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Osirusoft, Blars and BTOpenworld misdiagnose Spam emails and ISPs who rely solely on the Osirusoft and or other lists without corroboration like are negligent in their duty of care towards their customers

Did you know that your email deliveries can be hi-jacked and booby-trapped - and that your ISP is doing it deliberately for you on the pretext of convenience as a favour?

The webmaster first discovered the dangers of IP number spam blacklists when he discovered that his server was blacklisted on the Osirusoft database. Before January 2003, this did not matter much, but the massive virus attack in the third week of January 2003 caused panic ISPs such as Mistral Internet installed service features without research or consideration. Some ISPs are so negligent and some webmasters so hopping mad that some blocking lists are compiled just to catch out idiot ISPs. Blars is one of these and Yahoo mail appears to use it. As at Boxing Day 2004 Yahoo and are blocking emails through the webmaster's server and it is listed with Blars who simply blocks whole data-centres at his whim. The file which follows arises from Mistral Internet having blocked all the webmaster's incoming email when Mistral Internet started blocking spam by using DNS Blacklists.

Mistral Internet are now at pains to stress that they no longer use Osirusoft - and the webmaster is still a customer as a result. The Osirusoft experience had painful consequences whilst it lasted with emails to the webmaster being rejected:
----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
    reason: 571 Service unavailable; [] blocked using
(The Mistral Chief Executive Karl Robinson has tried to tell me that Mistral never used Osirusoft despite his staff emailing me to say that they did, and error messages such as the one above!)

BTOpenworld have not learned from the Mistral or the Osirusoft experience. Osirusoft are now out of business. BTOpenworld deserve the same fate as my client, whose emails to their account have been blocked, can testify. BTOpenworld used to be a good ISP but now rely on for spam protection services. provide free services - so you get what you pay for there - but charge for their service. . .