Monstrous Morass of Moaning about Massacre of Meaning and Making


Contrast C5* codswallop with current critique conveyed by an anarchically alliterative analyst

* C5 = centralised command control communistic communiquť


regionally††† nationally††† continentally


A fortnight ago I got a flier for ďWest Midlands Centre of International Partnerships (WMCIP) Launch EventĒ so with serendipity ruling revenue roosts I had no choice but to sign up for it just in case it might offer any hint of lights at the ends of my too-many techie tunnels. Sadly but only as anticipated for anything underwritten by AWMís endless entourage of abysmal apparatchiks not only wasnít there any sign of candles even, nor even wax that might fuel a flicker, but I couldnít even spot any sign either of a workable wick. Just the same tarnished old e-gizmo game being resold as a brilliant new e-gizmo game! It really was only yet another sick joke except this time the monstrous meaninglessness exceeded every expectation insofar as the bash beggared belief both by numbers and numbness. I suppose itís a reassuring sign of SME sense that they stayed away in droves ~ only ten turned up and five were selling the stuff so that left five prospects for buying into it ~~ well, four because I certainly couldnít see any sense in it ~~ well, one really because by the time Iíd persecuted the promoters three of the punters decamped their business cards into my hands as testimony to reasoned rationality against intoned ITology.

To be fair I was blessed to miss most of the meeting due to running realities endured by all SME brink-masters but although my blindness should have made me easy meat for the perpetrators I saw no sign that they had any actual answers to anything I tossed into their rings. One even had the audacity to get angry enough to accuse me of being an anarchic upstart but that jarred too much to carry conviction against my evident experience in a decade of head-banging the system for commercial conversion of no less than 4 consecutive DTI SMART Awards a decade ago and all with proven principles and patented prototypes, one even a generic US patent ~ not to mention 150 peered papers via an academic alter ego plus a decade of razor-edging on stealthy defencies and corporate civvies. In fact this clown reminded me more than a tad of the bureaucratic bunglers who engineered my exclusion from academe for attaining envious excellence ~ Quislings like these and all the others striving to please / join the London Luvvie Luddites should be brought to book for having flattened so much that once was Great about Britain. Ironically irksome then that this guyís best mate should have uttered ďIf Singapore has done it then so can weĒ ~ to which I couldnít suppress muttering that Singapore now sits astride all learning leagues occupying the positions we once held because they persevered with the educational excellence that we taught them whilst we converted to cavalier crucifixion of inspirational individualism for the sake of mediocre uniformity conveyed as kowtowing correctness in culture, creed and capability. No rejoinder of course ~ couldnít be denied even if he had had fingertip facts!

Q: AWMís HQ fancy foyer sports no realistion of regional reputation for radically researched remuneration recognised worldwide as wealth-generating genius ever since 18th century Lunarian enlightenment ~ instead it proffers a pappily pretentious powerpointless portrayal of craven commitment to Londonís Olympic BidÖ??? Sufficient said! Well apart from asking whether GBís 90% provincial population ever realises that demographic democracy will be denied indefinitely so long as the Qís rule their roosts collectively conspiring in pursuit of personal promotion via centralised command-communication-control. Londonís ludicrous luvviness dictates all of the driving decisions whilst / because it diminishes diffusional dispersion of Britainís best / brainiest breadbakers. Dysonís Dimbleby delivery last week bullseyed the baloney of obsessional obsequience to burgeoning bands of brigands who make money out of moving it whilst impoverishing people by loading the loot into their personal possession without a hint of overarching obligation instilled by the Lunarians who spawned societal sensitivities.

Politically portrayed piety is just as prejudicially partial ~ as in taxation purporting to pay for supposed sins of CO2ism, extorted equally for everyone irrespective of inferred impact against actualities of an aerobic ambient that microbially matches manís areal equivalent (m2) rest-rate of a few W10s. As simple illustrative sum, population density of 1/ha (ie M100 people on M100ha, 50% more than GBís nominal norm) at modern manís maintained maximum of few kW areally only amounts to 1% or so of aerobic ambient. 1% net rate over upwards of a century for claimed climate impact must mean a modelling knife-edge as accumulant summed over sources and sinks, one whch should be a never-ending nightmare for presumably princialled prognostication prophets pandering to pursuit of political promotions now polishing off mega £Ms pa. Aside from (un)answerables on this score is issue that city concentrates arguably account for >>100-fold excesses over areal ambient with travel-trailed trading towers stacking slaves to >10 floors of open-planned <10m2 per person. London exemplifies excess on this score but the Luvvies arenít paying for it any more than theyíd be paying for their Olympian privileges and perks! Computational cases comparable to those of CO2-counter campaigns conceivably could be created purporting to portray amplified adverse atmospheric impact from persistence of disproportionately powerful plumes of Londonís hot air. No chance: no way Londonís lights could ever been seen to be bad, only always simply the best by far ~ so 90% of Brits remain ransomed to London looting!

Back to business after my excessive environmental extemporisation. My other WMCIP contributions went same way! One nutshelled to effect that percy public deserved due diligence on his £100pa personal regional cashback (£B1/2pa, 5M population) yet all he ever got was shiny new makeovers of tired old scamovers with never a hint of assayed retrospection on what had failed before would inevitably fail again. Another nutshelled to effect that no-one paid by percy public should ever be excused from properly peered provision of perspective on context and content yet here we were confronted yet again with yet another index of unstructured ďfictsĒ (ie strictly not information, nor its knowledge condensate and quite possibly mostly not even facts) whose usability would demand new rounds of calling for repetitions of old inputs mostly already residing on vast sets of existing databases and none of it recoverably accessible for projected purpose of marrying 121 beans to bags and vice versa ~ not even Cordis could be made to work and that the worldsí biggest baddest one on which megamillion EC Euros has been squandered.

Blatantly beyond the ken of these pap purveyors was my corollary that the real need could be captured by aeronautical analogy with wing design ~ that direct formulation caters only for retrieval of performance from prescribed geometries which was fine in conjunction with shooting and matching methods for parametrically convergent classes of old-fashioned inefficient shapes but hopeless in delivery of modern competitive demands for unconventional classes of minimum drag shapes, these requiring ab initio adoption of inverse algorithms directly returning shapes against prescribed performance (as pressure fields assuring maintenance of laminar streamlining). The analogy being of course that any one SME knows what it owns as beans and what it wants as bags (or vice versa) but also knows from expensive experience that blind trawling through any number of yellow pages has always only ever missed the key hits that serendipity sometimes serves up courtesy of chance connections more often than not via sector meetings or magazines. SMEs intrinsically pose their matchmaking problems inversely in the sense defined above but externally have no means of delivering on their needs and wants because no-one has delivered decent matchmaking algorithms that mimic those used for wing design.

Clearly itís a doable thing because Google cleverly concentrates keyword connections and thatís why Google is so popular with all searchers ~ but whilst Google is a serious contender it isnít ideal because being generic it ranks its responses on (unfocussed) generic criteria so they arenít optimised against technical / commercial content thatís clearly key here. Googleís gurus are some of brightest guys around and now floated have no doubt have been turning their thoughts to revenue generating diversifications for which the present one would surely be a prime candidate. If AWM had had any sense it would have tendered for offers along these lines ~ that is parasitically hybridising Google, building on Google as front-end poser much as I do in my capacity as journal editor retrieving peer reviewers ~ Google gets me a name or a paper citation or even just an association that looks promising so I use that either to identify a personal or campus website or to prime secondary searchers such as library-service indices. Thatís the way I would have done it and thatís the way AWM should have done it ~ well not really AWM because the thing isnít sensibly posed as regionally focussed ~ beans and bags should be focussed on all the world as a stage so sensibly should be nucleatednationally via DTI or continentally via EC or globally via intergovernmental agencies and / or associations as commercial counterparts of academic ones, ideally of course subsuming both if tech transfer is also on the agenda. But whilst thatís thinking right itís also thinking too big to be digestible to intellectual minnows dispensing from national never mind regional pots ~ and the regional ones in any case shouldnít be speculating but rather be policing the paybacks of percy publicís pennies.

In sum then, this whole shebang is a pile of dirtied nappies and whilst we all know that disposables are counter correctness culture there seems little prospect of enforcing reusability on resourcing of RDAsí nappies in any arena never mind this one in particular. Wheels reinvented as ever-squarer slabs is certainly a super scam for sellers of such silliness but for everyone else itís only retardation not regeneration! Catering for correctness culture I wish you all Seasonal Spirits or Sprites whichever may be preferred.


Management mediocrity of course motored this mess which inevitably arose from absence of attributable answerability in allowing Londonís lard pinched from the Publicís purse to be reallocated via the RDAs ~ indeed seems to me that pretty much same goes for just about all allocations via just about all agencies / authorities including LAs and RAs (L = Local, R = Research) ~~ not to mention EAs and HAs (E = Education, H = Health). After all, what HEI any longer deserves status purely as Institution or NHS purely as Service ~ none, not since soon after they became badged with bungling business baloney that stupidly supplanted success formerly seen as stimulation and sympathy by money metametrics like margin and methodology, both manifestly meaningless in context of cerebral cachet and community care. Pervaded by prettified PowerPoint-less posturing that promotes silly slickness at expense of insightful incisiveness, we are now into an empty endgame entailing inevitable illness (obesity, asthma, eczema, ageing) and invented instability (invasion, terrorism, disorder, dispute) whilst resource is raided for ridiculous redirection into idiotic identifiers (passports, cards, cameras, credit) and resource realignments (everything, always) in the name of blame games to distract detection of the cowboy culprits (politicians, politicos, apparatchiks, quislings) whose cavalier incaution created the chaos.

Iím no economist nor even accountant but maybe itís because Iím neither that I can see the self-evident stupidity in sustained selling off / out of enduring real wealth (assets, investments, intellect) for sake of passing polemical pleasures from gorging on good-doing games in just about anything thatís a faddishly fashionable fancy of the ignorantly ignoble idiots who were emptily empowered to pickpocket percy public by an empty-headed electorate whose excitement extends to not a lot more than East-Enders and Lotteries, Celebrities and Sporties (but not often sport!). Gordonís budgetary banana skin was long since spotted by sighted souls and now itís right under his boot ~ coming up to Christmas and £B33 of his £B34 short term shortfall already on the books a quarter earlier than he envisaged, whilst spinning his cycle will be but a brief reprieve from what by rights should have been a yearend plea of guilty as charged. Been far too long time him coming to trial and all the while bailed to continue cooking his budgetary books on the backs of percyís personal debt falsely financed from a squeeze wheezed housing scam conspired by guaranteed greed for gain by bankers always assured of risk redemption via property possession. Itíll be unpleasant ugly all round once Gordon gets really wallbacked and no way out other than a 10+% hike in personal taxation which alone will be enough to trip defaults from mortgage-strapped new kids on the housing block, never mind the substantially wider overstretched swathe thatíll succumb to suppressed housing values impacted by inevitably increased interest rates.

Meanwhile blessed by hindsight the grandees will suddenly start saying Gordon shouldnít have squandered all that earlier elasticity on all those silly schemes / scams ~ he should have been more prudent in provision of protection for all those tax-turning but tediously handle-turning industrial endeavours that had been deemed trivial and tedious by service sector sophisticates and fellow-travelling fartaries. AWM alone has seen upwards £B1/2pa swilling around its pink gin glass class since the motley mob created their Commons coup yet not a lot of that dosh went anywhere near really regenerating WMís traditional skill-strengths whilst thereís no doubt that a lot must have went where no sane man would have dared to go putting up his own pennies ~ viz e-everything codswallop including endless e-conomic e-valuations plus pretentious property prettification pointless for impoverished ill-educated unskilled natives overrun by trivial tourist attractions but them no better off still surviving on fast-food, supermarket and call-centre crap, or scratching for scraps from social so-called support whilst the superrich simply snake-smile thanks to a 40% top tax-take.

Iím no raving Commie batsard ~ Iíve sustained (just) my capitalist SME for coming up two decades and thatís a deal more than most of the suited stripes have seen SMEs survive on their accountancy ledgers. Iíve even been there, done that, on an array of razor-edge fault-fixings for corporates that since died for want of tiding-over transfusions denied because they failed to fit bureaucratic business bunkum. Iíve even been there, done that, in nigh on a decade of sword-sharp stealthy defencies including stuff adopted by the Yanks within a couple of years from dawning as a bright idea ~ but all that ended as abruptly as Marconi after Gordonís defence divvy budget within weeks of arrival in office and him still too wet everywhere not just his ears to realise that defencies had always played covert subsidy for profitably civilianised cutting edge gizmos ~~ and that trick still being played by the Yanks of course them having a deal too much common to stifle money generating games by imposition of WTO-EC rules sadly now long since enthusiastically embraced by HMG. Itís all a pretence of course because Airbus is well offside but the really rank stupidity was killing off not just Marconi but myriad microcontractors that sourced our innovation engines ~ that is, the real ones that actually advanced thingies, not bean blagging baloney buskers that provided a plethora of new Brit millionaires on the backs of dodgy tax-break doodles ~ the here-now but gone-soon ones that Tony drools about as indicators of his success story!

So Iím no raving commie (as one of the WMCIP woollies whispered) ~ on top of my Dysonesque determination to conquer our counter-creation culture Iíve also got my name on plenty of peered papers and of course me sporting academic achievement was enough to get the woolly gob shut tight thereafter ~ tight-lipped of course but firmly clamped! For more than good measure, even uncivilly excessive, Iíll close by copying my message to an AWMer after another recent inconsequential invitation. Heíll not thank me for placing it in print but at least thereís nothing libellous in it (itís anonymised anyway, just in case) and it does give an insight into the yawning chasm between those portrayed as providers and the rest of a desperately needy real world scratching forlornly for scraps of support. Thanks for your time and appreciate anything you care to say in response ~ yes, anything ~~ really!


A Brussels bigboy whispered recently that awkward aresholes will soon be the in-crowd unless things get fixed pronto, a vista for RDAs also according to a subversive London luvvie link! Anyway I was only prompted to bother dropping a line as follow-up by an SME-style IP crisis that I encountered immediately on my return to base ~ the JPO had given me just a week to either pay through the nose for an extension period appealing their rejection of my patent application or come up with rebuttal of what their report claimed was prior art lodged in 1983 ~ report of course in Japanese and cited numbers turned up nothing sensible on standard english language searchers ~~ par for their NIH course I suppose them tossing up an obscure irretrievable entry.

††† That's reality for razor edge SMEs relying on IP generation / protection for survival and no surprise either that your agents wouldn't / couldn't help ~ "IP is too complicated"! I'm confident of getting the thing approved and granted because exactly same specification was eventually awarded generic status by US Patent Office six years ago but it took a year-long battle (not least because of their own NIH culture) educating them on fancier physics. From initial informal limited translation of the report by academic friends looks likely it's exactly same thing here with JPO ~ but without urgent assistance I'll not know whether it's worthwhile putting my money on the line or not. That's reality then ~ after 2 hours of enduring nothing new at your bash I've had 4 hours of frantic phoning around for guidance on tough technicalities. If AWM really was all about revitalising the regional economy it would have latched onto me like a leech ~ and not needing any approach from me, just from keeping eyes on balls like your namesake did so well in the 70s (I lived just around the corner from his hallowed ground and was a committed Kippaxer throughout) ~~ AWM should have known my spray IP was being evaluated in a £K600 DEFRA funded farm evaluation since Jan04 and should been on the blower to me asking how to get a piece of that action.

††† Of course I might well have said shove it after endless endeavour to attract AWM's attention to this gizmo which was originally sourced from DTI SMART Awards (a decade ago!) ~ all I ever got from AWM was fobbing off to gITs for whom innovation horizon equated to interminable internet inconsequentiality so no chance there of support for anything sensibly scientific! Same fate for another gizmo spawned from my defence games on which I retained originating IP in sourcing a ÄM4 EC-IST fp5 project ~ and for yet another derived from DTI SMART Awards (I had 4 in 4 years a decade ago) which is presently being revived courtesy of DEFRA's concern about remediation of failed greenie fix-ups for rurally damaged waters. All three were notified to AWM (probably plus others) as candidates for support leading to prospective industrial diversification employment exploiting established skills yet none got any further than casual chats ~ mainly because my initial contacts have always only been referred to bean baggers / blaggers / braggers (ie money / law / admin suits) and never techhy types like we used to have in the good old days of GOWM and IWM etc. And that's why Brits can't nowadays punch their weights against Krauts or even Frogs ~ we've lost connective communication control in endless apparatchik diversions deemed due diligence but really meaningless mantras on made-up rules that have demeaned techhies into hoop / hurdle hoppers instead of doing what they always did best ~~ banging their brains to supply significant solutions not merely reinvent ever squarer wheels.

††† No coincidence that your room was devoid of SME traders ~ meaning privately financed IP generators / exploiters, not just service / support suppliers and start-up slushers but those who have actually been banging away on real risk things like I have and for well over a decade. Anyway enough of my pitchforked moaning ~ not just moaning because I fingered not only the problem but also its remedy ~~ in essence not a lot more than restoring status quo ante apparatchik hindrance. ÄM1 per patent / paper from EC-fp4 (worse in fp5, probably worser in fp6) looks sick even against ÄK100 from DTI Linkies and positively desperate against ÄK10 from old-fashioned GB PhDs (ie top-class tutors and students) ~ that's the bottom line of Lisbon's now deceased EU aspiration to achieve catch-up in under a decade. The solution was known all along ~ but it was never going to be consistent with PC ~ PC won but excellence expired! Think about it ~ and as afterthought think I'll also try it out on my EC grandee just in case it helps to resonate his rethinking! Sincerely.

††† PS I may be a busker but at least a streetwise one ~ take ten over tea wandering my webbage to see for yourself.Thanks.