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Conference on the 6th Framework Programme

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 10 December 2002



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Project idea


Priority themes     :     1-Biotech 2-IST 3-Process 5-Food 6-Ecosys


Type of proposals  :     A-IP B-NE C-STP E-Craft F-Collective (any)


Project titles    :    a- Hairy root bio-generation of nutraceuticals (1,3,5)

                           b- Real-time zonal imaging of sensitive sites (2,6)

                           c- Next generation food fermentation (1,3,5)

                           d- Extreme environment reactor-combustor (3)

                           e- Ultra low-dose + drift spraying system (5,6)

                           f- Bifurcation-busting tracker-forecaster (3,6)

                           g- Wind-powered remediation of dirty waters (3,6)


Keywords  :    Above and below


Proposal outline (background, goals, work programme):

a- scopolamine from datura > dicot nutraceuticals > explore + evaluate

b- video prototypes > long term proving > environmental epidemiology

c- pneumatic-circulatory concept > performance-critical pilot > confirm

d- supersymmetric cyclical implosions > map extremities > demonstrate

e- demonstrated drift + delivery > confirmation in crops > optimize

f- noise-embedded attractors > generalization > rapid response neural nets

g- VAWT-shafted agitation-aeration > site remediation > showcase rescues




Partners, expertise sought:


Type of organisation sought:      any relevant


Expertise sought:  any complementary






Proposer details:


Organisation name      Flow Research Evaluation Diagnostics Ltd


City                            Birmingham


Country                      UK


Type of Organisation    SME


Department                Neale Thomas      


Expertise relevant to the project

a- decade on plant process biotech, most on hairy roots; 20+ papers

b- FP5-IST project BlueWater originator with patented concept IPR

c- concept IPR, principle proven in a Portuguese PhD project (2000-)

d- concept IPR on principle, proving in progress at RAS-ITP (1996-)

e- proven a decade ago in UK DTI SMART Awards / internationally patented

f- concept IPR on principle, proving progressed by Japanese liaison (1992-)

g- progressed a decade ago in UK DTI SMART Awards / British patented


Previous experiences in European projects     

FP4 Copernicus formulation & coordination / FP5 IST formulation & participation









Name        Neale Thomas



Address     FRED Aston Science Park Birmingham B7 4BJ


Country     UK


Telephone +44 121 471 4149


Fax           +44 121 471 4149