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=B7  BOOSTIR - Biological = Oxidative=20 Operation in Single Tank for Integrated Recovery of water quality=20 utilising multistage sequenced zonal process for C / N / SS to = regulatory=20 standard as intensive (2h) plant trialled by major UK utility = company with=20 compact VAWT for windpowered ecoremediation option in augmented = recovery=20 of depleted natural waters and toxic lagoons. For further details, = contact=20 Neale=20 Thomas



=B7  SPRAY - Stimulated = Pulsation for=20 Ranging Applications deliverY aimed principally at agrochemicals = with=20 simultaneously reduced dropsize and windrift (factor 3 on both) = for=20 reduced wastage and hazard but also with prospective applications = in=20 combustion/ firefighting/ snowmaking/ drying/ painting with exotic = entertainment option as an aqueous acoustically modulated laser = light=20 prestige platform for foyer displays in corporate HQ's. For = further=20 details, contact Neale=20 Thomas

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The Savaplug


=B7  The unique Savaplug is = an energy=20 saving plug which replaces the existing plug on domestic = refrigeration,=20 providing typical savings in running costs of 20%. High margin, no = competition. Mail order, retail, wholesale and principle = distributor=20 opportunities. For further information click here