Horizon Landslides "How the heck did those big beggars get so far?! Just spotted you're a DAMTP decadalist like me, mine from mid70s having been shadow mentored by Lighthill for my ManUni PhD, adopted by Batchelor for its coldwar clincher & financed by Hunt following paired papers after an ImpColl-aero study on boundary blockage of streaming turbulence. Excellent entertainment with worldfamous Fri afternoon Silver Street seminars, Lighthill's acolytes on left, Batchelor's on right & crossbenchers at the back eagerly awaiting awkward asks of scaredycat speakers, even notables nervous of interventions like most memorable moment when Longuet-Higgins presentation on Pade Approximants for Stokes steepest wave brought forth a loudly whispered "Bet GS will be grave turning at an error in eighth decimal place"! Massive memories for me as a now generally genial grumpiatric dyslexically seeking a ghost writer to make most of a memoir as babyboomed greengrocer's grammar lad denied LonOxCam for not being a prefect nor good enough for maths anywhere so sent to ManUni-mecflu for aero not knowing its significance for spurs winning placements on apprenticeships by Trinity's best, as recalled in Ackroyd's account following its late 90s murder by modernisation management! Enjoy your conference. 

.        BBC R4 Briefing: air pollution}extremity exaggeration by campus camplaigners crudely conflicted on pumpishment pickpocketry of pursey public via nebulously nonscienced damage designation for single sootie in-out/breath with <1% lifetime lung retention risk

.        BBC R4 Costing Earth: electric car}more mantrapolitan mcluhanisation liplicking masonic moneygoround mafia for more prospective pickpocketry of poor pursey public perniciously pumpished totuneof £30Bpa by concosting catastrophist LonOxed Lardies & Loonies

.        With a global consciousness to reduce carbon emissions utility companies across the UK are rolling out smart meters in an attempt to help consumers take greater control over their energy consumption} perjurative premise & presumptuous perspective

.        new iconic carbon neutral US Embassy} baloney bullocks of course considering entropic intensity of materials & methods far exceeds prospective power saving maybe 1kTCpa so swamped by concrete alone 

.        Re: Coop plastics}mutualised membership_}BR retired from CEO Midcounties} sorry for intrusion & will leave you alone with sympathies for finding your frying pan inflamed with historically howlered hysteria_yet another firefight indeed so Best of British!

.        APT & HST: C5 2h memory lane featuring Kit Spackman} HST Mark3 & MetroCammell reminded me of forensic faultfixers for mid90s Mark4 kitchen-buffet car aero & HVAC also for coaches aswellas Sprinter windows later also via Alstom DB HST tunnel-window shocks_ _so several firsthanders aswellas from time as ResFell in ImpColl aero using a 5x4 belted windtunnel commissioned by Grange with a fiver (he said!) for promo smoke shots of HST, my input being a seminal study of unsheared stream turbulence blockage confirming calculations shared with CamUni DAMTP co-published '76 in JFM, the sector's star CUP journal. I had hoped to locate KS via google to followup his remark on the "folly" of APT's media demo on a day when it was bound to be busted by the weather, wondering whether he really meant what he said rather than much more likely sabotage to secure its future for "facsimile" as he put it, for me meaning piratised profiteering as actually achieved via Alstom's acquisition of Washwood Heath after MetroCammell-GEC meltdown, now manufactured in Italy as Pendolino for Branson's Virgin as you well know better than me.     Having seen same scandalous exploitation of public expenditure for private revenue via QinetiQ, indeed unrewarded for exploitation of my IPR and penalised even for their infringement of US-DOD rights on Trident Exchange arrangements, I had hoped KS might be more forthright in his condemnation of commercial collusion so now writing hoping you can forward my mail for his attention, at least amusement!     My own opinion is that this kind of corruption is now economically endemic especially across all aspects of climate catastrophism, subsidised by pumpishment to tune of £30Bpa plus pricing pressures imposed in regulatory regimentation to eliminate engineered evolution of fossuelled transport via enormously exaggerated emission impacts. Indeed, it's now notsomuch nudgery as naggery arguably naztery for correctness compliance with nebulously nonscienced fearmongering from factualities statistically skewered by careering camplaigners manipulated by masonic moneygorounders concealing conflicted investment interests. But that's just my view, at least it appears so but then motormouthed mantrapolitans are almost exclusively entertained by our mcluhanised media so maybe the majority only get an airing after a referendum and we've seen the knicker knotting that caused with continuing consternation amongst our political poppycockers so no chance of checking popular pulse on any itemised issues nevermind one like this with overturning overtones for hordes of hooray henries.     Enough from me at least for now so hoping you'll do the decent thing and see what KS says about my moans. Thanks. Meanwhile as aside must mention that Brum was battered ifnot busted by that loss of 3k jobs onsite, 10k alltold, for want of £100M one-off aid to Alstom but disastrously denied by Blair-Brown in compounding the culling of Longbridge & Dunlop & Lucas &&&, all of it in denial of decently proper policies so inevitably producing our plethora of longsince ruthlessly rejected regions.

.        research integrity reproducibility governance}no hint here about evermore evidence of sellership supplanting scholarship as signatured in decrementalisation displacing incrementalisation never mind multidecadal delays in recognition of seminal significance

.        Coop plastics}mutualised membership must be paramount for policy & pricing was principal purpose of its founding fathers seeking salvation from impoverished impairment still endemically evident in rejected regions, not nebulously nonscienced pinhead pixies

.        Eco-innovation Action Plan} evermore extravagent ECon-ovation by Brussellian bureaugggery burnin bread to tune of megamillions on moneygporound for camplaigning careerists cavorting catastrophism excusing evermore entropically exorbitant expenditure

.        I fully support HS2 catalyst for skills diversity innovation safety} cavalier concoster pickpocketing poor pursey totune of twice perniciously punitive pa pumpishment when would've been half with exportably efficacious duodeckered IC125rated200mph

.        supercritical suppression}still no sign of occamesque agnesi attenuated eddy extremity stress scaling sufficing for PrandtlBoussinesqReynolds subcritically hysteretic log law using only unfudged classical KT coefficients_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF??

.        AV Snake oil?} indeed but still silence on real reason behind baloney being rectification of rancid postindustrialistion pursued during decades of decline for rejected regions castrated by concosters on masonic moneygoround of Loonydon Lardies & Luvvies

.        Recyclable foam injection moulding} nowt new about process principles done dusted in coldwar closure defconXies duodemidecade ago but you'd never know from the hyped hotair in pursuit of parasitic populism by masonic moneygoround of Luvves & Lardies

.        This week's news views from industries} Headlined: "Lego uses plant based plastics" so clearly sector couldn't care about quislinged impending implosion via nebulously nonscienced naggery from nudgery to naztery using fictoidally faktoided fuktoidalisation

.        RAC Foundation Director shares experience} fawning felicitation for bungling bureauggery conveys casually conflicted disinterest in drivers disastrously delayed by cowboy coning costing country asmuchormore than £30Bpa perniciously punitive pumpishment

.        in the nation’s interest for HS2 to succeed} going for a gong in fawning felicitation for perjurative pickpocketry of pursey public too poor to purchase the preposterous product is crudely criminal complicity with kickbacked culdesackery

.        Best Position in a Peloton_ANSYS CFD 3Bcells 54hCRAY} spanning ~50m with 1kcell/D that's ~5cm granularity against ~1mm Taylor micscale (u' 1m/s L' 1m) ergo another artefictional caricatured codification evermore evident in sellership stuffing scholarship

.        EEN Midlands_Bham one of most important sites for life sciences UK}but without even one excellence event, only Slovakia Germany Sweden Strasburg, Horizon EU PRomo apart & that ironically just as plug being pulled possibly even to extent of exclusion!

.        Zahradnik etal IN Flores PhD} not only no english version apart from abstract but denial of copying is affront to scholarship insofar as it inhibits specific enquiries arising on particular points. Check with author to confirm approval of your restrictions

.        Shell SME lowC Springboard}why not wind-driven waste water recycling remediation to discharge consent on B/C/N-OD&SS using Savonius-Darrius WT for 3m/s seabreeze activation to storm-proofed auto-feathering at 15/m/s perfect for remote rurals needing diesel

.        Anger at ex-Thatcher aide HS2 appointment}evermore extensively excruciating expansion of knowho knobblery now that knohow been knocked to cockery via celebrified culling of cerebrality by mcluhanised masonic moneygoround mafia of Loonydon Lardies & Luvvies

.        Electric-Powered Business Aircraft Feasible?} EPD's boosted >10x HC kW/kg won't matter a hang so long EED's are stuck at <10% HC 5kWh/kg simply because those ratios render range restriction by ED not PD so ENDOF

.        Beeby's burgeoning booby lampooning licence paying public with womanisation now bizarrely bashing a proper physicist prognosticating pedigrees in physics to phyicists with weaponised celebricist camplaigner academically apprenticed in chemical technography

.        Future proof planning? Your thoughts?} PRomotional platform for exorbitantly expensive & energetically extravagent pickpocketry from poorold pursey public criminally crippled by carbonised pumpishment totune of £30Bpa larded by Loonydon Luvvies

.        infantilising adults won't save children or stop terrorism} anymore than crippling cost of extravagent electrification helps anyone outside the moneygoround magicircle_it's all about adulteration of nudgery via naggery to naztery of masterace mafiosa

.        former Balfour Beatty boss battled mounting financial problems_not telling truth ends with a Carillion} BB saved by knowho knobbler leveraging Lardies on QinetiQ kickbacks compelling Carillion to compete on killer costed cosying the masonic moneygoround

.        London Magician's GW DSR for 0CO2 # DC outage increase: what's wrong?} bananarama bonkernomics on both asever attributable to nebulously nonscienced Infestation TricknologITs exacerbated by Loonydon Lardies megamonied on grinergetic gabbledegeekery

.        Snape etal} nice knowing reseach remembered, this from a decade of RoySoc-BritCoun liaison with Zahradnik at CAS-ICPF Prague but much done by my 90s FASTeam on multiphase mechanics inspired by my decade in CamUin DAMTP eg Snape's PhD on airlift AI &&&

.        quantum sensing stuff millennial milestone} sellership strangled scholarship again as definitive duoslit demo of entanglement done by GITaylor 1909 + classical consolidation in space-time dispersive definitives by his DAMTPhispbena Head&Lucasian GKB&MJL

.        Re: DMD & CRISPR success} SWU-Exonics exceptionally endowed with elite expertise_ Best of Brit} just googled earlier CRISPR prompting recall reminder of our 90s plant biotec on callus coculture as darkshot on variational stabilisation of suspension cells_   _susceptible to stationarity having been superselected for functional metabolite productivity. Looks like mammalian RTD similarly seeking solutions sadly constrained by ethical exclusions for humans but thought you might like to expand your monitoring to plant progress as pointer. Meanwhile pleased to see you're enjoying Rockies just like we did some time ago.

.        supercritical suppression}still no sign of occamesque agnesi attenuated eddy extremity stress scaling sufficing for PrandtlBoussinesqReynolds subcritically hysteretic log law using only unfudged classical KT coefficients_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF??

.        Gartner Hypecycled Emerging Technologies} NEALE.THOMAS.net No sign of/for Neverlanders?

.        Cloudy Race Cars}because that what's got with Caricatured Fanciful Dabbling without confidence constraints as traffic light controls called for by USAF-OSR sponsoring Stanford's '68 inauguration but commercially conflicted so never industrially implemented

.        Unilever MacArthur-Attenborough alliance}contrived caricature by celebrity castrated cerebralitywith nebulously nonscienced hyped hysteria when often rancid runoff detritus dominates 10kx intrinsically inert algal aid as biofilm booster in denuded deepblue

.        H-electrolysis cost effective}twice price methane morelike morethan thrice on functionalisation so PReposterous imPRoperganderisation evermore evident after duodemidecade of despotocratic nudgery via naggery to naztery fiktoidalising faktoids into fuktoids

.        EU enforced MoT changes mean 65k Testers need new annual assessments for compliance} exemplifies endemic Brussellian bureauggeratic insidious infliction without evidential endorsement of cost-benefit_& diesel deaths discredited by scienced statisticians

.        Lenders burned in Carillion Royal Liverpool_comments (2) ANONYMOUS: Burnt.  NEALE THOMAS: Singed or should that be Singt? # PFI Wonga putdown by CN codswallopper} Bham QE2 opexed 10%pa on capex looks like noteworthy knockon for masonic moneygrounders

.        BBC-R5 voxpop:Tourettes item on your project} recall reminder of quasichaotic dithering complexity of transitional criticality in bimodal switches initialied with  harmonic uncertainty_maybe your man interested enough to contact me

.        Re: Excellent excuse_even for cudchewing chat}_laboratory moved to Harper Adams}only an spit from us also en route to our horsey daughter in Baschurch so how about publunch next time you visit HA? Is Paul still in touch?  

.        What Next for International Climate Action? Speakers: EmmaBoyd JudithRees NicholasStern AdairTurner} cavorting careerist ignoramuses in an arcane arena with fewer than 10% adequately aware of formulation physics same as significance of CO2 dwarfed by H2O!

.        Siemens Thermal Simulation Solution features CFD technology for mainstream automotive engineers} unaware of uncertainties in caricatured codification still not needing confidence certification despite demands by USAF-OSR at Stanford 60s Starter!

.        Fortysomething couple sold beautiful home and beloved car to bravely start business from kitchen table} now there's a feat of fictoidally fudging factoid into fuctoid given this guy's golden goosery guaranteed mega manifestation on masonic moneygoround

.        Ernst&Young: Medtech Needs Investing in Digital Health}masonic moneygoround intensified imPRoperganderisation of Infestation Tricknology & Artefarcical Imbecilligence as Neumann notably anticipated in advocacy against tyrannical Turing's nonscience naivety


.        long, hot summer_accepted global warming_too early to predict actually so} evermore explicit evolution via naggery from nudgery into naztery of institutionally imposed exorbitant electrification by masonic moneygoround of Loonydon Lardies & Luvvies

.        Droplet clustering} early 90s SPRAYer = Stimulated Pulsatile Rendering Aeolian deliverY via grazing matched momentum gas sheet engagement with fragmentation locus of liquid sheet inducing entrainment-detrainment dynamics with drift & dropsize diminution

.        Re: PLASTIC BAGS POWER YOUR CAR_advanced thermal treatment, pyrolysis}duodecade since Swithenbank started bouncing this ball_}Nonsense_}Swithenbank, Belgium, 2000} so now you need to apologise to one of the very best auld skulers still standing

.        Re: KTN Effective detection and characterisation of biofilms 24sep Birmingham} you insolently ignored my good faith enquiry so please now refer to your regulator for a compensation complaint on m,isuse of public purse

.        Another day another breach} like I said reddened remark below evermore examples of Infestation Tricknology now aboiut to be amplified by Artefactual Imbecilligence

.        thermosyphon boiling inclination} revived recall of HC blowout basics with slug max speed at 45deg & bubbly buoyancy inhibition mimicking supercrit crisis # D Ewing likewise as 80s UK-CEGBCERL big baseloader goodguy on secondary CW & Dinorwic difficulties

.        Trent 1000_fan wake vibration cracks+ corrosion failure of turbine thermal barrier} firsthand familiarity with FST foundations & fatigue formulations as established expertise & welldefined workrounds but no-one knocked on my door: toomuch Ox toolittle Cam!

.        Las Vegas Los Angeles highspeed intercity too long to drive too short to fly specced <2h target for 300km} so that's an IC125 doubledeckered if demanded exactly as urged from outset for HS2 sickeningly shystered by casino cowboys for cashin crooks

.        Plastic Pollution Inside Insects} cavorting careerists stuffing scholarship for sellership via nonscienced nebulosity with massively more than any measured micronic v/v in natural;waters, plus promotional presentation intended to inflate intestinal impact

.        households could save £90pa switching from halogen to LED lights} average total £400 means £60 as 15% on lighting of which 30% halogen so that's <£20 in 2012 maybe more like £10 now so yet another fictoidally fudged factoid for fuctoidal fabrication

.        RAC supports Highways England onTailgaters to blame for 1 in 8 road casualties} no hint here of machiavellian motive as EV endorsement for inevitable inundation by range restricted ecocreepers, nor prior police promotion of penalties for overt obstruction

.        PLASTIC BAGS POWER YOUR CAR_advanced thermal treatment, pyrolysis}duodecade since Swithenbank started bouncing this ball so such sellership sequestering scholarship really is rancidly populist plazyiarisation by cavalierly cavorting careerist

.        supercritical suppression}still no sign of occamesque agnesi attenuated eddy extremity stress scaling sufficing for PrandtlBoussinesqReynolds subcritically hysteretic log law using only unfudged classical KT coefficients_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF??

.        Re: Novel Electrolyte} coyness irked me_} overnight recollection of complementary campaign on electrostrictive composites motivated by magnetostrictive materials as actuators but abandoned after frangibility failures suppressed with standoff sonication    Novel Electrolyte} coyness irked me enough to google & I got your awesome U-Tuber* which prompted pursuit of PulseTech's trick which sure enough followed our UK-USN Trident Exchange on standoff sonication activating 10x dis-recharge rates. Interested?*

.        Ruzicka etal x2} awesome apparently although abstract alone doesn't allow plausibility pondering on snap-off singularity nor synchrony spectrum from field feedback including acoustic amplification. Other FASTeam PhDs pertinent if interested 

.        Lord Deben plastics_unintended consequences} ironic indeed from the buffoon who BSE-burgered his kid, longsince manipulatively megamonied by combining collusive consultancy for actuarial assistance on climate change whilst continuing as committee chair

.        Postgraduate engineer Kumar Fellowship winner to advise Parliament on chemical weapons} bedlam buffoonery exemplified in extremity of codswalloped correctness says auldanglo academic advisor on defconXies including dispersive delivery of noxious aerosol

.        I would personally like to invite you to Join me} split infintive apart this greengrocered grammar lad would love to share his lifetime of learning-teaching also as onetime 4-folded UK numeruno DTI SMARTee plus PhD pivotal to calming coldwar Cuban crisis

.        Cladding chaos and the folly of quick fixes_threatened to kick Dame Hackitt’s proposals for fundamental change into the long grass} reddened remarks reprised her own skeletons arguably aligned with her vaguely vacuous virtualosities

.        WMMayor Andy Street focus on digital sector} Cambornian Cabalist who wantonly wrecked Lewis as LonOxed LEPer leader pitching for power via preposterous postindustrialism after his masonic moneygoround murdered 300k properly productive lifetime jobs

.        Farouq Ali current project} wellwell looks like you're still succeeding when all around have longsince been sidelined, me indeed prematurely pensioned 23 years ago aged 50 for presuming to kick pricks. Please do update me on your adventures. Thanks

.        Hackitt shocked by standards warns of catastrophe if post-Grenfell review ignored} pot blackened kettle from former HSEC Head well aware of Cullen's condemnation postPiperAlpha when my own codes critique was silenced for 5 years by coercive collusion

.        Re: DataCentreManagement: Fireworks item} prompted pursuit as my US generic Patented SPRAYer = Stimulated Pulsatile Ranging Applications deliverY used LP coplanar inert gas for stretched sheet fragmentation of LP water halving dropsizes & dispersive drift

.        BBC-R4: Scott Polar on NASA ICEproject: Andrew ??? LIDAR profiling} decimetric resolution asif revolutionary whereas coldwar closure defconXie delivered centimetric capacity for LIDARaman submarine sniffing_sosad sellership stuffs scholarship again&again

.        AI to efficiently curate data in biomedicine} splitinfinitive PRomotional imPRopiety as superficial sellership stuffing substantial scholarship because machine mimickry ain't insightful intelligence_remember 70s Lucasian Lighthill & 90s RoussBall Penrose

.        psychiatric detention} scary stuff sectioning says concerned citizen venally victimised by GP masonic mafia for protesting about daily driveway denial by clients of their commercial consolidation in a silent singlesided residential road adjoning a cemetery

.        Re: CE Highways England: Non-driveress vehicles banned from motorways} moronic musings from bedlam bureauggerat who never did a decent day dirty digiting whilst moneygorounded by pickpocketry from poor old pursey public paying price for inept incompetence

.        Re: DSR conference in London 13 September_free for end user delegates} concerned citizen in London for pm commitment keen to come but not to pay for privilege so if can offer freebie then pleased to be there as another bum

.        Soot Pollution Permeates Placenta_evidence suggests increased risk of low birthweight at levels of pollution lower than EU annual limit} nonscienced nebulosity without significance correlation for cause & effect never mind thresholds for impact incidence

.        Environment Agency’s Geomatics group create Medway model big enough to fit on two church hall tables} perversion when poor old pursey public is persecuted with pickpocketry evermore everywhichway supposedly for services scrapped for cavalier concostery  

.        GDPR: What’s the point?} merely one more manifestation of Neumann's nightmare envisaged tobe expected if Turing's torrid Infestation Tricknology were ever to emerge as defined discipline that has now sadly suiffocated scienced sensibilities

.        Rolls-Royce Getting Close To Certifying New Trent 1000 Blades} nothing to add after my remark (reddened) was rejected without somuchas byyourleave

.        Autorep: peculiarly PRecious given imPRoper PRomotion in PRofessional PRofile: those that can do those that can't teach talk andor write with shallow simplicity regardless of realities' confounding complexities _says campus centurion in peered papers ENDOF

.        array of talent resources for SMEs to increase competitiveness in entrepreneurial innovation essential to become world leader in digital health}extensive evidence that profiteered preferencing only inflicted injuries on diligent deliverability of treatment

.        Intelligent Transport Systems solutions} nebulously nonscienced bananarama bonkernomics manifested in motorway madagement doubling delays by adulterating autonomic Kynchian kinematics costing £30Bpa intoto with inconsequential conery

.        Unconscious Bias} beheld by bedlam bureauggery to attract attention using naggery that's taken nudgery into naztery via institutional imposition of cultural correctness with disastrous dysfunctionality in pickpocketry of poor old pursey public

.        Snape etal} nice knowing still cited after duodecade_many more on multiphase manifestations produced from PhD projects by my FASTeamers Janes Pearse Green Holmes CSLi Kowalski Carew Fox &&& also via decadal liaison with ICPF Prague 

.        #1 profile implicit invariance unwarranted eg turbulence transition #2 JacksonHall formula from eddy extremity Prandtl-Boussinesq-Reynolds renormalisation with no fudges #3 ditto #4 ditto #5 ditto_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds Fellow, enroute DAMTP (CamUni)

.        Ruzika etal}nice knowing not ignored but been better if more than merely mentioned as mathphysics excellent example of analytic adequacy:said as supervisory source of early endemic elementary error elimination from mixture modelling in codified caricatures

.        citation of Goldring etal} but not muchmore done dusted during myb decade in DAMTP (CamUni) via PhD projects with Auton & Sene, former eliminating errors in added mass formulation for mixture modelling, latter exhaustive experimental evaluations # &&&

.        Ruzicka etal cited} but not Carew etal which portrayed precisely the evolution expounded here indeed much more on incidence & rheology ironically funded by Schlumberger who pioneered ECT implemented here

.        fines shock for incorrect recycling} evermore extreme virtualosity venality averting attention from actuality that councils were once contractually committed to rewarding ratepayers not nurturing naggery into nudgery into naztery by cowboy conmercials

.        rubbish leader} evermore evident venality in virtualosity verbosity averting attention from actuality that onceuponatime streetcleaners sustained selfrespect from earned employment by councils committed to rewarding ratepayers with sensible services

.        Trent Engines} so sad RR sacrificed specification security in adopting advocacy of Infestation Tricknology with dubious durability for designation & as distraction into maintenance monetisation without due diligence regarding reliability..

.        world’s first biocide free SPC antifouling} looks like latest emergent evolution of coldwar closure capabilities initiated intuitively with ICI Emkarox products for PEG-PAG hydroxylated activation clathrating substrate for multimicron hydrophylicity

.        digital health company tackling dementia with AI} clinical codswallop of course considering the skills spectrum of practising professional elite experts often excludes BruceForsythian banality associated with aggressive advocacy of courtroom cliched TV

.        BBC R5 voxpop today: Rob? as Lincs agrisprayers MD on bankstered wreckage & recovery} well had to be Willey didn't it & so pleased  you survived so well, wondering also about aeolian adoption in your arena after emergence for snowmaking  & firefighting

.        Optomagnetic Elastomers Self-Actuate} not a lot new after sellership stuffed scholarship, exemplified in curie composites for shape switched actuators done dusted duodemidecade ago in coldwar closure campaigns for subsea stealthing & sonar sources

.        DoTransport Clean Van Commitment led by Global Action Plan with Engie} classic collusive corruption of commercial criteria by chariteering camplaigners via naggery from nudgery to naztery on masonic moneygoround of Loonydonistic Luvvies & Lardies

.        new way of simulating fluid flow via Machine Learning} evermore exaggerated sellership scorning scholarship with inflated inferences_nowt new here not with now nighon a century of computed inverse optimisation via constrained costfunction

.        news views from industries_Sustainability Leadership_"misleading and unjustifiable" reporting} extraordinarily extravagent catstrophist camplaigning by your own camp quislings masquerading as industrial inhousers despite dearth of engineering expertise

.        Snape etal} one of my best PhD proteges now an industrial  leading light in Scottish agribio but much more material from many more FASTeamers might well be of interest, especially via RoySoc-BritCoun collaboration with ICPF Prague 

.        Hancock IT to make NHS best in world}family fortuned on Infestation Tricknology as primafacie pointer to commercially conflicted politrickerily perverse emporial extension to ludicrous littany of failed formulations pickpocketed from poor old pursey public

.        Orford Ness} JohnAllen's aero anecdotes intrigued me as another grammarlad whose 60s studies collided with coldwar campaigns, mine pivotal prior to Nixon's triple treaty  Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides_be pleased to share & much more if interested 

.        DSR conference in London 13 September_free for end user delegates} concerned citizen in London for pm commitment keen to come but not to pay for privilege so if can offer freebie then pleased to be there as another bum

.        IC-OVO blueprint for a post-carbon society} exemplifyig extent of corrosive corruption via naggery from nudgery into naztery of commercially conflicted politrickeried perversion by Loonydon Luvvieland Lardies on masonic moneygoround

.        Is the NPPF illegal?} exemplifying ecomentalisation evermore evident in bedlam bureauggery's proliferating prevarication pickpocketed from poor old pursey public by cavorting chariteers on masonic moneygoround in Loonydon Lardieland

.        Dyson winners invention revolutionises urban wind power}aptly Dysonian then being balonied by sellership stuffing scholarship evermore evident amongst amateurish academics ignorant of  Savonius-Darrius for optimal responsive efficiency in horizontal wind

.        news views from plastics and rubber industries # recycled plastic car park # plastic bag charge at least 10p to reduce impact on environment} no way this agenda aligned other than correctness compliance for cavorting camplaigners

.        Mercedes all-electric contender # EVs capable of 300miles single charge} 70kWh for 300miles as 14Le fuel equivalent means 100mpg so that's 30mph max before budgetting for 350kg battery + some for safety & 20% rolloff reserve, plus recharge requirement

.        hurricane track forecasts increasing accurate intensity much more challenging} hangon howabout bifuckation boundary on Cuban separatrix sensitive to pixellation perturbation substantially smaller than any codifed caricature capabilities?

.        Methane Seafloor Emission} paradigmic perversion of prioritisation exemplified especially in duplicated delivery of industrial implementation inturn copycatting coldwar closure capability for satellite surveyed slicking as submarine signatures

.        Grantham Research Institute: What Next for International Climate Action?} bid for bigger & bolder bedlam bureauggery that already annihilated £30B for Loonydon Luvvieland's mantrapolitan moneygoround excruciatingly excused by navelglazed nonscience

.        IC Showcase_PaulRobinson: polymer matrix & delamination resistance and prediction & high performance fatigue & shape memory} mirrors mine during coldwar closure decade of defconXies via RodLane ARE-DRA-DERA HolltonHeath on USN Transatlantic Trident Trust 

.        Re: SMART HIGHWAYS GLOBAL ADVANCED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT} PReposterous imPRopersition splurging scambackery of poor old pursey public mcloonyed by moneygoround mafia doubling delays with counterKynchian controls maddeningly misappropriated by p(r)oxy policeme

.        Burden : ZA51905} corrected phone will prompt rapid response_} silence since supplied so beware GDPR} a fortnight of silence since my warning so now instructing regulatory referral as compensation complaint

.        supercritical suppression}still no sign of occamesque agnesi attenuated eddy extremity stress scaling which suffices for PBR subcritically hysteretic log law using only unfudged classical KT coefficients_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF. Interested?

.        Ruzicka etal x2 him like Zahradnik arena apprenticed on RoySoc-BritCoun sabbaticals 86-96 with my FASTeamers but ignored other sources some seminals by former PhDers Kowalski & Fox in Brum-BioCheng also Auton & Sene in Cam-DAMTP nevermind my name nonsense

.        P3 DS Operations at Samsung BioLogics} congratulations & here's hoping you don't have to learn Korean! Pity FASTeam evocation now evaporated to extinction. How about DMD development bottom below as yet another amazing achievement for CRISPR!?

.        War and Peace shortformed} after aeons of averting attention from fliers, this one did because I've been praying for a paperbacker to pulp my amazing adventures as academic campus coldwarrior since my sixties PhD proved pivotal for Nixon's Moscow Mission!

.        Boeing-NASA low-drag-noise engine liners} engineered evolution mirrors even mimicks coldwar closure defconXies duodemidecade ago for submarine stealthing-smoothing via microperfed plenum polishing supplemented by slippry surface coating!

.        CARDIFF TECH COMPANY ACCOMPANY PRIME MINISTER ON AFRICAN TRADE MISSION: Sure Chill} paradigmic pinnacle of knowho knobbling knohow portayed in this plazyiarisation of firsthand familiarity fundamentals akin to family fortuned Dysonian Dragennery

.        cognitive psychologists understand how humans will trust self-driving vehicles} wonder whether apr now augmented by aug for fools day_obviously oblivious to manifold multiplicity beating even best bifuckational busters even antichaffing Kalmanalysers

.        Power outages top concerns: can lessons be learned?}unlikely given gITillogical monstrosities manifested in collapsed capabilities for performance protection of engineering extremities in nuclear & gasoil never mind routine regimes like transport & finance

.        Fears over cyber threat to power grids}}inevitable given gITillogical monstrosities manifested in collapsed capabilities for performance protection of engineering extremities in nuclear & gasoil never mind routine regimes like transport & finance

.        ADS Advance: Fund-loving NATEP_aerolastic CFD Stirling & MSC} plazyiarisation of prepiratisation final fling after coldwar closure decade of defconXies indicated implausibility of PAFECS-Fluent-VF-SA feasibility for compliant coupling in subsea stealth &&&

.        ICMF Best Papers in Flow Turbulence Combustion} recalled my own arrangement as an Elsevier Editor for ICMF New Orleans papers to appear in Expermimental Thermal Fluid Science_beware nightmare of collating corrections for independent approvals!

.        Material of the Year: Plastic Whilst many would see plastics as the villain} why allow all this aweful attrition from fifth column columnists sustained within sector as press pundits especially as endlessly exaggerated ecomentalism by cavorting careerists

.        supercritical suppression}still no sign of occamesque agnesi attenuated eddy extremity stress scaling which suffices for PBR subcritically hysteretic log law using only unfudged classical KT coefficients_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF. Interested?

.        Breaking news Muscular Dystrophy} UK news principally on non-UK procedural/ regulatory issues. Didn't spot any protein fabrication or subunit assembly as ?best bet? pending DNA delivery for gene replacement. Sadly my guys gone quiet because I'm blackballed

.        Re: GUN FACTORY_}_offduty hobbyjobber gunguy_} why? what?}bottom below_QinetiQ crooks_}Exciting times & stuff_consulting business & sponsorship}BestofBrit on both_my own amazing adventures ceased when knowho knobbled knohow! Eye okay thanks 

.        Exemplifying excruciating bureauggeratic bonkernomics by apprastshits adding 10% traveltimes in coned codswallop & motorway mismadagement penalising poor old pursey public as muchormore than pumpishment intoto totuneof £30Bpa 

.        mini-AUM at ICSIC2019 modelling policy}surely not for me unless you want obverse opinion on policy perversion via modelling manipulation from nudgery via naggery to naztery sadly such as endemically exemplified in Climate Collusion & Ecomental Exaggeration

.        Landslides} supersteels}CV scope mirrored by mine not distinguished but distinctived in STEM spanned swashbuckling from 60s PhD adopted by JamesLighthill  to 70s ReynoldsRF with BillHall thence PeterBearman via GeorgeBatchelor to NoelWarner as powerbrokers

.        Advanced Modelling to Predict Landslides_fundamentals of failure microstructure} same as supersteel fatigue failure evolution done dusted as defconXies duodemidecade ago except that extended to bidirectional scale flux akin to turbulence field formulation

.        Phillips etal spawned from chancing on BBC '95 Horizon on Landslides ending with "How the heck did those big beggars get so far" which prompted conjecture that Rollers & Rafters respectively supplied mobility & momentum_pity ot took ten years to confirm!

.        ESA Aeolus cutting-edge Lidar completely new}plazyiaristic impersonation of coldwar closure submarine signature-sniffer LidaRaman 80s speculation done dusted as defconXie duodemidecade ago so yet again superficial sellership spikes substantial scholarship

.        Many thanks for 19aug rescue of my Mazda T78WOX from M42. Much appreciated also especially courtesy & competence. Some links to my morass of amazing adventures illustrated below.

.        Big support for diesel ban says Slater Gordon representing 45k motorists group action against VW emissions scandal} paradigmically perjurative foctoidalisation fabricated by contentious commercials bandwagonning bigbucks  for Loonydonistic Lardielanders

.        HS2, Grenfell, PF2: Why you should attend the CN Summit} but why bother because no-one will be brave enough to condemn concostery cornercuttery & criminality by masonic mantrapolitan moneygoround mafia

.        BBC R4 5pm 27aug: Amigo fraudulently fabricated double jeopardy in guarantor gambit}googled:walthamstow+mp+campaign+payday: never mind that also for violation of GDPR Regulations on notification & cancellation disclosures_ask firsthand victim for more info

.        World’s Cleanest Water Droplet} recollection of coldwar closure gizmo games for seascape suppression by viscoelastic films culminating in nonionic polymers with 50x potency of carboxylics attributed via LJ simulation to synergetic hydroxylated clathration

.        100 per cent recycled polymer from end-of-life vehicles} at considerable cost in entropic extravagence to be perniciously procured from poor old pursey public pickpocketed to pay for virtualosity vanelity of cavorting careerists in ecomentalised extremism

.        Tidal Power record with 2MW turbine_ 3GWh in first year} so that's <1MW unsynched so say 500kW factored for storage-wastage financed from public pickpocketry perhaps 5x EC's 10mill topup as €100/W nonsensically 30x nuclear & 60x fossil_but who cares?

.        utilities market transformed by blockchain technologies} blockchain bonkernomic beneficiaries howling like hyenas feeding frenzied for another angle on pursey public pickpocketry across rejected regions by masonic moneygpround mafia in Loonydon Lardieland

.        Chief Engineer: highway safety is top priority} what else would be but what about 10% delays due to regulatorily restrictions on vacant vehicular fetchs & coned zones moronically made mandatory despite autonomic adaptability assured by Kynchian kinematics

.        Re: GUN FACTORY_}_offduty hobbyjobber gunguy_} why? what?}bottom below as speculated with you aeons ago that it was commissioned by QinetiQ crooks after I sought to enforce SecState ruling original rights must be respected following UK deflab piratisation_   this encounter compounded within a week by elderly ex-MOD public school pinstriper who intercepted me on way to lunch at closed military meeting on HMS Belfast after I'd quizzed an ex-USN Admiral on claimed capabilities in satellite resolution & sensing software, when the old MODer scarily tapped me on shoulder whispering he'd heard I was writing a book about gizmo games eclipsing Clancy even emulating Carre so should be very careful because life might well be shorter than expected, much shorter, then scurried off before I could check him out! Exciting times, even extending to being buttonholed more than once by Russian RearAdmirals at scitech bashes to ask if I really was same man as sourced the 70s beamlet solution used by both sides for stratification stealthed submarine shapes, this after Nixon's rapprochement exchange with Brezhnev for bonafides prior to his Moscow Mission for SAL-ABB-NNL Treaties when Soviets in turn disclosed cold plasma drag reduction was how MIGs got to battle altitude in half the time it took the Starfighters, unsurprisingly scaring WGerman leadership! Must mention that disclosure was fronted by a Brit, MJ Lighthill later Lucasian Chair, who'd procured the resource for my PhD amongst much else easily as expected from the then Director RAE Farnborough and he later delivered my decade in DAMTP along with longterm Head GK Batchelor who was also privvy to such stuff having designed the shaped charges used in Manhatten Bomb. Not that I knew anything about it beyond being puzzled by this pinnacle progress without pursuit, indeed not until 30 years later having chanced on Lighthill's Russian alterego at a London bash when he reprised his lifetime work in stratification waves and got quizzed by me for cutting corners, enough for him to buttonhole me with invite to his Petersburg outpost to outline my recollections at a 3day meeting. oh and stay for a week with my wife at his expense! So much more might be said, must be told indeed but I never did find a Clancy ghost writer to tell the tales properly. Enough for now.. hope you enjoyed

.        Chromatography is the backbone of analytical laboratories} looks like no-one knows about 90s FACTS = Fast Analysis ChromoTographicSeparations as teach-train-ops graphics algorithm emphasising breakthrough tailing as column ageing indicator

.        BIRMINGHAM Games TO BOOST WM BY at least £1.5B in first year with further benefits beyond} fraudulent fudgery on residential risktaking as expected from marginal mayor who kicked off his cavorting career by jacking in John Lewis left lurching with losses

.        HV_EV drawbacks of low travel range and high purchase cost} as anticipated & angrily asserted duodemidecade ago but no-one listened because moneygoround mafia was milking poor old pursey public & still is to tune of £30Bpa pumpishment 

.        Final Follow-up: Explore your research at Euro Biotechnology 2018} why me? what do you now about me? who recommended me?

.        ICMF: we are pleased to invite you} read reddened rejoinder by retired renegade with no funds for frippery longsince forgotten having been prematurely pensioned duodemidecade ago for contesting control coups by avaricious academic apratshits

.        Must make mileage from asinine antiplastic fuctionalisation of factualities as follows (globally pp.pa): 30kg production litters 1kg as biolfilm booster offshore or ppb solid support with ppm leachable toxin or pico pointlessness by any sensible standard

.        BBC Sweet Reason: Experts & Elites} mantrapolitans motormouthing illinformed inanities especially excluding essential expertise in probablistic patternation reinforced by replication factored on fabrication in furtherance of funding & cavorting  careerism

.        GUN FACTORY IN HAILSHAM - BEGINING OF THE END!!} maybe end of beginning as yet another imPRopergander intimidator by keystone cowboys like offduty hobbyjobber gunguy who ran me off the road soasto scream "armed officer etc" at me still seated in my car

.        Bechtel project manager on £15B Wylfa Hitachi 2.7GW ABWR Magnox replacement} sickeningly sad sepia on semicentury since auldanglo achievements ruled all roosts via AERE+CEGB-GDCD from prescription to production until sold short by Whiteminster Wankers

.        ClientEarth survey attitudes climate change}perjurative pinnacle of commercially conflicted virtualosity vanelity via spiked sampling for skewed statistical misrepresentation mirrored in stormy splashwall showing why it's been in Aberdeen for aeons!

.        Re: Arron Blake-Knight: ZA51905} corrected phone 01214714149 (fingerslip) hopefully will prompt rapid response as affirmative action} silence since supplied so beware GDPR infringement on commissioned compliance ditto McCabe until assurance acknowledged

.        Bosch fuel cells using natural gas_10kW as EV PS} so prospectively pitched at domestic demand but that's still 10h for 20L fuel equivalent range nevermind HC for HC bananarama bonkernomics well without slushsidised scambackery as real reason

.        supercritical suppression}still no sign any awareness that agnesi attenuated eddy extremity stress scaling Prandtl-Boussinesq-Reynolds retrieves hysteretic transition from log law using classical constants & no fudge factors_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF

.        Could blockchain bridge the gap to integrated transport?} devastating debacles in gITological (IT = Infestation Tricknology) gabbledegeekery says it'll merely masticate megamoney perniciousy pickpocketed from poor old pursey by masonic moneygoround mafia

.        plastic packaging removed from swedes_6MT saves 14T plastic} but that means 2kg swede weekly eaten by everyone all year_bleeding banality of baloney beggars belief but serves as sensibility signal against all other assertions by ecomental exaggerators

.        AI ML algorithms} AI still merely ES = Expert System as correlational coordination whilst ML is merely autonomic ES still single manifolded needing adaptive algorithms to bust bifurcations especially with noisy nonlinearities asin chaffed stealthy threats

.        Re: BBC2 : Fighting for Air_Xand van Tulleken} Pope's participation in Brum basher doubtless due to Harrison's haplessly harped epidemonological exaggerations as uni dropped to nighout top20 from nighin top10 under VC Thompson's tiptop traditional tutelage

.        Re: BBC2 : Fighting for Air_Xand van Tulleken} Pope's participation in Brum basher doubtless due to Harrison's haplessly harped epidemonological exaggerations as uni dropped to nighout top20 from nighin top10 under VC Thompson's tiptop traditional tutelage BBC2 : Fighting for Air_Xand van Tulleken} OxHarvUCled PReposterously poschooled & perked imPRoperganderiser exemplified nudgery naggedised into naztily nonscienced nebulosity beloved by Beeb's Loonydon Luvvielanders larding it as correctness camplaigners

.        How to transition to a low carbon economy in transport_Speakers will debate}only advocates listed so that's an advert not a debate not without definitively devilled counterweight commentary striving for sensibility against absurdly nonscienced nebulosity

.        plastic waste as a feedstock for sustainable oil production} entropic extravagence knows no bounds in bonkernomics bananarama of exaggerated EComentalisation slushsidised by pernicioius pumpishment trebling retail rendering of reservoir recovered resources

.        MIT researchers new waterproof coating_iCVD short fluorinated polymers crosslink stability}nowt new not really says grumpiatric groaner recalling 60s PhD entailed sputter waterproofed anemometry & 80s defconXies for viscolastic skinned seascape suppression

.        Re: Local authorities opting for fossil fuels while penalising motorists} extremity exemplified by Brum's dictatorial decision manipulated by Cameron Crony_} GDPR Permission & Updates} YES & NO respectively

.        Local authorities opting for fossil fuels while penalising motorists} extremity exemplified by Brum's dictatorial decision manipulated by Cameron Crony Marginal Mayor as abysmal alien whose avaricious ambition left Lewis Partnership on edge of extinction

.        mixed waste as raw material for fuels chemicals plastics}hardly "light at the end of the tunnel" solongas sector press persists with nebulously nonscienced feeding frenzy never noting entropic exorbitance as punitive pickpocketry of poor old pursey public

.        Beeb Toady 17aug: Brum CAZ advocacy by avaricious academic for coercion by cavorting cllr} correctness caricaturist & camplaigner standard suspects for nebulously nonscienced epidemonological exaggeration to persecute public paying their perksioned packets

.        Vaping  damages immune system cells_vapourising changes chemical composition of liquid_& toxicity}exemplar epidemonology designating as dangerous data without diagnostic detail on analytic attribution for persistence-penetration-residence-recirculation

.        Balfour treads new path}bullocks baloney because Balfour beggared Carillion by knowho knobbling not knohow knackery justas Carillion did before being busted_Quinn ofcourse has form from QinertiQ's piratisation plummet to eggofffaced shameful salvation

.        Scot scientists developed higher capacity polyoxoanion battery prospect >1kWh/L} braggart baloney sellership stuffing scholarship sadtosay evermore evident as exposed by googling growth to dozens of developments during duodemidecade since coldwar collapse

.        Government pollution}emergency enocomicalism having murdered manufacturing in rejected regions & city spivvery contracting even collapsing they're now hellbent on nudgery via naggery to naztery by fakeried fuctionalisation of factuality as perjurative pics

.        Re: assigned a senior sabbaticalist who'd mislaid his mentor was keen on Kalman so I suggested study of parametric repartitioning modelled to measured for better bifurcation transit-training by neural nets duly done & dusted down to ppb SNR with noisy Lore That study was eventually published in Japanese, having spawned assessment for applications to chaffed threat identification in subsea warfare, done as defconXie during the decade around coldwar closure. Prompted now to wonder whether such stuff became common currency in your arenas, I googled & got your entries so be nice to know from horses' mouths if you can spare a few minutes to indulge a genial grumpiatric wondering whether to add a chapter in his memoir on amazing adventures as campus coldwarrior since sixties. Hope so.Thanks. 

.        KTN Effective detection and characterisation of biofilms 24sep Birmingham} indicated interest arising from firsthand familiarity in WWT ruggedisation & for military materials_seeking plausible partners for consolidation & commercialisation of capabilities

.        week's news views: lightweights for drones & high flexural stiffness sandwich structures} looks like someone said something about endless ecomentalised virtualosity vanelity being invectively inappropriate for industrial plastics paymasters

.        German WEEE} don't kid yourself it's ECokindness, it's protectionism as always for deutsche durchtecnickery # Nemein nebuloscience profiteered via public pickpocketry plazyiarising Schlumberger solutions sourced since seventies

.        QinetiQ Chinese Comment Crewed} what would've been pursued as criminal liability by an SME was not quite carpet brushed because their DoD delisting triggered same treatment for UK soletraders formerly covert coldwarrioring on Trident Exchange &&&. More?

.        Re: Pinic & Cricket & Zoo for Sarah to see_hires at home_}& farm photos + Ed's super sports story which really must be saved} great piccies} indeed & just seen another as amazon advert saying all about style superiority over ManU don't you think!

.        ZA51905:  ILLEGAL parking by CLIENTS of COMMERCIALLY consoldiated Weoley Park Surgery as daily driveway denial for adjoining houses ever since expansion approved overturning previous denials after applicants COVENANTED not to impair ambience      As context for current complaint I've appended earlier exchanges with McCabe-Clarioni notably 31jul item with prior photo (dozens filed) and brief history since strife started 2013, highlighting a criminal collusion to see me sectioned plus an outline of my sensibly sane professional profile as campus centurion in peered papers via tiptop academic affiliations, also mentioning much more as extracurricular extraordinaire. Also googled your campaign against constituency commissioners extracted below mirroring my own moan about autocratic appratshit aliens bending the boundaries at out electoral & equity expense but failed to find anything like a Linkedin profile page such as Clarioni's. Finally for your use in phoned followup it's 01214744419 inviting vmail identification to sideline coldcallers. Hoping to hear I'll be cause celebre in spirit of Kerslake's campaigns.

.        Re: Does patent application reveal Bell’s eVTOL design?} 150kW same as 150mph road car @30kW.pp but no hint here of endurance perhaps 50mile with batteries 50% of AUW 3Torso  but bet price will be 5x road cab ormore after insurance especially autonomous!

.        RE: lunch with Ed_}enjoyable as ever_despite dementia pic!} postage stamp} hires original attached} historical record} another chapter due then, ideally including informal opinion on options for Attorney Power & Bank Liabilities. Awaiting dates to suit in

.        Jim Callow: marine biofouling_PEGs & hydrogels} prompted to think of you by citing our shared 80s PhD projects so gobsmacked seeing this ONR sponsored stuff after my serenditpitous spawning of coldwar closure submarine interest after chanced on ICI Emkarox

.        Our grant bid writers are experts in evaluating the assessors feedback, reviewing applications and implementing the feedback given to maximise the scoring potential of a re-submission}BMT byeline for grabbing the goodies whilst obfuscating the obligations

.        Re: SMART HIGHWAYS GLOBAL ADVANCED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT} PReposterous imPRopersition splurging scambackery of poor old pursey public mcloonyed by moneygoround mafia doubling delays with counterKynchian controls maddeningly misappropriated by p(r)oxy policeme

.        aviation electrified?} nohint here of cycle lifetimes nor discharge profile factors compounding Extravagence WPR shafted at maybe 15kg/kW (kcycled hourly discharge) against maybe 3kg/kW HC equivalence doubling roadside 1T for AUWPR 10kg/kW ditto oncost!

.        inclined plungepoint bubble entrainment} super seeing my 70s stuff still being cited but nicer knowing which from the several spawned by prepiratisation problems at big baseload power stations destabilised by dropshafting 50cumec CW voidaged to 20% ormore

.        supercritical suppression}still no sign any awareness that agnesi attenuated eddy extremity stress scaling Prandtl-Boussinesq-Reynolds retrieves hysteretic transition from log law using classical constants & no fudge factors_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF

.        COMPLAINT for parliamentary referral on failure to fulfil diligence due to constituent wits' ended by endless daily driveway denial by clients of commercially consolidated clinical cowboys who covenanted not to affect ambience_another example as reminder

.        Vitalism to Taxol}LonOxed cabalist & UEA-Natured corrector caricatured scholarship with sellership plazyiaristically postulating seconday synthesis of therapeutic alkaloids metabolically mainstreamed duodemidecade ago with nicotiana & catharanthus & datura         platforms evolved from cell suspension sensitivities scaledup to TC membrane bioreactor for frangibles complemented by callus cocultivation for hormonal stimulation to ruggedisation via hairy root with viability verification for scopolamine from datura during 4 cycles of 200L regeneration + production + elicitation + purification, sadly stranded when Nestle pulled plug on Rothman megamoney and terminated with aspirational anticipation of accessing taxol via GMed nicotiana andor dicot for rhizogenes susceptibility aswellas boosting vincristine-vinblastine-anabasine.  Google gets papers on all this stuff and much more on processing practicalities.

.        Re: FUNdaMENTALs from foraging for bearing brainwaves} grumpiatric gobsmacked by brilliance of versatile venturer hoping to hear academic appetite whetted by whimsical conjecture on chainless cycling via 9:1:9 coaxial compact singlestaged 4x3" hub housing       Synergy sought as lifelong learner conveyed in campus careering at ManUni-aero+nuciveng & ImpColl-aero & CamUni-DAMTP & BirUni-biocheng with several seminals and appreciable applications starting with submarine stratification stealthing from 60s PhD mentored by James Lighthill then heat exchanger impairment by buoyancy as 70s OsborneReynoldsFell with Bill Hall arising from fatal accident on supercritical water loop then rolling road windtunnel spinoff from freestream turbulence foundation with Peter Bearman then PWR-LOCA code error eradication via KelvinImpulse correction with Julian Hunt later revisited for codes critique commissioned by HSE-OSD for Cullen compliance postPiperAlpha then plant process biotec with Jim Callow for theraceuticals spawning viable demonstrator for scopolamine from datura, alongside a decade of extracurricula entailing transatlantic treatied gizmogames on submarine stealthing twinned with forensic frontline faultfixing for midlands makers mostly bluechip bigboys whose awareness was catalysed by a BBC TV profile on my fourfold DTI SMARTees as national numerouno for a campus company, mine commissioned for covert clearance.     So much for my bonafides because what I really want is your adoption of my "transferser" conjecture spawned from seeing my kids and their kids battling with bikes well past their sellby dates. So hoping to hear your appetite aroused, thinking such a pity I didn't know about you when I was statesiding from 70s through 90s, although only once at MIT and then visiting Parsons Lab to talk about 2GW power station secondary CW destabilised by air entrainment. So much to have chatted about on mutual matters, such as offshore outofsight&mind windpower which was DonSwifthook's dream then being evaluated in the CEGB-CERL ABL windtunnel at Leatherhead where I visited regularly to see my sponsors on foundation fundamentals arising from commissioning challenges at Littlebrook & Sizewell power stations, also Dinoric pumped storage system. Enough for now, too much indeed.

.        Efficiency over Reliability?} wellwell Infestation Tricknography never shed same old emporial emptiness that I endured semicentury ago batch banging 5k cards of Fortran follied PWR LOCA code with 50% chance of completion on megamainframes with 256k RAM

.        Filling in Gaps Improves Lithium Ion Batteries} done dusted in coldwar closure defconXies duodemidecade ago indeed actively augmented via sonication even extent of cavitation with controlled standoff for elimination of electrode erosion

.        Norway importing shipped CO2 for pipelined sequestration} entropically eccentric ifnot Einsteinianly insane then inanely entailing kWh/T/mile parasitic pumping meaning more in than out when capopexed over 1000 miles_mimicking madness of windpower

.        autodrivers fail under any circumstances, blind to stopped vehicles even steer into crash_need scenarios on various roads conditions}amazing absence of an AAA as institutionally independent regulatory regime ensuring efficacy as operational prerequisite

.        Metal-Organic Frameworks Event} prompted to ponder whether metallised PAG-PEGs yet emerged from coldwar closure campaigns duodemidecade ago that delivered skinned bubble sinkers to avoid surface detection by satellite signature? 

.        Re: Brian Launder commented & I generalised} as excuse to hello after aeons_} now prompted to postscript on additional attributional accuracy!   Bernhard Scheichl commented: It's a pity (and annoying) That RG assigns a paper the wrong authors. Anyway, that 1979 technical report by Wygnanski and Zhou can be attributed as classical, given the first systematic attention paid to the role of coherent structures in turbulent slender layers. # Neale Thomas commented: Accurate attributions should surely start with Townsend's '56 monograph capturing essences of emergent postwar stuff extended '74 by Roshko & by Falco setting scene for subsequent splurge with which I got entangled along with an army of academics on coldwar closure campaigns for drag-noise diminution via mechanics & materials

.        Symposium: Sorption Science} interested in? # FACTS: chromatographic VB-LGO graphics algorithm revealing breakthrough tailing as additional diagnostic # SPRAYer: aeolian antidenaturing by matched momentum coflowed cold gas for flash freezing

.        Up&Up}pound perunit anticipated as retail reality when wear-tear weathering of notonly offshore is compounded by car commuting for millions of motorists with minimum daily demands for 50 kWh (10L fuel) & provision from profiteering privateers. Scary stuff!

.        majors mobilising on EVs_superfast charging network_8GW extra demand _opportunity from challenge} exemplifies extent of hooray hijacking rendered by regulatory cahoots with cowboys & nestffeathering nazties on masonic moneygoround

.        Asad Farid: EV problem}no surprise says awkward asker after duodemidecade denigrating hubristic hype_maybe on next iteration AF'll address return range 50miles weight-wasted on battery bank at urban crawl & expressway expectations 1kWh/T/mile

.        Balfour-Vinci hires Carillion Infra MD} wellwell was there ever a bigger bananarama on this masonic moneygoround remarkably reminiscent of Dixon's doubledealt Comet castration. Need to note HS2 jobs come at crippling cost 20-30xpa employment expectation

.        views} read my response to Rothwell's distasteful disclaimer        The importance of our reputation Rothwell & Ferns}reddened remarks reflect ruination rendered by pernicious proclaimers of precious prestige perjuratively indeed as all are well aware that the guru ghosts generated the glories of their bloated boasting

.        crunching optimises crisps} junketed jollying sellership stuffing scholarship as extremity exemplified in climatastrophism codified to contrive campus cashcow careering totune £1Bpa pumpishment of poor old pursey public intoto £30Bpa dedoling 2M deadenders

.        Motorway gantry signs removed for hi-tech 5G cars # Signage clutter doubled in two decades # EV charging Scalextric-style # WWF charging cost £2-4Bpa but 10x cheaper than fuel} mcloonyed mafia mugging of unrepresented regular roadies in rejected regions

.        Re: exemplifying excremental_}_inconsiderate/illegal parking_}_silence suggests sensitivity sidelining_}_confirm constituent}124WeoleyPark_}unable to assist}wasted space_}so we're not Weoley-SellyOak despite deadcentre with 7 wards nearer than Northfield_ _ look like due to torrid tortuosity by commission's contrived-colluded wellying of weoley outside obvious allocation where it had always been before boundaries were bent. Moreover all the more maddening as our house is right on the edge of exclusion extremity yet no-one sought our opinion never mind the MPs as reasonable responsibility. Stinks of slimeballing don't you think?

.        Europe medtech innovation: Germany + Ireland & LonOxCam + Manchester} but Midlands unmentioned nevermind Brum with burnt bread bannered as international intensity pickpocketed from poor old pursey public despite debts demanding appratshit adminsitration

.        Re: RPC circularity on ocean impact} abject acquiescence to mcloonydon mantrisation irrationally inflicted on inert kg.pp.pa acting as algal foundation foodchainer in devoided deepblue swamped by 10T.pp.pa land leachate loaded with road & rural runoff

.        USS InTouch Flier} no hints here of mess it's mired in nor massive monetisation by bureauggery bigboys in cahoots with VCs shystering this shebang sustained by sharked students & poor old pursey public pickpocketed to pay for its pretentious posturing

.        Open Uni: what's stopping you?} naive naffness of recent BBC4 Jupiter junkit (sic) flier served as recollection recall nothing nowadays on Beeb matching enjoyably educational OU items aeons ago that surely catalysed campus careers amongst many including me

.        Interserve: Did CEO & CFO defy odds silence critics of 125% bonuses for few months in posts?  Not exactly} exemplifying extremity of insanity inanity in grossly genderised virtualosity venality here with financial follies compounding correctness collusion

.        exemplifying excremental_}_inconsiderate/illegal parking_}_silence suggests sensitivity sidelining_}_full address to confirm constituent}124 WeoleyPark_}unable to assist}wasted space asever allmoreso as your office could've fomally referred me immediately_ _ moreover maddening because we bought our house in SellyOak only to endure it being shoved into Weoley without our consent costing us equity, then recently returned orso we thought only now told to bogger off back to Northfield. No surprise us auld anglos are angry at absolute abandonment by jobsworths jollying along in Loonydon Luvvieland. By the way, with you so specific on titular tosspottery like your MP and my Mr then I'm Dr formerly Prof to you and I'll close by commenting that virtualosity is no more than venality when it overlooks obligations in pursuit of promotional publicity. Read my resume again and repent!

.        innovation’s probably pointless to protect} yup says early 90s national numerouno campus creation as 4-fold DTI SMARTee on 2 envirotechnologies both principle proven prototyped patented & preproducted but both durchtecnicked a decade later

.        government warned on Grenfell cladding 2014 _BRE  hazard FAQ never done} Loonydon Luvvielanders manipulate mainstream media to ignore involvements in criminal culpability_reminiscent of my PiperAlpha Cullen compliance codes critique HSE OTO98162   

.        Midlands can't afford under-investment}Bliarownian Bonkernomics denial of deserved turnover tideover totuneof £10k per job whilst taxbreaking cityspivs £100kpa notonly eliminated engineering after 150 years at Washwood Heath but also Loonydonistic leverage

.        £3M Batwind 1MW project} £3k/kW ontopof £3k/kW griddled turbine over 15kh functionality => 40p/unit so that'll be £1/unit commercially capopexed crippling economy pickpocketing poor old pursey public for essential energy at expense of shoppoing spends

.        EPSRC UCL Crime Science v Fiction} beggars belief that knowho knobblers pickpocketed poorold pursey public for a backslapping bananarama when knohow knackers are evermore excluded from exportably efficacious superior science

.        LSE Alumnus Adam Tooze: Great Financial Crisis triggered by Lehman brothers} no it wasn't, it was due to decade of debt-derivatived hubristic howlers exemplified in that Bliarownian Bonkernomic blacktie speech asserting shredder's salvation of Brit Banking

.        news views from plastics rubber industries_environmentally friendly, Kids Ink web-to-print platform allows design a personalised lunch bag} 3 generations of exaggerated ecomentalisation extinguished education & exported engination once envied everywhere

.        MoT abolition} real reason for amateur imPRoperganda another excuse for EVermore slushsidised scambackery to masonic moneygoround of climateered codswallopers led by LonOxCam Luvvies larded totuneof £30Bpa pumpishment of poor old pursey public 

.        demand response battery storage} survey spiked unless accounts for absence of attention-action similarly on smarteering & climateering reflecting reality of despaired distrust in profiteered politrickery for masonic moneygoround at expense of everyone else

.        data centre dead?} endemic epidemic of navelglazed nebuloscience via mcloonyatic mediarisation of Infestation Tricknology absurdly avoiding actuality that specific SNR exponentially expires as manifold multiplicity explodes patternation paradigms

.        HEFAT Wicklow Ireland} you've been soliciting my participation ever since I was prematurely pensioned in mid90s & now moving into my mid70s thinking if I had the funds then I'd do it if only because be sad never to have been to Emerald Isle!

.        supercritical suppression}still no sign of any awareness that agnesi attenuated eddy extremity stress rescaling of Prandtl-Boussinesq suffices for hysteretic transition using log law classical constants & no fudge factors_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF

.        Camplaigners covet promotional publicity readily rendered by mcloony mantrorons ever eager even for repitition of reported results nevermind nebulosity from profiling on pensioners exposed to earlier era of elevated pollution possibly compounded by smoking

.        MP potholes}ExciseDuty paltry pittance against pumpishment pickpocketry & motorway madagement with coned congestion compounded by city cycle & buslane blockages intoto £2kpa so why not regulation requiring refunds to victims via vehicle recognition records

.        Brian Launder commented & I generalised} as excuse to hello after aeons. Nice knowing you're still kicking pricks evermore evident since greed stuffed integrity. Maybe popin for nostlagic nod when I'm in your neck if you're brave enough_hope so.     3Aug Brian Launder, an author you cited, commented: This is NOT the paper cited nor is it even by Launder & Rodi. I'd be happy to send the actual paper (published in Prog. Aero Sci) if you directly contact me via: brian.launder@manchester.ac.uk Neale Thomas added:Nice knowing I'm not the only grumpiatric grimacing at the excruciatingly endemic dragons' dennery of promotional plazyiarism that swamped substantial scholarship with superficial sellership intensified in inanity of Infestation Tricknology amplified in asininity of Artefactual Imbecilligence now being brokered by Goedelian Gainsayers in denial of Lucasian Lighthill's 70s slamdunk emphatically endorsed by RouseBall Penrose's 90s knockout of algorithmically asserted bifuckation busting expertise as expectations regardless of Rumsfeld's unknown unknowns!

.        Supercharging Digital Economy} with experts educated in economics x2 history x2 business policy bound to be cuttingedge on critical capabilities not superficial sloppialities ponitificated as platitudes!

.        EPRSC £1M grant on Internet Food Things} classic codswallopped culdesac camplaigning to pickpocket poor old pursey public for pointlessly postured Artefactual Imbecilligence as nebulously nonscienced Goedelian gabbledegeekery on ecomental enocomicalisation

.        safety concerns for eating out: hygeine chemicals additives poisoning with worries: sugar waste welfare} googling gets fears as follies overwhelmingly on obsessions & overcoming irrationalities & inequities not on FSA's faddishly Tim-orous Lang-uidity

.        fairfuel MP: UK drivers disproportionately blamed for poor air} spoton sensibility sadly suffocated by Loonydon Luvvies in moneygoround mafia of ecomentalised enocomicalists who created crisis caused by delays dueto buslane blockage & cycle congestion

.        Malaysian HS cancellation} yetanother indicative illustration of Britain's boats burned by preposterous postindustrialisation when IC125 rerated to 200 designated as deliverable semicentury since would've been slamdunk slotin for exempire exportability

.        Important fraud prevention_email suspicious forward to phishing} as advised because we don't have any accounts with scamtander nor have had for aeons after scandalously sloppiness denied return of balances & closures

.        Re: 4Ocean rubbish}_surrounded by 70 orso sponsor boxes_} he often sends sometimes quite scary emails_} nope & nope_simply striving to supply some scienced sensibility against torrid tides of trite trivia_BrentSpa baloney bananarama garrotted Greenpeace!

.        IIoT $225B by 2020_ power protection cooling} persecution paradigm for masonic moneygoround perniciously pickpocketing half ofthe half left after naturally nobbled entropic extraction nevermind crippling cost of nebulously nonscienced naturalism

.        Re: exemplifying excremental_} thanks for prompt personal response rather than routine auto anonedgement of my notification as resident in WeoleyParkRoad adjoining LodgeHill Cemetary since mid80s move from CamUni Maths to BirUni ChEng, retired since mid90s The picture showed simply latest episode of intrusive inundation since council planning chief sanctioned expansion of the surgery commissioned courtesy of a commercial bank loan, overturning repeated refusals on grounds of ambience impairment and in the face of petitioned protests from neighbouring residents treasuring the peace afforded by their single-sided location. The applicants cynically covenanted not to increase their client count but within weeks crowding out of parking places (overwhelming during sickie rush hours!) resulted in daily driveway denial of easy egress, even rendered it unsafe for those of us within a spit of the blind brow. Upshot of course was my demands in person at the surgery for immediate removal of their client cars, culminating in a complaint to the police for enforcement intervention.     As an all too common reality reversal, it resulted in very visible police visit to my house with very vigorous persuasion to grant access in pursuit of their enquiries into complaints received from the surgery about a deranged geriatric even exhibiting primafacie dementia sufficing for sectioned removal. They were eventually persuaded to leave albeit reluctantly, halfheartedly indicating they'd check out my complaint which had preceded perniciously fake claims from the clinical cowboys that resulted in not only that police presumption but also attendance by a couple of mentalists charged with my evaluation for enforced removal to their clinic, this sanctioned by a clinician under covering letter followed by notice of my reallocation to a GP Group specialising in dangerously unstable individuals, insisting on attendance for assessment. All that was quite some time ago and all the while I ignored their dictatorial demands until they finally gave up in notifying me of my removal from their list, leaving me GP-less as falsely filed victim at that.     So there's the issues outline you requested, postscripted pertinently with perspective that all of this hassle was perpetrated via an asian network of knowho nazties who could be named and should be shamed, much as Kerslake lidlifted manipulative madrasas and council incompetences. I'll close with context on my credibility as lifelong campus careerist in top decile as authoring academic in published papers from affiliations at ManUni in Aero with MecFlu PhD that proved pivotal for Nixon's coldwar reconciliation plus postdoc in NucEng as OsboneReynolds ResFell on fundamentals arising from fatal accident enquiry, then at ImpColl in Aero on turbulence fundamentals that reformulated CFD scalings aswellas furnished first rolling road windtunnel, then CamUni DAMTP for a decade on multiphase flow fundamentals that eliminated errors in PWR-LOCA codes and much more relating to baseload powerstations (notably Littlebrook & Sizewell) and offshore gasoil operations on downhole dynamics subsequently spawning an HSE-OSD Cullen commissioned critique of code failings implicated by PiperAlpha, then BirUni ChEng for a decade on plant process biotec for theraceuticals plus transatlantic treatied submarine stealthing via ARE-DRA-DERA plus forensic faultfixing for a dozen WM makers (eg MetCam-GEC-Alstom, RHM, SevTrent, Courtaulds, Foseco, Serck) mostly corporates mostly catalysed by a BBC telly profile commissioned by their last industrial correspondent at PebbleMill prompted by publicity as a fourfold DTI SMARTee, indeed national numero as campus company initially created to access coldwar gizmogames which in turn prompted postperestroika approaches from Soviet scientists seeking asylum as well as Russian RearAdmirals who knew my name from my sixties PhD which platformed a generation of stratification stealthing, oh and a few VisProf-HonFell recognitions as well. Indeed my only remaining ambition is to secure services of a professional paperbacker to tell these tales eclipsing Clancy's caricatures even emulating Carre conspiracies. Maybe SM knows a man who knows a man who'd ghost my games!

.        Nano-submarines_pH optimised site specific filmed surface sorption binding} not new, not since duodemidecade ago as evolution of PAG-PEG hydroxylated clathration plus caged activators diagnostically delineated with LJ simulation

.        ETFS: plunging jets} nice knowing not forgotten but disappointed Sene's stuff wasn't cited, especially 90s JFM  proving popular at longlast # your nozzle same as my 70s spec for easy angular assessment always dubious due to undefined undularity of impact

.        ETFS # ventilated cavitation} my stuff culminated with final fling in Haslar highspeed tunnel demo of drag-halving nosecone undiscosed of course so not cited here but your own seminal stuff surely should have been featured in any reasonable research review

.        ETFS authors} auldanglo absence exemplifies extermination of STEM skilled educational expertise dueto gargantuan greed of hapless HEIs in boosting bums by slashing syllabuses even scrapping subjects deemed difficult to deliver on chargeable costs

.        Re: 1pMobile - Welcome Activation} unresolved: unable to send picture message

.        LeoQuinn appetite for skills} ironic inanity of knowho knobbler's virtualosity verbosity on knohow knackery when his visionary vanity decimated deflab expertise ethos after good guys quit QinetiQ starving it of STEMs key to credibility across pond

.        supercritical impairment}still no sign of any awareness that quadratiically damped eddy extremity stress rescaling of Prandtl-Boussinesq suffices for hysteretic transition using log law classical constants & no fudge factors_said as Hall's 70s Reynolds RF

.        The importance of our reputation Rothwell & Ferns}reddened remarks reflect ruination rendered by pernicious proclaimers of precious prestige perjuratively indeed as all are well aware that the guru ghosts generated the glories of their bloated boasting

.        RE: Inenco's Procurement Seminar_I do hope you understand}Nope not good enough by country kilometre inviting me accepting me then denying me. Expect endless badmouthed barracking about your meanminded mediocrity manifested also in 95% dumped directors!

.        Re: Kartusinsky cited me}& MikeReeks so helloing him # See also RonSmith on evolution of GITaylor # Might like neale.thomas.net/SIMCLO.ppt as Spectral Invariance Minimalist Closure Leading Order bridge from RDT to RANS with Rotta as Lagrangian history ...

.        Sene etal citation & Kobus Ervine Rajaratnam Novak Rouse} nice alliance with awesome academics but pity no-one knows about my 70s BHRA on detrainment distortion stipulating siphon standards yet ignored even in 00s by emptyheaded ecomentals

.        I was unaware more gold per tonne of electrical waste than raw ore} evermore evident that cocksure commentariat is ignorantly incompetent whilst sickeningly strident in autocratic advocacy of entropically extravagent ecomentalisation enforcement

.        Can't won't clad} exemplifying extremity of pompous piety by penner who never did a decent day dirty digiting before blood baying those that did whilst stayng silent about clients & regulators escaping real responsibilty for signing off substandards

.        mammalian organoid RTD} recollection reminder of late 80s plant process biotec shift from single cell homogeneous suspension to callus cocultivation for correction of sudden senescence, successful but beaten by hairy roots on secondary metabolite efficacy

.        IT misalignment}always there ever since Neuman Rule was buried by Turing Test, former in robust rigour for actuality assurance, latter as nonscienced nebulosity of arcanc adapatbility despite damnation of Artefactual Imbecilience by Lucasian Lighthilll

.        Ofgem huge increase in EVs via flexible reversible smart metering} nonscienced nebulosity as final fling of bonkernomics bureauggery that bankrupted Britain with entropic ecomentalisation via carbonastrophism cabal of loonydon lardies & luvvies

.        Macular mediation} firsthand familiarity pointed to possibilities for intensification via interfacial binding boosting buoyancy maybe augmented by EM fields but as Occamistc opportunity why not amplification by agitation as in head-down daily dog-walking?

.        Legal challenge by Bombardier-Hitachi on LU-Tfl contract awarded to Siemens-Alstom} context of course MetCam-GEC-Alstom as LU stock suppliers until mid90s when WashwoodHeath was wasted by Bliarownian bonkernomics for want of £10kpp oneoff bailout

.        Beeb Toady: summer sun dueto climate change}another advert for archactivists Hoskins&Sutton as bigboy beneficiaries in LonOxCam Catastrophist Cabal plumpicking £30Bpa pumpishment of poor old pursey public in rejected regions decimated by decades of denial

.        Ocean Cleanup} ponzied imPRoperganda by exploitative ecomentals cavalierly careering on slyienced superficiality betrayed by banality of capability caricatures insidiously insulting to academic achievers with intellectual integrity of lifelong learning

.        VIP Aerospace Day Video} excellent enjoyment of awesome advert for Kyocera capabilities platformed on planes & technological triumphs. Thanks & apologies again for pulling plug 

.        4Ocean rubbish}_surrounded by 70 orso sponsor boxes_} he often sends sometimes quite scary emails_} nope & nope_simply striving to supply some scienced sensibility against torrid tides of trite trivia_BrentSpa baloney bananarama garrotted Greenpeace!

.        Winds of Change Hit Aerodynamics: CFD Tunnel Track} wellwell hype hit wall decades overdue since grumpiatric groaned about CFD as cretinous caricature for tunnel  testing as simplistic subversion of track truth inturn simplistic subset of raceday realities

.        HS2 'could cost £80bn'_EnvirSec Gove canvassing MPs about scrapping} decade or more since I started scorning this stupidity when HS hourly transit times morethanmet by IC125 evolution with exempire exportability paying for procurement as primary producer

.        HS2 needs to keep its house in order} commercial conflict exemplified in expenditure 5x more than elsewhere for hourly transit times also 10x IC125 evolution which would have elicited exempire exportability paying for procurement as primary producer

.        £830M fuel duty freeze twice Charging Infrastructure} how about 2/3 taxtaken in pumpishment of poor old pursey 90% residing in rejected regions paying 90% price for pointless prettification of loonydon lardyland peakhour polluted by buslane blockages

.        dying wildlife and rising sea}nugdery cum naggery now naztery via mcloonyisation mantras by knowho knobblers scandalously suffocating knohow knackers exemplified by an electrical  engineer currying concern with enocomicalising ecomentalists in LonOxCamland

.        Grace Nolan, AssEd_cares AnimalWelfare ArtsCulture EducationEnvironment HumanRights Politics}no hint here of any engineering expertise nor STEM sympathy even indeed earlier editorials advertised antipathy toward product paying supposedly for sector support

.        Ex-Mitie boss Mace adviser runs for London mayor} how many more brainless bimbos bossed under banners of cultural correctness will be politrickerily provisioned as knowho knobblers displacing dedicated knohow knackers from corriders of collusion

.        little research on “plink, plink”} superficial sellership spurns substantial scholarship with nebulously nonscienced primafacie plazyiarism as was donedusted duodemidecade in coldwar closure campaigns consolidating a semicentury of stuff since WW2! 

.        I’m not defending HS2’s procurement here – mistakes may well have been made} hangon: HS2's autocratic abuse repeatedly on record for primafacie prosecutable procurement pickpocketry of poor old pursey public who'll never benefit from fantasy folly

.        same cocktail, so I asked for same glass and plastic straw} virtualosity verbosity from cavorting camplaigner as wouldbe gonggetter whose globetrotting inflicts injury massively more than people portrayed as underpaid underclass of slaved serfs

.        CRISPR failures_transforming“dud” Cas9 into efficient genome editor} by extension then regard degree of difficulty for failure avoidance as parametric profiler for binding intensity pertinent not only to protein production but also folding functionality

.        switch control of genome editing tools to regulate cascades} not my arena but wondered whether scope in principle for assisted switching of large proteins problematic for dystrophin prospectively to be sourced via subunit synthesis for subseqent assembly

.        SMMT Challenge_urban mobility} symptomatic of sloppy sillience seeing as buslane blockage compounded by cycle sclerosis caused Kynchian congestion characterised by tripling of transit times exemplified in Euston as paradigmic problem

.        supercritical endothermic thermo-acoustic instability heat transfer} wondered whether interest scopes to vortex induction of Helmhlotz resonance as mechanistic methodology for systematic synthesis of M0 SCRAM  

.        Grenfell: Industry slammed over 'conflicts of interest'} causative complicity surely should be assigned to authorities' blindeyed bureauggery during decades of signedoff sanctioning regardless of residents' repeated requests for restrictive regulation 

.        Mark Watts:power stationfloods} knowho knobbler not knohow knacker exemplifying epidemic of ecomentalised enocomicalisation here by history hacker asserting Arup affiliation apparently from-for politrickeried pandering with Loonydon Lardies & Luvvies

.        Mayor's ban on diesel petrol cars} endless evermore virtualosity verbosity via nebulously nonscienced nudgery cum naggery to naztery yet you've stayed silent doubtless due to poltrickeried pressure_says 70s decadal disciple of GIT's JML-GKB DAMTPhisbenae

.        VIP Aerospace Day Booking Confirmation} confirmed_}family crisis commitment to kidcaring just emerged for 18jul so sorry to say must pull plug on what would've been my best bet for an excellent event this year even though it meant ultraearly Brum breakfast

.        Reconnection call for help Just learned of family health crisis with Duchene defective twins and wondered whether with your sector specialisms you might be able to assist on any advice about pharma progress especially evaluation in therapy trials that would benefit from testing for paired prognoses? Thanks. Googling*got me useful introductory info but any best bet short lists be appreciated. Thanks again

.        Independent review highlights integral role of defence to British prosperity} no hint here of context as cerebral capability crippled by Bliarownian Bonkernomics in profiteered piratisation for fraction of asset values upshot in unAstute as worst since WW2

.        Scott & Thomas} recollection reminder of Scott silent now for upwards duodecade wondering what happened to him after QinetiQ crushed him_also whether my Miles inspired approach to inhibition via reduced ripple forcing function was ever exploited?

.        Electrolyte Additives Better Batteries} by breaking barrier buildup of degraded electrolyte_motivation mimicked by sonicated suppression of diffusional denial as defconXied duodemidecade boosting damage-free disrecharge rates 10-100x in LeAcid batteries

.        Solid Polymer Electrolyte Safer Lithium Batteries} loss limiting polymeric sheet separation for dendritic inhibition done dusted in defconXies duodemidecade ago even extending to sonicated suppression of barrier buildup blockage

.        Hydropolymer film biosensor & fuelcell && cited since noughties} monolayered aqueous hydroxyl sidechain subtsrate synchrony for conductive clathration defconXied duodemidecade ago verified for naval apps & evaluated also via amgen as LJ optimization

.        Surface vacuum sprayed deposition STM for conjugate configuration}pompously portraying Feynmanian familiarity but scholarship stuffed by sellership as structure is spray-surface specific & vacuum sensitive as noted in defconXies delivered duodemidecade ago

.        Show me Money_ AI bubble to burst_Buy forecast $1850}primafacie presumption of fraudulent fakery as godelian gabbledegeekery selfevident since seventies ukgov inquiry by Lucasian Lighthill

.        Re: Reset your password for jobs.theengineer.co.uk} done as directed but bumrushed so beware info commissioner complaint for misuse abuse of commissioned & compliant personal profile

.        Nuclear AMRC hails deal}still no sign of elitist excellence being reinstated to rescue the sector with substantial scholarship for salvation from superficial sellership_says 70s Reynolds RF on fault fixers academically apprenticed to lategreat Bill Hall

.        Vegan electricity} ironic indeed seeing sarcasm at this latest Loonydonistic lardying of luvvies when whole shebang is slushsidised scam spawned from politrickeried perversion via nebulously nonscienced ecomentally enocomicalised exaggeration

.        PRA warns flaws in Road to Zero} PRA couldn't care a cuss for poor old poor old pursey public's politrickeried persecution pricehiked 50% on purchase & provision being 50% heavier & then return radius restricted to M25 @ snailpaced silly 50mph

.        Re: Case # 00363044_} As instructed_}sent you an e-mail to reset your password Not received it? Remember to check your spam filter, or resend the e-mail} done x3 but nothing has appeared anywhere} new user account} ditto but still only silent insolence   

.        Energy Revolution_9-10Jul Birham}_back-door me?} Sorry_} me too for presumption predicated on thinking you were local topdog in that arena # never followedup on that getogether with Reeks who stayed silent so must make sure he's still bouncing bunny

.        Highways England smart motorways projects praised} rather rich rancid even given their incredible incompetence costing country £10Bpa in  drivetime delays, ditto MoD with unAstute worst since WW2 with doubled design drag-noise, ditto Network Rail  

.        Neural networks, explained} hardly, not when guru Goedel is entirely excluded never mind multiple manifolds & bifuckations beyond indirect implications in silly solutions as null nonscience

.        Highways UK’s Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge} ironic indeed given their guilt in costing the country 20% drive delays due to controls cavalierly imposed on inactive sites by coners being both most & least productive of our publicly pursed parasites

.        How to Radically Innovate Batteries} 30Wh/L as 10% LiIon won't set world on fire nor citing diesel at 40c/kWh as 10x expectation

.        German innovative process GRP upgrade waste PET}done dusted duodemidecade ago as defalb defconXie civilianisable for ICI as yet another sickeningly sad indictment of our industrial immolation by Loonydon Lardieland politrickeried piratisation profiteering

.        Re: Lords Maths Review} stitchup by slyball_}What is the code?} condensed but not codified & pretty sure you picked up main message*. Thanks for invite_Diane said why not me too? Looking forward. condensed but not codified & pretty sure you picked up main message*. Thanks for invite_Diane said why not me too? Looking forward.* putrefyingly piqued by Lon-Oxoned Luvvies & Lardies who've evermore extravagantly contrived careers in enocomicalised ecomentalisation during decades of deadend distraction now pickpocketing the public purse to tune of £30Bpa in punitive pumpishment alone with 90% raided from rejected regions compounded by comparably insidious infrastructural allocation asserted as essential for evolutionary expansion of capital capitalism. Ire at ignorance of physical fundamentals amongst the nebulously nonscienced ringleaders has been amplified by asinine doomsday dogma evermore evident in educational and entertainment indoctrination insidiously notso silently sprung in seventies splurge of antiwar activism. Poisonous imPRoperganda via notsomuch nudgery as naggery cum naztery contrived the centralised command control that inflicted our dangerously destabilising debt, not just nationally in bailing out banksterism but regionally by rancid restriction and personally by pernicious pricing and pensions policies.     Finally for now, must mention my own encounters with arch-activists like x-CS King, the climate catastrophist chemist announcing armageddon asserted via codified caricatures who resorted to retorting "below my paygrade" in response to my awkward ask about 90% of numbers arguably attributable to correlations contrived to fuel fears so creating case further funding as an adnauseam money machine. That was duodecade ago yet particularly pertinent now with recent revelation by ox-CCC champion philosopher-physicist "when the facts change, I change my mind" Allen that warming has been no more than 2/3 algorithmic anticipation, perhaps pointing suspiciously to suggested saturation at 3/2x existing excess but hardly hinted in our mcloonied media of course, not with knowho naggers nobbling knohow nudgers. Then there was a Melbourne meeting with x-PRS May, amicably addressing my awkward ask on multiple manifolds using an autoadaptive Kalmanalyser as bifuckation busting tracker forecaster even submerged as ppb SNRs but then arterially aneurysed with anger when I mentioned my mentors during that decade in DAMTP, exiting with "don't dare mention that man's name to me" as an over-shouldered shot. Similar stuff from Broers buttonholed over lunch on clever composites duodemidecade ago via prepiratisation transatlantic treatied subsea sponsorship at ARE-DRA-DERA HoltonHeath who soon as I mentioned my Cam connections quit the conversation commenting on overdue deserved demise of roost ruling by Trickery College cabal.     Much more might be said but not for now apart from thinking you should surely know a man who knows a ghost who'd paperback my amazing adventures during that decade spanning glasnost-perestroika, born of bonafides from significance of my sixties PhD unknown to me until after my career was killed by Brumuggery within weeks of VC Thompson quitting to escape same shabby shower. Seems sad that these tall tales of the unexpected for any greengrocered grammar lad won't be around as aspiration for rank outsider rebels like I was and stayed so indeed. Just a thought. See you soon hopefully.

.        Monkey Cage_celebration celebs}thought I spotted Spiegelhalter's voice but unlisted below so maybe not but just in case prompted to ask why your restorative rationalisation tackles statistical scaremongering it steers clear of clinching connections such as pollution peaking which is elementarily explicable via constitutive nonlinearity in Kynchian kinematics analytically accounting for tripling of transit times from Westway to Angel, with stop-start exacerbating exposure interval of streetside scaling, this compounded by speed scaling for vertical dispersivity. Having pointed out that annualised emissions are now merely a third of those in seventies, selfevident of course from vehicular limits as regulated reductions, you sadly you stopped short of saying peak excursions exceeding those average values were inflicted by politrickeried pettifoggery with buslane blockages compounded now by cycle cloggery. Much more where that came from if you're interested, from a former decadal DAMTPosaurian as eighties acolyte during Batchelor-Lighthill dynasty.

.        Building on biofilms} only duodemidecade since principle proofing done+dusted on supported frangible cell suspension cultures & sewage sludge conditioning for tolerance to toxic shock extremities eg pH3 mine talings & pesticide poisoning 

.        UK EV battery worth £2.7Bpa_materials £3.2k/car}so half of all uk cars despite 50% punitive pricehike on established expectation, insidiously iniquitous imposition auotcratically asserted by bandit beneficiaries of stalinianly stupid command control

.        google.co.uk/?q=expensive.renewable.energy} sharing my scepticism since 90s descent to despair at Lardies & Luvvies cavorting careers in profiteered piety costing country £30Bpa pumpishment maintaining million ormore dedoled deadenders culdesacked into  carbonastrophism courtesy of nebulously nonscienced nudgery naggeried into naztery by a climateering cabal created by LonOxed Lordies led by an egregious geriatric with conflicted consultancy during duodemidecade of exploitative exaggeration that manipulatively manufactured a millennial majority of sympathetic simpletons brainwashed by bandit bureauggery caricatured in codified correluption with merely 5% fundamental firstprinciple formulation, mirroring the proportion of proponents with informed insight, ironically ditto that of carbon once humidity is properly unfolded from the fudgery.. as indeed was implicated in recently conceded calculational corruption sidelined by sycophantically mcluhanistic media because it hinted at heating with selflimiting saturation maybe no more than 50% more than existing elevation! Much more if you're interested with quidproquo being a professional paperbacker to pulp my amazing adventures as academically affiliated covert coldwarrior spawned from serendipitous sixties PhD proving pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty for bonafides with Brezhnev who couldn't collaborate after Khrushchev's capitulation to Kennedy on the Cuban crisis, not without exchanged explanation of critical capabilities seriously destabilising an uneasy equilibrium.

.        Babcock innovation zone judges wowed by rim-drven silent thruster} evermore evident sellership stuffing scholarship with no hint of concept creation for lowloss large ship sidethrusters nor for cavitation control in submarine stealthing evolved since WW2

.        MPs slam HMG on PFIPPPery}but cavalier cheapskatery kickbacked culdesacs prestiged at 3x proper price for profiteered procurements as Loonydon larding on HS2 & Crossrail & Heathrow && + Virtuosity Venality via pernicious pickpocketry from rejected regions

.        supercriticality}nostalgic nod as 70s ManUni Reynolds ResFell with late great BillHall spawning schema for eddy extremum stress substitution in Prandtl-Boussinesq log law sufficing for hysteretic transition without correluption of classical constants

.        Dual-pin ion jet} no hint of Coanda?_recollection reminder of US 90s patented aeolian activation via quasi coplanar matched momentum gas-air stretching sheet with fragmentation salience for vortex confined emission with halved dropssize & driftloss 

.        stirred tank reactors with a rigid-flexile impeller} apparently unaware of my PhD pupil Pearse 90s publication on Rushton Turbine with (elastic) sting-supported strain-gauged blade monitoring transient structure of wake gas accumulation & shedding 

.        characteristics of liquid-liquid Pintle injector} how about US 90s patented aeolian activation via quasi coplanar matched momentum gas-air stretching sheet with fragmentation salience for vortex confined emission with halved dropssize & driftloss 

.        House of Lords: Mathematics Review} stitchup by slyball Stern & manipulative mates in LonOxed Lardieland perjuratively persisting in resentful revenge against awesome Trickery College's delivery via DAMTP during a century of astonishing appointments

.        supercriticality}nostalgic nod as 70s ManUni Reynolds ResFell with late great BillHall spawning schema for eddy extremum stress substitution in Prandtl-Boussinesq log law sufficing for hysteretic transition without correluption of classical constants

.        With a growing population of vegans, it would not occur to many people their energy supplies may come?} bizarre bananarama of extravagent ecomentalisation exemplifies extermination of reasoned rationality by rancid religiosity as virtuosity vigilantism  

.        10th InternatConfMultiphaseFlow_Committees} wellwell not an anglo amongst them so says all about educational extermination of our auldskule achievements since we set seminal standards such as sorting added mass errors in Eulerian mixture modeling

.        BBC R5 voxpop: firsttimer fleeing from womans worldism everywhere else awesomely admired your hardhit hounding of virtuosity vigilantism by ecomentalist endearther who never did a decent day of dirty digiting as careerist camplaigning Loonydon Luvvielander

.        Manu Supply Expo 26Jun Coventry}understanding Goedel}Theorem(s) not Theory: google  "Goedel Lighthill" for contextuals beyond my ken apart from ambiguity implication. I'm just a journeyman inspired enough to explore extensions of existing extrapolatorsv Paul Sykes @ Broder Metals # significantly superior sophistication to namesake megamillionaire who amassed his money from scrap! ; Paul Manning @ BritSafetyIndustFed # glad you enjoyed recollection on OTO98162 commissioned '91 for Cullen compliance by HSE-OSD post-PiperAlpha & expert endorsed issued withdrawn '92 issued '98 after articles amendment by SecState dictating dissemination ; Charlie Walker @ Lighthouse ManuEfficSys # like all expert socalled systems aka AI apparently only ever asgoodas antiicipation algorithm adopted & all always inevitably impaired by omission of essential elements as anticipated by Goedel & Lighthill & Penrose ; Greg Smith @ Forresters Patents # DAMTPosaur's decade in CamUni now dedicated to denigrating mcluhanised minimisation of generational giants GKBatchelor & MJLighthill as intellectual offspring of GITaylor Rutherford's brightest boy & Churchiill's DepCS to Cherwell ; Kevin Wiltshire @ Renault-Nissan Consulting # F1 posters prompted recall of ImpColl-aero rolling road purchased for IC125 60s promophotos rebuilt for '75 seminal study on unsheared wall turbulence then sequestered within a week for F1 winged car testing by Teams ; Rob McCullagh @ Presidion Analytics # bifuckation busting autoadaptive neuralnetted Kalmanalyser evolved for destealthing chaffed threats as coldwar closure campaign semicentury after appearance as computer complement in NASA Lunar Landings ; Mike Curtis-Rouse @ Catapult Manufact Satellites # so sad seeing somuch publicly pursed procurement evermore excluded from export earning endorsement for manufacturing with millions nowadays denied decent lifetime legacies of properly pensioned employment 3JulManufacturing & Supply Chain Expo 26Jun Coventry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies PM: Thanks for that. As mentioned OTO92... was withdrawn after a safety code vendor threatened defamation action then reinstated after retiring HSE CS McQuaid realised his swansong challenge 3 days after '97 election, actioned by incoming SecState & Govt eager to win spurs on good intentions as new broomers _ and we all know that ended sickeningly same as always, polluted by politrickeried hubristic howlers. Be pleased to do Q&A on it and any other of my many amazing adventures spawned from 60s PhD that proved pivotal prior to Nixon's Moscow Mission for SAL-ABM-NNL Treaties that calmed the coldwar through to glasnost, as notified 30 years later by an elderly Russian whom I happened on at an IOP celebration of his lifetime achievements when he explained how Brezhnev couldn't be compromised after Khrushchev's cuban crisis crucifixion by Kennedy unless big bonafides were on offer for collective calming via an exchange of scary skills on submarine stealthing and aircraft acceleration etc as outlined in my account of that amazing adventure just one of many as campus covert coldwarrior & muchmore as mentioned.

.        doesn’t matter how much more cost-effective solar wind become government going nuclear} again&again Loonydon Luvvies lacking educational or expertise experience presume to imPRopergandise Lardieland Lollypoppers via fuctoidal fictualities

.        Deep Neural Network for perturbations in reactors_Considering scarcity of previous research} blandly bizarre blindness to mountains of material on method & manifestaion, evenmoreso excursion nonGaussianity eventoextent of manifold multiplicities

.        RAC warns on fuel duty}single siren an embarrassing exception in sickening silence by your topdogs tosspotting for hubristic honours from Whiteminster wenkers in Loonydon Lardieland_£1500pa per household is oppressive obscenity for rejected regions

.        McAlpine £23M loss blamedon EfW} wellwell entropic extravagence flaws finally put paid to enocomical exaggerations evermore nebulously nonscienced since 90s bonkernomics bananarama courtesy of critically massed mediocrity in ecomentalied education

.        Re: Health and Life Sciences Funding} gravytrain graveyarders grabbing poor old pursey public's pocketmoney pickpocketed from rejected regions by Loonydon Lardies who've hijacked health with overloaded overheads now nighon twice the cost of curing care

.        Engineering the future of chromatography} so perhaps you'll appreciate that ageing assessment from breakthrough tailing would be an asset as outlined in my FACTS.doc done duodemidecade ago as VisBasic Load&Go teaching-training tool 

.        Crashed: how a decade of financial crises changed the world}no hint here of complicity by kickback cowboys & hubristic howlers of Bliarownian Bonkernomics_forgotten fawning of Fred Shredder in that pukey eulogy at Mayoral Banquet & Desai's declared despair

.        Phillips etal '06 & Goujon etal '07 in vanderVaart etal '18} latter listing 5 items by my namesake NThomas who'll enjoy learning that my PhD pupil JCP was encouraged to do the Rollers & Rafters demo within a week of '97 BBC Horizon on Landslide Runout when presenter ended by expostulating "how the heck did those big beggars get out here", referring to multiton slabs piled up over a kilometre out on undular flatland. As postscript must mention that Kynchian formulation for multimodal kinematic segregative translation was done dusted aeons ago, for example in my own firsthand experience of the gasoil arena to account for fatal accident on Ocean Odyssey as shallow gas blowout because methane rise speed was based on unagglomerated disperse bubble size, whereas mud rheology promoted scavenging into slugs with much bigger Taylor speeds scaling on riser dia (with counterintuitive maximum at 45deg inclination!), misleading the operator into false sense of safety so the flammables broke surface before the mud level was lifted sufficiently to suppress the runaway, indeed arguably almost impossible with such a shallow source. Sadly asever lessons weren't learned so DeepWaterHorizon happened duodemidecade later despite that precedent with principled physics properly portraying the phenomenology. Skim my stuff to see many more of grumpiatric groaner's amazing adventures whilst campus careering from ManUni-mecflu+nuc/civeng via ImpColl-aero & CamUni-damtp to BirUni-biocheng & Company to access coldwarclosure-spanning decade on transatlantic treatied Trident gizmogames & frontline faultfixing for midlands megamakers & national numerouno as 4-fold UK-dti SMARTee startup, one on windriven WWT, other an aeolian sprayer, both patented latter as US generic item evaluated for avoidance of Leidenfrost limitation in PWR LOCAs. 

.        UK Lead World on G7 Healthy Oceans Commitments} why when we fail to finance properly provisioned public services for our own sick & sad citizens, especially as extravegent virtuosity vigilantism by Luvvieland Lardies is pickpockted from rejected regions

.        General Motors Future Zero Crashes Emissions Congestion} nope GM sees preposterous profiteering from extravagently entropic infrastructure iniquitously inflicted on poor old pursey public in rejected regions pickpocketed to appease Luvvieland Lardies

.        PDM 19-20jun Telford}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies  Eileen Smith @ Netzsch thermal gravimetrics generic materials stability & failure instrumentation including volatiles to furnace temp # cf structural interrogation suchasfor gas turbine blades ; John Cowley @ Millers Hydraulic Oils - blenders & analysis for specified properties including ambient & wear contaminantion # viscosity but not tension nor modulus key to coverage & intrusion ; Ian Moran @ Beta Heat Treatment & Clayton Thermal tool cleansing hot fluidised bed agitation # inaccessibility of involute curvature accessible with targeted jetting ; Thomas O'Boyle @ Irish Machine Vision Avalon Moldwatcher # recollection reminder of x-JLR expert caution on illumination & multiview for avoidance of ambiguity # IR contrast as complement ; Tom Preston @ Concurrent 3DSys # amazing adventures spawned from 60s PhD pivotal prior to Nixon's Moscow Mission for bona fides with Brezhnev after Kruschev crucifixion by Kennedy on Cuban crisis & muchmore ; Matthew Krolak @ RJG Tech software simulation & measurement monitoring & controller codes # out of bounds criticality key to sustained success viz peristently problematic PWR & HPHC safety software ; Peter Haslop @ Brit Plas Federation # folly of fighting fictoids with factoids when fuctoids are crucial to confront catastrophists camplaigning on mcluhanised mantras nevermind nebulous nonscience ; Nefyn Williams & Graham Wandsworth @ KIT Electroheat # prompted to postulate microwave cavity heating as alternative also to steamed cavity ; Gary Dixon @ Dual Metallising # awesome impact of spray finishing for plastic parts but endurance hinges on adhesion inturn on intrusion set by surface science aswellas volumetric viscosity ; Stewart Leng @ BMB Plastics Machinery generic but feature autoengine parts with thermomechanical wear resistance # ; Raymond Foad @ Cinpres gas & heat assisted molding & Yudo-Suns Consilience # resin enriched finer finish with surface structure anomalies maybe induces impaired endurance ; John Lang @ Caledonian Plastics # innovation inspired like mine but a multiwinner unlike mine killed by decimation of deflabs and midalnds makers despite national numeruno as 4-fold dti-SMARTee campus creation ; John Duncan @ Lacerta Tech mechanical & dielectric analysis for glassy rubbery transition curing ageing structural transitions of polymeric blends & cooling-rate cure-degree in thermoset resins # awesomely academic ; Nick Henwood @ Rotomotive material properties varabilities # real need is for internal interrogation identifying inhomogenities within surface skin gradient layer enduring excursions ; Peter Cox @ Assoc Plastics Consultancy Network # own origin as campus creation 4-fold SMARTee attracting attention via BBC2 TV feature on DAMTPosaur from CamUni baking bread in Brum from frontline fixers

.        Re: Pump Centre 3may Telford}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Will Boutlton & Geoff Walker @ Faraday Predictive # pump power anomaly attribution analyser for faults & failures_CC comments applicable also ; Chris Carter @ Hyrdraulic Analysis # emergency & maintenance monitoring & modelling management sensing & software simulation always susceptible to Goedelian gotcha exemplified in PWR & HPHC high impact incidents ; Jake Laughton @ ECS Engrg Serv # archimedian adoption extraordinary ecomentalised extravagence as excursion down memory lane after abandonment in pursuit of engineering economies via industrial intensification ; Aran Bray @ Water Process # coagulation flocculation polymers prompted Pruteen process memories of ICI's implied irrationality of sequenced sinking then floating clarification & concentration ; Geoff Breed @ Hydromarque # selfpriming pumps sludge specced for gasoil industrial endurance ; Andrew Hornabrook @ Smith & Loveless water treatment # 90s dti-SMARTee WATER-BOOSTIR = Wind Assisted Treatment Environmental Remediation - Biological Oxidative Operation Single Tank Integrated Recovery to discharge consent on BOD NOD SS

.        innovative high tech solutions at Undersea Defence Technology_absolutely cutting-edge technology} unAstute was worst since WW2 on specification shortfall as doubled drag-noise due to gITillogicality as cautioned in closure crtique commissioned for Haslar

.        Spray characteristics of Pintle injector} early 90s US principle patented aeolian activation via quasicoplanar matched momentum gas sheet with salient separation from stretched sheet fragmentation with vortex train emission halving dropsize & drift

.        BP buys Chargemaster} £130M means £20k each as £200/kW at 10p/unit net that's 2kh payback so seems a song or perhaps a pup # 100mile on motorway means 50kWh (50mpg) or 20min charge time not 10

.        Durkan slaps fire bill on residents_Tower residents spared bill} evermore endemic flip flopperied virtuosity vigilantism especially emetic here for blindness to bureauggery responsibility for repetition of PiperAlpha despite damnation in Cullen critiquisms

.        CV Commercial Vehicle Show 24-26Apr Birmingham}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Jonathan Young @ Scotseat # hoping to hear about prospect for fitting spare seat in Mazda Miller Xedos with 18" runner room on front passenger seat ; Jonathan Moberley & Neil Cleaveley @ Gearmate SUV accessories # amazing adventures of campus coldwarrior co-opted for closure campaigns eclipsing Clancy caricatures emulating Carre conspiracies ; Simon Williams @ PRS Telecom # vehicular CCTV when better bet was always fibreoptic "borescope" viewing in necessary with 10sec evidential buffer ; Bert de Groot @ Interparts Auto wheel retention safety studs re RL Automotive Didcot # can't quite recall connection ; Mike Fergusson & Faird Arvani @ XL Group tail-lifts & stack access lifts # can't quite recall ; Paul Beesley & Richard Kesterten @ Autogas # diesel danger immensely inflated for political purposes by cavorting camplaigners_N-P annualised averages third of 70s levels whilst diurnal excesses contrived by buslane blockage of urban trunks ; Bart Ezendam @ Drag Reduction - autonomous tyre inflation # complex control for supply from central source whereas wheelhub bottled source simpler inspired as analogy with fire extinguisher extending even to foamed filled pneumatics ; Philip Leamon @ Climate Components aircon # recaollection reminder of need for noninvasive deblocking by mechanical vibration or better acoustic analogy to water hammer ; David Melville @ Fischer Panda Sys -variable speed generators # BS below for ultra lowloss powertrain # ; Robert Richardson @ Ford CV Engineering # ideas inspired from '75 ImpColl-aero windtunnel workthat generated rolling road revolution with F1 Teams continuously queued for 10% scale testing now de rigeur for full size & speed simulations ; Daniel Jones @ Riese & Muller e-bikes # BS below for ultra lowloss powertrain principle needing prototype proving ; Christopher Cope @ Maison Neauve # Doug Ellis distraught by Villa vilification # plastic scam by profiteering protesters industrially ignorant that marine impact from saline solar leachables is not ppm nor ppb nor ppt but ppq beyond measurability ; Ben Smith @ HLSmith Transmission - lorry load actuators gearboxes # single stage 9:1:9 within 10cm dia x 5cm unchained coaxial hub conceived for ultralightweighted cycling substitute needs principle proofing perhaps extendable to motored drivetrains ; Jakob vanNimwegen @ Wasserschmidt biofilm WWT # 90s UK-dti-SMARTee proven-protoyped-patented WATER-BOOSTIR = Wind Activated Treatment Enviro Remediation - Bio Oxidation Operation Single Tank Intergated Recovery to discharge consent ; Tanny Sinfield @ Columbus Water - cleansing systems # US generic patented SPRAYer = Stimulated Pulsatile Rendering Application deliverY via aeolian activation with matched momentum airsheet halving dropsize & drift doubling impact pressure ; Alan Barnard @ Green Urban exhaust maintenance # in Penrith where duodemidecade ago I revived the long-redundancied Fast Reactor expert on thermal lagging to faultfix LUG brakebox overheat almost to meltdown on 10MW/m2 design disaster ; T Hughes @ SMMT # sickeningly stymied on ecomental exaggerations of Loonydon Luvvies cavorting catastrophism when N & P pollution plummeted since 70s apart from peaked pollution on trunked transits taking 3x longer dueto lane losses for buses & bikes

.        Commercial Vehicle Show 24-26Apr Bham} Scotseat Standman enthusiastic expectation on adequate answer to enquiry exploiting 18" max gap behind passenger frontseat in '98 Mazda Miller Xedos9 for occasional occupation by school-age grandchild. Hope to hear.

.        STM images of the structure of conjugated polymer molecules deposited without damage in vacuum onto atomically clean flat surfaces} & that was what we failed to fulfil in late 80s evaluation of clathrated binding 10x-100x > classical carboxy & SDS filmers

.        Broad AI} standard suspects splurging standard sillibilities as superficial ial sellership scorning substantial scholarship by likes of Lighthill 70s scepticism reiterated in Penrose 90s new robes both on Goedelian garbage grounds for multiple manifolds

.        Non-wetting dry fog humidifier} aeolian activation: external matched momentum coplanar coanda flat fan air sheet

.        BBC1 Politics: Brum transit taxes autocratically advocated by alien marginal mayor making megamoney as cavorting careerist Cameronian lunatic LEPer as asinine AWM aper who killed JohnLewis as jewel & crippled trunk tunnels by backup from dullard dropoff Never mind irksome irony that annualised N-P pollution now only a third of 70s with peak excesses entirely attributable to buslane blockage and controls contrived to collude case against cars via fuctoidally fictioned falsifacts now being bannered as 900pa deaths apportioned from 24k nationally, this statistically slammed by Spiegelhalter as national numerouno on numbers so here meaning merely a fortnight from likely lifetime of carriage convenience in an era with extended expectation causing crises from geriatric degeneration. And all perpetrated by protest professionals who never did a decent day of dirty digiting in squirming up the slimy political pole of nepotistic nudgery nowadays notsomuch naggery as naztery exemplified in extremity by Street's slaughtering of sensibilities simply for personal profiteering! Said as resident since 80s moved from decade in DAMTP CamUni on industrial math phys fixes for a decade in CheEng BirUni on plant biotec for nutraceuticals & created campus company as national numeruno 4-fold DTI SMARTee that spawned halfhour BBC2 profile via Beeb's last industrial editor (say nomore!) that lured forensic frontline faultfixing for a dozen major midlands makers all now RTD dead or dormant in detritus of 300k lost jobs in 3 decades of decimation by Westhall wenkers. I'm angry as proud possessor of one of the final few Mazda Miller Xedos now with 300k clocked yet still as good as when I acquired it 2 decades ago, this thanks to anglo auldskuled engineer expert pensioner still racing ownbuild F3 & even demodriving rebuilt F1 Mercs, same as me in spirited sensibilities so longsince also alienated by illeducated ignorant appratshit autocracies of Luvvies & Lardies that now rule all roosts as nonresident nazties conspiring to contrick me for my few trunkroad transits from southside home to visit northside family & friends.

.        Beeb's bantering betrayal of serious scholarship by specious sellership in just one week with cryoacoustics & zombie cells & shelfice melt & telecom sosus & taxol biotec exemplifying extermination of auldanglo eltist excellence by plazyiaristic populism and ask again why listing been dropped from Toady website when it was invaluable for identifying items of interest. Takes ten minutes to cobble it so they lied in telling me they had better things to do with their time not noting of course that that was on my money!

.        Sensors To Track Hypersonic Threats} funcionality flipside is autonomous adaptivity in algorithmic analytics & no hint here of bifuckation busting Kalmanalyser nevermind neuralnet selfswitching speedup evolved during decade of coldwar closure subsea stuff

.        masterclass on susty leadership} from nudgery via naggery to naztery on naffed nebuloscience evermore emphatically mcluhanised in moronic mantras by Loonydon Luvvies & Lardies milking megamoney from pickpocketed pumpishment of poor old pursey public

.        Children exposed to a third more toxic car fumes than adults} evermore exploitative nongo nuiscience mantra mcluhanisation by Loonydon Luvvied careering camplaigners who never did a decent day dirty digiting whilst disseminating distorted dogma

.        Re: BBC Toady 25jun: National Health Service & Space Agency innovation initiative} unholy alliance engineered via god squad seeking salvation for pointless projects via astronomical absurdity citing as context civiianised coldwar concept capabilities  Why waste more megamoney on trite trivialities especially for chronic conditions and care capacities when curative clinicals in acute arenas entailing sophisticated surgery are so swamped by tickboxed throughput imposed by ignorant management martinets as to fret with frustration when offered an opportunity to ponder possible improvements inspired by patients with personal emergencies as experts also in frontline forensics for advanced applications in coldwar covert campaigns. Said as someone with firsthand familiarity from current care for a mangled macula whilst waiting weeks for dispersive dissolution of the buoyancy bubble introduced into the interior of my eyeball with a view to rendering reattachment of the torn tissue on 50:50 odds as an oldie with obscuration now nigh on a year since noticed and notified. Crossed my mind that with success so sensitive to sustained head down posture for positioning by buoyancy, then interfacial immobilisation by filming forces rendered reversible by pH polarity should surely have been considered as candidate, alternatively augmented by EM enhancement via field forcing affording access to pulsatile pressurisation as adhesion accelerant extensively exploited in industrial implementations. Such speculations sadly were rejected as impossible to investigate in an arena assessed by bean baggers on treatment times as bodies inandout, rather referred for Californian consideration by best in business no doubt due to militarily motivated projects pursued for both medical and material methodologies. So as final fling I'm going to suggest a simple survey of vibro-assist via footstep forced induction of bubble bouncing, head-down of course as the doctor ordered, as inspired by hours of daily dogwalking displacement activity avoiding head-up temptations of TV etc. This conjectured consideration was consolidated by realisation that reaction interval 10% say at 2Hz on 2" lift seems to suggest say upto 40% as g-transient multiplier maybe on steady state bubble buoyancy, radially reflected in somewhat similar squishing whilst wobbling. Anyway surveying for success enhancement with exercise, properly postured of course, should be straightforward and any surely significant for restoration of readability in alleviating an absurdly optimistic overload on restricted resources, so do please punt it as a possibility. Thanks.

.        Sanaullah publication Investigation on hydrodynamics of gas fluidized bed_} nice knowing you're persevering on campus career consolidation although abstract obscure on approach so maybe send a link to access paper. Thanks.

.        Undeliverable: BBC Toady_}cavalier cowboys had already forgotten who pays for their privilege when they stopped providing webbed summaries valuable for deaf texters & essential for busy bodies to retrospectively retrieve individual items. Too busy indeed!

.        New-gen London Overground train} aka next-gen Sprinter formerly from Washwood Heath sickeningly smashed by Bliarownian Bonkernomics for want of one-off £10k/job when city spivs were (& are) enjoying 10x more pa in taxbreaks on casino killings

.        Leached Plastic_benign}hysterically hyped mcluhanisation mantras by Loonydon Luvvies catalysed collapsed commonsense on trivial toxicity of modest marine 1kg residues against 10T road-riverine degradation detritus per pop_indeed <ppq mixed layer mean!

.        KTN Design} ignorantly irrelevant to reality requirements in skill shortages during decimation decades spanning spectrum from trade technologies to scholarship science suchas Rolls wreckage at Derby spawned from shortcomings on Trent delivery & GTF entry

.        Grid turbulence near a moving wall} nice knowing not forgotten despite decades since it spawned not only corrective correlations for shearless BCs in CFD but also automotive running road tunnels longsince seen essential for F1 & muchmore

.        Sanaullah publication Investigation on hydrodynamics of gas fluidized bed_} nice knowing you're persevering on campus career consolidation although abstract obscure on approach so maybe send a link to access paper. Thanks. 

.        citation of Sajjadi etal} resident just down your road at Embry-Riddle! Wimd forcing surely needs space-time excursions to accommodate gusty bursts responsible for whitecapped heterogeneity in surface stress so also in dispersivity? 

.        Re: CFD_} _correlational collusions_}_suboptimal simulations}Caricatures For Dunces dangerously disastrous asin TMI-Fukushima & PA-OO-DWH fatality failings foretold at '68 Stanford Soiree by USAF-OSR's sponsor specialist who wanted warning traffic lights See my stuff such as '76 JFM that spawned some sensibility for formerly fudged FST formulae & '83 ICMF dittoed for multiphase mixture modelling, both ironically reviving GITaylor's seminality in RDT kinematics & airship gust response. But sadly no-one knows anglo auldskuled analysts any more says dotaged DAMPTosaur descendent whose '60s PhD delivered dissipative beamlet greens function featured in Lighthill's '78 monograph yet unnoticed for 30 years masking military apps in submarine stealthing until suddenly spotted as post-perestroika precedent for far-field energy tunnelling omitted from oceanics code cobblers on climate change. Much more yet to be recognised on such as vortexed cavitational combustor for Helmholtz impulsed stationary SCRAMer, all serendipitously sourced from aversion to ambition beyond aspirational acquisition of inspirational insight generated by grandee guru Batchelor who adopted me academically for my decade in DAMTP when Lighthill was his Lucasian alterego (and Hunt as heir apparent), arguably as GITaylor's DAMTPhisbaena and him deemed Rutherford's brightest boy whose wave-particle duality PhD inspired insight for currently contentious quantum coherence. Much more to be told but it needs a Clancy-Carre ghoster to do justice especially with my evermore evident dotaged dyslexia. Maybe you know a man who would be?

.        30BL diesel last year as 65% total road fuel} kW.pp caloric sustained for 40% shaft so that'll double delivery demand & typically treble it for application actuality exemplifying extremity of infrastructural insanity imposed by loonydon luvvites

.        Why a skilful Brexit deal is critical says legal journal reporter on lawyers seeking Irish citizenship to continue cases in European Court} classic caricature of bonkernomics bananarama by knowho knackers & bedlam bureauggers that busted Britain

.        UWL Utility Week Live 22-23May Birmingham} enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signaget  to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Ken Kneale @ SolidEnergy Air Heat Pumps # reminder recollection of Npower interst in my aeolian nozzles for fine spray flashcooling of compact air & helium units peppered with hydraulic nozzles ; David Robinson @ Capula Tech Innovation via Leo Wheeler & Alan McKenzie # diesel generation with controlled emission monitoring but "business software solutions" suggests same old Infestation Tricknology that's sidelined scienced sensibilities ; Chris Russell @ WRC # nostalgic nods to auld anglo era of educational elitist excellence when we manufactured what we needed whereas now we don't because we can't not after decades of decimation for piratised profiteering by city cpivvery ; Neil Willoughby @ Process Technique # sludge dewatwering reminder recollection of ICI Pruteen process with froth flotation followed by flocculation as up & downer unlikely on energetic economics ; Matthew Holland @ Denso pipeline sealants for century of corrosion & concrete protection # reminder recall of viscolastic polymerics evolved for submarine silencing extending to foamed materials maybe of interest for inerting & material minimisation ; Ray Taylor @ Next Filtration cartridge configured disinfection for horticultural & hygiene arenas extending to pH control & nutrient solubility & bacterial blockers # reminder recall of stability as sticking point in plant cell culture for secondary metabolite theraceuticals ; Jon Brigg @ Yorkshire Water # WATER-BOOSTIR = Wind Activated Treatment Environmental Recovery - Biological Oxidative Operation single Tank Integrated Recovery as 90s dti-SMARTee 4-stage BOD NOD deN SS to discharge consent in remote rural 3rd world ; Martyn Hopkinson @ Future Water Assoc # W-B above principle proven prototyped patented foundered for want of utility ambition beyond filched filing for future options whilst I squandered quater mill not making the market yet durchtecnicked a decade later ; Lloyd Martin @ British Water # as trade association expected enthusiasm albeit sensibly sceptical but bit better than bland disinterst disbelief despite grumpiatric groaner's status as campus cenurion in peered papers ; Alan Hill @ Ash Life Sci # high turbidity ozonation monitoring HQed in Weston where everyone went once upon a time ; Kevin Mooney @ CDEnviro # sewage screen shaker eliminates blockage - as advocated duodemidecade ago in utilty corporate evaluation of aerator options inspired by military mebrane accelerator

.        London Mayor calls for 2030 ban} concerted concentrated cashcow campaign by mcluhanisation mantra merchants exterminating economic efficacy with fuctiodal fabrication of ecomentalised exaggeration of perjuratively politrickeried spiked statistics

.        smart motorway alliance arrangement} cosy cartel nice nest egg for corporate careering but bigger bugbear byfar is £1k.pa.pp due to delays by motorway madagement ontopof cowboy coning for moronic months of inexcusible inactivity_plus £1k.pa.pp pumpishment

.        flying insects decreased by 75% in 27 years} night light blamed but much more credible candidate surely should be combustion contaminantion by supersurfactant suppressants ironically imposed via regulatory regimentation of exaggerated ecomentalisation  

.        Birmingham plans congestion charge_pollution public health crisis} baloney banditry by mcluhanised mantrists keen to culdesac cashcow poor old pursey public already criminally crippled by £30B.pa pumpishment pimped to grinergistic gabbledegookers

.        lessons in life we can take from the game} evermore expansive virtuosity virtualised via verbosity into vigilantism aimed at gaining a grandee gong for colluding correctness coercion from fashionably faddish mcluhanised mantration 

.        Re: Automatic reply: Siemens LU fleet build needs new factory} exemplifying extremity _}I am freeelance_}I know but you were best bet for analytical avoidance of correctness collusion that has sadly suffocated their style since the shakeout

.        SMMT Future Mobility Challenge}handcarted hell harpied by Infestation TricknologITs conspired by carbonastrophist cabal not caring a cuss for poor old pursey public's £30Bpa pumpishment as OPM obscenity that exterminated engineering & economic efficacy

.        Brian Jarman: difficulty communicating concerns about mortality_blame & blacklisting}never mind NHS how about 5 year gagging of my HSE critique commissioned for Cullen compliance postPiperAlpha condemning socalled safety software. It's ethostically endemic

.        battery trolleybuses 150 kW traction motors liion batteries enable 10-15 km}1h endurance say so that'll be 1-2T in toto absurdly astonishing as 3-5x diesel delivering 10x range not needing any additional infrastructure of overhead power lines & substations

.        Siemens LU fleet build needs new factory} exemplifying extremity of moronic madness in Bliarownian Bonkernomics with poor old puresy paying price of abandoning Alstom & 10k Brummies busted for want of one-off £10k perjob at LU previous production plant

.        news views on plastics rubber} always about slushstainability salvation_}alliteration polluting gibberish trolling a respected publication}campus centurion in peered papers sickened by such simplistic sellership swamping+suffocating significant scholarship

.        Taweel on ResearchGate} awesome array of activities akin to mine military stuff on subsea warfare excepted & nice knowing not forgotten despite being burned 20 years ago for excess success as anglo aukdskule acolyte of grandee guru DAMTPosaurs

.        citing Thomas in Ruzicka & Zahradnik } both of whom enjoyed exchanges on sabbatical stays supported by RoyalSociety & BritCouncil but surprised no mention of Carew's 90s PhD project on significance of size duality & slope for gas-oil well blowout

.        citation Thomas & ??}  probably Carew's 90s PhD project funded by Schlumberger Cambridge following fatal shallow gas blowout on exploration platform due to escape speed exceeding expectation from underestimated nonNewtonian algorithmic agglomeration 

.        news views on plastics rubber industries} always about slushstainability salvation from planetary poisoning as moronically mcluhanised pernicious perversion of factuality by fictuality encouraging fuctuality for essential element of economic efficacy

.        Re: Life Scientific:Rachel Mills Head OES}NOC spawned by sequestration of subsea scitec in profiteered piratisation of deflabs plazyiarising priorart on eg polymeric perpetuation of heavy metals amongst myriad more inputs since inception for covert coldwar   Must mention also mcluhanistically mythologised plastic paranoia about perpop 1kg.pa (1ppb mixed layer mean) oceanic residue absurdly amplified into toxic threat by RM against actuality that much may serve as sensibly insoluble biofilmed substrate supporting foodchain feedstock unlike 10kT.pa degradation detritus conveying chemical content from rural and roads runoff focused by filming functionality into persistent patches of surface slicked concentrated contamination. Recalled also BrentSpar bandwagon catastrophically contrived by Grinpiss Fiendsearth against actuality that it served as superior population platform than surrounding sandy wasteland, indeed acting akin to natural reef. &&&&. RIP factuality in face of fictuality for fuctuality by nebulously nonscienced intellectually illiterate ecomentalism educationally perpetuated by politically perjurative policies implemented initially as nineties nudgonomy then noughties nagonomy and now nazinomy of centralised command control in regulatory regimentation financed from persecution of poor old pursey public in pumpishment to tune of £30B.pa dedoling deadenders as million ormore in slushstainable sectors and £1B.pa on 10k academics playing preposterous partygames whilst economy expires for want of educated engineers manufacturing money from efficacious exports.

.        Super Stuff especially as I'm proud as punch to be your Old Billy who enjoys seeing you doing your best to be the best you can & sharing struggles as well as successes with your Old Nanny. Look forward to treating you to a proper pubbie one way or another

.        64kTpa plastic rubbished to landfill but recycled worth £6M} deliberately distorted published pricings well >£1/kg purely for perjorative posturing as fictioned faction for vilification via virtuosity vigilantism so shame on you yet again

.        Grenfell: 'Stay put' advice suspended on 112 London housing blocks} amazing anomaly after PiperAlpha when stayput was discredited by so many deaths whilst jumpers survived albeit with broken limbs_so why isn't water deployed into fast inflatables?

.        inexplicable delays of reports} never mind months my post PiperAlpha OTO98162 commissioned for HSE Cullen compliance cynically sidelined for 6 years until '97 incoming SecState articles' amendment required release of all expert endorsed remediation reports

.        supercriticality}nostalgic nod as 70s ManUni Reynolds ResFell with late great BillHall spawning schema for eddy extremum stress subsitution in Prandtl-Boussinesq log law sufficing for hysteretic transition without correluption of classical constants

.        Excellent excuse_even for cudchewing chat}_laboratory moved to Harper Adams}only an spit from us also en route to our horsey daughter in Baschurch so how about publunch next time you visit HA? Is Paul still in touch?  

.        citations of 90s projects in pursuit of plant biotec but there was much more done in PhDs by Janes Pearse Snape Green Li Holmes that sadly succumbed for want of sellership that sadly supplanted scholarship during decades of decimating anglo auldskulism

.        citation in Taqieddin 2018} but denied access to references to see which one_Ruzicka ZahradnikmDrahos Thomas ChemEngSci 2001? Much more done in military coldwar closure campaigns on batteries inspired by submarine oxygen regenerators

.        Re: citation: semicentury since my ManUni PhD project serendipitously selected for sporting pleasure & pubbing whilst waiting 6 hours for settled stratification until ultimatum catalysed conjectures on beamlet broadening & bonanza bonus by late great Light

.        Re: Concrete Show 20-21Mar Birmingham}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signaget  to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Mahir Kubba @ Sicoma Mixers # twinshaft planetary countercurrent options all evaluated in exploratory phase of my early 90s DTI SMARTees on winddriven wastewater & all abandoned for simplicity in 4-stage annular arrangement for BOD NOD deN SS to consent quality ; Gareth Hulcup @ Skako # concrete mixers incorporating surface scrapers + conductivity sensors & microwave moisture monitors + shaft sensed power but inhomogeneity inevitable with multiphase rheology ; Eric Carlen @ CombiForm Concreted Composites & Floor Levellers # no hint of fibre reinforcement never mind crosslinked flexifibre vibrational damping first formulated by soviets for a 60s concept concrete submarine ; Tim Andrews @ Arrow Machinery # concrete kerbmaker from Ozland with aspiring racedriver son who'd do worse than contact KDM Racing owned by Kevin now well into 60s yet still at it aswellas keeping my Mazda Miller Xedos in good order with 300k clocked miles ; Lee Brockway @ RCR Flooring # hemihexagonal mating plates for concrete panels but no hint for viscolastic fibred fillers for compliance such as conceived for soviet 60s submarine above ; Sam Byrne @ Siltbuster Hydrodemolition Blastwater Treatment # sequential separation same as ICI 70s Pruteen process viz down-up-down via gravity-froth-flocculant and neither with cyclonic compaction? ; Richard Day @ Concrete Society # graduation '82 Kingston Uni but was Poly until '92 & proudly so as proclaimed by tree topped graduates like Les Bradbury as recalled # might like learningf about 60s soviet submarine disclosed during glasnost as asylum bribery

.        Re: UKIVA Machine Vision 10-5 '16May Milton Keynes}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signaget  to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Martin Short @ Sick Sensors # AI algorithmic achievements restricted to expert expectation within maintained manifold as asserted by Goedel reinforced by Lighthill but autoadpative Kalamanalyser affords access to bifuckation busting for multiple manifolds ; Nathan Cohen @ Imperx Cameras # BocaRaton only a spit from Merritt Island where we holiday with my brother formerly i/c field station tracker at Kennedy # amazing adventures as academic coldwarrior spawned by 60s PhD used by Nixon for Brezhnev bonafides ; Casper Andersen @ JAI industrial cameras # recalled multimill EU-ICT fp4 BlueWater project on kilometric monitoring of beach waters for contamination via grey-scale & glint anomalies as civilianisation of coldwar capability for submarine signatures ; Jonathan Worrod @ Comar Optics # Cambridge based top quality optics such as space-based imaging raised recollection of cm ripple resolution from spy planes even satellites as coldwar closure capability complemented with laseRaman spectroscopy ; Graham Gibbons @ ActiveSilicon computer imaging # x-GEC LeCroy TeraView imaging expert enjoyed my recollections of 60s Schlieren in support of submarine wargames at advent of laser-colour capabilities & awareness of phase-factored nanoresolution nowadays ; Darren Tyrell @ Munro Vision # x-JLR imagaing expert with LED lightbox for high definition uniformity # prompted recall of ICI PhD on bioreactor bursting bubbles imaged by backlit 10 pic strobed colour-coded overlay on 35m fast fillm resolving 10mic in 10mm at 10m/s

.        Internet Retailing EDX eDel 21-22mar Birmingham}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signaget  to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Alex Murray @ Lidl # language graduate running show surely better bet than Infestation TrickologIT but Turng Test giveaway on sector specialist ignorance of Goedel & Lighthilll annihilation of AI other than for evident expectations within manifest manifold

.        ELRIG Discovery Technologies 22-23may Alderley}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signaget  to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Nicola Zamboni @ ETH Zurich # 90s plant biotec evolution from cell suspension through callus cocultivation for hormonal stability to transformed roots with preserved genome claiming commercial viability with scopolamine demonstrator with prospect of engeneering ; Melanie Bailey @ Surrey Uni # low sample statistics given heterogeneity anisotropy? # LCMS but still no sign of breakthrough tailing used for increased sensitivity andor column ageing ; Josephine Bunch @ NPL # tumour metabolism by multiscale imaging shouldn't focus on clustering alone with outliers indicative of metabolic multiplicity # Deep Learning delivers monomanifold expectation excluding parallel possibillities via bifuckation busters

.        Tiptop thanks for Birthday Bests distinctively defining my perceived persona "scoffing & snoozing & splashing & schmoozing" sandwiched in "smarties & starries" well suited to my seventies senility! Plus pair of serendipitously snapped sporting souvenirs

.        still not seen eddy extremity stress scaling in Prandtl-Boussinesq characterisation capturing transition-retransition as subcritical bifurcation without fudge factoring log law even with quadratic not quartic damping as analytically amenable approximation?

.        Re: Highways UK Intelligent Infrastructure}last week it took an hour for 100m around Victoria Station in all 4hours from Minories to Brum on south side & this week it took same via city side both time-doubled by bus-bike blockages mirroring motorway madage

.        What we need from Grenfell inquiry is clarity_1,507-page report by specialist_with 4 publications} clarity calls for informed insight via experienced expertise conveyed concisely for compliance with Occam's Razor comprehensively contravened on all counts

.        the need to recycle everything we could} virtuosity vindication exemplifying entropic extravagence of evermore ecomentally nonscienced nebulosity that obliterated objectiviity from elitist expertise in auldskule agendas

.        If you can't retain some glimmer of common courtesy, we'll just blanket ban you from our site. The only correctness you lack is in the ability to write English.

.        Patent Box_patents are an essential commercial tool for all companies} nope not true not when many maybe most SMEs unable to enforce exploitations by big boggers as I found when my 4-fold dti-SMARTee was cavalierly copycatted in double durchtecnickery

.        Zahradnik etal} nice knowing not forgotten despite dotaged dilapidation # seeing Magnaudet also citing Auton prompted pleasant memories of mentoring his PhD in CamUni DAMTP viz Thomas Auton Sene Hunt 1983 as first force law correction of Drew Lahey 1979

.        Reverse Decline In Research Funding}feature folly surely seen in UK unAstute dragdoubled subs shortfall worst since WW2 arguably attributable entirely to 90s deflab decimation for profiteered piratisation trashing transatlantic trust sustained since WW2

.        David Baldacci:  Comment on a novel, or simply drop David a line: just finished THE FIX thinking it hybridised 49 steps as spy conspiracy with Twin Towers basement bomb & Scandi saga Noren as hero! Wondering whether you'd do my own amazing adventures?

.        higher chilled water temperatures improve efficiency by staggering 64%_adiabatic cooling with high pressure spray system} no hint here of pressurisation penalty which would be offest with aeolian activation for driftless dispersion with diminished dropsize

.        BPF to positively promote plastics} absolutely amazed at maniacal mcluhanisation from faction into fuction with plastics perfect as planktonic biofilmed fisheries feeders & paltry 1kg as pollutants pa.pp against 10T typically toxified degradation detritus

.        Beeb Life Scientific: JohnTaylor}absolutely amazing as contextual & cerebral clone for JamesLovelock even extending to voice & visual yet anchorman never noticed! Prompted also by mirroring my own serendipitously sourced academic adventures being biobooked

.        BAES £2.4B RN Astute Dreadnought submarines}no hint here of gobsmackingly gormed drag doubling unAstuteness attributable to deflab destruction nor redundancy ruination of expertise essential also for discounted delivery via transatlantic treatied Trident1

.        How do F3 racers achieve optimal speed at every corner?} team of 20 pickpocketing public purse to participate against your team of 2 paying your own way!

.        Re: DEVELOP3D 9-5'20mar Coventry }enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signaget  to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies James Dagg @ Altair CTO # "meticulously simulated optimised challenged & challenged" } absolutely as aware from firsthand familiarity with error elimination from fundamentally flawed NRC approved PWR LOCA codes & freestream turbulence in CFD codes &&& ; Vincent Jansen @ 3D Connexion # "two-handed workflow perfected it with CadMouse used in your mouse hand built specifically for CAD professionals } as emphasised sorting a solution faster more often than not can't say safer ; Martin Day @ X3D Media # as mentioned grumpiatric groaner is old enough to remember emergence of softwared stuff in late-60s when first CFD Jamboree at Stanford was sponsored by USAF_OSR who assessor asserted not tobe allowed without traffic light warning ; Gregory Way @ Majenta CAD-CAM } customer convenience inevitably indicates increased ignorance of users unfamiliar with complexities compounding context of industrial implementations_climate catastrophist code as extreme exemplar for corrupted consequences ; Vipin Pillai @ Ocado # outsourced warehouse technology emphasis on optimisation of softwared shuffling minimising transit times for sorters-selecters } sample space small beer compared with turbulence & multiphase flows so pattern protocols probably pertinent

.        Re: Flood Coast 20-22mar Telford }enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signaget  to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Dave Hindle @ OTB Engrg # Chairman} amazed by my account as academic adventurer for decade of defconXies during coldwar closure on transatlantic treatied submarine stealthing spawned by sixties PhD pivotal for Brezhnev bonafides in Nixon's Moscow Mission ; David Carson @ Reinforced Eath # steel & plastic inserts independent or crosslinked akin to high strength concrete & stabilised grass parking etc # UMIST C-Fibre PhD & Coventry Uni Enterprises} nostalgic nods to auld anglo days of elitist excellence ; Lee Church @ Concrete Canvas # fibre-matrixed dry-powder PVC bottom proofed canvas top sealed contour compliant culvert & lagoon lining} recollection of russian elastomericised concrete submarine for sonar stealthing copycatted but unadopted by americans ; Chris Burton @ Tony Gee Engrs # London Gateway Pumping Station 3cumec} recalled my CamUni DAMTP academic advisories on LittelbrookD 50cumec secondary CW destabilised by Thames tidal 5m weirdrop air etrainment & similar scale siphon priming problems ; Russell Lawley @ BGS NERC # climate change coastal impact erosion subsidence} CO2 catastrophist exaggerated extremities conceded by cabalists cobnfessing fudged figures on thermal trapping as I asserted in early 90s barracking of burgeoning bandwagon ; Gary Quinn & Simon Robinson @ Alorair air quality # dehumidifier remediation recovery from flooding} recalled recently bereaved elderly frail father-in-law tribulations after Taw took out his home compounded by pneumonia from insurer's industrial kerosene heater fumes ; Nick Smedley @ Valeport instrumentation # sonar sensed tidal turbidity as reminder of RTD with prepiratisation Wallingford on fundamental formulations for sedimented sandwaves still not sensibly softwared in commercially contrived Caricature Flow Ditties ; Rod Fox @ Revaluetech polymer plastic reformer # Brum-based waste reuse project ironic indeed in city that endured endless interruption of household council collections due to disputed terms with workers piratised out of pensioned employment entitlement ; John O'Gara CPM # concrete everything especially Redi-Rock retainers favoured by Network Rail # Manchester made me recall sixties student days spent spit from Maine Road topfloored above Leeches Funeral saunaring with MD's PA &&&

.        Highways Laureates}hangon_HUK is financed..}NO: it's entirely independent of Highways England} okay so sorry for that but still sharing cosy contacts via contractor clubbery even platforming PRomoganda. If you liked diatribe give me a speaking spot!

.        Who is Stuart Nathan to censor countercorrectness whilst promoting perjurative politrickery? Indeed who earth with worthwhile Engineering expertise would have given any graduate chemist authority to access anything apart beyond backoffice banter?

.        Environment Agency: individuals improve water efficiency or face shortages}NT: Annual rainfall 1 metre  on GB's 50M ha means 10kT per pop using 50T orso  meaning <1% utilisation so what's the problem apart from yet another pernicious persecution of poor o

.        Collaborative climate modelling uncovers details of city living_physical model windtunnel tested & computer modelled} gITilogical gabbledegeekery on both counts with size ratio reality 100:1 means micromodelling mangled in mesh mash ditto tunnel test

.        NASA mission to track Earth’s water_ JB: Real science >> political science} NT: Spot-on JB & for fraction of bread being burned on baloney!

.        Martyn's new photo:Andrew Relf Brilliant Martyn. You can't fail to enjoy that trip Give Nick my regards} Saw it & thought Bedford must look like that now then spotted AR's remark so looks like it was. Give him mine too. Enjoy excursion

.        world's largest rapid charging network} right up kickback culdesac with masonic moneygoround mcluhanistically manoeuvering perniciously politrickeried profiteering by carbastrophism cowboys killing the economy with ecomentalisation

.        life on ocean wave needs care overpollution}Ricardo Report commercially conflicted slant for sponsor Schneider's casemaking with confidence clouded by correlational conjectures spiking significance sensibility compounded by careering camplaigner as author

.        Dan Jones} did i mention concept chainless single stage 1:9:1 gearing configurable in 2" deep 4" diam hub eventually to be evaluated for principle & performance pitched particularly at cycling for its major mass reduction with weight being principal pause

.        considered response to horror_Dame Judith Hackitt} she knows nowt about fire science whereas all who do condemned the product aswellas the people ironically omitting their own commerically conflicted complicity in staying silent on overlooked obligations

.        FAST Engineering Materials 10may Birmingham}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signaget  to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Peter Roberts @ Wilde Engineering Analysis# FEA Swansea Uni via Zienkiewicz_ANSYS in nuclear NW} own encounter via Argyris as Z contemporary & nuclear via BillHall x-MSC+RAE+Risley to ManUni NucEng Head as Reynolds RF on fatal accident fundamentals ; Dan Jarvis @ Plastribution # 30 years’ experience in the polymer industry} recall reminder of father-inlaw Fred Rishton role as Visqueen GenMgr when ICI's first PET bubbles were blown # nearest I got was PAG-PEG military apps for seascape suppression also ICI Emkarox ; Jake Richardson @ Holden AlTech # UniDerby Motorsport TechMech # Sapa Structural design aviation maintenance construction Aluminium products systems solutions} foamed metals for lightweighted resilience & compliance military materials ; Tony Wakefield @ Biesterfeld Petroplas # x-GE Plastics Manchester-based} recall reminder of Maine Road ManCity supporter housed in Leeches Funeral Parlour topfloor flat as housekeeper in lieu rent enjoying Sauna shared with Director's PA ; Russell Curtis & Russell Thorley @ Curtis-Wright Coatings & Lubes & Metals} recall reminder of sixties sputtered sensor insulation for PhD # also plasma polishing of submarine supersteels &&& ; Nigel Badger @ AtlasCopco} my mail to Alex Cameron @ AtlasCopco re IntrinSys bash was bounced

.        West Midlands manufacturing companies are continuing to outperform the majority of their regional counterparts as new research reveals that they are among the most financially stable in the UK} no statistical sgnificance in fractional rms excursion

.        Re: autonomous vehicles} NT: No hints here of consumer costs incurred from fuel fees & transport taxes, well over £30B.pa with two thirds trashed on slushsidised superficialities of effete ecomentalism didactically dedoling over a million people,  many for  formerly functionally retained in revenue earning engineering prior to  preposterous postindustrialism.  Nor inevitable impact as accidents arising from frustration with undue dawdling by lane loonies imposing restriction rights regardless of safe sensibilities, already an excruciating epidemic of proxy policing produced by coned controls. No problem for Loonydon Luvvies enjoying excellent infrastructure inside their M25 merrygoround, publicly pursed with as much or more  than all rejected regions taken together but cruelly costly for exploited externals especially commuters & commercials on daily duties. However hubristic hobnobs responsible for  rules and regs couldn't care a cuss about anyone apart from their own families and friends.

.        accurate long-range predictions_self-organizing map  neural network to create an ensemble solution} okay for stationarity limit of unsteady attractor sets but won't work for bifuckating broaderbanders especially such as SNR swamping for chaffed concealment

.        Zahradnik etel x2 citations in Sujan etal on bubble coalescence inhibition} by Marangoni modulus massively more amplified by polymeric PAGs & PEGs done dusted as military methods for seascape suppression fundamentally followedup in mid90s PhD by Fox

.        Re: Your Society has just got bigger and better} beware burgeoning hubristic hype such as spawned then stuffed your banking bananarama_optmistic overpopulation of socalled services for tech talk set for shakeout after BT's burnout on sport sillies

.        Re: ONBOARD THE QMII}BonVoyage & BestofBrit to both for an enjoyable escape} great pic but pity about beer_frigid lager indeed!

.        banking for the 4th industrial revolution} NT: WS: Among the building blocks for the engineering sector is access to finance, especially for smaller firms :: facilitated for deutsche durchtecnickery via federal & regional & local incentives initiated rapid  rapidly & routinely without financial  fuss ensuring employment is sensibly sustained properly provisioned & pensioned during decades of development whereas here it's only ever all about maximal margins on the masonic moneygoround in pursuit of peak profiteering prior to crudely cashed exit and entry via the revolving door of our casino economy

.        Energyst Event 9-4'17-18apr Birmingham}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signaget  to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Richard Hipkiss @ Digital Energy # nebulously nonscienced pernicious politrickery will inevitably inflict pound perunit ontopof £30Bpa pumpishment pickpocketed from poor old pursey dedoling deadenders duped after dumping from proper jobs in manufacturing ; Martim Fortes @ GridBeyond # "grid-balancing mechanisms deliver generous financial incentives in return for changes in the way businesses use electricity": moneygoround madness strangled sensibility of power provision validated since Victorian era ; Jamie Brown @ FloGas # LPG LNG bottled alternatives to tanked oil obviously attractive as option in offmain areas but surely can't compete with installed infrastructure not without direct-indirect slushsidies ; Scott McGregor @ redT Storage # Vanadium redox flow technology: 10% Lion PED but who cares for fixed industrial apps solar sourced not needing offsite distribution especially with 10x cycle lifetime but price still punitive say expert evaluators @ KIT 2016 ; Matthew Woods @ Haven Power # "Ransomes Europark" says all_good for environment and business our sustainably sourced electricity has a carbon footprint 80% lower than coal: at crippling cost to economy already damaged ifnot destroyed by debt-driven delusion ; David Moore @ GES # established electrical engineering equipeer seduced into services by slushsidies sad to say forced into featuring bio-wind-solar-hydro as if sourcing salvation for world's woes as contrived carbonastrophist cabal ; James Fergus' on @ kWIQly # scalable energy efficiency through its SaaS (Software as a Service) pattern recognition analytic platform: why when it's only watts to be waived perhaps £pppa

.        Cc: Ilya Mansfield @ ENEL EnerNoc # ditto says Grumpiatric Groaner who did actuality apps as frontline faultfixing on big baseloaders as well as military motivated methodologies for monitoring in multimill EU-ICT fp5 project "BlueWater" imaging of ENEL CW discharges

.        West Midlands most expensive engineers} NT: Career context is designated in decades which for WM would include postindustrial pogroms since 70s during which I wonder just how many properly pensioned jobs were jacked for quick quids in by pernicious profit

.        ONBOARD THE QMII}BonVoyage & BestofBrit to both for an enjoyable escape from worries & woes. My own antinecrotic activity done as daily dogwalking 2x3miles or comparable calories via six sets of furious 40s, five from 80 stairs in 40sec. Demented or daft?!

.        citing Ruzcka et al x2 & Zahradnik etal on electrolytic gas hold-up_surface tension gradient} or Marangoni modulus explored more massively fo military seascape suppression even to extent of LJ molecular mechanistic modelling eg FAST Team early 90s Fox PhD

.        It gets much better} or worse as worldly rancid revelation of masonic moneygoround mafia. At least an airing from centaur's censor unlike my own torrid tale eliminated as if never existed, like many maybe most of my counter-correctness commentaries

.        weird liquids can be at high pressures} no hint here of interfacial interference with isotropic equilibrium such as can be captured by eg LJ potentials for synergetic structuralism via H-bonding on OH in regularly repeated sidearmed straightchain polymers

.        Cladding ban confusion wreaks havoc for Hackitt} who'd rendered reversion to operational origins as petrochem products practitioner in defensive defiance of demands for prohibition of plastics, indeed in post now as topdog on that side of the fence

.        Sustainability} sector succumbed to mcluhanised madness of careering camplaigners nebulously nonscienced assertion of armageddon from kg.pp.pa as substrate supporting biofilm for fisheries foodchain against rancid runoff in 10T.pp.pa degradation detritus

.        Re: Hockey Highpoints for Sarah to see_hires at home as originals for archived action pic prints, one especially extraordinary} sent separately so Ed'll see it before fame fades from memory

.        Commercial Vehicle Show 24-26Apr Bham} Scotseat Standman enthusiastic expectation_} silence suggests my mail may have been bounced so attempting again to attract attention. Thanks.

.        Re: Your Society has just got bigger and better} beware burgeoning hubristic hype such as spawned then stuffed your banking bananarama_optmistic overpopulation of socalled services for tech talk set for shakeout after BT's burnout on sport sillies

.        citation Guo etal} I also connected Boure's CEA stuff with coupled air-water surface & hammer modes at Dinorwic & Littlebrook interpreted inpart via constitutive closure coupling between kinematics and dynamics analogous to WKB partitioning. Interested?

.        citing Goldring etal} awesome artefact of actualities with cacophonies of complexities. As for "level surges" you might like to reflect on practicalities such as siphon priming still not properly appreciated here as seen in recently failed flood facilities

.        Re: Graham Sykes steam-powered rocket bike} enjoyable exchange _} you stayed silent so maybe it was bounced by your mailer?

.        pistol shrimp energy gain from fusion_advanced hydrodynamic simulation to iterate target designs extremely quickly} NT: No hint here of interfacial instability that poleaxed Putterman's projected super-focused sphericity, nor complexity of charge coupled a

.        £1.3B nuclear submarine base procured through Defence Infrastructure Organisation_methods of procurement previously employed to varying degrees of success} euphemism for failed piratisation profiteers to replicate reliabiklity of prior public provisioning

.        teaching benchmark By RAE CEO_mike blamey second-rate teachers} NT: I would my own have added my own firsthand familiarity complementing MB's but no point , not now that editorial moderation extends to censorship of anything at odds with correctness compli

.        Carillion bosses slammed_mike blamey's same experience 50 years ago} NT: Bravo Blamey for what I would have thought was tad over the top tale except for my confrontation with a cowboy corporate profiteering from piratisation prior to bailed-out bankruptcy, disdainfully disregarding Sec State ruling for retention of individual inventive IP. Suffice to say I was brusquely bollocked for precocious presumption, cynically suggested I should sue for implied infringement, excessive enough you'd think only that was followed-up with frightener from a hobby-jobbing gun toting SO19 psycho and ear-whispered warning about longevity limits from grandee guru recently relocated from public to private corridors of collusion. Close by commenting this moneygoround miasma was as big as Blamey's, merely one more tale of trickery in the litany of Loonydon Larding  at evermore expense of persecuted people in our rejected regions.

.        horizontal stratified wake internal waves} nice knowing my 60s stuff still sourced presumably for beamlet greens function but extra especially seeing second part PhD long last done as deserved. Recall Gumlievskii mid90s thermohaline wake as asylum software

.        WWF claims large new gas plants not necessary} NT: “Amazingly, the UK’s coal phase-out will not require a ‘gas bridge’ as many predicted,” said Sandbag analyst Charles Moore. “  :: Linkedin.com: Winchester & Oxford Phys via RWE analyst to Sandbag campaigner. Uhm!? # Gareth Redmond King, WWF Head Climate Energy "government set international precedent by sending coal to the dustbin of history,” :: Linkedin.com: Glasgow Eng Lit to Oxford Brookes PGCL & Warwick MPA to Home Office & DECC policy then WWF thinker. Uhm?!

.        Carbon Fiber Health Monitoring} microbragg fibred composites configured during defconXies in coldwar closure campaigns for component insitu inservice ageing assessment even embedded selfrepair sachet for delamination damage

.        supercritical buoyant/accelerant convective impairment}still no sign of any awareness that quadratiically damped eddy extremity stress rescaling of Prandtl-Boussinesq suffices for hysteretic transition using log law classical constants & no fudge factors

.        Mark Miodownik weird materials & love-hate plastic} desperately disappointing downdumbing descended into disrepute with sloppienced superficality of misleading mediocrity masquerading as materiology

.        BBC 4thought: people shot by police} you didnlt miss much of my message (below). Pleased indeed by your interest_maybe meeting be best with me often over to Ricoh even more to NEC from my Brum base. If so let me know when best for pinted pie chat.  

.        citations of my paper(s) in Abufalgha 2018} be nice knowing which one(s) as might be able to advise on others relevant to the research project. Thanks. 

.        Seawater Greenhouse £150k as Springboard winner by Sinead Lynch Chair ShellUK_evaporates sea water for cool humid microclimate crops in arid coastals} nowt novel not with extensive evolution since emergence in Egyptian-Iranian implementation for irrigation

.        Audi e-Tron 250miles from 95kWh (600kg)} say 60kWh actually available or 4mile/kWh means 100mpg sos that's dawdling as expected from 2T frictionfactored to kN @ 20m/s = 20kW or 3h @ 40mph = 120miles! More moronically mcluhanised madness

.        need for socially responsible AI} NT: sociological engineering of Artefactual Imbecility is indeed ironic given the Goedelian garbaging it got from Lucasian Lighthill recently reinforced by Emporial Penrose

.        Orvalho etal citing my etals re bubble coalescence}but only for quiescent anchored entry of identical twins whereas size setting actuality in airlift is dynamically determined by wake sheltered engagement especially size differentiated asin Carew etal 1995

.        Re: Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology _Save £400} too pricey for prematurely pensioned pauper amazed by absence of US generic patented SPRAYer = Stimulated Pulsatile Rendering Aeolian deliverY for flash freezing by coldgas coflow with matched momentu

.        Air pollution tab should not be picked up by drivers}so why won't RAC reinstate its original objective as AutoClub, especially given evolution of nonscienced nudgery via naggery into naztery by Loonydon Luvvies & Lardies on mcluhanised masonic moneygoround

.        Booming dunes & Silo honking} recalled early 90s PhDs on booming behaviour: one on cyclical crest separated shear suction declining to deposition, other on cyclical blade wake bubbles sourced by shear suction terminated by buoyant criticality

.        Re: MACH 9-12apr Birmingham} enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies David Holmes @ BAeSysAir Warton # buttonholed for failure to exploit expertise of campus centurions in peered papers especially grumpiatric goats like me who was first paying user of BAe 10' 100mph tunnel after relocation to ManUni MecFlu &&& tales to tell ; Will Bocking @ Air Products Manchester # nostalgic nod to nicer times when Maine Road hosted BlueBoys Lee Summerbee Bell &&& whilst we watched from PlattLane Kippax corner after bevvies on GreatWestenSt before back to our Leeches top floor flat ; Scott Laverick @ Oberlin Filters # still no sign of civilianisation of heterodyned sonication for standoff scavenging of boundaries blocked by deposition or diffusion as done dusted during defconXies decade around coldwar closure &&& ; Peter Pridham @ Nikuni Microbubblers # froth flotation initiated by ICI for firststage solids segregation in pruteen processor followed by flocculation as reversal refinement # inclination as accelerant with combined cleansing competes with cyclonic configurations ; Mike Bray @ Turbex Component Cleansing # ultrasonic cavitation sensitive to shape especially edges especially involute impairment helped by heterodyned modulation for field focusing ; David Beattie & Julia Moore @ GTMA Resource # looking forward to another opportunity for awkward asks at your excellent events ; Alessandro Consalvo @ 3D Systems # noted 9-step operational outline merely mentions postprocessing almost as if an afterthought whereas rugiosity remediation can be a costly challenge ; Nigel Blairs & Robert Wood @ Total Lubricants # nicely nostalgic nod to my chance encounter with PAGS-PEGS as ICI Emkarox Lubricants serendipitously serving as superb solution for seascape suppression in sonaring via helicoptered hydrophones &&& ; David Morgan @ Windsor Scientific Apps # optical microscopy prompted recall of 60s PhD schlieren for stratification waves with greens function PhD that proved pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides after Cuban Capitulation ; Marco Pozzi @ Polo Connectors # can't quite recall ; Derek Thomas @ D&S Solvent & Aqueous Cleansing # ultrasonic aspects above # spray systems could consider coflowed coplanar matched momentum air as aeolian assist for penetrative power of interest to US-NRC for PWR LOCA catastrophes ; Tim Parrish @ Fuchs Oil EcoCool # x-RN helicopters amazed at my adventures as campus coldwarrior now needing professiinbal paperbacker for popularised portrayal eclipsing Clancy's caricatures even emulating Carre's conspiracies

.        Re: Intrinsys MBSE UKIEF 9-5'25apr Coventry AMTC}  enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Geoff Turner @ Intrinsys # ditto also in aerospace apps especially entailing CFD = Caricatures For Dummies other than well within established envelope as retropsective reference viz F1 apps & USAF Stanford 68 Traffic Lights ; Neil Wharton / Matthew Bennett @ Theorem Solutions # ditto ; Phil Spiers @ Waterman Engineering Environmental Sector Services # selfregulated software in BIM set to be nonscience nightmare for cavalier complacency culminating in catastrophe exemplified in exttemity of Grenfell after years of blindeyed banality ; Alex Cameron @ AtlasCopco # Burgess Hill indeed where we ended up after escaping from M23-A23 chaos caused by coners being notoriously most-least productive in Europe on deployment-recovery_metaphor for softwared sourced solutions! ; John Kichingman @ 3DS # never ignore Goedel's Theorem nutshelled in "oversight is inevitable" with corollary "always accommodate alternatives" sadly seldom seen in software sourced by Infestation TricknologITs even for critical control of PWR & HPHC systems

.        Re: MACH etc 9-12apr Birmingham} enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Mark Edwards @ Hayley Pump Savers # beware designating designs derived from Caricatures For Dummies especially for configurational complexities & unconfined flows such as core component liable to Coanda deflection & azimuthal offest & oscillations ; Graham Sykes @ GS Performance # scope for streamlined suppression of streamwise vortices inducing separation stirring up widened wake & derived drag # thermodynamics trivia for preprepared steam suggests kg orso should suffice for 10sec at 200kW ; John Quigley / Callum @ Emmegi Heat Exchangers # fan impairment by radiator proximity both in differential pressure & displacement bypass ; Rob Thomas @ ABB Elec Motors_synchronous reluctance substitution of windings & magnets with stacked steel rotor plates for zero induced current loss & zero speed full torque # neat enough to have evolved from coldwar closure on BH boosters for submarine stuff ; Vinod Kumar @ Silvent Nozzles # recollection of generic USPO recognition for fishtailed flat fan condi nozzle conveying matched momentum air as aeolian activator for vortiicty reduced drift & dropsize delivery of sprays needing no more than LP blower ; Martin Wolberg @ Schwer Fittings # can't quite recall ; Michael Stott @ Lee Products miniature innovation actuators for fluid controllers as solenoids dispensers nozzles in dosed dispensers ; Jon Fenton @ fetu Roticulate PD turbine oilless concept compressor 85% efficiency to 25kW # unable to infer from cagey flier but wear in use of closely contacted salient edges almost certainly be sticking point

.        £100M from banks for 11 gas power stations 750MW} £7.5/W as standby suggests say 10% utilisation over 12 years likely lifetime or 75p/unit capex & 25p/unit min opex intoto £1/unit min RIPoff by Lardies & Luvvies cavalierly crucifying our country

.        Re: CPDE Critical Power 18-19apr Coventry} enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Dave Andrews @ Power Systems Service # putting people with expert knowledge “at their fingertips” in touch with others who don’t have it_pretty much same as I did for duodecade of frontline forensic faultfixing for midlands makers ; Michael Welch @ Siemens TurboMachinery # as promised in pursuit of continuing connection on hydrogen embrittlement &&& as outlined in awkward asks & 121 remarks on climateered codswallop corrected for factualities ; Kris Szajctzicki @ Metering Solutions & ESTA # socalled smartees arguably allowing cowboy control in impending outages as experienced in recent cold snaps but mcluhanised out of media moaning ; Stuart McKay @ IPU Group Fuels # climateered codswallop with 95% water warming same % as nonscienced naggers amongst catastrophist camplaigners # amazing adventures of campus coldwarrior spawned by 60s PhD pivotal prior to Nixon's Moscow Mission ; Robert Amos @ Kohler Power & Energy # can't quite recollect ; Michael Langan @ Exergen Waste Heat # origin in 80s IR imaging as military methodologies ; Simon Buske @ Fozmula Engine Sensors # awesome array of specialist stuff looking like it was derived from defencies as comercial civilianisations where as my own were filched by piratisation profiteers on both sides of funding fence ; Freddy Page-Roberts @ Wyndham Page Diesel Exhaust & Western Tydens Diesel Speed Suppression # awesome achievements sadly skewered by DEFRA dunces as were mine on 4x90s DTI SMARTees making me national numerouno as scholar's SME startup 

.        Re: People Flow Management Show 19jul Derby} enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Andrew Ward @ Nott Uni Business # amazing adventures as campus careering coldwarrior & muchmore being biobundled prior to professionally pulped paperbacking still to be sorted for grumpiatric groaner grandson of grandee guru deceased DAMTPosaurs ; Angelika Kneidl x-MunichUni CompSci @ Accu-rate Crowd Simulation # Infestation TricknologIT implementing Lattice Boltzmann but unaware of implications & exclusions longsince learned by strongly scienced simulators ; Paul Townsend @ Crowd Dynamics # realtime author of quasi realtime data constrained simulation receptive to attractor optimising autoadaptive Kalmanalyser as bifuckation busting follower-forecaster for concealed threats ; Peter Debney @ Arup Bradford Uni # colourful caricatures can't conceal fundamental frailties already exposed in analogous arenas # quasi 1D Kynchian kinematics done-dusted during decades of dynamical developments ; Nicolas Chaulet x-EP Paris maths & UCL EM inverse scattering @ BuroHappold Smart Space # crowd control complexities in stochastic simulation dwarfed by turbulence as longest unresolved challenge in classical mechanics ; Shrikant Sharma @ BuroHappold Smart Space # Indian educational endurance awesomely auldskule # crowd control catastrophe conundrum exemplified in PiperAlpha & KingsCross & Grenfell when established exits were posthoc proven to be unknown unknowns ; Danny Evans x-Army @ Panasonic Automation # coldwar closure capabilities in sensing sensitivities still unsurpassed in satellite surveillance of submarine superhighway using LIDARaman for trace ripples & gases ; Vicky Funnell @ Footfall Intelligence # pad counters should be combined with energy extractors for typical topicality # my spectacular spectacles arose as evolution from early rugby damaged astigmatism to accommodate necrotic decrapitude ; Luke Best & Daniel Bent @ Multimodal Modelling # Longbridge nearby enough for x-Brum faculty* to popin for pursuit of rationalised realism via fundamental formulation of interaction kinematics-dynamics *early 90s 4-fold SMARTee made me national numerouno

.        Re: heat transfer in vertical flow}semicentury since interest was inspired by late great Bill Hall's mentoring my Reynolds ResFell yet still no sign of analytic adequacy via eddy extremity stress scaling of Prandtl-Boussinesq wallaw without any fudge facto

.        Artificial photosynthesis for clean hydrogen} NT: wikipedia.org operational use of GaAs solar cells in 1965 + sciencedirect.com 1984 Photovoltaic electrolysis: Hydrogen and electricity from water and light + cambridge.org 2017 gallium arsenide highest kno

.        CV Show} options for occasional occupation by subteen ideally on insertable flipseat in 45cm railed max gap behind frontseat in '98 Mazda Miller Xedos?  You were opmistic that a compact cutdown could be legally fitted for £200 orso? Hope so. Thanks.

.        Hydrophobic surfaces could provide more efficient cooling} evermore evident superficial sellership stuffs substantial scholarship that spawned this suff duodemidecade ago during coldwar closure campaigns civilianised via nuclear needs for failsafer!

.        Solar PV Expert battery back-up utility-scale} materials methodologist manifestly but auldskule academic scholarship sensibillities should surely also oblige honesty on crippling cost of combinations for intermittent dispersed deliverability on demand!

.        Don't be fooled} by wannabe wunderkids illeducated ignorance evermore everywhere whilst what little is left of our once proudly proclaimed auldanglo attainments boldly built on educational essentials have been extinguished by Loonydon Lardies & Luvvies

.        Re: Biggest challenge facing USAF’s top weapons buyer? Software} looks like traffic lights are back on USAF agenda semicentury since advocated at Stanford CFD Olympics notified as invited but sadly silent since

.        Biggest challenge facing USAF’s top weapons buyer? Software} looks like traffic lights are back on USAF agenda semicentury since advocated at Stanford CFD Olympics notified as invited but sadly silent since

.        Exeter electrode harvests hydrogen by splitting water with light} LaFeO3 photovoltaic electrochemistry spawned from subsea fuelcell formulations duodemidecade ago during coldwar closure but again substantial scholarship is stuffed by superficial sellership

.        Re: Commercial Vehicle Show 24-26Apr Bham} Scotseat Standman enthusiastic expectation on adequate answer to enquiry exploiting 45cm max gap behind passenger frontseat in '98 Mazda Miller Xedos9 for occasional occupation by school-age grandchild. Hope to he

.        Ruzicka etal cited by Xu now following me} nice knowing not forgotten despite now in dotaged decline although able to assess & advise on enhanced exchange such as by standoff sonication &&&

.        Re: Reconnection_} in your necks_} strong silence since last so hello is hardly pester_prompted by reddened ref super seeing JDJ still spawning but pity without eddy extremity stress variant Prandtl-Boussinesq capturing all analyrtically as unfudged foreca

.        CAST makes Dstl more capable} trivially tokenised reverse rationalisation seeking some of scienced skill spurned in profiteered piratisation that killed credibillity sustained since WW2 for transatlantic treatied trust especially drove discount on Trident1

.        Re: Don't miss out! Subscribe to receive important emails from eSight Energy} SUBSCRIBE ME. THANKS

.        Commercialising UK R&D}  NT: Ironic indeed that MB's verbosity accompanies SN's vacuity intoning the importance of invention in innovation whereas the essential element always was inspired insight individually informed by extremities_} Deleted comment

.        Final straw} absurd actuality that oceanic obscenity of 1kg.pp.pa plastic pollution comprises such a catastrophic contibution against 10T.pa.pp degradation detritus as the significant source of runoff residues from roads & rurals. Moronic Mcluhanisation  

.        Mach + Drives&Controls etc apr18 Birmingham} apology for absence of indicated interest due to distraction duties on family front with 4 grandkids under 10 during daughterinlaw's double hip replacement. Followup to follow on meetings as mooted. Thanks 

.        Finding connections across disparate data sets} aka materialisation across multiple manifolds via bifuckation busters such as algorithmically autoadaptive Kalmanalyser consolidated in coldwar closure campaigns even extending to ppb stealthed SNRs

.        RR Trent 1000_resonant airflow on stage2 blades by fan wake} should've stayed in academic alliance with IC-aero auldskulers & acolytes for decadally delivered fst-wake forcing fundamentals not seduced into superficialities of Caricaturational Flow Doodling

.        Re: Dwell & Extra-Column Volumes} howabout FACTS = Fundamental Algorithm ChromaTographic Separations done+demoed duodemidecade ago as Load&Go teaching-training-operational implementation: in NEALE.THOMAS.net/FACTS.doc plus peered paper

.        Generalized Lévèque for hydrothermal developing flow} wondered whether any interest in my remarks bottom below seeing as same strategy successful for PG modulated BL evolution

.        INNOVATION DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN Pam Waddell, director of Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands, offers a personal insight into its strategic vision} no hint of firsthand familiarity from a physiologist turn policyologist_same story as AWM anarchy

.        computational models to improve two-fluid models} how frustrating not only not knowing in what respect but citation sourced scholarship as context for contribution & significance_said as guy who eliminated error in added mass modelling of mixture models 

.        Bubble Plume Oscillations} analogous to undular modes induced in thermal cavity convection evaluated in 80s for Fast Reactor safety cases so you might also like to check out Ruzicka's paper on the analogy done during his 90s sabbatical with my FAST Team

.        How dispersed inertial particles modify turbulent flows} distracted by dotaged decrepitude I failed to spot your spot which I wouldn't ever have missed in that earlier era of elitist excellence before I was prematurely pensioned duodemidecade ago

.        Re: Automatic reply: why have you ceased publishing daily content summaries which were invaluable_}resource better spent on journalism} awaiting immediate indication you referred this cavalier copout for disciplinary investigation

.        ICMF Committees} not single soul bannered as British testifies to total disintegration of scienced scholarship by slyienced sellership_says Grumpiatric Goat formerly famed for flagging fundamental flaws in NRC-SPE safety approved mixture models

.        No transition heat transfer formulation} no mention of Bill Hall's buoyant induction-reversion foundations for which extreme eddy evolution of Prandtl wall-law plus variant Driest damping delivers analytic adequacy even of stream sensitive subscriticality

.        handbook on the future!} too late for grumpiatric goat but still time for paperbacking publisher to profit from adventurous academic's extraordinary encounters eclipsing Clancy emulating Carre spawned by Cuban crisis PhD spanning coldwar closure defconXies

.        Re: Wealth 150 - how have our choices fared?_margin of safety most misunderstood aspects of investing # profit margin at HL is more than 70%} so why should I hand over hardwon savings for you to make megamoney & pocket it?!}Take control_} DITTO

.        Re: Zahradník etal x2 on bubble reactors re data for model validation} super seeing citations but sad to say not stuff with Snape bottom below_}scri bounced my mail so googled discovery of your new role & super seeing another foundation FASTer topdogging

.        Manufacturing gold dust for UK says Lloyds main man} NT: Indian owned JLR & German owned Siemens jar with the jewel status asserted here for our own makers. I stopped by Lloyd's stand to moan (again) about account admin failures in their Artefactually Incompetent Infestation Tricknologies whilst en route to  Siemens' CEO briefing on the future is bright because AI & IT manifested in MaaS will make things RITE viz Right Ist Time Evermore. Uhm, for me that'll be more like Eventually if Ever as asserted in my awkward asker on the political & cultural contrast between our casino cashin economy and their stably secured supply chains courtesy of national + regional + local state subsidised support on key components  from industrial independents for innovative implementations by the big bucks boys. Said as 4-fold SMARTee who squandered quarter mill not making the market despite attempted alliances with leading lights who only wanted the bank my IP as opportunities for future exploitation not spend in support of market materialisation. Can't resist remarking that the response was so platitudinous as to prompt the session chair to followup with similar scepticism on London's claimed catalytic credibility when it was decidedly dominated by faddish fintec kids kitted out in latest lines amply affordable on banker bonuses! Enough for now but much more might be  said in same vein by grumpiatric groaner whose enterprises endured death by dozens of capability cuts across all aspects of midlands manufacturing during decades of decimation by Whiteminster Wallies.

.        Scott Polar RI to study cavities under weddell ice shelf} stampshuffling silliscience as now wellknown that waterline melt maintains perimetric loss # More snow 50mm melted merely half UK's so that's also another slyienced scaremonger by standard suspects

.        Don't believe street light scaremongers says council countering claims that wireless management system is secret government experiment} classicaly codswallopped smokescreen to suppress criticism of stupendously scambackeried spend by bankrupt bureauggery 

.        Re: FAA Risk-based Oversight_ Safety Assurance System shortcomings} same vein as earlier exchanges on which you stayed silent after initial indicated interest_}DITTO!

.        ABB says offshore operators could save > £240M by adoption of non-intrusive inspection of pressure vessels} longlost legacy of ARE SMC Holton Heath coldwar closure capabilities procured for piratisation profiteering by knowhoers not knowledge via knohowers

.        MACH meeing} will write on enjoyable encounter but must mention dotaged dyslexic's pursuit of paperback pulper to caricature Clancy-Carre for account of auldskule academic's amazing adventures in lieu of capability cash for adopted & anticipated advisories PS Intrigued that skimmed stuff doesn't do justice to the depth of discussion on esoteric elements especially extensions to military methodologies, also your apparent anonymity on webbage! As closure comment on recurring coincidences I was born in ShurlockRow! 

.        I'm sure you'll manage making do day-by-day like you said but please be sure to lean a litte if you think it'd help} Nuffin stays the same_very seldom does it get better!} indeed but in time the new norm won't seem so insurmountably impossible

.        Re: airflow reshaper for C-130 cargo door} another angle on shambolic stupidity of Bliarownian Bonkernomically profiteered piratisation of UK deflabs_configuration as conveyed duodemidecade ago in Gulfwar1 to secure stabilised low level troop truck dropdum

.        Re: Engineers provide answers: not word-smiths} not when censored!} NT: SN: A further warning to future responders: ‘Putin’s puppets’ is skating very close to an ad hominem attack. :: That’s pretty Putinesque don’t you think especially editorially! NT Deleted re MB re We need to recognise the value of plastic: Engineers provide answers: not word-smiths} not when embarrassing enumerations are censored for correctness compliance! Stuart Nathan:Not really. Calling someonde a puppet of a dictator with links to organised crime is insulting, and we’d stated we won’t tolerate insults.  NT: That’s pretty Putinesque don’t you think especially editorially! Stuart Nathan: A further warning to future responders: ‘Putin’s puppets’ is skating very close to an ad hominem attack. Bill Church: Putin’s puppets coming out to vote in force! Our energy situation is becoming critical and any indigenous gas sources should be exploited. This week’s poll: the need for shale fracking By Stuart Nathan    

.        The Engineer 9Apr Deleted again  NT: Distinguished despot SN (linkedin.com: Dep News Ed Chem&Ind Mag 91-96 UniNott BSc Chem87-91) presumes to patronise career centurion in peered papers since 60s via Man/Cam/Bir-Uni & Imp-Coll sourcing seminal stuff on waves & turbulence & convection & multiphase & powerplant & bioprocess & enviro-hazop & materials & military-industrials & facilities & entrepreneurials  so let's see the variant verbatim in NEALE.THOMAS.net/censored by correctness cowboys.htm  :: Stuart Nathan 16th March 2018 at 3:00 pm No, Neale, it wasn’t published because it was written in some weird and utterly incomprehensible variant of English including made-up words even James Joyce would have rejectedjon.excell@centaur.co.uk : plaw@bpf.co.uk 16Mar We need to recognise the value of plastic} NT: Comment I did but it was censored by correctness cowboys

.        incentivise plastic recycling}no hint here it's only 100ppm sea-suspended degradation detritus just 2% production & inertly innocuous & unentropic unlike agri-mobility washoff wastes, all in commonsense constrast to headline hunting careering camplaigners

.        Driverless Tech Inadequate} sensor & software shortcomings same as subsea coldwar conundrums with closure capabilities in LIDARaman for space-based surface signature + speciation & Kalmanalyser as ppb SNR bifuckation busting follower-forecaster

.        Industry 4.0} sensible scepticism especially for evolution via Infestation TricknologITism to Artefactual Imbecility as Goedelian gabbledegeekery dismissed as dumb dogma by Lunarian Lighthill & paradigmed in PWR LOCAloonies_ask GB for firsthand familiarity

.        GYMSHARK WAFFLE automotive ROSES TAXES shaving opportunities Latvia} spot the only one as real remedy for social insecurity derived from decades of Whiteminster Wallies' ruination of rejected regions to create cashinos for Loonydon Lardies & Luvvies

.        Re: Philip Law  Plastic_Stuart Nathan_presumes to patronise} SN: we’ll just blanket ban you_} so there you go_correctness coordinated by censorship, as in Mcluhan's mantra or Orwell's opposition to Stalinistic suppression sadly here of scienced sensibility

.        Oxygen transfer in pilot-scale} OTR within hilo2 on 2micmass/sec (5sec saturation) of course but what about enhancement via verticality dictated helicity & transit time to surfactant saturated interfacal inhibition, both delineated duodemidecade ago  

.        lamtransturb pipe heat transfer} silence on directionally dependent buoyancy biased transitional turbulence also amplifying bifurcational bimodality parametrically portrayed via eddy extremised Prandtl-Boussinesq wall law # Regards to Rodi!

.        jon.excell@centaur.co.uk : plaw@bpf.co.uk The Engineer 15Mar  NT: Comment I did but it was censored by correctness cowboys  NT: "plasticoceans.org: Save Our Seas Foundation 8 MT.pa Dumped In Our Oceans" contextualised by "google.co.uk: Walling & Probst Environmental degradation sediment from 9 to 58 GT.pa" as upto 10Tpa perpop or upwards 10k fold > ~kg perpop  plastic pollution inturn just ~2% residual from production ~335MT (statista.com), crucially compounded by criticism from experienced experts viz "CIWM Journal 30Nov: No Evidence Plastics Caused Blue Planet  II Baby Whale Death". So it's simply more scaremongering sillience spawned by careering camplaigners emulating evermore nudgillogical nazty exaggeration embraced during decades of politrickal perversion of evidential expectations in nebulously nonscienced pursuit of perjurative policies

.        Re: airflow reshaper for C-130 cargo door} another angle on shambolic stupidity of Bliarownian Bonkernomically profiteered piratisation of UK deflabs_configuration as conveyed duodemidecade ago in Gulfwar1 to secure stabilised low level troop truck dropdum

.        Unilever closed-loop packaging_converts PET waste back into virgin grade} never ever even hint of howler in entropic exorbitance of redemptions requiring 10x caloric content & 5x intrinsic investment_bonkernic bananarama of ecomentalised extravagance  Unilever closed-loop PET waste} never ever even hint of howler in entropic exorbitance_}alternative? local produce brown paper} flashback to my 50s family greengrocery! Looks like bigU's been hijacked by hoorays who never knew 2ndLaw can't be beat!

.        Chashechkin re Fernandez etal Compressible starting jet: ligament instability} perhaps add this dominant farfield feature doesn't demand compressibility as demonstrated by bursting bubble where azimuthal ring instability blobs via axial threads into drops

.        Should I buy a diesel car? Lord Deben said more must be done} to further inflate his family fortune via his Sancroft sustainability services to foreigners ironically as author of When the Coloured People Come penned when Powell was river reddening!

.        Re: Automatic reply: why have you ceased publishing daily content summaries which were invaluable for focused retrieval from full file too long to search without guidance} too busy} not good enough for inflated licence fee!

.        Eastbourne Waste Depot Staff Threaten Industrial Action} wellwell Brum bannered weekly for faults & failings even enforced appratshit administration but never expected Eastbourne to hit headlines on troublesome trade unions

.        DirectDrive TurboBlowers eliminate losses} exactly as conceived-configured for early 90s UK-DTI SMARTee UK patented WATER-BOOSTIR = Wind Activated Treatment Enviromental Recovery - Biological Oxidation Operated Single Tank Integrated Recovery via 4-stage annular spill inflow for BOD + NOD + deN + SS hoppered for clarification to consent quality with daily retention for standard strength sewage 400mg/L BOD using AS substrated onto cm scouring pads for biofilmed shock stability extending even to pH3 done as demo when WhealJane tailings killed oyster beds in Falmouth Bay. Direct drive was delivered from a 4-bladed NASA0012 VAWT sized for Savonius starter in breezes via autonomically adaptive pitch satisfactory also for storm safety and steadystate Darrius designation hypered by utracapture due to ambient vortexing from rapid rotation & super solidity, with aeration delivered by drawdown racetrack snorkels, these stator-suction supplemented as inspired by coldwar campaigned submarine stuff on deepwater discharging of offgases. Enough for now hoping you're intrigued enough to enquire. Picturing your colleagues RD & WG, inviting their possible interest in supplementing this story with earlier stuff sent recently on codes and coldwar campaigns. Must mention also early 90s second SMARTee SPRAYER = Stimulated Pulsatile Rendering Aeolian deliverY Extended Range this one US generic patented for 20 apps arenas from firefighting to snowmaking but primarily prompted by ecomentally exaggerated hazards in arable arena, delivering designated performance halving dropsize via coflowed matched momentum airsheet stretching the fan sheet prior to fragmentation and also halving drift by capturing droplet emission within airside vorticity shed from the sheet acting as separation salient edge on airflow, thereby sourcing clustered but not coalesced drops with doubled range due to increased inertial resistance moreover harmonically synchronised to kHz (Strouhal) frequency expected from 50m/s transit with cm spacing, former >10x unforced ejector speed and characterised by reversed mackerel pattern typical of all ejectors. Reason for mentioning is failure to find a quiet lightweight blower for the air distributed over 50m booms to supply 50 nozzles with 5L/s each (300x liquid 1L/min) at 200m/s ejection, nominally then 20kP or 100W each which became 300W when factored for losses or intoto a 15kW blower which was rather a big beggar for PTOs and cab roofs even on farm gear! Obviously a candidate cause for your product.     So should say in closure that being a Brit I failed to make the market despite burning big bread, then inevitably endured emergence of durchtecnickery a decade later on both fronts, with the VAWT alone claimed to be globally the most efficient ever mesoscale power generator and its 4-stage WWT unit separately mains-diesel powered deemed a radical revision in sewage systems. The spray nozzle soon appeared even as exploratory venture for John Deere, circumventing the patent via a small Canadian outfit. However if your unit is as good as claimed it might well enable you to launch a new wider range of apps and not only in this arena but generically across the 20 mentioned in the US patent. So again say do hope to hear you're intrigued enough to enquire.

.        Aerostructures_30 years for CFRP fuselage} +30 years from conjectured concept via 70s Hyfil hiatus to 80s ARE evolution extending to morphing materials for actuators & Bragg fatigue fibred supersteels sadly status sacrificed for piratisation profiteering_ _when salvation was sabotaged after attempted Anglo-French Concordean revival via Structural Materials Alliance twinning the top universities of twinned cities Brum & Lyon. I was recruited as fulltime faculty academic agent to catalyse the connection having done a decade of defconXing transatlantic treatied RTD for speculative submarine strategies via SMC Holton Heath plus prior liaison with EcoleCentrale during a decade in DAMTP CamUni. Sadly this splendid suggestion was skewered by appratshit allies of the piratisation profiteers, mirroring the fate that befell another attempted rescue of publicly procured tiptop technology namely safety software for operational integrity and failure forecasting of nuclear power plant, along with that arena's sector specialists skilled enough to have platformed my proposal to unify these things with a general purpose product for submarine specification since copycatted of course and inevitably ineptly by bandit beneficiaries of Bliarownian Bonkernomics.

.        National Grid backs 2030 cut-off for petrol diesel cars} league leading piratisation profiteered cowboy corporate's Loonydon Lardie liningup his loyalty luvvie reward for wrecking what little's left of this country's capability to balance budgetary books

.        Transport secretary probe into motorway fuel prices} politrickstering poseur haplessly hypocritical HS2er tokenising triviality whilst beggaring billions from poor old pursey public in rejected regions for Loonydon Lardies enjoying extravagent expenses

.        quest for suppression of supersonic thump} NT: Pity there's no hint on how: viz antiphased attenuation as in dynamical stealth. Nor recognition that thirst was reason for range restriction. Nor mention of revolutionary RTD by Lucasian Lighthill and colleague Crighton amongst many more enlisted on engineering their  foundation fundamentals to cap Concorde's engine noise enough for FAA acceptance

.        BBC Toaday 4apr: Jordan Peterson}JP's genderised griping too gentle insofaras camplaigners' unconscious bias claim is cliche countercopout concealing coverage overwhelmingy oneway apart from his own acerbic attack although his ignorance of crosscorrelation is concerning in context of his bilious battering of their statistics insofar as manifest multifactoriality doesn't deny coherent condensation given that group selfsimilarity is selfevident here, this of course requiring quantitation for explicit enumeration that's been absent from absurdly aggressive assertions by feminist footsoldiers but with commonsense calling for compromise that alone should have precluded pomposity in his absurdity about preposterously overpriced Bullydon Boys in Loonydon Lardieland deserving such dues for stamina and skills when corporate capitalism continues its crashlandings exemplified in extremity of banksterised bonkernomics concealed by codswallop of quantitative easing. Much more might moaned but that's more than enough for now.

.         Zahradník etal x2 on bubble reactors re data for model validation} super seeing citations but sad to say not stuff with Snape bottom below as data driven actuality algorithmic expert expectation for scaledup specification of process performance

.        T&H / H&G blockage endorsed by NACA airfoil vortex waked for blade effects} nice knowing but even better had you known of my NACA0012 VAWT verified hypereffective attributed to amplified capture crossection by high solidity high speed vortexing

.        nice seeing citations from my long liaison with ICPF Prague courtesy of CAS & BritCoun & RoySoc but been even better had you included additional items bottom below arising as priorart in this arena, especially our data driven "expert expectation" algorithm

.        Thomas etal in ???} nice to know especially with your campus career mirroring my own in many respects so hoping to hear!

.        Holmes etal 1997 Driptube technology} wow what a pleasurable pastblast ruined by regret* we were terminated by Brit diseased delivery on RTD & my own premature pensioning for superb success *& anger at delivery denial on conjectured capability for c roseus

.        Artificial Intelligence Quickly Entering Aerospace} NT: Accenture and aerospace clients using AI :: only in sense of expert expectation as employed during duodecade ormore of hotaired hypology but not as Turing intended namely intutively accommodating multiple manifolds and that derisively dismissed by Lighthill's UK-government inquiry now nigh on 50 years ago as rebuttal of Turing's tweaking of Neumann's knowledge

.        NanoFlowcell_ 2MLpd bi-ION as 1.2 GWh} as 600Wh/L only 10% shafted from HC fuels so still needs 1T orso tanked for expected endurance of small saloon never mind supercar # Loonyon Lardielanded in 90s so maybe yet another QinetiQ piratised plazyiarisation

.        Solar and Wind Could Meet 80% of US Energy Needs_costing less than coal electricty} ecomental enthusiast believes baloney based on peak production unfactored for 30% availability & 30% survivability of bursted batteries together taking costs to >3xcoal

.        Siemens Simulation for autonomous cars_can account for 99.99999% of everything that can happen} bullocks baloney of course claiming 1in10M confidence even for Gaussian games never mind inevitable intermittency soyet again sellership skewered scholarship  

.        Energy Is Life} in same vein recall '68 USAF-OSR CFD jamboree_} little more information}_it's all about prediction versus postdiction or fundamental formulation versus correlational conjecture exemplified in F1 implementation of CFD as CaricaturedFancifulDepiction for blunt bodies needing brutish bits for downforce and intake acting against violently variable vorticity from wheel and wing wakes, so only naive novices have dared to design by extrapolated envelope postdiction whereas winners have only ever employed ComputationalFlowDynamics to collate established experience from windtunnel* work verified on track: *must mention my '75 workup of the first rolling road at ImpColl-aero was followed within a week by strings of F1 Teams testing scale models, this outcome rather like NASA's teflon tale for frying pans triggered not from racing cars but for fundamental formulation of freestream turbulence boundary blockage, correcting correlational codswallop with sensible scalings still the standard today. Contrast cars & aerospace applications when faired flow formulations suffice as skeleton standards for turbulence treatments analytically adequate as almost elementary exploitation of principles produced by gurus immortalised in named numbers and scalings, this sensibly secure stuff incorporated indeed in evaluations of emergent evolutions as major manufacturers have proudly proclaimed during recent decades.

Hence my "looming loony limits", prompted by your mention of Skow's traffic light warning which is merely a manifestation of many reiterations of remarks by USAF-OSR assessors at the '68 Stanford Jamboree whereas the klaxon I think was my own "final straw" fling after confirming suspicions that all US-NRC PWR LOCA socalled safety codes were fundamentally flawed in respect of the bubble force law fixing the transit time from flow to wall during depressurisation prior to dryout and meltdown, a demonstration achieved courtesy of one the last cohort of brilliantly bright 3year Part3 CamUni DAMTP* graduates whom I was privileged to mentor for his late 70s PhD (*google to be gobsmacked!).

Imagine my irritation discovering that similar software sold for analogous applications to gas-oil pipeline rupture contained comparably considerable uncorrected errors, this after appointment by UK-HSE-OSD for their compliance with Cullen's call for code critique post-PiperAlpha, the '87 explosion with 168 fatalities by far still the worst offshore accident. In the same spirit as your no pulled punches profile must mention my report OTO98162 (google?) was generated in just 3 months as instructed, endorsed by a dozen worldwide experts prior to publication in '92 badged urgent immediate attention, only to be withdrawn within weeks after defamation threat by a vendor whose PWR version had been corrected for NRC compliance! There it festered for 5years until the then retiring HSE-CS* made it his swansong challenge to see the agency's articles amended to require dissemination of all approved cautionary commentaries and the incoming SecState signed off this change immediately on taking office after the '97 General Election; *should say Jim McQuaid had committed his career to improved occupational health for miners, inspired I think by his father's fate but that may be merely mesmericism by this Grumpiatric Groaner!

Anyhow, hope I conveyed context for my sharing scepticisms illustrated with a few firsthand familiarities, thinking perhaps to close by commenting on my need for a professional paperbacker to do justice to amazing adventures as academic legacy of my '60s PhD that proved pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty (ABM, SAL, NNP) Moscow Mission consolidating (he hoped) his place in history after his China Trade Treaty. No more for now other than mention my LinkedIn plea-advert for an aspiring Clancy-Carre to convey this and other super stories spawned of my mentoring by late great gurus MJLighthill (Hawking's predecessor Lucasian, Dirac's successor) and GKBatchelor (DAMTP Head for 30 years), former famed also from Directorship RAE Farnborough at 35 amongst much more, latter from fundamental formulations for shaped charges as in Manhatten project amongst much more, both recruited by GITaylor who'd been Cherwell's Deputy CS to Churchill during WW2, author of 400 pioneering papers having been Rutherford's brightest best boy with his double-slit light-duality demo project chosen to allow weeks away sailing the Med whilst awaiting enough photonic records to prove the point still topical today in macroscopic manifestations of quantum coherence and computing.

And that leads neatly to PS my own PhD in similar spirit selected to maximise play time in the pub playing darts & billiards over a pie & pint or 3 every day awaiting 6 hours diffusive settling of stratified saline from 50 layers to linearity prior to making and measuring waves, only to  be bored enough after 18 months to figure out a fundamental formulation that proved to be powerful beamlet wavefunction as Greens generalisation that allowed synthesis of far field forced by an arbitrary source or inversely for estimation of source shape from far field phase configuration. And therein lies the key to my adoption by some of the greatest of good gurus for a lifetime of never compiling a CV, namely submarines criss-crossing the coldwar subsea superhighways, even extending to invisibility by displacing dipole with quadrupole shaped hulls - all as explained to me by an elderly Russian who'd be present at the disclosure exchange, an auspicious auldskuler whom I happened on at the UK-IOP where he was VIP guest reprising his life's work at the RAS-Moscow MechInst razoredging the Soviet side of these games mirroring the States side for 20 years through to glasnost-perestroika! Quite a story then, well worth spinning into a yarn eclipsing Clancy's and elements even emulating Carre's. Hope to hear.

.        Stainless steel compofoam armour} done dusted during coldwar closure inspired by shockspeed suppression in foamed water for depthcharge damping since WW2 indeed with SS configured for cuspy dispersive diffraction so yet again sellership stuffs scholarship

.        Re: Inenco's Procurement Seminar_I do hope you understand}Nope not good enough_}for this I apologise} not Hi Neale to you but Dear Dr/Pr Thomas_like I said suffer the consequences in constant criticism for insulting effontery.

.        THINKY mixers_planetary motion} morelike plazyiasm of Taylor-Couette confiigurations explored & established in mid80 for frangible bioprocessing* so yet again exemplary evidence of sellership spiking scholarship * google: janes+thomas+bioreactor

.        Bombardier Derby £73M for more LUG trains} WashwoodHeath grimly graveturning on memories of mid90s manufacturing murder by Bliarownian Bonkernomics junking 10k jobs all told for want of £100M in middle of ailimg Alstom's rollingstock refurbishment

.        Artificial Intelligence} that it ain't not without confident capacity for bifuckation busting judgement calls & those only Goedelianly gabbledegeekeried best bets so arguably always only Artefartual Imbecility formerly facilitated as Expert Systems

.        Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology _Save £400} too pricey for prematurely pensioned pauper amazed by absence of US generic patented SPRAYer = Stimulated Pulsatile Rendering Aeolian deliverY for flash freezing by coldgas coflow with matched momentum

.        recommendations} might be interested in extreme eddy stress rescaling of Prandtl wall law which alone with Boussinesq constitution & crude quadratic sublayer attenuation retrieves Re crit + hysteresis & intermittency via pitchfork bifurcation & much more

.        citation of Ruzicka etal} but you didn't actually list all the authors & that's a copyright infringement! As for content well was rather hoping for simple story in terms of differential density & interfacial tension to account for nighon doubled diameter

.        citation Carew etal} nicer had you noted as context our fundamental facets that 45deg deviation delivers max speed & rheological evolution to stretched slugs via wake engagement of disperse bubbles. Regards to Lunde & Nydal re OTO98162 (PiperAplpha)

.        halfcone fluctuation}recollection of resonant aeolian air-activated chattering in matched momentum coflow as audibly tuneable kiloHz counterpart of your decaHz humming or breathing mode seen also in aircored tapflows but lower again as deciHz wobbling

.        citation of Ruzicka etal} prompted to ponder whether our other work with thermal convection analogy for bubble beds might extend to cellular structures exhibited in FAST reactor cavity coolers with comparable confinement to your annular gap columns

.        Turbo-charge your ISA} prompted to ponder if there's a way to escape evil entrapment by LloydsBank who promised to ISA our investment then passed the buck to ScottishWidows who since scared us with swingeing surcharge threats on any changes

.        Company seeking expertise_replacing dirty Diesel LeAcid with ecological Lion} auldskule advocate finds malign mcluhanisation obtusely offensive especially with evolution of nudgery into naggery even naztery evermore evident in politrickeried imPRoperganda

.        Inenco's Procurement Seminar_I do hope you understand}Nope not good enough by country kilometre inviting me accepting me then denying me. Expect endless badmouthed barracking about your meanminded mediocrity manifested also in 95% dumped directors!

.        Scaling Up Bioreactors} mediocre mathsuturbation by sellership spiking scholarship evermore evident during decades of decrementalised RTD here regarding rheological irrelevance for industrially intensified biomass demanding disperse bubbling

.        Next-Generation Wave Farm Technology} no coincidence it's naval novelty being copycatted from autonomically activated shallows suppressant for SNR-swamped sonar done dusted as Gulfwar1 gambit for Saddam's Scud-WMD threat to Washington decade before 911

.        Acusonic sensors to pinpoint incoming threats to Ajax combat vehicles} NT: Art1 on Acusonic sensors was followed by Art2 on Autonomous and connected vehicle technology as sensible solution suggesting sacrificial stooges supplementing standard selection of

.        Carew etal 1995_}PhD for Schlumberger Cambridge_}on rise velocity of long bubbles in inclined pipes with power law rheology}+ fundamentals for 45 degree max speed & agglomerative acceleraton neither codified correctly prior to Ocean Odyssey fatal accident

.        UCL to lead European ARIEL mission to study exoplanets} NT: osapublishing.org: Calculations show that it is theoretically possible to measure Raman spectra from an orbiting spacecraft, using a moderately large mirror and large pulsed laser.  :: as expected from 60s feasibility formulation for NASA confirmed as 90s coldwar capability but no hints here of  scholars that shouldered it, only sellers stuff as ever nowadays

.        LowCVP to build demand for low emissions_Government committed to air quality and climate change investing £1.5B}nope it's all about cynical scambackery for masonic moneygpround mcluhanised via nagomy to nazimy in pumpishing poor old pursey totune of £30Bpa

.        BBC Toadies # Edward Hill NOC oceanic threat from plastic} spiked scaremongering as natural sediment 10k bigger on volume & toxins # Ucl prof physics ?who? omitted context of '70s NASA proposition consolidated in 90s USN LIDARaman speciation satellites

.        Re: Kartusinsky cited me}& MikeReeks so helloing him_} beer again_seminar?} What you are saying_} rejoinder later but how about dates (thu & mon) offered for possible pathcrossing? Not thu (taxi duties) but maybe mon so how about you?

.        FAA on Simulation: Trust but Verify # Few Engineers Happy with CFD} flipflop on follies first focused at '68 US-AFOSR CFD Olympics when all options were deemed poor & least worst pair with uncertain applicability so traffic lights should be obiligatory to__ discriminate efficacy envelope complemented by klaxon highlighting hazards but never happened of course because selfregulation is never safe nor indeed are ill-informed agencies so upshot was 20 years of nonscience in NRC approved PWR LOCA codes until one of the last cohort of 3-year Part-3 CamUni DAMTPers did it all from first principles confirming my suspicion that late greatest guru GITaylor (Rutherfordian alpha acolyte) got it right with added mass prescription for airships in turbulence as meaningful metaphor for dryout drift of depressurisation bubbles onto wall. Same shortcoming seen in codes critiqued for Cullen compliance by UK-HSE post-PiperAlpha but that report was suppressed for five years following a defamation threat by worst offender vendor. Bottom line surely should be caution cascading to concern with increasing impact of correlationally conjectured contribution to bottom line and on that basis climate changers are biggest bandits by far exemplifed in recent Nature notification of nebulously nonscienced radiation reflux entrapment extremised for empowerment of careerist cowboys mostly knowing nowt about the physics indeed 90% orso similar to significance of humidity insolation but never mentioned for fear of derailing their shebang scam currently costing UK £30Bpa in pumpishment alone, doubled up for total damage to an economy already expiring from decades of debt-driven decimation.

.        Anthony Finkelstein, chief scientific adviser for national security}  NT: “The national security community now knows we can’t do everything behind the barbed-wire fence. We are only going to be able to keep up with exponential technlogy advances and with fast-moving agile adversaries if we exploit the full value of the innovation community and of the open science and technology community”: Once-upon-a-time  we did a great deal more via our deflab network of which ARE-DRA-DERA delivered deals on ticket price for Trident via transatlantic  treatied trust sustained since WW2  but cavalierly killed for commercial kickback in profiteered piratisation

.        We need to recognise the value of plastic} NT: Comment I did but it was censored by correctness cowboys  NT: "plasticoceans.org: Save Our Seas Foundation 8 MT.pa Dumped In Our Oceans" contextualised by "google.co.uk: Walling & Probst Environmental degradation sediment from 9 to 58 GT.pa" as upto 10Tpa perpop or upwards 10k fold > ~kg perpop  plastic pollution inturn just ~2% residual from production ~335MT (statista.com), crucially compounded by criticism from experienced experts viz "CIWM Journal 30Nov: No Evidence Plastics Caused Blue Planet  II Baby Whale Death". So it's simply more scaremongering sillience spawned by careering camplaigners emulating evermore nudgillogical nazty exaggeration embraced during decades of politrickal perversion of evidential expectations in nebulously nonscienced pursuit of perjurative policies persecuting the rejected regions for advantage of affluent Loonydon Lardies on masonic moneygoround.

.        Carew etal: rheology and inclination on slug bubble rise velocity} done as PhD for Schlumberger Cambridge following fatal accident from shallow kick blowout on Ocean Odyssey. See also OTO98162 as post PiperAlpha codes critique 

.        Britain's leadership still fit for purpose?} why ask now when Brit's been busted by bureauggery during decades of decimation since quickrich cowboy moronic MBA piratisation profiteers started stripping assets away from future fortune requiring refined RTD

.        micro-opto fluidics apps of interest to Technicolor Inc for exploitation of extensive fabication facilities} just encountered your paper below so wondered whether you'd be interested in exploring opportunity for cooperative commercialisation?

.        Robotics AI 4Manufacturing 7Mar Coventry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies          Richard Freeman @ Zeeko Polishing # awesome achievements on submicron smoothing prompted recall of Hubble fiasco inturn Barry Ucsinski who aided me with antinoising algorithms in specifying a solitonised sonar for shallows secreted submarines ; Duncan McLean @ Tacit Connexions # anticipating access to hear your account of AI algorithm wondering whether it would scope to synthesising a summary of my amazing adventures! # as advised auotadpative Kalmanalyser bifuckation buster beat ppb SNR ; Daniel Janes @ Claritao AI marketing # Goedelian gobstopper guarantees inevitable inadequacy arising from errors as exceptions other than interpolative indications from trivial trackers

.        Kartusinsky cited me}& MikeReeks so helloing him # See also RonSmith on evolution of GITaylor # Might like neale.thomas.net/SIMCLO.ppt as Spectral Invariance Minimalist Closure Leading Order bridge from RDT to RANS with Rotta as Lagrangian history integral

.        Balfour Beatty's Leo Quinn} exemplifies evermore knowho nastiness in nobbling knohow courtesy of masonic monerygoround this time greedily gorging on Carillion's carcass after previously procuring QinetiQ's conservation via publicly pursed hapless handouts

.        £10B turning brownfield sites into homes schools offices factories to benefit everyone with good homes jobs skills learning} with biggest proportion of poorest & polarised population Brum all set to be screwed for properteering piracy by slimy scambackers

.        Re: EIS Analysis Testing 13Mar Silverstone}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies          Kevin McGuigan @ Rubery Owen Stress-Testers # amazing adventures as military-industrial campus careerist with 60s PhD pivotal prior to Nixon's Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides concluding with coldwar closure decade of defconXies on submarine stealthing ; Adam Buckell @ Frazer-Nash Consultancy # aerospace industry transport nuclear marine defence power energy re offshore powergen railcars submarines ships armour all encountered in forensic frontlinefaultfixing plus 4-fold DTI SMARTee with patented products ; Tony Rokins @ Interface XSensor # awesome application in barochromic capacitative coating complements thermochromic realtime visualisation of thermofluid surface performance perhaps even essential elements of eddy resolved excusions ; John Yates @ Simuline # when meticulous modeling descends to muddling mediocrity damaged by meddling management nomorethan inevitable implication of Goedelian Gabbledegeekery from nonscienced nonlinearity

.        Cc: Norman Thornton @ EIS Director # thanks for tolerating awkward asker again ; Andrew Blows @ JLR # sadly still silent on: gizmogames as defconXed deliveries prepiratisation viz material microstructures in supersteels & clever composites &&& + aeolian sprayer as fuel-air/ox injector + compliance control of drag-noise

.        Energy Harvesting CAV's EV's 10-3'9Feb Coventry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies  Sorry for slowness due to being downed by deathbed flu for a fortnight!       Peter Constantinou @ AVX Electronics Sensors Control # can't quite recall connection but connecting just in case ; Jonathan Southgate @ Reece Innovation # LeAcid versatility boosted 10x dis-recharge damage-free standoff sonication supergcharging done dusted in transatlantic treatied coldwar closure campaigns # &&& ; Jennifer Peake @ William Blythe Chemistry # can't quite recall connection but connecting just in case ; Ashley Duddle @ Silent Sensors # ditto 

.        Ken Green added the publication you suggested} super seeing you're still enthused enough by educational emergence despite hitting heights as corporate controller

.        British aerospace & defense is shambles} not a paying punter so couldn't peruse your pearls but suspect you missed main point that profiteering piratisation by Bliarownian Bonkernomics was what killed capability cored in greybeard gurus rendered redundant

.        Bruntwood acquires Innovation Birmingham_ deal not disclosed_use of funds unclear} compounding corrosive NEC nobbling as scandalous scambackery via autocratic appratshit assetification of publicly purchased & pursed property without duly deserved diligence

.        WMCA PLEDGES £20M COMMONWEALTH GAMES} scandalous scambackery by bankrupt bureauggery twice threatened with autocratic administration by Loonydon for failure to comply with contactual commitments on schooling & services

.        ESTA aM&T Conference Exhibition 8mar Coventry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Tony Taylor @ ESTA Chairman aM&T # thanks for tolerating awkward asks from grumpiatric groaner sceptically suspicious about poor old pursey public evermore exploited in bankrolling bureauggery beggaring Britain with carboneered catasrophism ; Bill Gysin @ Elcomponent # excellent exposition on wisdom words except for exclusion of cautionary comments on accounting actuality that 500Wpp as MWhpa so 10% costcut means merely £10papp inturn trivial against time wasted even on daily distraction ; Rob Barker @ Power Quality # prompted to ponder plausibility of prospect for significant savings other than inductive implementations such as SavaWatt speciality via late lamented Malcolm Addy # nice knowing my scepticism shared by specialist

.        Robotics AI 4Manufacturing 7Mar Coventry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies          Richard Freeman @ Zeeko Polishing # awesome achievements on submicron smoothing prompted recall of Hubble fiasco inturn Barry Ucsinski who aided me with antinoising algorithms in specifying a solitonised sonar for shallows secreted submarines ; Duncan McLean @ Tacit Connexions # anticipating access to hear your account of AI algorithm wondering whether it would scope to synthesising a summary of my amazing adventures! # as advised auotadpative Kalmanalyser bifuckation buster beat ppb SNR ; Daniel Janes @ Claritao AI marketing # Goedelian gobstopper guarantees inevitable inadequacy arising from errors as exceptions other than interpolative indications from trivial trackers

.        Energy Harvesting CAV's EV's 10-3'9Feb Coventry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies    Peter Constantinou @ AVX Electronics Sensors Control # can't quite recall connection but connecting just in case ; Jonathan Southgate @ Reece Innovation # LeAcid versatility boosted 10x dis-recharge damage-free standoff sonication supergcharging done dusted in transatlantic treatied coldwar closure campaigns # &&& ; Jennifer Peake @ William Blythe Chemistry # can't quite recall connection but connecting just in case ; Ashley Duddle @ Silent Sensors # ditto

.        Energy Now Expo 7-8feb Telford}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies   David Steather @ Alphahouse # LeAcid versatility boosted 10x dis-recharge damage-free standoff sonication supergcharging done dusted in transatlantic treatied coldwar closure campaigns ; Standman @ All-4 # can't quite recall connection ; Paul Watkins / Gareth Corcoran @ 66k/132kV Systems # can't quite recall connection ; John Baxter @ Stronga Dryers # & that's the paradox for all bio-energy unless summer sun suffices suchas for hay etc or slushsidised by pervsersly politrickeried profiteering via ecomental exaggerations ; Kieran Knowles @ Ecocycle Windergy # exorbitantly expensive for poor old pursey public seemingly set for £1/unit when dispersively backed-up nevermind several kg CO2 for footings & facilitation nevermind fatigue failures for megamachines

.        Re: Friction factors}donedusted in 70s study via extreme eddy stress rescaling of Prandtl-Boussinesq wall-law for buoyant laminarisation as ManUni Reynolds RF with BillHall reproducing (re)transition from usual Karman-Townsend values & quadratic Driest dam

.        Friction factors}donedusted in 70s study via extreme eddy stress rescaling of Prandtl-Boussinesq wall-law for buoyant laminarisation as ManUni Reynolds RF with BillHall reproducing (re)transition from usual Karman-Townsend values & quadratic Driest damping

.        Re: Intelligent wind turbine rotor blade copes with gusts} NT My  endorsement of SG's remark extending to reflections on realities of making the market ornot sadly suppressed without apology or explanation 5Mar   NT:  Early 90s DTI SMARTee on Wind Actuated Treatment for Eco Recovery of sewage supernatant to discharge consent was conceived as upgrade for settling pond / trickle filter upgrade or reedbed rescue. It utilised 4-bladed NACA-0012 VAWT spring-pivoted for auto-adaptive attitude Savonius at startup in 2m/s breezes to Darrius delivery upto 15m/s finally feathering for failsafe in storms. Principle proven & patented it was prototyped for aerobically capped smell suppression of strong slurries as well as standard strength domestic deficit via 4-stage annular transfer from snorkeled drawdown aeration for BOD spilling inwards for NOD thence anoxic de-N to hopper settling for clarified discharge with daily temperate transit time. Activated sludge substrate supported as  biofilms adaptively accommodated acid water to pH3 after a few days conditioning, a facet evaluated for topicality at the time of Falmouth Bay oysterbed crisis caused by toxic tailings from Wheal Jane.  Project provided yet another paradigm for GB failure to fulfil having been abandoned after I burned bigtime bread soliciting support from sector specialists only to see it reappear a decade later as durchtechnickery displayed at NEC Exhibitions, one featuring the world's most efficient mesoscale VAWT, other a diesel-driven 4-stage annular aeration plant! Say no more!

.        how intermittent turbulence affects ocean flow} no hints here on coherent conveyance by inertial-buoyancy internal waves for transoceanic tunneling terminating in turbulence triggered by attractor amplification as explosive energy ejection

.        Behold the bubbly ocean Courtesy: Helen Czerski} evermore extensive perjuratively plazyiaristic superficial sellership supplanted sophicated scholarship_nowt newer here than was done dusted during the decades to coldwar closure some civilianised since 90s

.        faster ranging system exploited solitons laser light} acoustic analogue as solitonised sonar done dusted in coldwar closure campaign for littoral detection-discrimination of submarine speculated as Saddam threat during Gulfwar1 actually materialised in 911

.        Carew etal citation insultingly inadequate impression of "physically based correlation for power law rheology and inclination on slug bubble rise velocity" says guy who'd also fingered faulty formulations of added mass in all 80s NRC-approved LOCA codes &&

.        Turbulence modified by small spheres}video suggests boosted dissipation akin to fixed grid wake interception of channel core viz Kolmog scale injection into lossless flow # TG flow shows little-no sign of inertial capture / centrifugal ejection cyclicity?

.        Turbulence Interactions TI2018} meeitng notice made me recall old 70s spectral closure inspired by EDQNM as alternative approximation bridging from RDT to EV with just 3 assigned numbers being Kolmogorof & Rotta & Corrsin_ see neale.thomas.net/SIMCLO.ppt

.        Nuclear safety control security_modelling nuclear artificial intelligence big data Michael Bluck} absolutely amazing that lessons unlearned from earlier era of PWR LOCAs NRC approved for 15 years despite fundamentally flawed dryout-meltdown models

.        electric regional aircraft} 1MWh from 4Tbatteries as 4Tloaded for 1000km => L/D=20 never mind take off/landing transitions so looks likely payload trimming will be needed nevermind battery burden from fast charging & depletion so slushsidy in it somewhere

.        Intelligent wind turbine rotor blade copes with gusts} NT:  Early 90s DTI SMARTee on Wind Actuated Treatment for Eco Recovery of sewage supernatant to discharge consent was conceived as upgrade for settling pond / trickle filter upgrade or reedbed rescue. It utilised 4-bladed NACA-0012 VAWT spring-pivoted for auto-adaptive attitude Savonius at startup in 2m/s breezes to Darrius delivery upto 15m/s finally feathering for failsafe in storms. Principle proven & patented it was prototyped for aerobically capped smell suppression of strong slurries as well as standard strength domestic deficit via 4-stage annular transfer from snorkeled drawdown aeration for BOD spilling inwards for NOD thence anoxic de-N to hopper settling for clarified discharge with daily temperate transit time. Activated sludge substrate supported as  biofilms adaptively accommodated acid water to pH3 after a few days conditioning, a facet evaluated for topicality at the time of Falmouth Bay oysterbed crisis caused by toxic tailings from Wheal Jane.  Project provided yet another paradigm for GB failure to fulfil having been abandoned after I burned bigtime bread soliciting support from sector specialists only to see it reappear a decade later as durchtechnickery displayed at NEC Exhibitions, one featuring the world's most efficient mesoscale VAWT, other a diesel-driven 4-stage annular aeration plant! Say no more!

.        #Scott Thomas 99} but no mention of Bock whose mid80s formulation supposed same separability as adopted here shown unsound in my late 80s appraisal as noted in S&T # Whatever happened to JCS as one of the last good guys with proper pedigree in this arena

.        citation Thomas Stevenson 73} but not similarity solution as beamlet greens function from my PhD mentored by TNS who went on to assess attractor trapping as source of CAT when ManUni MecFlu was core capability also in much more until despotically destroyed

.        Siemens presses on with £200m Yorkshire rail factory} duodecade since decimation of Washwood Heath by Bliarownian bonkernomics for want of £100M to save 10k jobs & keep capability that created IC125 & could've converted it as sensible specification for HS2

.        MPs told plug-in hybrids crucial in EV market} bleeding banality boggars belief also as autocratic arrogance of Loonydonistic Lardies on masonic moneygoround fraudulently fabricating iniquitous imposition on poor old pursey in rejected regions

.        Beeb Coast 4mar Alice Roberts 'perfect storm'} exemplified elimination of educated expertise by mediarised mediocrity in mantropolitan mcluhanisation as sillienced sellership suffocating scienced scholarship_cyclonic suction sources oceanic waves not wind!

.        Tim Sykes listens to Louise Edge Greenpeace oceans campaigner on packaging}so that's a Russian linguist hack persuaded on plausibility by social comms camplaigner despite fakery & fudgery fingered by sensibly schooled science specialists even a Greenpeacer

.        GBSLEP DELIVERS £124M GROWTH from £38M}ambitiously asserting 3-fold multiplier meaningless without period possibly a decade denting its impact as hot headline but better than AWM's absurdly amplified 7-fold returns ridiculed by audit authorities

.        Bosch pulls plug on batteries} wellwell what a surprise to sensibly auldskuled analysts who asserted absurdity since early 90s emergence of ecomentalised extremism manipulated by masonic moneygoround for personal profit from these follies

.        UK supercapacitor results suggest challenge to battery technologies} NT: TF is spot-on, well pretty-much once promise is cautioned with caveat on lifetime limitation from continuously cycled high charge density at fixed fractional depletion. Of course electropolymeric membranes derived from NASA-DOD needs for fuel-cells & electrolysers since 60s, & UK inputs via prepiratisation ARE-DRA on metalised monolayers  & sonicated accelerant as recalled from firsthand familiarity during the decade spanning coldwar closure

.        HS2 continues to operate under the auspices of public scrutiny} nope nor never did seeing as everywhere else has seen sense of hourly transits so speed-squared construction costs mean halving HS2's would be big bucks for NHS normalisation!

.        Re: Want to Save Money on Your Energy Bills?} of course but not at expense of everyone else being beggared by carbon criminality to tune of £30Bpa pumpishment milked by moneygoround mafia for scambackery & slushsidies dedoling 2M deadenders

.        Imperial College Solar rail} NT: Scary seeing Engineer evermore embrace nonscience nudgery here in airing assertions from a fresh-faced graduate & pressure politico as if they were worth more than careerist campaigning by a privileged poseurs on the mediocrity moneygoround pursed from public pumpishment to tune of £30Bpa. Of course it's gabbledegeekery garbage but who's hearing never mind heeding scienced sensibilities any more.

.        Harvard Kennedy Topdog Beebie spot on Spies especially Cambridge Coldwarriors} yours nearest to name noted without checking so sorry if wrong but if not you might like my amazing adventures eclipsing Clancy emulating Carre spawned by Nixon's Moscow Mission

.        JFM 2000 on boundary turbulence} just notified promopting thought that maybe you enjoy Spectrally Invariant Minimalist Closure Leading Order extension of RDT entailing only established Kolmogorof Rotta & Corrsin constants: neale.thomas.net/SIMCLO.ppt

.        tip of faulty materials iceberg lack of guidance} HSE hogwash smacks of shortcomings same as other maybe most catastrophes when culpability was also arguably attributable to regulatory regime complacency even to cronyism on collusive certification

.        Re: IChemE App!} problem for me} just sign to say I did PhD} done as directed _ google OTO98162 on PiperAlpha} "google OTO98162"? Just do it to see post PiperAlpha critique of critical codes commissioned for Cullen compliance by HSE-OSD, done dusted in 3 months early '92 as endorsed by experts & issued FAO urgent attention by NSea operators then withdrawn on threatened defamation suit by vendor most vulnerable on culpability then revived in '98 & issued as intended after retiring CS made it his swansong to have HSE articles amended soasto oblige publication of all approved reports and that signed off by incoming SecState within a week of taking office after the '97 Election. Was prompted to mention seeing your remark on BP Solar's demise triggered by Macondo, recalling PS on original OTO urged doubling of BOPs because for sure day would come when one alone would fail _ as it did of course, crippling BP with penalties! As for my screedery, well better that than tweetery don't you think,especially now that scholarship has been stuffed by sellership to extent that your appetite was unwhetted by my Euan Baird remark on improved deviation data when once upon a time there was a FAST Teamer eager to impress enough even to impose me on his poor unsuspecting parents _ remember that? Anyway enjoy life whilst it lasts !

.        Can you actually save money going electric in 2018?} no honesty here about reduced running costs entirely explicable via scambackeried slushsidy for Loonydon Luvvie-Lardies from £30Bpa slycensed pumpishment trebling traditional & trvialising topical opex 

.        IChemE Application!} asever awed by achievements in an arena that attracted brightest best since sadly suffocated by enocomical ecomentalism that cost country £30Bpa during decades of punitive pumpishment by Loonydon Lardies on masonic moneygoround Be great to get chance to earbend you on my continuing campaign against contrived carbonastrophism spawned from scepticism since early 90s emergence of nebulously nonscienced codified caricatures from the chemical covens in alliance with antiscience mantra merchants but for now I'll focus on your principle points.  # Houston was where I encountered Euan Baird* during my talk (as an SCR ResFell in CamUni DAMTP) on deviation distorted downhole data, asserting that homogenisation by static mixer would at least allow estimation of phase fractions & mixture flux was rudely stopped by his "Look sonny, we're in business of making money from oil. not mousse, so focus on realistic relevance not airyfairy abstraction. However I had last laugh on my next visit 6 months later as they demonstrated a fluted throat device to do exactly what I'd advocated, indeed with another chuckle on learning they needed a correction for densimetric differential acceleration which was subsequently supplied via supplementary sums to my 82 paper!  # Houston is also where FAST Teamer Peter Bradley now resides as ABB's Measurement Analytics Global Marketing Sales Manager. You'll remember him as FRED's CASE Award PhD on the pair of DTI-SMARTees for wind-driven wastewater treatment so he's done pretty well for himself too! Picturing him by copy hereof hoping you'll get together at least for auldtymes' sake. Likewise Farouq Ali who as Sara Thomas' boss in Calgary-Edmonton & fifties graduate of BirUni then Shell CheEng arranged for her PhD project on surfactant EOR to be affiliated with FAST Team whilst conducted in Canada, so successfully indeed she was appointed SPE Distinguished Lecturer but sadly died soon afterwards. Anyhow Farouq recently removed to Houston in the face of evermore Canadian hostility to traditional technologies so hoping he'll also touch base with you.  # Family: well-well so Lazy Fox had by far bigger impact than I ever envisaged, dwarfing my own educational endeavours! Congrats to Jack then who sensibly selected my own almater albeit not Turing's topic but ironically his boss Lighthill's who as Head Maths also refounded MecFlu with war reparation gear making it best in Britain for decades until it was murdered by modern madagement, ironically also eliminating its strongly scienced skills with computerised caricaturisations! As for Millie, well her topic is certainly topical and perhaps her path crossed with renewables specialist & tidal barrage lobbyist Roger Falconer as Head CivEng at Cardiff (not Swansea but nearby), previously BirUni when I first met him & stayed in touch for decades during his career consolidation as grandee guru.   # BP career in Exploration-Solar-Engineering-Projects: awesome as already noted. Researching not necessarily an alternative as noted in Euan Baird bit above and much more in my amazing adventures in campus career commercialised with SMARTees & frontline faultfixing & coverted in submarine stealthing &&&, all of which worked well with VC Michael Thompson at helm but was buggered within weeks of his quitting in despair at burgeoning bureauggery leaving me to be junked by his jobsworthies, not least CheEng Heads Selville & Biddlestone who relished roles as killer quislings. However I had last laugh blackmailing them into full pension 12 year early with doubled lumpsum but that's another story for another time. #  IChemE app: & that's a problem for me who also eschewed institutionality compounded by heated hostilities with Selville as a recent IChemPres now back with a BirUni academic affiliation & me also out of loop for duodecade during which I made my business to bollock the bananarama that stole the whole show much like the masons before Thompson & godsquad after. I'd put you in touch with Noel Warner if I could but he's been incommunicado for aeons so maybe you could try him directly via his RoyAcadEng affiliation because for sure he's got the kudos to get you through on a nod. I'll keep thinking about options until I hear from you but best for now must be Best of Brit on endeavours _ maybe also try Pete Carew riding high in Unilever who might well be a member or more, ditto Jim Fox at GSK!   # Me: now into my mid70s, still spring chick compared with Farouq but whereas I'm on outside carping about codswallopped quality, he's still in there doing his bit on better methods and materials. So yup still fluidising away mostly kicking the plazyiarising pricks pretending nothing was done before they arrived. Anyway enjoying it all whilst it lasts, especially family indeed intensely interacting with son Chris' brood (11-9-4-1) in Rugby, him just retired in mid40s from playing premier league grass hockey as goalkeeper to concentrate on coaching youngsters also for footie whilst working as Euro CFO for Technicolor Corp with wife a consultant paediatrician and all of them timesharing an Alpine house indeed skiing there this week whilst daughter Sam is still into horses bigtime by way of job & hobby & training-tuition & competitions with weekly assistance & support from Diane. Like I said it's a good life especially being alive when too many of my contemporary champions have terminally tilted.

.        Re: KTN Event Follow Up} As a forensic frontline faultfixer in critical code for nuclear-hydrocarbon safety software post PWR & PiperAlpha catastrophes I'm sceptical but stay in touch just on case

.        STFC Bridging_message bounced#RAL reflections} thanks for perseverance_please forward bounced mail as attachment so I can check headers for compensation complaint to my dis-servicer! Thanks # As for more on my meanderings in prehistory projects well_mention of Marshall revived recollections of role as early 70s Osborne Reynolds ResFell with late great Bill Hall founding Head of ManUni NucEng alongside Sam Edwards as Head Phys emulating Lighthill's apprenticeship at ManUni, my modest role to support fatal accident evaluation of a supercritical water pipe failure from convective laminarisation then a mysterious mechanism indeed still problematic even with sophisticated supersteels. Another link must be via Mike Reeks at Berkeley Labs to their Tony Hutton when NucElectric were dumping their CEGB inherited safety code FEAT and we decided it should be saved courtesy of my BirUni bonafides with VC Michael Thompson originally x-Harwell radiation embrittlement expert who'd taken a shine to me for my x-DAMTP CamUni status endorsed by Lighthill & Batchelor. We very nearly made it happen before falling foul of John Collier's jobsworth mate on an acquisition kickback from QinetiQ's John Chisholm, upshot being an unholy row that rocked Reeks as national numerouno aerosol meltdown modeller enough for him to take refuge with Joe Quarini by then at BriUni having been hounded out of Harwell's FAST reactor programme as Hewitt & Hutchinson's topdog on cavity convection. That loops neatly back to my little bit in Bill Hall's story linking to another angle on my own run-in with AERE Harwell on a code I'd deposited there during a 3-month early 80s sabbatical, resulting in another unholy row with jobsworthies on my copyright caution against unauthorised use! So loads of stories then all them worth saving for the record yet none will be without interested intervention by VM and friends. So hoping to hear then and meanwhile sorry for slowness due to a week with bedridden bugs from grandkids.

.        artificial intelligence to review foetal ultrasound images} NT: “We sent scans to a panel of expert sonographers, who first categorised them and then graded the images against clinical criteria,” :: so that's not AI by any defensible definition but merely a calibrated eggspurt system" akin to endless evolutions done-dusted during decades since Lighthill's sensible scepticism about Goedelian gabbeldegeekery, with pinnacle progress perhaps in motorsport & aerospace as data-delineated mechanistic modeling for inferentially interpolated experimental extrapolation but never eschewing experts in delivering difficult decisions _ & that's the important issue here, seeing as bottom line is a lifeline!  #

.        Thomas & Hancock 1977 Hunt & Graham 1978 in McCorquodale& Munro 2017} perversely posits precedence of dynamical adaptation over kinematic confinement or did I miss main point? No mention of T&H attempted attribution of relaxation recovery

.        Book Proposal Invitation_advance your career educate others} lookup my linkedin to see stuff eclipsing Clancy coldwar caricatures even emulating Carre conspiracies but won't be written without a paperback pulper not with my dotaged dyselxia 

.        Re: Shark inspired aerofoil improves lift reduces drag} nowt new here but chance of critical commentary recently removed presumably to protect promotionals by moneygoround mob's dendragonry detritus spawning sellership evermore evidently stuffing scholarsh

.        add to LinkedIn_Toria keen to talk} tons of titbits on energy encounters exemplified in Bill Hall (Mcr-NucEng) Tony Hutton (FEAT) Mike Reeks (Berkeley meltdown) Dick Lahey (rRensselaerPoly LOCA) &&& so yes please proceed hoping you'll be there also

.        Which approach to battery storage do you favour?}  NT: GE giant 41MW facility to balance UK grid :: uhm so for peak purposes say 2kW transient domestic demand  that's 20k homes or well <1% national need. Hogwashed hotair abounds asever in AW advocacy of culturally correctnessed codswallop.   #

.        intense small-scale structures preferentially located in high-velocity regions} consistent with classical picture portrayed via Townsend superlayer scaling on Taylor microscale as conveyed in convection eg Cumulus & in boundary layers

.        Rolls Unveils IntelligentEngine Digital Strategy_diagnosis to fix itself, perhaps through smart snake or swarm robots} DanDare&Digby # prematurely corroded intermediate pressure turbine blades} feet firmly flattened for want of strongly scienced strategy

.        Electric 4-passenger air taxi to fly at least 150 miles on a charge prototyped on 15-min VTOL near-silent flight} so that's 2T plane+payload say 2kN drag with range needing GJ ormore net needing 2T+ Lion so that's 4T toto needing 4T+Lion etcetc??   

.        manadatory EV charging} grossly gobsmacked by apparent apathy of poor old pursey public about pointless pickpocketry ontopof taxtaken theft of 60%+ pump priced petrol intoto £30Bpa milked by masonic moneygoround mafia led by Loonydon Lardies & Luvvies

.        I mentored & sponsored Yang PhD on evolution of 70s seminal stuff done in DAMTP (eg Thomas Auton Sene Hunt) with practicalities via earky 90s UK-dti SMARTees on US-patented aeolian sprayer for LP matched momentum vortexed emission halving dropsize & drift

.        EdTech start-up Enploy with Innovation Birmingham create brand new online entrepreneurship diagnostic tool} morelike moneygoround mafia on yet another appratshit angle at pickpocketing poor old pursey public for posturing on preposterously poor pullthrough

.        Re: STFC Bridging for Innovators 10-2'1feb Birmingham}}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defcon Tom Kirkham @ STFC Hartree Daresbury & RAL Harwell # Hartree & Atlas & Man Uni- Maths + NucEng &&& below ; Dave Skertchly @ Far-UK # C-composite crosslinked polymer matrices also as military materials from coldwar closure campaigns scoping to Bragg-fibred for fatigue & PZ-MS embedded morphers & foamed compliants + densified sinkers ; Nigel Rix @ KTN # Thanks for tolerance to grumpiatric groaners awkward asks # Sad to see so few from the 30+ listed delegates actually arrived - at least I helped a tad on benched bums! google.co.uk/?q=hartree.compressible.flow reinforced my recollection indeed was awesomely amazed at quantity of quality content & connections including to Lighthill's tiptop teachers like Jeffreys whose wife coauthored papers with him & like Rutherford who mentored his PhD as he had also for GITaylor whom he described as his brightest boy. Indeed Hartree was a Beyer predecessor of Lighthill's at ManUni, inspiring his insight into characteristics calculations for compressible flow as well as FalknerSkan similarity which formed focus for my 60s PhD describing a dispersive beamlet wave function that platformed submarine stealthing by USN and was used by Nixon for Brezhnev bonafides bargaining prior to his Triple Treaty Moscow Mission as I learned 30 years later from the Soviet specialist who'd been there as emergent topdog in those games, whom I happened on at an IoP bash celebrating his career contributions. Like I said these stories serve as splendid scenery to that epic era of biggles brilliance and really should be recorded as intellectual inspiration for kids courageous enough to consider careers which for me accessed amazing adventures eclipsing Clancy caricatures even emulating Carre encounters. So be pleased to pop up/down to STFC Centre for a causal chat with oldies ideally also kiddies on those terrific times

.        envirexpert E.ON boss} sadly started at ManUni once producer of proper power engrs in earlier era under Bill Hall who mentored my ResFell, his feloney compounded by careering Powergen from whom I rescued a turbulence tunnel as they turned off uk-RTD lights

.        Engineers mimic human spine for resilient bridge pier} NT: KM: new smart composite developed by team will prevent rubbing to transfer shear as friction and absorb impacts by rocking and provide dynamic damping _ new material consist of entangled polymer fibres like  alloys used in aerospace :: sellership spikes scholarship again as such stuff is already abundant in compliant claddings spawned from coldwar closure campaigns in subsea stealthing inspired by intelligent insight like all best inventions ever since enlightenment, here in seemingly short supply given lifetime limitations never mind cost compared with compression concrete blocks infilled with rubberised relaxers _ indeed compliant concrete even was evolved as 70s soviet submarine stealthing skeleton! But who cares about established expertise in our emptyhead era of instant inspiration driven by dendragonry. #

.        China overtaken USA on ST-RD papers} but real worry must be decline in Brits doing degrees as contrasted in 5x aliens on firsts down to 1x on highers so no wonder we're wiped out when it comes to capabilities capacities 

.        Thordon Bearings initiative to evaluate biodegradable lubricants in sterntube bearings}  NT: US EPA confusion that lubricants meet necessary criteria for EAL: vegoils, synesters, polyalglylcols :: So yet again what goes out comes back as bum biter because all were candidates in coldwar closure campaigns as seascape suppression substitutes for diesel in deployment of helicoptered hydrophones & ICI Emkarox agents were selected as small subset with versatile veracity via synergetically spaced hydroxyls for substrate sequestration enough for upwards  millimetric clathrated activation amazingly 100x that of classical carboxylics, also consolidated in LJ molecular modeling that subsequently spawned algorithmic advocacy hyped for hydrogels! Failure  here arguably attributable to sheared degradation of nonionic polymeric hydroxyls due to excessive engagement as H-bonding to seawater substrate. #

.        Re: Automatic reply: suspicious email forwarded} as advised because surely it can't be from the bank that's denied me accounts closure_} awaiting action on my notification not merely this moronically intrusive inaction

.        Ti-Comp Golf Driver} revived recall of coldwar closure defonXed demo for sonar impulse actuation via flextensional bimodality inspired by kitchen sink response to boiling water_could staged sequence recoil be better than continuous compression rebound? 

.        Where are Corporate Energy & Sustainability Programs in 2018?_asks GreenBiz} Bizarre banter morelike without any attention to materialisation manifestky fanciful futility as exemplified in estimated £1T cost of battery backup for a week without wind!

.        water QM atomic bonding controls viscosity}nowt new to defconXers who delivered coldwar closure clathration capabilities consolidated in L-J molecular modelling of nonionic polymeric films as hydrogel H-OH activation amplified by synergetic sidearm spacing

.        suspicious email forwarded} as advised because surely it can't be from the bank that's denied me accounts closure for 5 years despite evermore emphatic demands to transfer trivial residuals unused after repeatedly rendered pathetically poor performance

.        reducing plastic waste} NT: SN: Blue Planet II recently highlighted some of the dire effects :: London Zoological Society's Paul Jepson who advised BBC said could be natural causes :: Southampton University's Malcolm Hudson said no link between cause and effect :: Beggars my belief that such a previously principled purveyor of informed insight has been hijacked evermore extensively for insidious improperganda

.        stratification significant for urban dispersion future fast modelling tools} assertion unsurprising but nebulously nonscienced without at least a token tad of parametric profiling especially as dispersive density prettymuch proportional to input intensity

.        Faraday battery development} evermore evident sacrifice of substantial scholarship for superficial sellership says coldwar closure defconXer who delineated LeAc silenced submarine sonicated supercharging as 10x+ battery booster yet no sign since

.        BHAM TOP START-UPS OUTSIDE LONDON} mirrors mantrapolitan moneygoround's masonically monstrous infrastructural inequity nevermind no-one coming clean on perniciously pejurative pickpocketry of poor old pursey public for preposterously perked poseuring

.        convection bubbly flow} combo-convection collapsed wall flux extensively evaluated by Hall-Jackson after supercrit fatal accident also by me as 70s Reynolds ResFell reformulating Prandtl on peak eddystress also adapted in 90s for steep bubbly flows

.        spray modelling} fragmentation factors from Rayleigh via Taylor to Dombrowski & Skilling (uncited! 3xCamUni!) begs question of airside amplification via aeolian activation of vortexed enhanced emission with halved dropsize & drift in 90s generic US Patent

.        Re: Review blocked sign-in attempt} Google doesn't like Outlook Express so need to retain "less secure apps" option

.        Flat Fan Nozzles Spray} grunmpiatric groaner says sorry nocando but awaits indicated interest in USgeneric patented aeolian activation via coflowed matched momentum airfan halving both dropsize & drift

.        phased array reversing vortex beats wavelength limit on large particle trapping_firstever}nope done dusted in coldwar closure campaigns heterodyning HF sonication cavitator with LF standoff stabiliser_yet again sound scholarship stuffed by silly sellership

.        choreographed speed rotation 3-D printing arranged fibers in polymer matrices_huge leap for bio-inspired composites} embedded morphology notsomuch natured as natural need noted mid90s in earliest evaluations dedfconXed for stealthing strength & actuation  No hint here of how morphology maintains integrity during curing which was real reason for resorting to EM field stabilisation aswellas acoutic patternation & intrinsic via molecular affinity. Moreover looks like sellership stuffs scholarship yet again:  This remarkable paper from the Lewis group _ said Lorna J. Gibson, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT, who was not involved in the research.     J. T. Muth, Dixon, P. G., Woish, L.,   Gibson, L. J., and Lewis, J. A., “Architected cellular ceramics   with tailored stiffness via direct foam writing”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 114, no. 8, pp. 1832 - 1837, 2017.

.        costs will rise due to Renewable Obligation levy} renewable costs should be cheaper than fossil} exemplifies extravagent extremities of despotically debilitating imposition inflicted on industry by perniciously perjurative politrickicians 25Jan certain that non-commodity costs will rise} moronic madness motivated by mcluhanistic motormouths on masonic moneygoround maintained by Lord Deben-ture & mates in LonOx Lardieland milking megamillions from commerically conflicted perjurative politrickery

.        E-mobility impairs grid stability}duodemidecade since sensible souls started asking awkwards on precisely this point whilst criticising carbon catastrophists for mcluhanistic manipulation by rigging radiative relaxation as recenty revealed by archactivists

.        Welsh Council To Implement Monthly Residual Waste Collections} & what about rate rebate from reduced collections cost_never mind public health hazard in hot weather with putrifying rot & rodents?

.        Re: Carillion’s aggressive accounting & auditing} so why not come clean on KPMG complicity_}  left Construction News} well what a pity you being my preferred person for commonsense commentary so also seemingly sympathetic for my meldrewismic moanings Carillion’s aggressive accounting & auditing} so why not come clean on KPMG complicity as continuation of its city spivvery during deregulated decades alongside all others responsible for fraudulent fudging featured famously in Enron & Lehman & many more

.         Beleagured diesel} busted by barrage of culturally correctnessed codswallop from motormouthing mediarised mcluhanisers who never note pollution is down by twothirds since 70s despite busbike lane blockages trebling transit times as consequential causation!

.        reducing ill-health from air pollution} NT: I'm with JB as usual & would consolidate his commentary were it not for wasting time with Centaur censorship by same sort of nebuloscientists lampooned by MB above Jack Broughton 23rd January 2018 at 4:33 pm The reports that claim to prove the danger posed by pollution are similar to the campaign a few years ago against butter. That is they are based on interpretations of statistics and strong opinions that are much harder to disprove than to claim. This fear-campaign has now grown to the dangerous level where, if you believed it, we would be seeing bodies piled-up in the streets soon.  The UK used to have a brilliant Environmental Department that improved air quality steadily using the “Best available technology not entailing excessive cost”, or BATNEEC: a cost benefit approach that has led to the UK having very clean air at a sensible cost. If the claimed health damage savings were subtracted from the health budget there would rightly be an outcry because they would not occur and the poor would suffer (as is usual in these scams). mike blamey 24th January 2018 at 8:08 am fellow Bloggers may be aware that various bodies -such as Friends of the Earth- have actually sued HMG for allowing the present situation to continue: without so much as a ‘plan’ to start to tackle such let alone the start of a solution.

.        SMReactors: next big thing in energy?}no hint here of semicentury as submarine powerplant where hydrogen is not only hazard but difficult to dispose whilst staying stealthy! Nice noting battery bonkernomics being long last aired as 30 years domestic demand

.        Flexibles work on solutions as end users panic} panic perfect because burden is 1kg.pa.pp* with 10% perhaps problematic against solubilised sediment >1T.pa.pp with 1% perhaps problematic # *ppb note which if densified would disappear! Nebulous Nonscience

.        This is engineering: changing the image of our profession among teens} NT: JB: underlying problem is to get the brightest students. MB: sadly let’s note that almost NONE of the machinery .. now comes from the country where it all started! :: Like me both good guys are dotaged despite capacity to continue contributing skills spawned from anglo auldskule elitism in era when everywhere else envied us enough to emulate our insistence on inculcating foundation fundamentals as vital vocabulary for STEMmed  sensibilities. Serendipity smiled on me with inspirational influences from the outset during decades of evermore extensive endeavour and amazing adventure until rudely reined-in for refusing to cull challenging content from my syllabus because it needlessly stressed evermore bums being benched for fees not fortitude whilst I relied on rigour so as to retain the prizewinners so as to see my PhD projects pursued by prizewinners determined to master the maths despite ludicrously lucred lures from city spivvery! I'll close by commenting as context that this content claimed to be too challenging for hons finalists & masters wasn't even what I'd had as a sixties fresher, a salutary sign of debilitating decline since the GB days of 3 V-bombers & 4 nuclear power plant & IC-125 Deltics and much more that we were still able to make  but sadly not to sell, at least not enough to STEM the tide of deutsche durchtecnickery.

.        How Can Engineers Prevent Rogue AI? & deliberate malicious confusion } learn lessons from coldwar closure capabilities in stealthing strategies for destealthing by deconvolution of chaffed concealment by multiply manifolded exotic emulations

.        Carillion’s aggressive accounting & auditing} so why not come clean on KPMG complicity as continuation of its city spivvery during deregulated decades alongside all others responsible for fraudulent fudging featured famously in Enron & Lehman & many more

.        Energy storage: auto grids London RoySoc*} waitlisted: Harry Alexander IndProg RoySoc Found you on LinkedIn}so you're guru guy who ditched me despite firsthand familiarity with sonicated battery boosters via transatlantic treatied coldwar closure campaigns but then I'm merely a dotaged deadender as campus centurion in peered papers including several seminals via ManUni-MecFlu-Nuc/CivEng ImpColl-Aero CamUni-Math BirUni-Bioeng + 4-fold DTI-SMARTee & decadal defconXer in subsea stealthing + frontline fixer for bluechippers + forensic faultfinder post-PiperAlpha, all pretty paltry against your expert experience from couple of years on fashionably faddish follies. Sadly symptomatic of decadent decimation of auldskule attainment by nebulous navelglazing.

.        * The conference is part of the Society's Transforming our future conference series, launched to address the major scientific and technical challenges of the next decade and beyond. Each conference will focus on one topic and will seek to cover key issues, including:  The current state of the key industry sectors involved The position of the UK and how it can benefit from the technology The future direction of research The challenges faced in turning research into commercial success The skills base needed to deliver major economic scientific advances The wider social and economic impacts The conferences are a key component of the Society’s five-year Science, Industry and Translation initiative which demonstrates our commitment to reintegrate science and industry at the Society and to promote science and its value by connecting academia, industry and government

.        Onshore OilGas CEO flails ‘flawed’ shale claims}"329-fold" screams statistically sloppy counter-corporate cultural correctness campaigning via mediarised mcluhanisation that annihilated auldskule science on scale from spiked slyience to nebulous nonscience

.        Shape memory alloy is key to morphing wings} NT: Advert verbatim from NASA News without contextual commentary  expected of any engineering title never mind this one with its long lineage of reporting respectability. Angular adjustment via small slowly strained torsional transduction would be trivial but we won't know  without numbers to compare with capabilities of established expertise

.         Re: 'We are very disturbed' by PM's plastics purge} so was I like any soundly scienced anglo auldskuler enough indeed to motivate my moan reddened below which you could consider as candidate critique for counter campaign lampooning luvvieland lardies 23Jan 5 steps to being a more sustainable retailer # The Blue Planet effect} mcloonyistic massaging mantras via factoids through fictoids to fuctoids by masonc moneygorounders cavorting correctness careerism as nebulously nonscienced naggery

.        Instability manipulation using surface plasma_first application 1998} as sourced from glasnost-perestroika but Russians had point source "suction" in 60s refined in 70s with wingroot vortex inhibition giving MIGs edge over F104 in coldwar confrontations At least that's my understanding from firsthanders with topteamers around at the time of Nixon's Brezhnev bonafides swopshop for his Triple Treaty Moscow Mission when suppression of stratification beamlets (my 60s PhD!) was disclosed as submarine stealthing skill. Anyhow NB's abstract below prompted my googling that got me your stuff spawned from Princeton PhD with LexSmits who shared 70s time with me in ImpColl aero and later treated me to meal at Princeton's first curry house! So inspired by your splendid lecture sourced via Ashley's article I was prompted to note a few thoughts (italicised below) that maybe might be of interest at least two in particular perhaps: # RANS inadequacy likely improved with spectrally invariant second order modelling closure bridging from Taylor-Townsend's RDT (inspired by LFRichardson) which stretches Rotta's isotropisation from single point closure to Lagrangian strain history relaxation integral constrained by only two constants # no hint here indeed never is of vortex-cored cavitation confined compression as candidate for hyper Mach pulsed ejector without moving mechanicals even from standing start utilising resonant radial reflection as cylindrically confined variant of spherically singular cyclical collapse # Others on indicated interest! Meanwhile you mention of high voltage hazard reminded me of remark that MIG pilots were indeed sacrificed on that armageddon altar! 

.        Re: 5 steps to being a more sustainable retailer # The Blue Planet effect} mcloonyistic massaging mantras via factoids through fictoids to fuctoids by masonc moneygorounders cavorting correctness careerism as nebulously nonscienced naggery

.        claimed world first acoustic tractor beam} NT: Long legacy of levitation STEMed from 60s stuff at NASA with inertial dynamics derived from 70s multiphase mechanics for nuclear safety evolved via 80s Taylor-Couette vortactors & 90s nodally confined cavitation NT: Long legacy of levitation STEMed from 60s stuff at NASA with inertial dynamics derived from 70s multiphase mechanics for nuclear safety evolved via 80s Taylor-Couette vortactors & 90s nodally confined cavitation as safe boundary booster for batteries &&&, none of which you'd know from this academic advert styled as if it all appeared by Bristolian briliance, not shouldered on gigantic gurus.

.        Committee on Climate Change: faster phase out petrol diesel cars} Deben-tured despot dictates parliamentary policy cavalierly cocky that conflicted campaigning won't wobble masonic moneygoround's debilitating decades of £30Bpa perjurative pumpishment

.        Re: bit here bite not byte there as pieces fit & concepts focus} spot-on same as Batchelor's byword him Head CamUni AppMaths for 30 years 10 twinned with Lucasian Lighthill together as DAMTPhisbena inspired by GITaylor & him Rutheford's brightest best!

.        Re: Droplet Sizes in Wind Tunnel} recollection of my UK-dti SMART US genPatented SPRAY = Stimulated Pulsatile Rendering Aeolian deliverY which halved drift with halved dropsize via coherent sheet emission using matched momentum coflowed air

.        Carillion: responsibility in contracts} surely biggest by far must be auditor assessment asever endemically evasive even so wilfully wanting astobe manipulatively misleading sadly standard slimeballing for Loonydon Lardies on masonic moneyoround

.        NATIONAL GRID profit £350k pp.pa is 3x top 100 average} that's be £9Bpa toto (really?) or 30% domestic billing soifso scandalous scambackery by perjuratively politrickeried piratisation profiteers from ludicrously lucred looting of imperial infrastructure

.        Contractors' troubles could herald a return to basics} requiring rigid regulation of audit actualities with punitive penalties indeed imprisonment inevitable for persistent perversion such as been sustained by standard suspects in cityspiv cabal

.        Councils reject ministers' calls over electric charging points} docile denial insidiously inadequate given impending impact doubling domestic demand having halved big baseloaders on anticarbon altar cabalistically colluded by perjurative politrickicians

.        Councils reject ministers' calls to provide electric charging points} defensive denial will only delay mcluhanised madness of doubling domestic demand having halved big baseloaders on anticarbon altar that monstrously megamonied perjurative politrickicians

.        ADI attainment indeed an exceptional exemplar amongst graveyard ghouls spawned from industrial immolation during decades of casino castration by Loonydon Lardies says sametime startup 4-fold SMARTee subsequently succumbed to 3% surival statistic

.        mitigating EV impact} evermore evasion on cost consequences eclipsing extravagences for gabbledegeekeried grinergism # still no sign of sonication battery booster for >>10x damage-free disrecharging as defconXed during coldwar closure for subsea ops

.        superstrong underwater adhesives} NT: arguably attributable, at least as primafacie perception, to expected evolution of PAG-PEG polymers synergistically sidechained for maximal immobilisation at aqueous substrates, as serendipitously speculated mid-late 80s after encountering  Emkarox at an ICI seminar on marine lubricants whilst in pursuit of process improvements inhibiting bubble disengagement damage to mammalian cell culture as well as for better bets than classical carboxylic candidates for military materials in subsea stealth strategies, extensively evaluated for arena acceptance separately on toxicity & durability, both cases supported by simulations sourced from Lennard-Jones molecular modeling & both delivered during a decade or more of extended enhancements

.        Recycling plans to protect planet}enormous expense to poor old pursey public pickpocketed for privileges enjoyed by ecomentalised moneygoround mafia when sinking solution would suffice for oceanic overload kg.pa.pp moreover merely 2% of sedimentary soilage

.        Re: business culture masterclasses taking place at KPMG} prompted to pinpoint cultural corruptions having been reminded of role in blairownian bonkernomic hubristic howlers on RDAs that allowed AWM adulteration amplified by Mandy's murderous decimation of

.        APPRENTICESHIPS BETTER CAREER}economic ellipticity here atleast albeit at preposterous price for poor old pursey public pickpocketed during decades as HNDs+CATS were killed to create killing for HEIs fattened from fee inflation whilst standards were spiked

.        Beeb Voxpop 17jan:  Nursing Crisis MP Selous} posturing posheur who never did a decent day of dirty digitry #  Beeb Toady 17jan: x-MP Gummer despotic demand for parliamentary compliance with his committee commandments on climate compliance at any cost!

.        16Jansplat turbulence} nice seeing science still sourced by scholars even if not by sellers_counter kinematic mesospectral spillage noted in T&H inspired SIMCLO = Spectral Invariance Minimalist Closure as Leading Order RDT revision enroute from ImpColl to DAMTP

.        Ariel HIPERCAR & Carillion collapse}  NT: Bizarre business Carillion crucified on cut-price commissions whilst way-out whimsies get goodies

.        Re: Bridging for Innovators follow-up} Sorry we had to cancel the Manchester event in December for the STFC Bridging for Innovators Programme!

.        Carillion leaves Balfour and Galliford with £80m bill} real reason resides in rescue recovery of Balfour from brink via preferential public pursing at expense of other bigboys with Carillion hit hardest having seemed strongest in its bidding for Balfour 

.        virtual / added mass important for inertial acceleration exceeding gravitational so absolute area not an issue only areal adjustments notably for voidage increase into nozzles when throat choking can arise

.        lasting dream since Prandtl} have you ever encountered engineering shortcut scaling with eddy extremity shear stress substitution in wall-law that alone accommodates transition-retransition Reynolds even with crudely quadratic sublayer scale suppression?

.        Brexit Business Seminar 26/01/18} awaiting acceptance as academic achiever at Man-Cam-BirUni & LonIC in all engrg elements of STEM stuff & covert coldwar subsea stuff + 4-fold SMARTee campus commercialiser & WM industrial frontline forensic faultfixer

.        citing Snape Thornas Callow 1989} thanks for that especially as was done during BG* era indeed duodecade before yours done a decade ago, wondering whether our other plant-biotec projects with Janes & Li & Green also proved purposeful? *Before Google!

.        polydispersity greatly affects runout} context of contribution was 1996 BBC Horizon prompting proposition of "Rollers & Rafters" as binary model for mobility & momentum inspired by earlier encounters with wall layer laminarisation by buoyancy & by bubbles

.        Thanks for your application New Speaker Enquiry Form

.        Enfield: largest ground source home heating} at £6k per home now paying £600pa that's 10 year capex ~> 40 with x2 depex x2 opex scandalous scambackery pickpocketed from poor old pursey public by masonic moneygoround mafia

.        New process produces ultrafine ultrastrong low-cost nanofibres} NT: MB: Believe it or not, in 1966 at ICI Fibres :: whereas wikipedia.org: fibre drawn from a Taylor cone by electrospinning. _ as described by Sir Geoffrey Ingram Taylor in 1964 before electrospray was "discovered".[1] This followed on from _ Wilson and Taylor (1925) on droplets in strong electric fields. Exemplifying evermore extensive evidence of scholarship scuppered by sellership  driven by dendragonry! #

.        Record SMEs to downsize close sell} statistic suggests 5 year halflife overall whereas startups already suffer 3year halflife 3% longlife so looks like those daft enough to entrepreneurially embark will be decimated for foreseeable future

.        Innovation Bham raised £10M} but it's hubristically hocked for muchmore in megamoney pickpocketed from poor old pursey public torridly taxtaken without any apology even for services shortfalled to accommodate an absurdly aspirational arena with 3y halflife

.        Bubble Size Distribution}Ruzicka etal just one of ten orso via decade of BritCoun-RoySci funding & much more during my decade in BirUni CheEng but none addressed interfacial inhibition serving to show for DOT that 2-4mm aged aqueous has actual = optimal

.        TfL: funding gap} inevitable after inefficiencies systemically spawned by evermore empowerment of hubristic hoorays on idiotic implementations like fundamentally flawed 300kW HVACs finally being fixed with sensible solutions delineated duodemidecade ago 

.        UK doubles EV range} plazyiaristic PRomo on catchup kidology in military materials sourced Stateside from transatlantic treatied coldwar closure capabilities via prepiratisation deflabs on doped conductive caging in polymeric hydrogel viscolastic films

.        Overflowing Waste Bins} NT: It's aeons since Brummies had routine rubbish collections says Grumpiatric Groaner unrecycled for more than a month by a bankrupt bureauggery that's about to burn big bread on Commonwealth cavorting for hubristic hoorays by moneygoround mafia that murdered megamillions on serviceable streetlight substitution & central station with drop-off queuing cars into chaotic accumulation along major motoring routes. Special measures must surely be back on Kerslake's campaign cards    before Christmas comes around again!

.        UK doubles driving range}plazyiaristic PRomo on catchup kidology in military materials sourced Stateside from transatlantic treatied coldwar closure capabilities via prepiratisation deflabs on doped conductive caging in polymeric hydrogel viscolastic films

.        Sadiq Khan: London "health crisis" caused by poor air quality_Exaggerations threaten trust: Spiegelhalter} but no-one heeds a modest man drowned out by nebulously nonscienced cacophony of catastrophists culdesacced by contradictory climateered codswallop

.        polymeric membranes with nanoscale metal-organic frameworks} coldwar closure context of silenced sinkers for submarine shedding of gases via viscolastic antiflotation filming so sellership spikes scholarship yet again with plazyiaristic imPRoperganda

.        NM Group & National Grid Trial Aerial LiDAR Inspections} donedusted duodemidecade ago at ARE prior to plazyiarised profiteering piratisation in transatlantic treatied coldwar closure campaigns for LIDARaman satellite sea scanning of submarine superhighways

.        LUXURY STUDENT PRIVATE MEMBERS CLUB & JOURNOLINK & PROFINDA & FRAUD PREVENTION PARTNERSHIP & CHERISH PR & CUDONI & MJB GRAHAM & QUARTERDECK} typically trivial pursesuedes parasitically initiated as innovation by public pickpocketers

.        Re: News Advice Reviews Features Poducts Services Offers}onceuponatime RAC = Reparations for Auto Citizenry in repaired roads & relaxed regulations not nebulously nonscienced correctness collusions on diesel denials & bus-bike lane losses & motorway madage

.        BBC Parliament: Lords Defence debate_procurement questions by Bilimoria} views echoed victim's anger at UK deflab profiteered piratisation for 30% asset value & that few% of cerebrality key to transatlantic treatied trust since WW1 for futuristic freebies on concept conjectures, so rudely ruptured by profiteered piratisation of UK deflabs resulting in DoD delisting of UK contractors after Chisholm's cowboys commenced commercialisation of capabilities still seen as sensitive by Pentagon who'd bankrolled best bits such a Bragg-fibred smartening of supersteels and compliant composites even extending to PZ-MS morphers, plus much more covertly conveyed via uncontracted campaigns. My own opportunities were spawned by a sixties PhD that furnished a formulation for subsea wave beamlets which proved pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides in ice-breaking bitterness at Khrushchev's humiliating climbdown in Cuban crisis, a super story that stayed secret until post-perestroika revelation by a Soviet submarine scientist who'd been there as a rising RAS star, also accounting for my repeated interceptions by Russian Rear Admirals glasnosting their games as asylum adverts. Might add that the same solution has been recently rediscovered by climate-changers looking for transoceanic inertial intensifiers as turbulence triggers, thereby exemplifying auld adage that what went around comes around again, academically especially when religiosity rules roost in campus cabals not so much ill-informed as ignorant in fundamental formulations!     Muchmuch more might be said indeed enough eclipsing Clancy caricatures ten times ormore some even emulating Carre conspiracies but I'll settle for our shared Brum link, mine during decade to mid 90s on faculty in VC MWThompson's time with his history at AERE Harwell on submarine nuclear power plant physics (radiation embrittlement metallurgy) crucial to my freedom from suited stifling in accessing US DoD defconXies on underwater warfare spanning stealthing strategies & sensing schemes aswellas interface inventions & magic materials only just now appearing as aspirations for Innovation UK. However the suits did skewer my attempted arrangements for Lyon-Brum twin-city pairing in an institute for mechanistic materials under auspices of ARE-DRA SMC at Holton Heath via late lamented Rod Lane also as accessing agency for USN-ONR links & networked American academics to be shared with ECL via my high-level access achieved during a decade in DAMTP (CamUni) arising from GKBatchelor's awareness of my PhD significance facilitated firsthand via MJLighthill then Lucasian under GKB as Head, together twinned as GITaylor's DAMTPhisbena, him in turn Cherwell's DCS to Churchill in WW2 judged by Rutherford as his brightest boy in that extraordinary era of emergent new physics with GIT's PhD a double-slit definitive demonstration of the duality that's now so fashionably faddish.        Upshot of that obstruction (and another that destroyed dealmaking a facility for forensic frontline faultfixing) imposed immediately after MWT's departure (in despair at burgeoning bureauggery) was wider action against me for envy at my four-fold DTI SMARTee status, indeed national numerouno at that time as campus creation, attracting attention for a BBC TV profile of the man who might boost Brum after devastation of 300k jobs dumped during decades of pernicious postindustrialisation. Together with my retention of tougher teaching (because it guaranteed best of bunch clamoured for my PhDs despite ludicrously lucred lures from city spivvery, these lads now treetoppers globally as makers & shakers) but seen as unsuitably stressful on bums benched for fees not fortitude, I got bumrushed into premature pensioning at fifty despite oneman banding the biggest faculty team of a dozen ormore PGs PDs RFs and seniors on prestigiously profiled RoySoc & BritCoun bounties.     But enough of that, at least for now because hopefully with whetted appetite you'll be back for more from a forgotten hero victimised by collusive cultural  correctness that's crippled our country! Thanks for your time. 

.        ‘Water cloak’ EM eliminates turbulence} sellership scoundrels skewering scholarship with nonscienced nebulosity asserting CFD suffices for complexity characterisation at realistic Re collusively compounded by editorial easyriders in dragoned dennery

.        Alumni update: Phil Withers Materials_Rutherford era}conveyance of context given graphene's accidental atribution demands designation of military motivations including century of contributions via ARE-DRA SMC sourcing of transatlantic treatied technolo so rudely ruptured by profiteered piratisation of UK deflabs resulting in DoD delisting of UK contractors after Chisholm's cowboys commenced commercialisation of capabilities still seen as sensitive by Pentagon who'd bankrolled best bits such a Bragg-fibred smartening of supersteels and compliant composites even extending to PZ-MS morphers, plus much more covertly conveyed via uncontracted campaigns.     Laithwaite likewise (bottom below) in addition to admiration for his achievement really requires recollection of mechanistic madness in his mantra that gyroscopic g-forces were not incorporated in Newton laws of motion. Said a sixties fresher famed for blowing up his DC power bank at least fusing it firework fashion with sparks & smoke, later as Lucasian Lighthill acolyte whose 70s MecFlu PhD delivered a dispersive beamlet greens function that proved pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides in ice-breaking bitterness at Khrushchev's humiliating climbdown in Cuban crisis although that super story stayed secret until post-perestroika revelation by a Soviet submarine scientist who'd been there as a rising RAS star, also accounting for my repeated interceptions by Russian Rear Admirals glasnosting their games as asylum adverts. Might add that the same solution has been recently rediscovered by climate-changers looking for transoceanic inertial intensifiers as turbulence triggers, thereby exemplifying auld adage that what went around comes around again, academically especially when religiosity rules roost in campus cabals not so much ill-informed as ignorant in fundamental formulations! Seasonal Salutations!

.        Farouq Ali e-card} how kind_obviously not in Houston morelike Siberia but wherever asever amazed at your sustained stamina! Families all well thanks_suppose no chance for firsthander somewhere nearer this neck before inevitable slide down slippery slopes!

.        mycorrhizal fungus damage by diesel} citing Green etal 1992 so nice knowing BG = Before Google still sourced albeit seldom by millennial mileui of sellers who supplanted scholars but surely 1%  is spillage not pollution <ppm even as urban roadside residue

.        Building regulations not fit for purpose}says HSE hotdog bizarrely blind to responsibility role for foresight failure inexcusibly ignoring concerned clamour following fires in same situations aswellas Cullen's command for regulatory renewal post PiperAlpha

.        TRAVELLERS causing misery}much more caused by_} cllrs offering assistance then staying silent}binmen baloney_}& now fetid faitaccompli on Weoley-SellyOak Ward as another despotocracy dictat in rancid reversion of relocation that cost us 5% devaluation

.        Manufacturing Management} Green Book_darndest directory ever encountered put to good use with grandsons encouraging exploration of engineering as candidate career indeed supply side service aligned with my lad's lifetime in logistics albeit only finance!

.        Macular stuff} thanks for tolerating speculations as alternative approaches via surfactant for interfacially bonded biodegradable pinning &or pressurisation via inflation imposing surface stress same as bubble buoyancy but better because it fills volume _ and also, ambitiously but hopefully not absurdly, assessment of futuristic formulation for collecting & capturing peripheral flicker vision via CCD storage softwared for sustained inspection of images retained in SSM maybe even for restricted reading despite loss of line of sight retinal retention. As context I've included here earlier exchange explaining source of my speculation. Meanwhile look forward to seeing you for Feb operation ideally also opportunity to chat with you & Sharma about my ideas. Seasonal Salutations.

.        citation} another one so thought you might also like to sample Snape's stuff suchas in 1989+1992 BiotecBioeng 1992+1995 CheEngSci 1987+1992+1994 IChemE 1991 BirUni-PhD latter with airlift smart selection strategy as early example of expert-AI approach

.        Engagement is key to realising the Industrial Strategy} The Engineer 18Dec  NT: JS: WW2 innovation & invention :: capabilities that persisted to produce 4 variant nuclear power plant + 3 V-bombers then Concorde & IC125 + AGR, last as precursor of post-industrial parasitism by the casino cabal that engineered emergence of geeky gigonomy as inevitable implication from piratisation profiteering, especially via dividend diversion of pensioned posts as killer copout soon embraced across the economy. Sizewell-B has been splendidly successful but so would AGR had it not been compromised by weld failures due to  tube-end fluctuations in stupidly size-squeezed specification for its heat exchanger, sadly with no sign expensively erroneous penny-pinching will be excluded from incipient initiatives. Should say also that ARE-DRA-DERA labs housed a legacy of earlier elitist excellence courtesy of transatlantic treatied trust in UK submarine skills, as F1 also managed in maintaining continued confidence of foreign funding from major manufacturers but expertise emigration following the finance is taking its toll much as in military maritime arena

.        HMS Queen Elizabeth springs a leak} The Engineer 19Dec  NT: Surprised to see at long last smattering of at least apparently informed views but also astonished by seeming sympathy for feeble failure that's surely symptomatic of wider worries for functional reliability in extreme excursions entailed with enemy encounters. Strikes me same syndrome as unAstute shortfalls such as double the designated drag-noise specified by simplistic software adopted against advice in final fling words of wisdom from the late lamented ARE-DRA-DERA labs prior to profiteered piratisation that also spawned scandalous sequestration of independent IPR!

.        Grenfell inquiry can't focus just on facts figures} but that's exactly what was wanted before the event because wall-writing was not just there to be seen during decades of nearmiss disasters as billboarded by the vulnerables even by victims_said as expert       appointed to critique analytic algorithms in design & operational safety software for HSD-OSD compliance with Cullen post PiperAlpha when 168 good guys died despite following safe sheltering rules-regs. Beggars belief that main stairwell wasn't watermained as standard supply service equipped with popoffs for water mist cooling-cleansing coflowed with emergency air from above, because service supply meeting demand duty 200Lpdpp alone enough without sprinklers. But good guys never get asked for advice, only opportunistic opiners.

.        West Midlands £1B investment in rail network £680m on trains manufactured by Bombardier&CAF} no hint here of remorseful regret for wasting Washwood for want of £100M one-off for 10k jobs half with engineering expertise & Alstom's access to exportability  

.        ELRIG's first event in Germany} yet another exemplar for emigration of excellence brought about by Brexit even to extinction already atrophied during decades of pernicious politrickery by Whiteminster Wallies noxiously nestfeatthering as Luvvieland Lardies

.        How to learn lessons?} overtly oblivious to rancid reality that infrastructural investment pickpocketed from poor old pursey public in rejected regions allocated 25x larger for loonydon luvvies-lardies as 20% local population comprising 20% national total

.        Citing Snape Zahradnik Fialova Thomas} nice knowing still cited despite being BG = Before Google so maybe might like to try Snape's PhD thesis (BirUni) on expert system as early example of AI applied to reactor configuration & operation

.        Phantom traffic jams: Eddie Wilson UniBristol research} strutting sellership stuffing scholarship evermore extensively as exemplified here in PRomotional plazyarism of late great Lighthill-Whitham's workup for dynamical dispersivity of Kynchian kinematics moreover monstrously without any hint here of rancid realities that coning cowboys & motorway madagament both choke capacity by stifling sensibly adaptive accommodation of vehicular vacancies excruciatingly exacerbated by poxy proxies persistently policing outside lane limit overtly obstructing trains of traffic & this  selfrighteous smugness set to explode with expansion of EVs on battery bandwagonned regimentation religiosity engendered by ecomentalised indoctrination inanities.

.        Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project By Andrew Wade} The Engineer 14Dec   NT: As ever advocacy advertisement not evenhanded evaluation & it's sadly spawning evermore extensively damaging  disrepute to what was once a respectable rag. Take a look at AW's  Linkedin to see what I mean.

.        Garden Bridge: TfL duty dereliction} mirroring my own experience on LUG HVAC inadequate installations at enormous expense being doubled in replacement via masonic moneygoround when my late 90s forsensic faultfixer on train brakes PSed practical proposition

.        IME: Speed up approvals to ensure nuclear future} The Engineer 13Dec   NT:  liquid sodium-cooled breeder reactor developed by Hitachi :: resonant recollection of my 70s Osborne Reynolds Fellowship in Bill Hall's hallowed ManUni NucEng on issues of supercritical laminarisation crisis, officed between an exterior HT test loop & interior sodium bath (HSE uhm!) for early  evaluation of fundamental factors on what's hyped here as Hitachi's by our very own national IME ignoring our very own superb scholarship in sadly systemic superficial sellership scorning the gurus & giants who shouldered such stuff in that earlier era of elitist excellence

.        Pan-European drone project detects toxic gases in disaster zones} The Engineer 13Dec   NT: slideshare.net: ADVANTAGES OF RAMAN OVER INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY :: which is why LIDARam not LIDAIR was created in coldwar closure campaign for satellite sniffing of suspicious seascape signatures systematically surveyed on submarine superhighways. So yet again another "first time"  proves to be plazyaristically pitched dragon dennery sadly symptomatic of systemic stuffing of scholarship by sellership commonly compounded by nebulous nonscience! #

.        gridwatch.templar.co.uk: dangerous delusion} indeed as I & few others have hammered home now sickeningy silenced for uncorrectness as exemplified in my reddened remark entirely eliminated from the engineer's exchange when rancid rubbish was/is reported The Engineer 4Dec  NT: wikipedia.org Bill Hall  was first Professor of Nuclear Engineering '59-86  at UniManchester in heyday of nuclear industry. In '76 he launched undergraduate degree + manchester.gov.u k City Council resolution declaring nuclear free zone in '80. Many local authorities followed and a national organisation was set up :: PM above prompted these reminiscence retrievals in rancid reflection by BH protegee as Osborne Reynolds ResFell '73-76 on fault-fixing formulation for hyper heat exchangers he advocated ahead of all others in that arena but sadly stuffed by anti-activism here only to be embraced elsewhere like most methodologies materialised in that earlier era of our elitist excellence.  As for SN's slapdown, more like slipup with pathetically  paltry 10% power provision courtesy of correctness capacity & that costing considerably more than conventional moreover massively mired by concreted CO2  for footings & fittings! New report highlights civil nuclear’s contribution to UK economy

.        outages and incidents: So, if it snows heavily once every few years} you maintain 2GW carbon baseloaders reserved for resumption on 3-7day notice thereby avoiding power cuts dictatorially dumped on us this week with hardly a hint in the mcluhanised media 

.        Water cloak EM reduced wake drag} The Engineer 12Dec   NT: Lorenz laminarisation was assessed as coldwar closure candidate  complementing microbubbles seldom drag diminishing or noise nobbling for operational functionality so since sidelined by other cleverer configurations much more effective also for wakes without EM telltale for turbulence & cavitation control never mind mega messaging from mean field flow factoring! So yet again sadly scholarship  is stuffed by sellership, yet again bandwagoned by Infestation Tricknologists blissfully unaware of physical fundamentals sadly shared seemingly by US Navy R&D rudderless without UK defence labs invaluable inputs since WW2, especially in earlier era of ARE's active involvement via transatlantic treatied covert commissioning of capabilities on thirty year leads! #

.        Chris Aylett on recruitment_Zircotec x-UKAEA 70s coatings} scholarship again stuffed by sellership as sputtered barrier films also accessed late 60s for electrothermal anemometry in UKARE submarine stealthing arena: Clancyian candidate for kids come-on!

.        survey by Greenpeace} bound to be biased by advocacy activist-anarchists ever eager to pickpocket poor old pursey public for specious slushsidies squandered on camplaigning chariteers ignorant of impoverishment from ecomentalised entropic extravagences

.        Seminar 14/12 postponed} so someone said dabbling dilettante was all set for awkward asks on his 60s PhD beamlet greens function as tunnelling transporter recently rediscovered by bureauggerily bankrolled geoflow gamers in climatrophism casino_only joking!

.        LiftEx 29-30nov Telford}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies      Anton van der Zalm @ Van Beest # FEM impalusibility on absence of stress intensification around pins # double-ended pin shackle advantage of load symmetry # surprised by paucity of carbon fibre cables

.        When the wind blows doesn’t} duodemidecade since I started awkward asking on cost set to soar to £1/unit as 3p x3 on 30% availabiliity x3 on 30% utilisability-contigency on 12year fatigue x3 on concostabilities nevermind nonscienced contigency capacities

.        Crossflow Spray Fuel Injection} pity unaware of US patented SPRAYer = Stimulated Pulsatile Rendering Aeolian deliverY as matched momentum air-gas coplanar coflow for range doubled delivery via vorticity diminished drift & dropsize

.        Does hot water freeze faster than cold?}no hint of H-bonded surface viscolasticity catalysed by contamination from above & below aswellas container needing preposterous precautions to suppress especially with bigger bulk viscosity of cold contents

.        HS2: Andrew McNaughton part-time advisory} nope it's advocacy not advisory from a PArticipating PRoponent who abjectly admitted 1hr transit time on doubledeckered IC150 would've plunged price 3fold from present peak that's 3x expectation everywhere else!

.        esat2018.cz} flier for me doubtless due to your citations of OTO98162_duly disappointed by explicit evidence of uk entire elimination from this frontline as evermore evident across all arenas during decades since our educational elitism was exterminated

.        LA Smarter Traffic Management 28nov Birmingham IET}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies    John Rushton @ Adaptor Logic Data Integration #as evermore evident everywhere no sign of substantial scholarship amongst all that superficial sellership for fashionably faddish futilities in data driven neurally netted AI pickpocketed from poor old pursey public ; Andrew Payne @ Naviga Consulting x-Army x-Halcrow # so no surprise shared my sepia on coldwar closure campaigns eclipsing Clancy caricatures emulating Carre conspiracies # ditto on engineering forensic faultfixers also on Roger Falconer as Halcrow Prof ; Martin Kemp @ Bucks CC Transport # fashionably faddish frenzy against diesel driven by distortion of statistical significance for NOx & uPs due to trebled transit time by bus-bike lane blockages with emissions everywhere else halved ormore since 70s ; Andy Radford @ Birmingham City Council # inanity insanity of mayoral madness at Grand Central causing Bristol Road blockage both ways by tailbacks due to dropoff disaster never mind shopping shocker as political platform for LEProsy launchpad

.        Robots given visual foresight to predict their actions} The Engineer 7Dec  NT: autonomic anticipation is trivial task with routine regularity but it's beggared by bifurcations beyond beliefs acquired from actual earlier encounters, as expressed in Goedel-Lighthill-Penrose antipathy to assertions that AI is able to accommodate Rumsfeld's unknown unknowns! #

.        modelling of a flat fan atomizer} no hint even on significance of surface viscolasticity for fragmentation nor modulation methodologies such as aeolian activation with matched momentum coplanar coflow for enhanced efficacy by halving both dropsize & drift

.        Market Understanding and Effective Business Plans are Crucial to Large Innovate UK Grant Applications} despite dearth of statistical support for productive prognostication as shown by SMART with few winners but earned enough to pay for all projects

.        Environment Agency proceed with construction operation £100 million defence to protect Boston’s homes and businesses from tidal flooding} despite decades of inordinately inconsequential ecomentalisation expenditure on fundamentally flawed formulations

.        Bombardier new deep cleaning cleaning chemical process} pressure wash recollection reminder of 90s DTI-SMARTee for SPRAYer = Stimulated Pulsatile Rendering Applciations deliverY via LP nozzle boosted by coplanar coflowed airsheet from LP blower

.        New report highlights civil nuclear’s contribution to UK economy} The Engineer 6Dec  NT: SN's pedantry ironic indeed after JB's final para on pointless prevarication!  Skim his linkedin to see how little firsthand familiarity he has had in presuming to pontificate indeed censor commentary by proper professionals with actuality achievements

.        FAO Simon Griffin: delivery denial: Why when you asked mFe to followup on forensic fault-fixing for Heathrow HVAC

.        West Midlands urged to take advantage of HS2 supply chain} arrogantly asinine pickpocketry of poor old pursey public around rejected regions by beneficiaries of bonkernomic bananarama for moneygoround monstrosity economicaly eschewed everyhwhere else

.        New hybrid London black cab} 200kg orso for 30kWh as 100km to 80% depletion deliverability against 200km daily demand so 1+h recharge time means 50% duty via IC loaded with 300kg EVxtras as 2x typical passenger payload_bedlam bonkernomic bananarama!

.        Is air quality the next asbestos?} bandwagon bureauggery really on a roll for yet masonically moneygorounded perniciously perjurative pickpocketry from poor old pursey public via speciously spiked stats as shown by supremo Spiegelhalter

.        Building on blank slate to develop capital city} no hint here of decimation dumped on rejected regions pickpocketed to pay for persecution privileges indeed best boroughs here getting 10x percap or as much as everywhere else on incestual infrastructure

.        Re: Manufacturing Management 22-23nov Coventry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies    Roger O'Brien @ Sunderland Uni # super seeing revival in rejected regions but automotive arena sadly stymied by role restriction to jigsaw assembly as Brussellian bureauggery blockage beater for major makers HQed abroad ; Paul Mather @ Farrall Transport # mirrors evermore everywhere about to be displaced by CCTV at considerable cost when fisheyed fibreoptics would sensibly suffice especially as extension to cabling carried for lights ; Jason Hajdukiewicz @ Dravo # gas-fired industrial heating & handling_could benefit from flow factored forensics such as scouring andor sonication exchange amplifiers also bend radiusing & guiding for mchanical loss reduction ; Neil Turner @ SCA Hygiene # Tork touchless toilets & tissues_thanks for samples inreturnfor account of my amazing adventures eclipsing Clancy caricatures even emulating Carre conspiracies now needing protrayal by professional paperbacker ; Martin Bailey @123 Insight # planning protocols & efficiency evaluatons_but begs Q&A on redundancy requirements essential for elasticity in reactive response to opportunities & hindrances ; Richard Watkins @ Delos # John Harvey Jones apprenticed acolyte accommodated my account as 4-fold DTI-SMARTee 90s national numerouno indeed for campus company created for covert coldwar closure campaigns on transatlantic treatied subsea stuff ; Paul Mulvey @ Norelem # clamps & connectors for every eventuality perfect also a meccano motivator for kids to consider aspirational actuality ahead of vexacious virtuality as constructive career choice sadly too late now to save the country from collapse ; Peter Mart @ Vizual # time & access etc as autonomically actuated Peter Sellers 70s shop steward ; James Thompson @ Ochiba Business # more management as procedural protocols ; Standman @ MCP # maintenance money minimisation_but unknown unknowns are always around as Goedel pontificated & Rumsfeld reiterated ; Ian Jack @ Datawright # softwared sytems in ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning only as good as foresighted fundamentals with error expense exemplified in socalled safety codes with serious shortcomings as failure faults at TMI Fukushima PiperAlpha etc ; Michael Morton via Simon Griffin @ chs Engineering # airport baggage monitoring thermal imaging_HVAC deficiencies from mixed convection instabilities akin to RHM-Chesswood & MetCam-IC125 &&_await expressed interest for forensic faultfixng

.        MATERIALS PROCESSING INSTITUTE} recollection reminder of superb stuff sourced via ARE-DRA-DERA SMC Holton Heath on supersteel formulation fundamentals from bidirectional energetics of fatigue to fibred Bragging for lifetime monitoring aswellas composites

.        Plastics companies urged to claim 90% CCL relief} nuanced nebulosity provides paradigm for enocomicalised ecomentalisation that's exterminated economic efficacy essentially engendered by entrepreneurial extemporization

.        Internal intermittency} you might like to skim SIMCLO =Spectral Invariance Modelling Closure as Leading Order interpolation from Distortion to Dispersion as Taylor-Prandt limits retrieving Lagrangian strainrate history integral scaling for isotropization

.        citations} nice knowing still sourced despite dating BeforeGoogle but detailed discrimination of shearbulence from bubbulence via viscous microbubbles for buoyancy alone still awaited as analog of Hall-Jackson thermal loglaw laminarisation      Nikolai Pribaturin @ ITP Novosivirsk # greertings after aeon #just spotted your pipeline blowout stuff bottom below perhaps overlapping OTO98162 done for Cullen compliance post PiperAlpha # VIPER?

.        citations} nice knowing not forgotten despite dating BeforeGoogle but sadly citation of Sene's PhD project omitted mention of my '77 facility (forensic faultfixing CEGB CW) used same supply side as yours. You didn't note Ervine's data would've needed g>1!  h.chanson@uq.edu.au ; Andrzej Bin @ Warwsaw # Greetings after aeons hoping to hear you're alive & active ; v.nikora@abdn.ac.uk ; Anton Middelberg @ CES Editor # prompted by spotting your surfactant stuff mirroring mine on military apps in coldwar closure campaigns with PAEGs for seawave damping even metalised as bubble sinkers for subsea stealthing

.        Cold War: East West absolute allegiance} but establishments still silent on just how extensive were equalization exchanges ensuring capabilities would never again get so unbalanced in unknown unknowns as in Cuban crisis carressing catastrophe

.        New report highlights civil nuclear  contribution to UK economy}  NT: wikipedia.org Bill Hall  was first Professor of Nuclear Engineering '59-86  at UniManchester in heyday of nuclear industry. In '76 he launched undergraduate degree + manchester.gov.uk City Council resolution declaring nuclear free zone in '80. Many local authorities followed and a national organisation was set up :: PM above prompted these reminiscence retrievals in rancid reflection by BH protegee as Osborne Reynolds ResFell '73-76 on fault-fixing formulation for hyper heat exchangers he advocated ahead of all others in that arena but sadly stuffed by anti-activism here only to be embraced elsewhere like most methodologies materialised in that earlier era of our elitist excellence.  As for SN's slapdown, more like slipup with pathetically  paltry 10% power provision courtesy of correctness capacity & that costing considerably more than conventional moreover massively mired by concreted CO2  for footings & fittings!

.        SMALL BUSINESSES RECORD HIGH} as 6M averaging £200k means about half working pop in volatile jobs risk ranging upto 3year halflife hopefuls as sole starters with only 3% as longlife longshots so scary stuff for our extemporised economic externalization

.        New development centre aims to supercharge UK battery development} NT: MY: lead and drive forward battery technologies, making alternative vehicle propulsion systems practical across a wide range of uses + LB: WMG poised to drive forward battery innovation _ to lead advancement vehicle electrification and autonomous vehicles. :: no hints here of honesty about limits & liabilities in electrochemical extremities already asymptoting toward no more than merely few  % of combustible capacities with half convertible to mechanical motion motored via half the specific power of electrical so  entropic conundrum continues for academic advocacy other than for city commutering  on ring-roaded return ranges 100km as 5kg fuel or 200kg Lion! #

.        Sea urchin spines inspire crack resistant cement}  NT: compliant concrete was done dusted as demo demicentury ago in 60s soviet submarine stealthing speculation but who cares now that scholarship has succumbed to sellership  in our nebulously neonscienced era always asserting naturality as norm in denial of cerebrality as essential element.  #

.        Catapults fall short} as always anticipated by venerable veterans of earlier extravagences in mcluhanistically monikered pickpocketry from poor old pursey public suchas SMART & NewBlood likewise RDAs & LEPs all mirroring monstrously fraudulent fudgery

.        Ravi Bellamkonda Dean Duke Uni Engrg}  NT: such spanking endorsements are evermore evidence of our flight from the strongly scienced core curriculum  that served so well to  source elitist excellence which was once envied everywhere now emulated everywhere else at our economic expense expressed increasingly in importing everything essential whereas once we exported enough at least to balance our books. Said as lifelong campus careerist in all STEM subjects at Russell & Lonbridge Unis with commercial cred as 90s numerouno startup SMARTee created for coldwar closure campaigns in subsea stealthing also serendipitously sought for forensic frontline fault-fixing by major makers & movers whilst sustaining sabbatical spawning faculty research via tip-top teams lured from city spivvery by the challenge of tougher topics for finalists whose best of bunch stayed on see what it was all about just as I had back in my sixties days when freshers content exceeded extent of masters material I retained until sacked for needlessly stressing students the suits recruited for fees not fortitude!

.        East Coast Main Line not-so-clever disguise for bailout of TOC_ operation of East West Rail included in procurement} another atrocious Grayling grabber pickpocketing poor old pursey in rejected regions to reward rancidly rich Virgin & Varisty vandals

.        “No Evidence” Plastics Caused Blue Planet II Baby Whale Death} more insidious imPRoperganda from enocomicalised ecomentalisers naztinomically nudging nonscience nebulosity into concosted careerism for Loonydon Lardies in metromoneygoround mafia

.        WHOI Atlantis Sub Search_underwater comms like telephone two-way to listen and to transmit detected by submariners} sounds like intensive infrasonar evolved in GulfWar1for littoral detection-intimidation even as weaponised beamer?

.        Rail market share falling in France} 10p/mile inc all discounts with 5% free so maybe asmuchas 40 tops against 15 orso for car fuel (UK 65%tax) say 40 orso tototops singles so downto 10 fully loaded so similar enough for people to prefer privacy & comfort

.        citation} several for my 80-90s liaisons with ICPF Prague via Kastanek Zahradnik Drahos Ruzicka but of latter for AR sensitivity surely most relevant is one on analogy with convective instability done during his RoySoc-BritCoun sabbatical with me

.        Legislative threat to a way of life} picture prompted recall of US generic patented SPRAYer exploiting aeolian excitation via LP blower halving drift+dropsize & doubling deliverable distance to overcome deposition distortion by wake especially tip trails

.        mayor of London maximise soft power?} perjurative power in demanding denial of diesel despite decline in tailpipe toxins 4fold since 70s with pollution peaking from evermore extensive bus-bike blockages aggravating accumulation from trebled transit times

.        power-assisted trailer make last mile deliveries in central London in a bid to reduce congestion and emissions} more like road block but then sensible solutions seldom sourced from nebulously nonscienced enocomicalised ecomentals

.        industrial strategy white paper} NT: SN: it doesn’t do enough for SMEs that typically operate at lower areas of technology :: no hint of their industrial importance for employment & education also as essential elements of mittelstand manufacturing in deutsche durchtecnickery. Said as 4-fold DTI-SMARTee, even early 90s national numerouno newly created campus company, mine for coldwar closure coverts complemented by forensic frontline faultfixing for midlands manufacturers including clutch of the corporates mostly murdered in industrial immolation by whiteminster wallies. Mentioned because quarter mill of my profits from these adventures were squandered in not making market with the two DTI technologies, prototype proven & patented but spurned as speculative by sector specialists here yet adopted abroad, conveyed courtesy of favourable finance in state support for honeymooned commercial consolidation whereas we were strapped by our state-aided triangular taper to zero  and still are indeed, apart from masonic moneygorounders being big beneficiaries of Loonydon's RDA-LEProsy. So indeed it doesn't do enough for SMEs in the sticks, never did nor ever will. #

.        Origami-inspired artificial muscles give soft robots superpowers} NT: pnas.org: The skeleton can be a spring, an origami-like folded structure, or any solid structure with hinged or elastic voids _ Contraction is mainly driven by the tension force of the skin produced by pressure difference :: origami cited x17 betrays DARPA's delusional dilettantism since coldwar closure when hoop stress impulse intensity of flextensional actuators made them mechanical mainstay yet cited x0 here, these complemented by hydraulic-pneumatic movers & spring restorers cited x19 here so conceding continuing key as core components. Seems origami more a sellership strap than scholarship stiffener!

.        Re: internal wave attractors_classical viscous scaling}copy it or link_}Please have a look}many thanks_fig 3b close to similarity despite increased intensity-complexity. Trapped-Triadics were on agenda for CAT apps but full field phase had priority (see JF

.        Swedish firm unveils quick solution to EV charging} nowt new about battery swop option for power apps but wonder whether mass motoring implementation would endure electrocution from forecourt failure to sustain safety

.        Warwick team uses fluorescent dye to detect microplastics}  NT: tandfonline.com JC Stockert 1989 Fluorescence of Plastic _ sellership stuffs scholarship yet again !

.        UK cities challenged to identify urban applications of drones} NT: Tris Dyson, executive director of Nesta’s Challenge Prize Centre _ linkedin.com: Education UCL Geography ’01 ImpColl Mini-MBA :: it's all bedlam bonkernomics with the geography genie now mcluhanistically metastasized from climateered catastrophism via enocomicalised ecomentalism into faddish follies already adopted for commercial conversion without public pursed profiteering pickpocketry via masonic moneygoround

.        Mike Reeks post + missed} Martin Freer seems a good guy!_} Clayton Clay's clogpopper_Freer meeting_seminar} wouldn't snub you} never said you would-did_merely mentioned because of silence on 5 items bottom below since jan17 but not miffed never would be after nighon 4 decades since first encounter following my move to CamUni DAMTP in 76 on CEGB-CERL money via Wally Mawer at GDCD Barnwood on secondary CW forensic fundamentals faultfixing Littlebrook D downshaft followed by Sizewell B shallows shortcircuit, both as tidal troubles both sorted. However I never made establishment grade whereas you've hit heights & stayed there as evinced in affiliation reddened below which should surely have MF on blower pronto with a seminar invite as excellent opportunity to share our memories of FEAT &&& (22jan below) as energy exemplars from earlier era of elitist excellence. Hope so & hope to hear so as excuse to catch up since our last all too long ago.

    Meanwhile your super pic was recollection reminder of examples in my 60s PhD on internal waves forced by travelling & oscillating sources, former with Scorer's lee waves as classical context for starting confinement within energetic envelope reproduced in JFM + Lighthill's monograph (2D circular, 3D lenticular as seen), latter spawning wavelet greens function as tunnelling transporter, also JFMed but unnoticed in 30 years of use for submarine stealthing then discovered by earthscience climate changers as congruent complement for inertial waves which says all about stupid shortcomings in significance scalings for academic advancement don't you think?! Excellent example of another appropriate arena for extended exchange in face-to-face banter even better perhaps setting scene for a seminar on suffocation of scholarship by sellership &&&. Enough for now except just spotted Dritchel's talk 14dec and him ardent adopter of tunnelled transport although don't recall him citing my stuff despite its significance so that'd be excellent opportunity for awkward asker to stimulate discussion. Certainly tempting enough for me to try to be there hopefully also you, even better if another evening extension can be arranged courtesy of  Christos like that splendid session we had before on another rediscovered coldwar capability! So picturing him also along with MF & hoping to hear soonest. If not possible then early seasonals to all.

.        EVs and autonomy} NT: MB petrified by his human frailties fearful for frightening future with robot retinas :: well warranted indeed with all those algorithmic ambiguities routinely ranging from unresolved to unresolvable implicitly involved in classical context of multiple manifold mathematics fundamentally familiar to Neuman & Lighthill as mundane manifestation of Goedel's gobstoppers recently reiterated as Rumsfeld's unknown unknowns.  Ironic indeed that immediate implementation recommended by RAND (CR above) as policy progenitors & ardent advocates since WW2 of simplistic systemics spawning safety software arguably attributable for life lost in avoidable accidents & inordinate inefficiencies in robotically repetitive routines. As  for WW2, well have to wonder who won with all those management monikers now running our roosts _ & that without Kalman, omitted here yet key to best bets in arcane abstraction for predictive performance practicalities!

.        Re: RANS uncertainties} so how about Spectral Invariance Model Closure Option retrieving Rotta's return with RDT strain-rate history integral dependence_indeed with only Kolmogorov & Rotta & Corrsin-Pao as fudged fixtures in linear RDT representation 

.        Game Theory Computationals_Turing Neumann Nash #1 bounded rationality #2 fast heuristic algorithms} administrative appratshit emphasis evident in omission of Goedel & Lighthill as context #1 + Kalmanalyser in ultralgorithmic deconvolution-destealthing #2

.        Brexit Alternatives Implications_what might UK learn beyond rhetoric to key issues} Brussellian bias ballooned on appratshit arrogance that saw EC-fp4 cost 10x per peered  paper-patent than contemporary UK-dti comparables inturn 10x auldangle alpha PhD-PD

.        Andrew Wade: Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon } NT: AW: At £1.3bn it looks a bargain ::  policyexchange.org.uk: £1.3B already >40% over earlier estimates forecasting £168/MWh & that 4x wholesale price (jan17)!   AW: independent report from former energy minister Charles Hendry :: en.wikipedia.org Hendry adviser for Atlantic Supergrid to import power from Iceland. He signed pact while MinState  :: theguardian.com Former Tory minister takes job with party donor # say no more except careless commentary can compromise editorial integrity & especially so when censored! 

.        ATOMIZATION CHARACTERISTICS} nice knowing still cited but wondered whether you encountered my Aeolian airactivated flatfan ejector coflowed with matched momentum that halves dropsize & drift & exhaust blended mobilisation enhancing heavy oil burners

.        manipulates sound by deforming an engineered melon} done dusted in coldwar closure defconXies designating MW sonar from flextensional big banger via graduated waveforming foam feeder to soliton softened ejector for 50%+ coupling coefficient

.        Vince Cable: Government feeding Carillion} replay of BalfourBeatty salvation strategy colluded by CEO Quinn recruited to reproduce his rescue of QinetiQ via knowho knobblery all akin to Cable profiteered piratisation of Royal Mail by bankrolling banksters

.        Roy Harrison: EV air quality} NT:exemplifies pejorative propositioning} my critique censored for your correctness compliance in defiance of diligence always attained by founding fathers indeed implemented until mediarised mcluhanisation corrupted coverage

.        Integrated Live Marketing Summit 21nov London}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Adam Nowak @ Lumi Tech soft-web # Google paradogm for presumptuously intrusive impositions by megacorps # idiosyncratically individual webbage (like mine) attracts attention to dabbling dotaged dilletante's grumpiatric groaning ; Arnaud Steinkuhler @ Talkwalker social datariser # coldwar closure capability in destealthing chaffed weaponry via bifurkation busting Kalmanalyser for evanescent evidence in signature sighting even down to ppb perturbation ; Ben Lind @ Hedgehog apps # knowho knobblery decisively displaced knohow knackery in leveraged LEProsy pickpocketed from poor pursey public to slushsidise sad soul startups on 3year halflife 3%longlife longshots ; Tony Kent @ Sign-Up.To e-marketing # lessons learned from lunar landings still not subsumed into commercial capabilities assessing adequacy of contingency capabilities never mind sustaining stability of innovative investments ; Vaijayanthi Narasimhan @ Zoho market campaigns # anticipatory awareness essential for evaluation of divergent displacements of established expectations & enumeration of emergence demands much more than elementary extrapolation via neural nets

.        healthcare inquiry} endemically flawed functionality from cavorting careerism that skewered scholarship with sellership spawning superficaility at crippling oncost exemplified in expenditure on EC-fp outputs 10x UK-dti inturn 10x auldanglo PhDs as paradigm

.        citations} nice knowing not forgotten not entirely but pity salient stuff receding from recognition vizvia scholar: neale thomas for Snape's stuff on options & Janes on T-C application & Green+Li's on combo configuratons & Pearse on blades

.        Tesla Semi truck unveiled} NT: google.co.uk/?q=does+diesel+explode Although diesel fuel will burn in open air using a wick, it does not release a large amount of flammable vapor which could lead to an explosion. So why are agenda  activists encouraged by evermore exposure with nebulous nonscience like SL-A's above: What happens if the truck is set on fire by the battery? The same that happens when the fuel tank sets the truck on fire. You get the extinguisher out and put down the fire. If that does not work, you just watch the truck going down in flames in a much smaller ball of fire than the diesel explosion. The Engineer's founders must be grimly grave-turning at suffocation of scholarship by sellership

.        Raman in Materials Research 17nov Manchester}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Dominic Papineau @ UCL Nanotech # carboxyllic waves aqueous film maybe morelike Marangoni modes via constitutive interfacial modulus # dynamic characterisation via recoil of reference film # amazing adventures needing paperback pulper ; Paul Pudney @ Unilever Colworth # PAG-PEG paradigm for nonionic polymeric rheology 100x substrate stickier than classical via hydroxyl H-binding regularity reproduced in LJ molecular simulations defconXCed duodemidecade ago # Carew-Kowalski pointer PhDs ; Vlastimil Masek @ Palacky Uni Czechia # nostalgic nod to earlier era of elitist excellence exemplified in RoySoc-BritCounc longterm link with CAS-ICPF Prague people viz Zahradnik Kastanek Ruzicka Drahos including PhD placements & CHISA Brno &&&

.        Cc: Harald Fischer @ WITec # thanks for tolerating awkward asks from Grumpiatric Groaner formerly Dabbling Dilettante aka last in lineage of DAMTPosaurus Descendents ; Aravind Vijayaraghavan @ ManUni Nanofunctionals # ditto & pity didn't get chance to contextualise Raman app extremities even in 70s for firing engine combustion constituents & 90s for satellite submarine sniffing

.        milestone paper} nice knowing BeforeGoogle papers still sourced_}You are champion_} thanks old friend_} incredible! forgotten but not ignored!} nice knowing you're still a bouncy bunny_eagerly awaiting your news meanwhile enjoy bottom bits below

.        Besagni etal}nice knowing not entirely expired especially encouraging seeing scholarshippers still source BG* stuff even if sellershippers scorn elitist excellence as effete *BeforeGoogle when publications were at least largely intellectually incremental!

.        plug-in hybrid Mini suited only to school run?}   NT: 40% price premium over petrol say £10k ~ 10kL @ 10mpL would need 400k miles from absurdly exaggerated 50% E-usage with half-price EV-conomy so it's inevitably negative ROI before incorporating E-life limitations & radically reduced recovery inevitable from an optimistic 10min EV endurance on motorways!

.        edie: Practical sustainability guides reports webinars} stalinianly systemic regulatorily regimented naztinomic nudgery gargantuanly gorging on overheaded opulence is simlarly spawning terminal tilter from economic exhaustion by hotaired hyperbole

.        Beeb Fiver: Oxford Robotica Driverless}evermore extravagent LonOxed Lardies careering on cashcowed masonic moneygoround via mcluhanised mediocrity_no hint here of Lucasian Lighthill on Goedelian gormography nor Kalmanalysis connector as bifukation buster never mind poor old pursey pickpocketed for PRomotional privileges in pursuit of personal PRofiteering now bound to be beggared by insidious implementation as imposition via naztinomic nudgery evident in exploitative electrification costing our country what little is left of its credibility which once was educationally envied everywhere for its elitist excellence now emulated exempire whilst we fester in failure catalysed by casino cowboys who colluded carbonastrophism via colleged cabals at excruciating expense of family folk across rejected regions whose selfrespect was strangled by murder of manufacturing & immolation of industrial crucially core of export earnings essential for sustained stability.

.        optical fibres telecom network into earthquake observatory} nowt new as done dusted in coldwar closure defconXies with embedded fibreoptic backscattering not just for submarine structural integrity but also as lateral line for external excursions

.        Endgame A380? making the most of every slot it could get, even in Birmingham}ouch that hurt us Brummies but then truth always does especially if you are one_it maybe backwater dwarfed by larded Loonydon but does it really count for nowt against Manchester?

.        New algorithm helps robots avoid collisions with moving objects}  NT: analogous to easier elements of threat discrimination for chaffed weaponry for which an autoadaptive Kalmanalyser was evolved duodemidecade ago to detect and discriminate emergence of new impending impactors embedded in established noisy network

.        Sainsbury's cools off with Williams aerofoil system} NT: another advert asserting nebulous neonscience} always asever since AW appeared deleted despite dellvering due diligence on proper perspectives for naive newsies

.        Re: Self-similar PG-TBL}expect you know Stevenson* 60s transpiration similarity but not extreme eddy stress scaling Prandtl-Boussinesq retrieves hysteretic (re) transition Re from Karman-Townsend alone & no fudging for flow forcing factors *mentored my 60s

.        Coventry Commuters trial app to reduce congestion into centre} knowho kickbackery on masonic moneygoround larded by LEProsy pickpocketing from poor old pursey when better bet would've been radio road routing recommendations as Beeby freeby indeed

.        London Fire Brigade slammed safety failings} Grenfell reminiscent of PiperAlpha when guys who died followed rancid rules compunded by abatement delay due to inadequate information! Stairwelled water main with hotspot popoffs would've saved some maybe most

.        UK strategy biotech-bioenergy}competitive integrated root-tube recator-separator demonstrated with scopolamine from datura during decade to mid90s but BBSRC said we're mammalian until health scares meant microbial revival after Axis Genetics were trashed

.        pumped hydro storage for future energy needs} NT: JB: over-hyped _ on-going fear-campaign unworthy of the engineer :: activist author AW is analytical amateur advocate eschewing entropic essentials that furnish 10% flawed functionality associated with 30% accessibility compounded by 30% correlation with demand or deferred delivery via storage schemes.  Dinorwig was done as an accessible accumulator with deterministic designation for smoothing supply side from big baseloaders optimally operated at steady state, distinctly different from dispersive intermittency inflicted by wobbling weather. It was always only a costly compromise to reduce reserve demand from decrepit power plant, hardly the heaven promotionally portrayed here. Indeed I recall responding with urgent inputs on fundamentals for crisis corrections to criteria for cavitational corrosion-erosion and startup slam-bang damage during exploratory evaluations and murphy means for sure second law will always back biting your bum again!

.        Incomplete registration} because I'm no longer public sector professional merely a concerned citizen albeit with lifelong learning from campus career but now no more than dotaged dilettante

.        What are Robo-cars For?_accuracy in the face of chaos} asin militarily chaffed threat for which autoadaptive kalmanalyser was evolved in coldwar closure campaigns duodemicade ago for rapid repriming of trend trackers busted by bifurckations 

.        Google request for reinstatement of seach service     13nov Search access denied increasingly since end-oct now completely blocked yet as user I've not changed nor my usage viz followup on newletters including view to contact. Example message:   Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later. Why did this happen?

.        Fully renewable by 2050} NT: don't expect evenhanded editorials on adverts aligned with politrickeried policy nor audits by ASA on its academic advocacy by correctness cabal being biggest beneficiaries percap of pumpishment to tune of £30Bpa as 1kpa family filching.

.        Highways UK 8-9Nov Birmingham NEC}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies          Steven Airey @ Naue Geosynthetics # Warrington raised recall of x-Mayor Brian Axcell x-ManUni NucEng faculty who backboned my 70s 5-aside footie team  # clay edge-face electrostatic versus filmed polymeric synergetic sideshain binding    ; Tim Whiteley @ PDS infrastructurals # capability cored on MB's radar imager raising recall of coldwar closure campaigns extending to LIDARaman satellite system for submarine superhighway scanning of film filtered seascape signatures & trace gases    ; Marc Begg @ NavTech radar # no relation to infamous academic activist who spawned generation of degenerate obuscation in policy & provision not least bus/bike-lane blockages trebling transit times along Marylebone Road alone accounting for pollution problem    ; Jason Currim @ Midlands Connect # Midlands Enginer agreed Northern Powerhousers had head on steam/hotair via politrickeried presence # 4-fold dti-SMARTee national numeruno campus commercial had halfhour BBC-TV deivering dozen+ corporate connections    ; Lee Rowbotham @ Transport Focus user watchdog # tremendously tolerant of grumpiatric groaner's diatribe about £30Bpa pumpishment pickpocketry squandered on grinergetic gabbledegeekery whilst roads remain unrepaired & evermore bus/bikelane blockages    ; Ian Jones & Trevor Thompson @ Roadtechs surface sprayed  restoration # might well benefit from US generic patented aeolian sprayer expoliting high speed air shroud to reduce drift loss & impact bounce so allowing faster coverage    ; Robin Brown @ Yorkin Boxes & Chambers # your linkedin page blocked by spanish bouncer? Nope mine fouled up by one but now sorted so think maybe interest was probably polymerised asphphalt infill asin Walker Sealants below    ; Peter Mildon @ Vivacity traffic simulation  # Kynch Lighthill Whitham Wallis formulational founding fathers of kinematic characterisation capturing essentials from flux-conc/speed as constitutive closure # &&&    ; Paul Kelly @ Carillion # paperback pulper pursued for amazing adventures as campus coldwarrior spawned from 60s PhD pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev icebreaker bonafides after Kruschev's Cuban crisis humiliation by Kennedy    ; Andrew Inskip @ Severfield Estimator # structural steel supplier on specification by architects so unsurprisingly unadventurous wrt such as civilianisation of composited & foamed formulations for lightweighting economies retaining integrity & durability    ; Ian Don @  THB Hydroblasting # suction slurps up residue but energetic economy probably plausible from supersonic shrouding air assistance andor catalytic cavitation acceptable with shrouded confinement-collection of residue    ; Mike Threadgold @ Fosroc # antacid sprayed rapidset remediation of reinforced concrete cancerbut no hint of polymeric promoter for boosted binding # Tamworth triggered fond memory of aunty flo in fazeley sadly now consigned to care home    ; Aleister Willis @ Uretek Infrastructure # borehole injected infill road repairs via individial verticals but HC horizontalisation/deviation drilling since 70s access advantage of areal amplification from each drilling &&& much more methodology    ; Jeremy Twigg @ RGL waterjet cutting # 800m/s exit implies kbar hydraulic expense eased by erosive optimisation via abrasion assisted cavitation latter boosted by sonication standing wave andor nozzle serration # annular coflow also aids impact retention    ; Jonathan Wright @ Fujitsu Infrastructure # colourful caricatues conveying CCTV AIed Big Data always appeals to appratshits who should be asking how to handle abrupt excursions from expectation accessible in antistealth autoadaptive Kalmanalyser capability    ; Standman @ Walker Sealants # can't find card nor quite recall but handout shouts overlapping opportunities with polymerically blended compliant composites as structurally secure materials including fibred stiffening & foamed lightweighting    ; Lee Omar @ Red Ninja / BBC Reporter & allround activist on linkedin # grumpiatric groaner shortshrifted your panel for failing to enumerate expectations expressed asever only as optimistic opportunism reminiscent of emporially empty cloaking by naked Nero   

.        Adv Engrg Manrg Auto Aero Comps 1-2nov Bham}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies    Tom Edwards @ FibreTech # thermal acoustic foamed claddings & stainless hot shields awesome apps almost asif imported from coldwar closure concepts created at ARE-DRA-DERA Holton Heath prior to profiteered piratisation ; Neal Davies @ Siebec # limited legacy of fancophiled entente cordiale! # venturi induction legacy of victorian patents colloquially called amplifiers plazyarised in Dyson's bladeless with efficiency only fraction of faired fanblades despite caridgan's claims ; Neil Jenner @ Zerust Excor # x-Wurth auto apps now promoting protective vapourisation via film wrapped anticorrosive deposition for enhanced shelf-life _ impact on any subsequent sputtering & suchlike? ; John Bonas @ CMT # continuous woven fibred preform for aluminium _ looks like another civilianisation from transatlantic treatied coldwar closure defonXies at SMC Holton Heath yet to extend to interstitially impregnated foamed infill lightweighting ; Guilio Gallucci @ Delta-Tech # C-fibre racing bike only 10% rider weight but its 10% friction say 3N oso only 1% drag at 25m/s friction factored for frontal 1m2 & that as aligned minimum # better bet would be chainless 9:1:9 variac in 4" housing ; Craig Hope @ TriCel Composite Gelcoats # awesome wikipedia profile considering origins in GRP storage tanks but as Gloucester Composites mid90s materialisation ideally placed to profit from piratisation of deflabs decimated finally by Bliarownian Bonkernomics ; Lorenzo Fiamenghi @ Marte Polyester Unsats #environmentally emphasised resins designated doublebonded for durability & substrate insensitivity # recalled nonionic ploymeric clathration for seascape suppression in helicoptered hydrophonic defence deployment ; Mike Heapy @ Lead Machine Tools & Alessandro Parolin @ Breton Innovation # amazing adventures as campus coldwarrior eclipsing Clancy caricatures even emulating Carre conspiracies needing professional paperbacker for market materialisation ; Nick Johnson @ Inst Materials Finishing # 152 officers / 137 resignations extraordinary elephantine adminstrative arrangement especially for professional association in place to promote-protect best intersts of membership ; David Bailey @ Northwest Aerospace Alliance # excellent exchange on earlier era of elitist excellence scoping from Lucasian Lighthill's leadership of ManUni-MecFlu to Batchelor's brilliance during DAMTP's global giantism spawned via GITaylor's DAMTPhisbena ; Iain Duncan @ MouseTrap Innovation mentoring # Indian Group @ Subcon served as model of marvel marketing # claim to fame as 4-fold dti-SMARTee national numerouno as early 90s campus creation # now need paperback pulper to tell tales of derringdo ; Simon Faulconbridge @ Impression Tech # hot form quenching formability for sheet shaping superstrength aluminium as lightweighted panels_scope for microfoamed thick sheet but fatigue factoring for stress concentration curvature limitation? ; Chris Bower @ Emberion # graphene photodetector broadband response candidate for CCD substitution VGA resolution with 20mic pix & IP bolometry on PZT substrate so BestoBrit with IUK initiative / gamble ; Bill Chorlton @ Bitrez # Macclesfield Man auldanglo accented as southsider memorylaned my ManUni sojourn as 60s student spawning PhD pivotal prior to Nixon TripleTreaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides after Kenndey Cuban crisis humiliation of Khrushev ; Standman @ Briggs Auto # unfaired bonnet means uncontrolled air exchange so why not plexi it # mirrors mean marketing drag so why not fibre optic to cockpit viewer_no need for CCTV! # wheel induced contrails as exploitable aero exchanger ; Mark Strickland / Daniel Symes @ Nott Uni Adv Prec Man # by a decade orso DS managed to miss my infamously intensive final year flumec in BirUni-CheEng whilst on faculty with my FRED.ltd doing derring defconXies on transatlantic treated Trident exchange ; Kenneth MacKenzie @ Huber # process thermal control jackets & operational optimisation for flux via flowrate & temp diff latter perhaps with 100x intensification via vapour-liquid latency for capopex saving aka marketing on materials & CO2 costs ; Jim Walters @ ValueChain SciTech Daresbury Innovation # x-Eastbourne School so small world indeed me being 60s Grammarian turned dabbling dilettante now grumpiatric groaner # auldskule enough to recall Darebury for nuclear power RTD not just physics ; Alexander Champion @ Lentus Composites featuring F1 formulations # x-Brighton so another suvverner seen the light! # recalled coldwar closure capability scoped to Bragg fibred for failure tracking & PZ-MS morphing for cavitaton control ; Klaus Kierig @ ASchulman Engineered Composites # nostalgic nod to earlier era of english educational excellence when best of bunch deutsche durchers clamoured for LonOxCam PhD placements but longsince no longer with our collapsed content-context ; Tim Bastow @ Carbon Fibre Preforms # awesome attainments in temperature tolerant strength retention to 1200C via fire resistant resin prompted recall of Grenfell & PiperAlpha & my critique of codes Commissioned for HSE-OSD compliance with Cullen ; Rob Claydon @ Shielding Solutions # EM Faraday & RF-MW absorbers former raising recall of Post Office Regs imposed on video transmission from rotating arm in benchtop study for fundamentals of particle motion in Taylor-Couette flow ; Alexander Roth @ Evonik HP Polymers Comps Design # tolerant to 1000g for helicopter blades rigid foam copolymered from methacrylonitrile methacrylicacid + foaming agent_prompted recall of ultrastiff foams for sonar stacked actuator duodemidecade ago ; Henry Bayfield @ Tinius Olsen Testing # maybe the man earbent by my bonneted bee about buslane baloney whose vacuous vacancy trebled transit time from Paddington to Angel as anticipated from Kynch's Law ditto NOxoot issues despite drop since 70s ; Will Mortimore @ ZoteFoams # fibred foams done dusted in coldwar closure defconXies duodemidecade ago extending to effervescent engineering even PZ-MS embedded morphers as active elements in sonar stacks ; Luke Yassin @ EPM Design # daylong endurance world record tandem bike for Guy Martin made me wonder why him not Bradley or any of the many more Olympians # aero-mech friction factors obvious opportunities for enhancement ; Garry Ingoldsby @ Mats Proc Inst # nostalic nods to ealier era of excellence & expertise exemplified in varieties of V-Bombers & Baseloaders # tundish tipping recalled slag solution supplied for BritSteel inspired by secondary CW weir solution for 2GW station ; Jolyon Cleaves @ Ametek Vision # UHS digicam prompted recall of ICI-inspired 90s PhD project needed background on bursting bubbles solved by overlaying 10 images on singleframe 35 mm fast film on micsec intervals initiated by IR for natural initiation #&&& ; Billy McKenna @ Aro PR Marketing # pity paths never crossed when I was stomping my 4 dti-SMARTees on 2 ecotechs as wind-aided waster water treatment & aeolian activated sprayer with halved drift + dropsize both copycatted via durchtechnickery ; Thomas Ward @ Camberly Rubber # apart from doing Durex not was splendid stopby recalling earlier era when RAPRA was single stop shop for all advice on rubberised & polymeric elastomeric foams moreover free for defconXers via SMC Holton Heath ; Trevor Barnes @ Cruing # aircooled suction dry cutters for quality & dust control similar inspiration for generic US patented aeolian activation nozzle with matched momentum for suppression of fines drift + increased throw ; Martin Want @ Ipeco Composites # metallic & composites implies either or but not both intefacially integrated for twinned benefits in bimodal bending resilience as explored evaluated in coldwar closure campaigns duodemidecade ago ; Davide Squizzato @ Composite Mats Italy # earlier experience in stainless steel aswellas fibre-resin interfacial chemistry-rheology optimisation prettymuch mirrored my own encounters on military materials extending to fatigue factoring via bidirectional energy flux Cc: Ed Meardon @ RTMarke Bideford # if you'e feeling flush take a butchers @ elementalcars.co.uk featuring road legal ultratracker 320 bhp for 0-60mph in 2.7secs downforced to 90% weight accommodating 2m driver height but ohdear £90k+vat

.        Always nice knowing not entirely forgotten even duodecade later but sadly unsurprised that piror pivotal paper* on force formulation eradicating earlier errors extensively exemplified in Drew Lahey on PWR-LOCAs *Thomas Auton Sene Hunt '83: google gets it 

.        Re: Sana left a message } sorry don't do twoo nor tweet or facebook & only little linkedin because I'm no longer a dabbling dilettante but merely a grumpiatric groaner still seeking professional paperbacker for amazing advebntures as campus coldwarrior

.        Clean Air in London founder Simon Birkett}bankster bandstanding as mcluhanistic manipulator covered by company conveying fudged factualities via fictualities into fuctualities from statistical scrambling seriously slated by statistician Spielgelhalter

.        Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist} well as a culturally correctnessed cabalist perjuratively PPEed from Luvvielanders' Larder & masonically moneygorounded via LonOxCamdon's Leechery 

.        Self-similar PG-TBL}expect you know Stevenson* 60s transpiration similarity but not extreme eddy stress scaling Prandtl-Boussinesq retrieves hysteretic (re) transition Re from Karman-Townsend alone & no fudging for flow forcing factors *mentored my 60s PhD

.        most improved city Birmingham} masonic moneygoround support for Street surely whatwith dustbin despair & bankruptcy from bonkernomics bananrama suchas sad soul startups on 3y/3%half/long-life + Grand Central snarling all roads ~> >15 min transit times      no coincidence either having highest quintile kids with lowest education/earnings. Contrast clearestcut correlation in preferential public pursing which within Lardieland is as much as all elsewhere whilst worst rejected regions founder on only few% of suvverner slush _ indeed 100% negatives are 100 miles ormore away from Loonydon ditto allbut 1 in lowest dozen positives. No surprise sadly seeing as authors were all eductrinated as anticpated, assuming lead author also a LonOxCam Luvvie.

.        citations in QUALITY ANALYSIS OF F-PIV IN BUBBLE COLUMN} always nice knowing still being sourced but surprised by absence of Greated being a principal proponent of LF-PIV since 90s eg scholar.google.co.uk/scholar?q=greated+euromech+416

.        HS2 on wrong foot at Euston says HS1 chair} who could've criticised entire exercise for failing to follow best bet exemplars elsewhere on double-deckered capacity & IC125-150 upgrade for revenue recovery via exempire exportability all as advocated sincever

.        Honda Civic Type R} NT: 0-60mph: in 6sec via 320 bhp from 2L-7krpm on 1400kg-28mpg against 10sec via 210bhp from 2.3L-6krpm  on 1600kg-24mpg as delivered 2 decades ago by my Mazda Miller Zedos 9 & still doing so despite 300k miles including much overloaded autobahning Brum to Prague during its first decade so why the fuss about Honda's 50% more power providing 50% more acceleration likewise its 15% more mpg via 15% less L indeed in line with its 15% less kg! Hot-hatch hooray hype drives me to despair but then EV exaggeration dumped me there long ago, ditto  driverless distraction!

.        HMG Industrial Heat Recovery} oct17: recoverable 5TWh/yr VERSUS nov14: economic 8TWh/yr_excised axaggeration just like pejurative pitches for car-catch cameras & carbonastrophism & HS2 &&& allasever cabal contrivances for commercial clinchery

.        job interest_Fluid Structure Interaction} absolutely amazing after PiperAlpha & other offshore shorttfalls then Fukushima & other nuclear nightmares now Grenfell & earlier fireball frighteners that it's all only on nebulously neonscienced geekeried goosing

.        BQ’s Emerging Entrepreneur shortlist} no hint here of money masticated from poor old pursey public from LEProsy for token trivialisers nor employment-exportability expectation from correctness cuckoos nor 3year halflife 3% longife for firstime fledglings

.        Re: Engineering Design Show 18-19Oct Coventry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies    Andy Minker @ Synergy Speedmixer # counterrotational homogenisation spawned from fundamentals on spacefilling Stokesian chaos first encountered duodemidecade ago during glasnost disclosures by Soviets seeking asylum ; Arnab Bhattachrya @ Dassault Systemes CST simulation # Phillipe Forrestier on needs for formulation philosophy predicated on Godelian gap inevitable from resolution realisability limits & extra-envelope evolution essential in military multiphysics modelling ; Ben Burt @ Haldex MIRA Brakes # your webbage wonderland surprised me seeing nowt about action in anticipation of regulatorily rigged EV epidemic extending to HGV market when lightweighted recovery will be mega moneymaker ; ; Terry Stanton @ Foam Techniques fabrication # anechoic assembly recollection reminder of transatlantic treatied coldwar closure defconXies featuring foams for sonar scoping from spacer-stacked flextension actuator in MW shallows-SNR supergun ; Paul Taylor @ Aurora Lghting # x-NottTrent Uni prompted recall of horsey daughter's degree at excellently enjoyable Brackenhurst Southall outpost ; Robert Moran @ NXP SysApps # x-StrathclydeUni where my windtunnel was rehoused in MecEng with plaque recalling its rescue from Powergen piracy & BirminghamUni profitcy ; Graham Pitcher @ Mark Allen Business Publishing # amazing adventures as campus coldwarrior spawned from sixties PhD proving pivotal prior to Nixon Triple Treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides after Kruschev Cuban crisis humiliation by Kennedy ; Chris Dukes @ eng-IT Ansys && agent # own encounters via CFD correctives scoped for freestream turbulence scaling (eg GT engines) to buoyancy collapsed heat transfer (TMI conundrum) & multiphase force law (PWR depressurisation dryout)

.        InterSystems Technology Summit 18oct Belfry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies          Tom Spencer @ Intersystems HealthShare # Big Data means more Big Noise & Big Bifuckations nobbling neural net anticipations akin to chaffed confusion with weapon stealthed SNR needing Kalmanalyser capability to educe evanescent emergence ; Colm Scannell @ Grafton Merchanting # notsomuch negative from evermore expectation on response rather positive prospect in offering anticipatory advisories on precautionary preventives akin to Amazon but avoiding their intrusive inundation ; Joe Gallant @ InterSystems Product Development # preceding points as prospects

.        Re: citation of Thomas Hancock 1977 in Calmet Magnaudet 2003} skimming it prompted me to wonder why you only listed it without any mention in text despite its appearance as complementary pairing with Hunt Graham

.        Re: effect of non-equilibrium turbulence on turbomachinery performance} contextual commentary could've-should've scoped to suchas Thomas&Hancock-Hunt&Graham on FST + RANS-RDTed for viscolastic relaxation + EddyExtremityShearStress for local laminarisation

.        Stern transition to lowC} nepotistic nobbler parasitically pivotal in pumpishment pickpocketry totuneof £30Bpa from poor old pursey public now hubristically howling his diversonary distraction from 50% inflated impact confessed by catastrophist cabal

.        New Step in Understanding: partitioned surfactant} persistent plazyaristic sellership stuffing scholarship here decrementalising defconXies done dusted dudemidecade ago conveying clathration for seascape suppression in helicoptered hydrophonic SoNaR

.        MP: north second class HS2} rejected region dustbinning dwarfed by monstrous moneygorounding that's scandalously sequestered 3-5x more than ever needed for hourly city-centred capacity via doubledeckered IC125 evolution with exempire exportability

.        Pop-Up Recovery sits on seafloor until acoustic activated} good seeing my concept civilianised only duodemidecade after defconXed via UK deflabs during Gulfwar1 for shoaling zone sonar SNR by whitecap calming kite_splendid story deserves Clancying

.        citation: Janes Thomas Callow}Taylor-Couette particles have interesting multiphase dynamics at significant settling speeds with stable focusing near outer wall but unstable near inner one & both displaying cyclical pressure-inertial metastbility

.        Thomas & Stevenson 2006} nope 1972* recalled as a JFM from my militarily motivated late 60s PhD almost uncited for duodemidecade then abruptly arrived on back of climate change context of tunnelled transport triggering turbulence *Lighthill 1978 1st ed 

.        Photonex Vacuum Expo Metrology 11-12oct Coventry}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies    Ian Routldege @ Armstrong Optical # phase factored interferometry accessing nanometric interrogation would've been better bet for structural assaying activation depth of seascape suppressing polymeric surfactants # recalled ASP encounter decade ago ; Alex Cole @ Aurora Printable Electronics # X-ray to T-ray photonic imaging goals reminded me of megamill EC-fp5 on seascape sensing from biotic UV to anthropic IR# sputtering recall of sixties PhD for insultated thermal anemometry ; Daniel Hahn @ Hellma Materials # Halle recollection of UweSpohne pre-perestroika RoySoc-BritCoun plant biotec placement of PD from my BirUni FAST Team # broadband UV-IR needs splitter for CCD sensitivity but could be shared on single chip for easy exploitation ; Ian Alderton @ Alrad # excellent reconnection after aeons prompting tale of x-FRED with x = expired to avoid taxman pinching pension from SSASed loanback default due to bankruptcy by Bliarown bonkernomics busting what little was left of WM industry ; Robin Young @ Applied Materials Tech # excellent reconnection after aeons thanks to your recollection overcoming my dotaged dementia # still seeking professional paperbacker for amazing adventures eclipsing Clancy caricatures emulating Carre conspiracies ; Christian Honsdorf @ Lumenera Cameras # recollection reminder of ICI bioreactor problem with bubble bursting needing to resolve 10mic drops expelled at 10m/s achieved by bright PhD using IR to sense burst then 10 images onto single frame of ultra fast 35mm ; Thomas Kissinger @ Cranfield Engrg Photonics # campus coldwarrior's amazing adventures spawned from sixties PhD proving pivotal prior to Nixon's Triple Treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides after Kruschev Cuban capitulation by Kennedy ; Ian Reilly @ Vortex Optical Coatings # thanks for tolerating excessive earbender from grumpiatric groaner who moved from ManUniMecFlu into NucEng as Osborne Reynolds RF thence via ImpColl on turbulence to CamUni DAMTP for decade doing what I wanted

.        New Hire Bike for London} awarded to Pashley aka Moulton as another masonic moneygorounder when would've been optimal outboxing opportunity for exportable engineering of novelty like chainless 9:1:9 single step gear in 4x4" hub housing

.        Beeb Life Scientific}spawning slyientific superficialities for evermore extrovert sellership supplanting scholarship here cuckolding century of contextual consolidation culminating with omission of any observation on the late great Lucasian luminary           Lighthill, indeed insulting his insightful formulation fundamentals of flapped flight & finned fish mechanics (amongst an amazing array of academic & administrative achievements) by trashing theoretical as impractical inference whilst bragging Bondly (can't tell!) about preposterously populist postpiratisation military meanderings in micromechanisation holding hands with Harvard Hoorays as kindred knowho knobblers in a conniving cabal of LonOxon Lardies & Luvvies who've politrickerily pickpocketed poor old pursey public at expense of knohow knackers who superbly sustained transatlantic treatied trust since WW2 until it abruptly ended on expiry of GITaylor's grandee guru DAMTPhisbena who consolidated CamUni's crowning glory as the global altar of academic achievement, indeed whose second stringers were often enlisted as elite elsewhere.

.        effect of non-equilibrium turbulence on turbomachinery performance} contextual commentary could've-should've scoped to suchas Thomas&Hancock-Hunt&Graham on FST + RANS-RDTed for viscolastic relaxation + EddyExtremityShearStress for local laminarisation  

.        Graphene researchers engineer smallest possible slits for desalination}NT: smallest possible slits for desalination _ could lead to high-flux water desalination membranes :: selectivity & permeability essentially exclusive so yet again scholarship sacrificed for sellership

.        technical barriers to advanced materials in equipment} exemplifies extremity of hubristic howler in deflab destruction for piratisation paradigmed in WW2 legacy of transatlantic trust in subsea strategics annihilated along with ARE-DRA-DERA SMC HoltonHeath

.        SOLAR & STORAGE_}enjoyable encounters_}Ash Macdougal: handsome fellows}maybe my best mugshot since selfies! EnergyNow emporially empty engineering scared me stiff seeing all that entropic exorbitance preposterously pickpocketed from poor old pursey public!

.        citations: Ruzicka etal x2} but not analogy with thermal convection IJMulFlo 2003? Sadly seems applications arena still stuck on correlational closures without enduring extensions as analytical advances from fundamental formulations

.        UK Construction & Energy & HVAC 10-12oct17 Bham}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Paul Murphy @ CumberlandUK ISUZU access platform elevations # campus coldwarrior eclipsing Clancy emulating Carre spawned from sixties PhD pivotal prior to Nixon's triple treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides after Kruschev humiliation by Kennedy ; Gregg Falconer @ Impact Solutions plastics validation # Grangemouth x-BP polymers enjoyed story of polymeric wavescape suppression for subsea silence with helicoptered hydrophones & USN evolution for satellite stalking of Soviet submarine superhighways ; Yarjan Abdul Samad @ CamUni Cavendish Graphene # there was me thinking it was all preserve of ManUni my 60s almamater in MecFlu via Lucasian Lightill adoption enroute to ImpColl-aero thence CamUni DAMTP & finally BirUni for plant biotec & submarine stuff ; Wild Butcher @ ASPF Fire Training # HSE-OSD commissioned critique of codes post PiperAlpha for Cullen compliance & all inadequate (OTO98162) # Grenfell also avoidable had water main been centrally staircased with popoff valves ; Tom Lloyd-Roberts @ Triflow Concepts # boiling water tap development for now but concept of coflowed integral airdryer attractive alternative to established options for toilet apps hyped as hygenic improvement over Dysonian drivel ; Tim Cozens @ Fibo shower sheet linings # still needing silicone sealant on seams especially for wall-floor junction_although o-ring overlap would be better option ; Eduard Merkler @ IMPRA wood care polymer # US generically pantented SPRAY = Stimulated Pulsatile Rendering Apps deliverY ideal alternative to brush-aerosol because coflowed aeolian air could be hot & cold on demand ; Ian French @ H&H Acoustic Tech # seminal stuff on nonlinearities at musical instrument interface done by CamUni DAMTP Michael Mcintyre # my own on underwater warfare with MW submarine busting shallows sonar supergun &&& ; Vanessa O'Neill @ Avongard brick-wall crack detection sizing # laser interferometry alternative with depth determination from EM wet test ; Jason Healy @ g2 Energy HV Substations Relays # grumpiatric groaner soapboxed squandering on grinergetic gabbledegeekery of intermittent scattered smallscale sources when real need is replacement of big baseloaders ; Edward Davies @ nPower # astonished at amazing adventures as campus coldwarrior spawned from sixties PhD proving pivotal prior to Nixon's triple treaty Moscow Mission for Brezhnev bonafides after Kruschev Cuban crisis humiiliation by Kennedy ; Jason Fraser @ Aluwood Windows # elegantly efficient clever composite compromise on material properties prompted conjecture that foamed metal might also be plausible possibility for insulation? ; John Shrimpton @ Cemex Porofoam # recalled sixties soviet submarine in compliant concrete acoustically invisible but impractical as implementation although fibrously textured tensile toughened composite concrete surely a candidate for construction sector ; Mark Rodgers @ Peritect Perimeter Protection (x-Vertu cellphone deceased with good guys gone to RR & McLaren) # reminder recall of vibrotection by bragg fibre as civilianisation of military materails methodology also EM-RF inductance for bridge integrity

.        MATLAB EXPO 9-5'4oct Silverstone}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Rick Hyde @ Mathworks # BigData deconstructed with neural nets won't work for early evanescence from bifuckations in multiple manifolds & maybe missed altogether if swamped by noise triggering transitions ; Jason Masters @ Vector Software # bugbusting not enough to extract errors in formulation fundamentals asin NRC approved PWR-LOCA codes with wrong bubble dynamics determining deressurisation dryout reproduced in HP-HC codes critiqued post PiperAlpha ; Andrew Beckett @ Cadence EM code # reminder recollection of final fling for prepiratisation deflabs speculating softwared submarine dismissed as daft due to coupling complexities & inadequacies ignored in unAstute as worst specification shortfall since WW2 ; Efstathios Siampsis @ Delta-Motorsport dynamics control # wing mirrors notso much critical factor from Cd 1 against 0.2 for slippery shapes but because contrailed vorticity destabillises / detaches sidewall boundary layers especially evident in cornering recovery

.        ESTA energy 10oct Birmingham}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Julian Kay @ Danlers Lighting HVAC controls # conjectured capability extending to operational optimisation by personnel rewarded individually for impact on bottom line ; Steven Moore @ ABB Power Conversion Renewables # former PhDer now ABB Head of sewage systems asked about his Houston hurricance horrors # Daresbury prompted recall of earlier era in nuclear powergen when ManUni still had NucEngrg not trivial token ; Daniel Coyne @ Energyst # £30Bpa pumpishment pickpocketed from poor old pursey public on grinergetic gabbledegeekery deoling million ormore x-manufacturing meaningfuls & £1Bpa on ecomentally asinine academics imPRopergandisng carbonastrophism

.        citing Glover Generalis Thomas} could've cited many earlier examples on my scholar site from decade delivering plant biotec PhDs with Janes* Snape Green Li Kowalski && also bioreactors Zahradnik Ruzicka Pearse && *beetroot in Taylor-Couette membrane  unit

.        origami-inspired pillars block traffic noise} micro & macro morphing modulation done dusted in defconXies duodemidecade ago & evolved into inflatable adaptive actives ditto other attributions to natural & artefactual origins 

.        Fuel cell trains # UniBirm & Fuel Cell Systems Ltd modelling fuel cell repowering DMUs showed energy reduction 52%} biased basis of caloric content for diesel ignoring H-gen penalty never mind irredeemable fuelcell-battery capex

.        MAN-WMG £2M BOOST_funding & partner introductions} last line betrays burgeoned moneygoround monkeying with knohow nobbled by knowho & scholarship screwed by sellership conveyed via cheapy chappy consultancy pickpocketed from poor old pursey

.        SOLAR & STORAGE LIVE 3-5oct BIRMINGHAM}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Ash MacDougal @ ESM Power # reminder recollection of forensic frontline faultfixing for final big baseloaders from CEGB via GDCD Barnwood as Littelbrook D & Sizewell B both on stability scares from 50cumecs! secondary CW ; Santiago Antolin @ Trojan Batteries # powdered perfed & pumped options all evaluated in coldwar closure defconXies duodemidecade ago even standoff sonication for 50x damagefree disrecharge rates ; Tony Hanley @ FirePro # amazing adventures as campus coldwarrior spawned from sixties PhD proving pivotal prior to Nixon's triple treaty Moscow Mission for bonafides with Brezhnev after Kruschev humiliation by Kennedy in Cuban crisis + DF below ; David Foster @ MAK Fasteners # re TH above on tall tales eclipsing Clancy's caricatures even emulating Carre's conspiracies now needing professional paperbacker portrayal of urgency & excitement during decades at confrontational cutting edge ; Jacob Chen @ Eterbright Solar # thanks for taking time to talk through your technology ; John Richards @ Platinum Batteries # can't quite recollect but be assured I always try to do right thing even when no-one is watching!

.        Flood Expo 27-28sep London}}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Peter Jenkins @ T&P geo-environmental aerial surveys & simulation # subsurface instrumentation or only inferenced & ifso confidence coveyed? ; Nornrt Blobel @ Blobel Barriers # autonomously selferecting inflatable wall braced for metre depth_prompted by father-inlaw's millennial inundation due to cynical sacrificial policy & subsequent suffering due to delayed insurance payout ; Mike Boggust @ Adfil fibres # recollection reminder of transatlantic treatied defconXies that delivered coldwar closure composite capabilities extending to tension tolerant compliant concrete inspired by 60s soviet submarine ; Simon Lister @ Delta Fire # aeolian activated SPRAYer = Stimulated Pulsatile Range Assisted deliverY as US generic patented dti-SMARTee utilising matched momentum coflowed air sheet doubling range whikst halving dropsize& drift loss ; Lee Church @ Concrete Canvas fibre matrix reinforced mat # evolution of military materials noted for MF above apparently awaiting foamed formulation for economised lightweighting without compromised integrity ; Phil Halliday @ Arcotherm portable heaters # another aspect of father-inlaw inundation ordeal in NB above was sickening stench of kerosene from flame heaters sourced by loss adjusters to dry out floor furniture & fittings ; Matthew Evans @ Alton Pumps # amazing advenures as campus coldwarrior spawned from sixties PhD proving pivotal for Nixon's triple treaty Moscow Mission as bonafides for Brezhnev after Kruschev's humiliation by Kennedy after Cuban crisis

.        bloated policy regulation bad decisions costs to bill payers} no hint here of real ransom in poor old pursey public's pumpishment to tune of £30Bpa squandered on slushsidised grinergetic geekery for million ormore dolees dumped by industrial immolation

.        Heathrow or Gatwick? Just build both} Loonydon Luvvie's boneheaded bonkernomics inanely ignoring inequity of suvverner spend being bigger than everywhere else at 10x percap pickpocketry impoverishment of poor old pursey public in rejected regions

.        Birmingham youngest major city_West Midlands longest tail low skills & employment}pointless pinheadery cavorting cultural correctness avoiding attributon to invasian implications & AWM-LEProsy during decadal decimation of enduring employment in industrials

.        Inter-scale energy transfer_from mean flow via main modes through triadic coherence to stochastic cascade} how is this different from Taylor-Townsend picture? Awkward Asker says sorry can't come due to dog duties!

.        TCT PPMA Interplas Sensors Instr NEW 26-28sep Bham}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Alexander Kraaijkamp @ Kelstream scraped surface heat exchanger # brushed be less energy expensive especially if vibrated ; Sean Marshall @ Synthesis Media Publisher # maybe knows a man who knows a man who'd find my amazing adventures irresistible for paperback pulping coldwarrior campaigns eclipsing Clancy caricatures even emulating Carre conspiracies ; Luca Verani @ Bizerba industry solutions # stainless steel selected for scratch resistant surface sterility but cold plasma polishing /sputtering could open opportunities for economising eg with aluminium # &&& ; Daniel Court @ Eltherm heat tracing # pulsed augmentation extending to vibration-sonication as exhange enhancer # &&& ; Neil Trigwell @ Exova Stess Test # tensile data improved by ring loading by reducing clamp concentration # website featured HP pipeline corrosion integrity overlap with my submarine supersteel validation stuff on crack modelling & eddy current detection ; Massimo Dattilo @ PyroGenesis Additive # x- PrattWitney & McGill plasma anoxic atomisation of powder metals for additive assembly aerospace components # still issues of stress suppression for steels & titanium ; Malcolm Leahey @ TechniMeasure straingauges & fibreoptics #reminder recollection of coldwar closure defconXies on Bragg fibred composites for lifetime fatigue-fracture integrity even extending to PZ-MS morphing activation for sonar transducers ; Phil Hopper @ A&D Europe powertrain testing simulation EV & IC vehicles # can't quite recollect ; Ian Smith @ Umicore Friatec Tech Ceramic components to 2000C tolerant # ditto ; Peter Purdy @ RDP Electronics transducers-instrumentation # PZ & MS measurements proicrompted recall of coldwar closure defconXies on stressed offset BH microloop interrogation for supersteel integrity ; Sebastionn Amos @ Gambica trade association # still scope for civilianisation of coldwar closure clevered capabilities for composites & supersteels festered in filing cabinets courtesy of profiteered piratisation ; Rick Faulkner @ Leybold vac-pumps # SG below # pity never knew you when needed blower expertise for DTI-SMARTee on aeolian SPRAYer neeeding 50x300L/min .4bar & Rootes blower proved too noisy & vibratory ; Damion Munroe @ Control Station process dynamics # extended enhanced bifuckation busting kalmanalyser as option when neural nets nobbled by noise # Roscrea in Tipperary not so far from Mallow in Cork - enough to prompt copy to my mate PW

.        UK engineers develop device for earthquake-proofing buildings} google gets consolidated context

.        Re: IBMS 24-27sep Birmingham_} addresses as assigned?} please relay.Thanks. 

.        HS2 £2M personal payments despite DoT dictat} more masonic malignancy multiplying poor old pursey public pickpocketry totuneof £30Bpa by carbonastrophist cabal yet BBC ignores it all whilst lambasting Lord Lawson for criticising climate conspirators

.        IBMS 24-27sep Birmingham ICC}enjoyable encounters skim my screentagged signage to see stuff spawned from campus cored academic adventurer in aeroagricivnucmechmats industrial engineering for frontline forensics & definitive defconXies Jukka Korhonen @ LabQuality #QA for compliance reminder of my campaigns for error eradication resistance by vendors of NRC approved PWR-LOCA codes repeated a decade later after PiperAlpha repetition ; Fiona Marshall @ Promega # bioluminescence brought back memories of my mid80s move from CamUni DAMTP to BirUni BioChe encountering Larry Kricka embarking on his commerialisation campaign then emigrating to maximise mileage ; Craig Nowell @ Binding Site # nostalgic nod to Jo Bradwell whose outspoken objection to NRDC nobbling all academic IP prompted my own adventures as 4-fold DTI SMARTee making me national numerouno attracted attention for halfhour BBC TV profile ; Tom Coulson @ Beckman # excellently entertaining encounter with kindred spirit in savouring Clancy-Carre escapades former eclipsed in my coldwarrioring campaigns latter emulated in fate of former Soviet scientists seeking asylum_book needs papebacker ; David Munyard & Tracy Miller @ BHR Diagnostics # FACTS = Fast Analysis ChromaTographic Separations as VisBasic LGO teach-trainer for fast familiarisation of essentials confirmed credible with Hons Finalist UG & PG Russell Redbrickers ; John Graham @ Ideagen Healthcare Software # futurescaping 3-5 years frought with follies from mukltiple manifolds exemplified in Brexit & Everton & Trump &&&_role for evanescent evaluation of emergent excursions ; Trevor Moon @ STEP Communications Publishers re Will Pym 70s sub Commander x-CE IHEEM # who'd maybe known my brother Martyn on Polaris same decade # maybe also enjoy my amazing adventures on Trident treatied coldwar closure defconXies ; Richard Darby @ Thistle Scientific # x-Aston PD overlapped with Nigel Slater sojourn & my own VisPr reward for multimill grants relocated after BirUni sacked me for excess success # DM & TM for FACTS &&& ; John McCaffrey @ Cirdan Clinical imaging recording # x-aero eng like me at ManUni MecFlu also for PhD that proved pivotal prior to Nixon's Moscow Mission for NNL ABM SAL Treaties with Brezhnev who needed bonafides after Kruschev humiliation by Kennedy ; Christopher Titman @ Shimadzu # x-ImpColl & CamUni like me but specialist in LCMS intrigued by tailing inferences for column ageing from FACTS algorithm above & by taller tales of coldar closure capabilities in USN longrange LIDARaman submarine sniffers

.        Bloodhound education effect}  NT: SN: It’s also a net carbon emitter, even though the team is minimising its impact as far as possible :: always apologetic for cultural contracorrectness even when infinitesimally irrelevant against all engine_}DELETED!! NT: SN: It’s also a net carbon emitter, even though the team is minimising its impact as far as possible :: always apologetic for cultural contracorrectness even when infinitesimally irrelevant against all engine emissions arguably also only a perturbation but this position pointlessly pursued against the might of mcluhanised  mantras rubbishing reasoned rationality.

.        Biofuel Essential for Aviation Future}evermore extraordinary careerist cavorting on cultural correctness not noting even equivalence on transport times for most modes nor entropic exorbitance of waste wetness on unmanipulated market minimum product pricing

.        Smart Actuator Company Rift Technology} inductive phase-matched-locked optimisation sounds deadringer for late great Malcolm Addy's mid80s SMART SavaWatt circuitry as publicised plug product pitched to refrigeration in retail market but no hints here

.        London health crisis|premature pollution deaths} beggars belief that bandwagoned banditry by politrickicians & epidemonillogITs can continue to cashin with cavorted careering on colluded corruption of scienced significance with slyienced spurifiance

.        Housing £50bn question} as ever never mention of £30Bpa bureauggery from poor old pursey public's pumpishment dedoling a million ormore into geekeried grinergy via masonic moneygoround of carboneered catastrophism colluded by £1Bpa on academic appratshits

.        RDM DELIVERS A JUNIOR EV3 FOR MORGAN} both been big beneficiaries from poor old pursey public's pumpishment intoto totuneof £30Bpa milked by mafia moneygoround during decades of starving sensible investment in infrastructure particularly power provision

.        Leeds chair £10m Institute for High Speed Rail}  NT: advocacy not academy appointment so no criticisms contemplated on cost cascaded with speed as square for steady loads as cube from impulse excursions & quartic in noise emissions meaning massive saving had specification been set at 200kph for hourly intercity intervals already adopted elsewhere economising emergent expectations also by double deckering, all as urged by sensible souls during decades in delerious denial of evident exportability for an evolutionary IC125 that would have sufficed to save Washwood Heath from its criminal crucifixion by Bliarownian Bonkernomicists.

.        Re: "TRAVELLERS" jul17_causing misery}much more caused by_} cllrs offering assistance then staying silent}binmen baloney so cocksup codswallopry crucifying citizenry everywhichway} 10 weeks since my moan but long last looks like you got my message! 

.        Costain problem waste deal retendered} evermore ecomentalisation exemplars for bonkernomic bananaramarism by correctness crusaders inanely ignorant of entropic exorbitance in collecting & condensing worthless waste

.        7 questions on AI} anchorman admitted all more hyped hope than forecasted factuality indeed superficial sellership not sophisticated scholarship as evinced in exclusion of Goedel & Lighthill & Kalman as crucial context never mind multiple manifolds &&&

.        Re: citations:ChemEngSci 01&97}nice knowing stuff still sampled_might like also Jane's PhD papers on TC plantcell bioreactor & Carew's PhD papers on polymeric slugging & Snape's PhD Papers on scale-up software # Picturing Prague for auldtyme anchor associa

.        Asphalt Lets Lithium Batteries Charge In 5 Minutes_500cycles ~1kW-h/kg} amazing achievement maybe matching what was delivered in defconXies duodemidecade ago with porous powdered morphologies but yet to be augmented with agitation as accelerant

.        How should you react when management has its head in the sand?} NT: BT: herbicide usage to a small fraction of what it had been in the past :: recognizable refrain for spraying  soulmate who sourced an aeolian amplifier awarded generic US patents* but stalled after assessment agency insisted on agrichem major partnering a pivotal project *09/156,600 + 5,810,260

.        How do Interserve's woes compare to Carillion's?} How do women compare with men as flawed figureheads? Rationally reasonable to wonder & worry about arguments asserting case for incorporation from "emotional intelligence" & companion codswallop

.        Simple Formula for Surface Tension of Polymer Melts}google.com/?q=SCFT+lennard+potential got me reconnection to coldwar closure defconXie delivered duodemidecade ago on H-OH coherence for aqueous clathration of PAG-PEG surfactants now known as hydrogels

.        Troubles as IEP trainsets enter revenue service} wellwell no surprise seeing as skillset sustained by Washwood Heath was wasted by profiteered piratisation_says forensic frontline faultfixer for 125 Sprinter LUG DB-HS donedusted in days duodemidecade ago

.        World's first floating wind farm in Scotland}hardly hitec seeing as tethered tech offshore ops emerged & evolved since seventies whilst wildly exaggerated expectations deliberately distorted to mask purchase price 3x on baserate x3 for functionality 

.        Shell super charger service} 50kW <1% pumped petrol & 25kWh as gallon good for 30miles orso so that's a mile/minute thumb-twiddling with pickpocket pricing > with tripled taxtaken pumpishment petrol & that pending dacoity doubling to nobbled "normality"

.        Oxford Cambridge admissions from top echelons} inevitable implication of elitist excellence in privately purchased superiority over state suppled schooling evermore exaggerated since grammars were garrotted for correctnessed comprehensives 

.        Reliable systems for micro aerial vehicles challenges} commentary confirms elec comp eng + robotography at Harvard hardly adequate academically for educational expertise in flowological fundamentals dictating deliverability of functional formulations  

.        _turbulence & internal waves..MoD & MetOff} CAT also coldwar cover_} caught your spot in Knight's Lords debate on skills & digital_pity so few appreciated its academic angles pretty much aligned with my own, anger apart & climate catstrophism of course

.        GKN Driveline chief executive Phil Swash} NT: no longer a competitive marketonomy nor even a flawed fudgonomy but rather transitional tyranny from nudgonomy via nannonomy to naztinomy with choice constricted via centralised command control from culturally

.        Tilting wave beams}presumably cited 60s PhD 70s JFMs on beamlet generalised greens function amazingly with many more in past 5 years than previous 50! Dilationary ideal source radiates even when vertical via transients akin to horizontal start also in JFM

.        _enhanced oil recovery: A review_citation Ali Thomas} an excuse to revive reconnection endeavour after earlier efforts 20 jul 31may. Hope so} another shot hoping Houston's back in business after flood} excellent excuse for another attempt 

.        Particles in suspensions} NT: JB: Good challenge for Editors! :: nope not when all they want is payment for promotion & sod the substance

.        Re: Artificial Intelligence £630B to UK} NT: JB: trend to pretend-econ