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Survey on=20 the program INCO-Copernicus= =20 projects realisation in the year = 2001

INCO-Copernicus=20 projects =96 Faculty of Electrical = Engineering and=20 Information technology

Project=20 identification: CP=20 93-9093
Project = title: Extension of EUROCHIP Services = to=20 Central
and Eastern European=20 Countries
Realisation: 1.4. 1994=20 - pokra=E8uje ako = EUROPRACTICE
Project=20 coordinator: A.W. Kaesser, Germany, = Gessellschaft=20 f=FC
Mathematik und=20 Datenverarbeitung
Partners: Warsaw University=20 (PL)
W. Kuzmicz, W. = Sakowski, Silesian=20 Tech.Univ. (PL)
B.Courtois, = CMP/EUROCHIP=20 (FR)
Olesen, DTH/EUROCHIP=20 (Denmark)
E. Bourdeaud=92hui, = IMEC/ EUROCHIP=20 (BE)
E. Bourdeaud=92hui, = IMEC/ EUROCHIP=20 (BE)
D. Ioan, Polytecnic = Bucharest=20 (Ro)
A. Jelenski, ITME = Warsaw=20 (PL)
Our=20 coordinator: Doc. Ing. Marian = Vesel=FD,=20 CSc.

Project=20 identification: PL 977133=20 S
Project = title: Microelectronics = Virtual=20 Laboratory for
Cooperating in Research = and=20 Knowledge
Realisation: 06/1998 =96 = 06/2001
Partners: prof. K. H. Diener, = FhG-Institute=20 for
Integrated Circuits,=20 Dresden
prof. M. Glesner, TU = Darmstadt=20
prof. R. Ubar, Tallin = Technical=20 University, Estonia
prof. G. Peceli, = Technical=20 University of  Budapest, HU
prof. W. Kuzmicz, = Warsaw=20 University of Technology, PL
prof. A. Kobus, = Institute of=20 Electron Technology, Warsaw
Dr. E. Gramatova, = Institute of=20 Informatics, Bratislava
prof. Z. Peng, = Linkoping=20 University, Sweden 
Our=20 coordinator: prof. Ing. Norbert = Fri=9Atack=FD,=20 CSc.

INCO-Copernicus=20 =96 Faculty of Chemical and Food=20 Technology

Project=20 identification: ERB IC = 15-CT98-0902=20 project PL 979012S
Project = title: Rapid, specific detection of = Listeria=20 mono-
cytogenes by=20 antibody-based = techniques=20 and
on-line sensor=20 technology.
Realisation: 1.1.1999 -=20 31.12.2001
Project=20 coordinator: Prof. Ing. Pavel Rauch, = DrSc.
Institute of Chemical = Technology,=20 Prague (CZ)
References: m
Partners: Institute of Chemical = Technology,=20 Prague (CZ)
Institute of Food = Research,=20 Norwich (UK)
Dublin City University, = Dublin=20 (Ire)
MILCOM a.s., Dairy = Research=20 Institute, Prague (CZ)
Dairy Research = Institute, =8Eilina = (SK)
Our=20 coordinator: prof. RNDr. Katar=EDna = Hor=E1kov=E1,=20 DrSc.

Project=20 identification: CP-97-7010
Project = title: The European Network = for=20 Industrial Application
of Polynomial Design=20 Method
Realisation: 1.1.1998 =96=20 31.12.2001
Project=20 coordinator: Ing.=20 Michael =8Aebek, DrSc., EF =C8VUT,=20 Praha,,=20
Partners: =DATIA Praha = (CZ)
University of Twente=20 (NL)
University of Glasgow=20 (UK)
Uppsala University=20 (S)
University of = Strathclyde=20 (UK)
Politecnico di Milano (I)
CNRS =96=20 LAAS Toulouse (F)
=C8VUT Praha=20 (CZ), TU Brno (CZ)
Warsaw=20 University of Technology (PL)
ETH Zurich=20 (CH)
ProCS,=20 Ltd. =8Aa=BEa (SK)
Compureg=20 Plze=F2 (CZ)
Our=20 coordinator: prof. Ing. J=E1n = Mikle=9A,=20 DrSc.

Project=20 identification: IC15-CT98-0904
Project = title: Modelling and Design of = Multiple=20 Bubble
Bed Reactors for = Advanced
Food Industry=20 Technologies.
Realisation: November 1998 =96 = Okt=F3ber=20 2001
Project=20 coordinator: Prof. Neale = Thomas,
Aston University, = Birmingham,=20 UK
Partners: =DAstav=20 chemick=FDch proces=F9 =C8AV, Praha, = =C8R
Univerzita = v Brage, Braga,=20 P
Slovensk=E1=20 technick=E1 univerzita, KCHBI FCHPT, = SR
Referencie: http://www.copernicus.aston.a=
Our=20 coordinator: Doc. Ing. Jozef = Marko=9A,=20 CSc.

Project=20 identification: IC15-CT98-0147
Project = title: Recycling heavy metal = ions and=20 organics of
biological interrest by = innovative separation
Realisation: 1. 1. 1999 =96 31. 12.=20 2001
Project=20 coordinator: Dr. N. Hovnanian, LMPM = ENSCM,=20 Montpelier (F)
Partners: ICMB CSIC=20 Barcelona (E)
Polytechnics Bukurest (RO)
Research=20 Centre for Macromolar Materials and
Membranes, Bukurest (RO
Technick=E1=20 univerzita  vo Var=9Aave (PL)
FCHPT STU=20 v Bratislave
Our=20 coordinator: Ing. =8A. Schlosser, = CSc.

Project=20 identification: ERB IC15CT98=20 0809
Project = title: Novel Techniques for=20 Implementation of
Immobilized = Biocatalysts in=20 Industrial Processes
Realisation: 1998 =96 = 2001
Project=20 coordinator: Dr. Bengt Danielsson, = University=20 of Lund, Sweden
Partners: University of Lund,=20 Sweden
Swede Institute f=FCr = Technische=20 Cemie der Universtit=E4t
Hannover, = Germany
Bundesforschungsanstalt = f.=20 Landwirtschaft (FAL)
Braunschweig,=20 Germany
Consejo superior de=20 investigaciones cientificas, = Madrid 
SAS, Bratislava,=20 Slovakia
Referencie: htt= p://
Our=20 coordinator: Doc. Ing. Vladim=EDr = =8Atefuca,=20 PhD.

INCO -=20 Copernicus - Faculty of Materials Sciences = and=20 Technology

Project=20 identification: ERB3512-PL=20 97805
Project = title: Towards Ecologically = Friendly=20 Machining
Realisation: 19.8.1998- august=20 2001
Project=20 coordinator: N. Andrew =96 = University of=20 Bradford, England
Partners: Pramet Incorporated = Sumperk=20 (CZ)
The Institute of Metal = Cutting=20 and Tools (PL) 
Miskolc University=20 (H)
Technical Research = Centre of=20 Finland, FIN)
Fundation Tekniker=20 (ESP)
SuperHard Materials = Ltd.=20 (CZ)
TG Konzult s.r.o.=20 (CZ), 
Czech Technical = University=20 (CZ)
University of Limerick=20 (Ireland)
Our=20 coordinator: Doc. Ing. Jozef = Peterka,=20 CSc.