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Thursday 25 March 2004

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Message to Stockholm

These are=20 the messages of appreciation that have come in expressing = thanks for=20 the leadership and support of the Stockholm=20 Partnerships team. And some of the thoughts of those = invovled about=20 the future.

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    Message from: Nazareno Stanislau Affonso, = Traffic=20 Taming in Brasilia: a Revolution in Attitudes, Brazil = (Aug-29-2002).=20
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    Seriousness in the organization of the whole event, = starting from=20 the good quality of the jury (there should have been a = larger number=20 of jurors from South America), the good website, the = selection of=20 the ambassador projects ending with the final selection of = the=20 winners.=20

    Spirit of Alliance and Solidarity as opposed to = competition:=20 Characterized by the simple and respectful way the = presentation, the=20 ceremony and the giving out of prizes were conducted, as = well as the=20 touching homage paid to the ambassador projects not awarded. =

    Commitment to the Agenda 21 in structuring the side = activities,=20 such as lectures and team works.=20

    We think a final colored publication in a Latin language = and=20 another in English should have been made available, showing = the=20 integral texts of the lectures, the conclusion of team = works,=20 pictures of the activities and the complete ambassador = projects to=20 enable us to publicize them to governments and agencies. = Besides,=20 the existing financial sources of the projects presented = should be=20 divulged to the participants.

    Message from: Lalan B. Prabhu, Sensitising little = citizens of Belgaum, India (Aug-03-2002).
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    try to be more inclusive and encourage = small=20 cities

    Message from: Gail Watt, Public direct = participation in=20 Borough decision-making via Internet, Sweden (Jul-22-2002). =
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    We in Kista are a vital Borough in the = City of=20 Stockholm.=20 When Stockholm gets=20 your message through this fantastic voluntary collective = effort, you=20 are also writing to us in Kista. For your many words of=20 encouragement we are indeed thankful. With our warm Kista=20 regards,
    Gail Watt
    Permanent Secretary of the Kista=20 e-Parliament

    Message from: Sheo Shekhar Shukla, Lake Bhopal=20 Conservation & Management Project, India (Jul-19-2002). =
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    South Asian region including India is = lagging=20 behind all other regions of the world, mainly with respect = to its=20 income and human development levels. The per capita GNP of = this=20 region is also much lower than that of any other region of = the=20 world. The high population growth putting tremendous strain = on the=20 existing urban infrastructure, and availability of safe = drinking=20 water becoming a limiting factor for urban development. = Therefore,=20 for the sustainable development of cities of this region, = following=20 vision elements have to be considered – i) Linking of = city=20 development with availability of adequate water. ii) = Priority for=20 conservation & management of existing surface water = resources in=20 and around urban areas. iii) Regulated development in = catchment area=20 so that the feeding channels to the water body remain = undisturbed.=20 iv) Proper maintenance of infrastructure to ensure = sustainable=20 delivery of water services. v) Prevention of contamination = of water=20 resources due to discharge of sewage, industrial effluents = and=20 religious activities. vi) Hundred percent coverage for = sanitation=20 and effective collection, treatment and disposal of sewage = and solid=20 wastes. vii) Recycling of waste water with appropriate = treatment for=20 ancillary usage. viii) Improvement in road network = facilities. ix)=20 Reduction of vehicular pollution load through an effective=20 monitoring programme. x) Development of an appropriate and = effective=20 institutional framework to ensure carrying capacity based=20 development of the city. xi) Ensure public participation to = promote=20 wise-use of water resources, proper waste management, = prevention of=20 pollution of air & water, etc. through on effective = public=20 awareness programme.

    Message from: Tracey Axelsson, car sharing = organization,=20 Canada (Jul-19-2002).
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    Hej Hej!=20 Sverige och Gratis til din 650 ar! I truly love your city - = as my=20 husband is Swedish it would be about the only other city I = would=20 choose to live in if we left Vancouver. Thank you for your=20 leadership in so many wonderful projects, events and=20 initiatives.

    Message from: Chris Zegras, Designing, = Implementing and=20 Measuring Sustainable Urban Development, No country = affiliation=20 (Jul-18-2002).
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    Thank you=20 Stockholm for=20 offering a model and inspiration for collaboration. We hope = that the=20 seeds are spread widely and given the necessary nurturing to = blossom=20 world-wide.

    Message from: Monika Jansson, A rose-red sea, = Finland=20 (Jul-14-2002).
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    Stockholm is my=20 springboard out into the world. I have been very warmly = received and=20 looked after, both by the Jury and by the Stockholm Team.=20 It is fantastic that an ordinary individual citizen can get = as far=20 as this. Thank you for believing in me. Stockholm is an=20 excellent, important idea!

    Message from: Laura Aldrete, Sustainable = Stapleton,=20 United States (Jul-12-2002).
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    To the City of Stockholm and=20 organizers of the event- Kudos on a marvelous invention of = bringing=20 people, projects and ideas together in a fruitful manner to = share=20 experiences. Clearly the event proved the importance of = sharing=20 information and cross-germinating ideas. It will be = imperative to=20 continue the "Olympics" of Sustainability.

    Message from: Mark Erickson, 5Comm Connected = Communities=20 Project, United States (Jul-12-2002).
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    As we all=20 work toward a better world for all people, the power of=20 collaboration at all levels is the most powerful tool we = have to=20 affect that positive change. The work of the Stockholm=20 Partnership has been invaluable to begin, in some instances, = and=20 extend in other the work dedicated people have begun to = bring about=20 positve change.

    Message from: Gloria Gabriel, Internet Journey = Matching=20 Service, United Kingdom (Jul-10-2002).
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    Stockholm has=20 provided a fantistic forum to bring out the best of a = variety of=20 ideas and new developments on the web from grass roots to = business=20 ventures promoting sustainable cities - Keep up the good=20 work!

    Message from: Karl Fjellstrom, Sustainable urban=20 transport project in Surabaya, Indonesia (Jul-09-2002).
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    We would like to announce a new initiative of GTZ, called = the=20 Sustainable Urban Transport Program - Asia (SUTP-Asia). This = program, to commence in October 2002, aims to work with = developing=20 city governments in Asia to develop sustainable urban = transport=20 policies in selected cities. Please check out the project = website,=20, which will be launched in October = 2002.

    Also we think relevant to mention here, is the fact that = late in=20 2002 GTZ will be releasing the 'Sustainable Transport = Sourcebook for=20 Policy-Makers in Developing Cities'. This will consist of = around 22=20 modules covering a wide range of urban transport policies.=20 Contributors are leaders in their fields; Eric Britton for = example=20 is contributing guidelines for developing cities which want = to carry=20 out Car Free Days!

    Message from: Mikel Murga, Leber/MIT, Spain=20 (Jun-27-2002).
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    To=20 follow

    Message from: Eric Britton, Stockholm Jury=20 Chairman , France (Jun-22-2002).
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    Thank you Stockholm and=20 the wonderful Stockholm=20 Partnerships team up there for all you are doing for a more=20 sustainable world. It has been an honor and wonderful = learning=20 experience to be associated with this pioneering = international=20 sustainability initiative. I am grateful to the organizers, = jury and=20 above to all the project teams for all they have shared with = and=20 taught me.=20

    * * *
    I have spent this last year observing = and=20 working with the Stockholm=20 Partnerships team, and some thirty times that as an observer = of the=20 progress and achievements of the City of Stockholm as a=20 practitioner of environmental concern, sustainability, quiet = but=20 stubborn citizen participation, and social justice. And I = come away=20 from this long voyage grateful and energized (if for the = moment a=20 bit exhausted). What impresses me most about, let's call it, = The 'Stockholm Long=20 Term Sustainability Project' is not that the city is a = perfect=20 practitioner in all its decisions and practices (as any = Stockholmer=20 will readily tell you) -- but that if we take it from the = long view=20 what we can observe is (a) the tenacious drive in the right=20 directions and (b) the quiet force which has made the city = not only=20 a pretty good sustainability model (in a world of mostly = less than=20 pretty bad ones), but also one that makes us all think.=20

    Your wonderful city has now spent the better = part of=20 two years in planning and no small quantity of resources in=20 initiating and supporting the Stockholm=20 Partnerships for Sustainable Cities program, which on the = evening of=20 June 5th reached an apogee with the solemn 2002 banquet and = ceremony=20 in the Great Blue Hall under the benevolent eye of His = Majesty, the=20 King of Sweden. At the end of all this world wide = cooperative=20 activity you brought together more than 220 hard-working = innovative=20 project teams for more than fifty countries to create the = first raw=20 materials of what may now become the World Sustainable = Cities=20 Innovations Knowledgebase. This fine contribution is now = freely=20 available on the web through the site you have set up as a=20 continuing source of information and inspiration for cities = and team=20 around the world looking for new ideas and approaches to the = very=20 tough challenge of sustainability and social justice.=20

    Which brings up the very real question: What = are you=20 going to do next? Is the final banquet and 2002 awards = ceremony for=20 the invited Ambassador projects, who in turn are = representing the=20 more than 150 Stockholm=20 Partner Projects, going to be the end of all this hard work, = successful networking and creative interaction? Or, = alternatively,=20 have you and we all learned something from this = collaborative=20 process that suggests that this is just a first step that = gives us=20 something truly valuable to build on? We are already hearing = that=20 the city of Stockholm stands=20 ready to support this kind of collaboration for the next = several=20 years. Which is wonderful news.=20

    But if you are ready to do your part, what is it that we = – your=20 hard working international jury, your sponsors, all the = project=20 teams, and the speakers, panelists and others who worked to = hard to=20 make all this work -- can do in order to build creatively on = this=20 great new base of people, projects and accomplishments? This = is a=20 question that all of us will do well to ask = ourselves.

    Message from: Jan Visser, Learning Development = Institute,=20 United States (Jun-22-2002).
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    Thanks for pulling this off and setting = an=20 example for the rest of us.

    Message from: Theresa Williamson, Catalytic = Communities=20 Innovative Solutions Database, Brazil (Jun-14-2002).
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    Thank=20 you for organizing such a democratic and transparent = process! We are=20 looking forward to working with partner projects and = bringing their=20 ideas to the communities we work with!

    Message from: Mats E P Lindqvist, , Sustainable=20 livinghood in Farsta, Sweden (Jun-07-2002).
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    If someone superior being one day comes = and ask=20 us what we have done with that earth we got, it is good to = be able=20 to answer that we did our best, not our worst.

    Message from: Doctors of hapiness, Brazil = (Jun-05-2002).=20
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    Laughter is still the best = medicine!

    Message from: Andrey Andreevsky, Executive = Director, The=20 Blue Corridor Project, Russia (Jun-05-2002).
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    On=20 behalf of Russian NGOs the Non-governmental Ecological = Vernadsky=20 Foundation congratulates Stockholm with=20 its 750 anniversary and highly appreciates its role in the=20 sustainable development process.=20

    Stockholm=20 has given the impetus to the establishing of World = Environment Day=20 which was inaugurated by the milestone UN Conference on the = Human=20 Environment in 1972. The first Stockholm=20 conference also led to the creation of the United Nations=20 Environment Program (UNEP).=20

    Thus, the coming Johannesburg World Summit could by right = be=20 referred to as “Stockholm+30”.=20 We highly appreciate also the interest in environmental = issues of=20 His Majesty the King of Sweden, Carl ХVI Gustaf who = was elected the=20 Chairman of the Swedish branch of the World Wide Fund for = Nature and=20 the holder of the US Environment Protection Agency Award. = It’s=20 momentous that the King will hand out the awards at the Stockholm=20 Partnerships.

    Message from: Jeb Brugmann, SPSC 2002 Keynote = Speaker,=20 Canada (Jun-03-2002).
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    If only we all lived in cities with the = dedication of Stockholm! For=20 decades you have been a modest paragon of the effort to = build a more=20 sustainable urban world. At times you have been so far in = front-- in=20 the fields of water and sustainable consumption, for = instance-- that=20 we have perhaps taken you for granted. Oftentimes, we = celebate the=20 'best practices' of other cities but to encourage these = other=20 communities to more carefully study the model you have set.=20

    Few cities have done both the hard work of setting their = local=20 practices on a more sustainable course and of actively = supporting=20 and investing in sustainable development outside of their=20 jurisdications. For models of this essential dual = commitment, we can=20 again look to Stockholm. You=20 seem to be a city with a conscience. Where the culture of = NIMBY and=20 beggaring one's neighbors dominates contemporary life, Stockholm has=20 invested to strengthen its Baltic neighborhood and to = support=20 communities and NGOs in their efforts worldwide. What are = your=20 plans? What challenges do you pose for us as you evaluate = your=20 responsibilities for the decade ahead?

    Message from: Tony Verelst,, Tony Verelst, ISDAC=20 chairman, Belgium (Jun-03-2002).
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    Thank=20 you Stockholm, for=20 hosting this wonderful event. The presented projects = indicate that=20 still today REAL people from the field are making a REAL = difference=20 for everyone on the planet. The message they are giving is = one of=20 hope to the world for a bright future.=20

    A world where not only everyone can enjoy the earth's = limited=20 ressources, but where they also co-operate to use it wisely, = ensuring a sustainable world for many centuries to = come.

    Message from: Liz Reynolds, AutoShare - Retire = your car=20 for good, Canada (Jun-02-2002).
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    The=20 wonderful hard work of the jury and organizers, the = submissions of=20 so many inspiring and worthwhile projects cannot end at this = one=20 event in Stockholm in=20 June. It must be seen as the birth of a process of = meaningful=20 exchange that will propel us all toward meaningful and much = needed=20 changes in how we live and work and care for our small=20 planet.

    Message from: Prof. Anil Laul, Anangpur Building = Centre,,=20 Interlocking Hollow Core Blocks, India (May-31-2002).
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    The Stockholm=20 Partnerships for Sustainable Cities and the Partners in this = endeavour, draw considerable world attention to the = Unsustainable=20 Practices that threaten the very existance of man and the = need for=20 urgent addressal.

    Message from: Emilia Purcaru, Developing local = capacities=20 for LA 21 in Giurgiu, Romania (May-31-2002).
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    Thanks to the entire team, to the Jury, = and=20 personally to President Eric Britton, for the opportunity, = for being=20 in touch in such a creative manner, for the guidelines, for = close=20 and permanent coordination and for the encouragement = throughout the=20 competition. Without this special team, our efforts would = not be=20 made known and the project would be staying in the shadow = instead of=20 being put in the forefront. Once again the importance of the = communication and of the information technology shared has = proven to=20 be highly useful and successful. The leadership of this = competition=20 has exhibited outstanding support and enthusiasm which has = been=20 invaluable and much appreciated.

    Message from: Ms. Tian Jun , Chengdu Fu-Nan = Rivers=20 Comprehensive Revitalization Project, China (May-31-2002). =
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    Thanks a lot for Stockholm Team.=20 You provide a good opportunity for the developing countries = and=20 developed countries so that they can have a better = understanding of=20 each other and more communications and exchanges between = them.=20

    Message from: Miranda Brugi, David Rossi, Mario=20 d'Alfonso, Siena, a medioeval city projected into the = future, Italy=20 (May-31-2002).
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    The=20 work carried out here in Stockholm is an=20 important basis to devolop a closer network of relation, of = events=20 all over the world

    Message from: P=E4ivi Lohi-Aalto , Environmental=20 co-operation in the Lohja area, Finland (May-31-2002).
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    Thanks to the City of Stockholm for=20 the opportunity to explore new solutions for sustainable = cities from=20 all over the world. The Mayor of Lohja, Juhani Rinne had = chance to=20 be present when the city of Stockholm=20 deservingly got the award in 1997 for the sustainable = cities. Now=20 the City of Lohja is proud to be in Stockholm in=20 this high standard competition for the award of “New = Solutions for=20 Sustainable Cities”.=20

    The City of Lohja and all the member companies and actors = in the=20 project of “Environmental co-operation in Lohja = area” want to thank=20 and send their best wishes to the city of Stockholm, the=20 organizing committee, and the Stockholm=20 partnerships jury. Keep up the good work for the sustainable = world!=20

    Message from: Daniela Todeschini, School and = Territory:=20 Environmental Participated Education, Italy (May-31-2002). =
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    The way of making education is changing = and=20 it’ll completely modify our classical institutions as = School. This=20 change is more philosophical than technical or = technological; it is=20 a new model moving forward that needs new strategies. The = hope is to=20 recover a development opportunity concerning with a new = philosophy=20 of educational project focused on learning by = experience.

    Message from: Geetam Tiwari and Dinesh Mohan, IIT = Delhi,=20 Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme = (TRIPP),=20 India (May-31-2002).
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    The=20 Stockholm=20 Partnership for Sustainable Cities has given a novel = opportunity for=20 a very large number of dedicated workers around the world to = present=20 their ideas and aspirations in a creative way. Stockholm=20 celebrating its 750th year shows it is possible to build and = oragnise a city that is beautiful, attempts to be inclusive = and that=20 is trying hard to show the way forward for sustainable ways = of=20 living. All of us who gather here know that there must be = many=20 different ways of achieving such goals in different = socio-cultural=20 contexts but don't get the opportunity of finding out each = others=20 successes and failures. Especially the small efforts. Stockholm gives=20 us a rare opportunity to do that and we hope this gathering = points=20 us in more innovative ways of doing things and the = opportunity to=20 think laterally.=20

    Thank you Stockholm!=20

    Message from: Peter Johnston,, Peter Johnston,=20 Information Society, European Commission, Belgium = (May-31-2002).=20
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    Partnerships are essential to the new=20 sustainable development opportunities in a networked = knowledge=20 society. The City of Stockholm has=20 shown us the way. Keep going. Keep the leadership; provide = the=20 knowledge and enthusiasm. There is no greater contribution = you can=20 make.

    Message from: Ingrid Wijngaarde, Energy Vision,=20 Netherlands (May-31-2002).
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    “The Stockholm=20 Sustainable Initiative, as I prefer to call this happening, = has=20 already proven to be a great stimulus to cities around the = globe to=20 think, plan and act responsible.
    Since the Brundtland = Commission=20 first invented the definition of sustainable development in = 1987=20 we’ve come a long way. Much would have not been = achieved if there=20 were no visionaries like us all here. Lets bare in mind that = we’re=20 the foreboders of something worth striving for.
    I = sincerely hope=20 that all the delegates present will definitely decide to = give a=20 follow-up into continuing inspiration for efforts to = maintaining an=20 inhabitable world for our children and grandchildren.
    It = is=20 theirs; we are only treasurers in their service.” =

    Message from: Nieuw Terbregge, Rotterdam, = Netherlands=20 (May-31-2002).
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    It's very stimulating to see all over = the world=20 cities are developing solutions for a better balance between = human=20 lifestyles and the ecosystem called earth.

    Message from: Carlos Braga, World Bank = Development=20 Gateway , Brazil (May-31-2002).
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    Message to follow

    Message from: Ghazal Badiozamani, UN Division for = Sustainable Development, United States (May-31-2002).
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    Though=20 I am, unfortunately, not able to attend the wonderful events = in Stockholm, I=20 send my warmest wishes of success and great thanks to the = City for=20 initiating and hosting this most important event. As part of = the=20 Secretariat of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, = I have=20 been given the opportunity to watch as governments grapple = with how=20 to further the goals of sustainable development and = implement Agenda=20 21. In the end, I am convinced that it is the local, = creative,=20 ongoing efforts that will have the greatest impact on the = way we=20 live with and view our world. The Stockholm=20 Partnerhsips for Sustainable Cities accomplishes a great = deal in=20 furthering the ability of our cities to meet this challenge. = By=20 crating a forum for the sharing of experience, the = Partnership=20 allows for the spread of new and innovative ideas among=20 participants. By honoring cities and projects, Stockholm brings=20 the wieght of these efforts into the public view and makes=20 sustainability a goal all can strive toward. This is exactly = the=20 type of Partnership the WSSD seeks to promote and I hope = that the=20 City of Stockholm will=20 use this event as a first step toward creating a long-term = programme=20 of partnerhsip, exchange of ideas, and encouragement of = success. I=20 have greatly enjoyed my short tenure as a member of the Jury = and=20 look forward to the next Sustainable Cities award ceremony. =

    Message from: Donald Brackenbush, Donald = Brackenbush, ,=20 United States (May-31-2002).
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    First, you are blessed with a wonderful = city. I=20 came to Stockholm 30=20 years ago as an architecture/city planning student to study = Sweden's=20 New Town Program which was, of course, known throughout the = world.=20 Coming back as a jurist in the Stockholm=20 Partnership Program in 2002 was such a pleasure - the City = has been=20 renewed, refined and polished.

    As I spread the word in Los Angeles about the program, my = colleagues are fascinated with what was accomplished and the = breadth=20 of material that is in the archive.=20

    I am very appreciative of the enormous effort that your = City=20 undertook with such great style and care. I hope there is a = way to=20 sustain and foster this great achievement.=20

    Donald Brackenbush=20

    The Urban Land Institute, Los Angeles = District=20 Council

    Message from: David Greenstein, Director, = Continuing=20 Education and Public Programs, Cooper Union University , = United=20 States (May-31-2002).
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    Message=20 to follow

    Message from: Peter Wiederkehr, OECD Environment=20 Directorate, France (May-31-2002).
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    This=20 partnership initiative is to be commended, as it encourages=20 sustainable development projects at the local level, exactly = where=20 the three pillars of sustainable development need to be put = to make=20 it happen.

    Message from: Nicholas You, , Best Practices = & Local=20 Leadership Programme, Kenya (May-31-2002).
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    Message to follow

    Message from: Marie Tamoifo Nkom, Jeunesse Verte = du=20 Cameroon, Cameroon (May-31-2002).
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    Message to follow

    Message from: Wendell Motley, Wendel Mottley, = Kiskadee: A=20 Cultural Laboratory, Trinidad and Tobago (May-31-2002).
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    Message to follow

    Message from: Sue Zielinski, Sue Zielinski, = Moving the=20 Economy, Toronto, Canada (May-31-2002).
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    YES! (because we need more yeses in the = world)

    Message from: Jose Felix Basozabal, Minister of = Public=20 Works and Transport , Jose Felix Basozabal - International = Jury=20 Member, Spain (May-31-2002).
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    message to follow

    Message from: Green Network, Denmark = (May-31-2002).
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    Every=20 day in the year, 185 environmental flags are waving in Vejle = County=20 in Denmark, giving a signal of the outstanding results, = which can be=20 achieved in a confident, privat-public co-operation.

    Today, on World Environmental Day - and by the way = Denmarks=20 Constitution Day - we dedicate all the Green Network flags = to the=20 city of Stockholm,=20 acknowledging the importance of the comprehensive work = towards a=20 more sustainable world.

    Green Network is very honoured to be a little part of=20 this.

    Message from: Antonio Mazzon, Car Sharing in = Palermo,=20 Italy (May-31-2002).
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    The main challenge of a city is to = reduce air=20 pollution and convince people to leave their cars at home = because of=20 the high level of air pollution. Palermo experienced the car = sharing=20 system, with electric cars, as one of the solutions.=20

    Two parking areas were built and more are planned in the = near=20 future. One parking area was built using PV panels to charge = electric cars.=20

    A limited traffic area was thought to reduce traffic = congestion=20 during rush hours. Car free sundays are nowadays a tradition = in the=20 city and many people discovered a new style to live the = city.=20 Palermo is moving towards a sustainable mobility by means of = eco-friendly initiatives and stimulating citizens to use = public=20 means of transport and sharing electric cars.

    Message from: Tan Pek Leng, Sustainable Penang=20 Initiative, Malaysia (May-31-2002).
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    Thanks=20 Stockholm for=20 this tremendous effort to bring us all together to share our = knowledge and experiences.

    Message from: Ken Cameron, Greater Vancouver = Livable=20 Region Strategic Plan, Canada (May-31-2002).
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    Coastal cities are the departure point = for=20 journeys of discovery and commencement of trade - in goods, = services=20 and ideas. With the greatest of humility, Vancouver, a = coastal city=20 only 118 years old, aspires to partner with Stockholm in=20 discovering new ways to exhalt the human spirit in = city-building as=20 a force in harmony and not in competition with = nature.

    Message from: Joanne Tate, Lab's Alive, Australia = (May-31-2002).
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    Thanks for leading the world in = highlighting=20 efforts to make a difference to issues of global = concern.

    Message from: Saira Shameem, The Urban Governance = Initiative , Malaysia (May-31-2002).
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    In=20 this world, you sometimes find individuals who have an = indefatigable=20 belief in the human spirit, and sometimes you find whole = communities=20 inspired by the same hope, but it is rare to find an entire = city=20 committed to achieving full human potential, in all senses = of the=20 word, for all people, all over the world. The City of Stockholm has=20 given us this incredible opportunity to infuse a troubled = planet=20 with the inspiration drawn from this core of the human = spirit -=20 hope. Despite the odds we face, this event here in Stockholm is a=20 beacon confirming that there is a way forward out of the = dark, and=20 that there definately is sunlight streaming in somewhere up = ahead.=20

    Message from: Sean Southey, Equator Initiative, = UNDP,=20 United States (May-31-2002).
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    Thirty years since Stockholm, ten=20 years since Rio, and the one thing we have clearly learned = the=20 wonder of partnership -- the value and power of working = together.=20 Partnerships facilitate the articulation and implementation = of a=20 shared vision. They foster innovation. They allow a more=20 comprehensive analysis of issues than any one group can = achieve.=20 They allow markets and business to deliver on public goods. = They=20 help leverage additional resources. And perhaps most = importantly,=20 they offer a new form of governance that recognizes the = comparative=20 advantage of governmental, inter-governmental and = non-governmental=20 partners.=20

    Thank you -- for your continued to efforts to help foster = and=20 enhance our global efforts at effective partnerships. Keep = up the=20 good work.

    Message from: Marylyn Barden, Mulle in Russia, = Russia=20 (May-30-2002).
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    Stockholm=20 Partnerships for Sustainable Cities is a marvelous = opportunity for=20 people throughout the world to exchange their concerns for = all life=20 on earth.Mulle in Russia thanks you for giving us the = opportunity to=20 show others how children around the world can become nature=20 ambassadors, the catalysis that changes attitudes in society = towards=20 a more sustainable future.

    Message from: Mikael Schultz, Development = cooperation=20 between Emthanjeni in South Africa and Karlstad in Sweden, = Mikael=20 Schultz, South Africa (May-30-2002).
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    Thank you for very nice arrangements = for this=20 conference, making new partnerships possible and old = partnerships to=20 flourish! We hope you will feel that your efforts have been = worth=20 continuing after the conference has closed.

    We also congratulate Stockholm for=20 750 yers anniversery!

    Message from: Evelyn Hanlon, Ballymun = Regeneration=20 Project, Ireland (May-30-2002).
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    The Stockholm=20 Partnership gave Ballymun the opportunity to become involved = in=20 sharing our thoughts and experiences with other cities who = are=20 trying to be the best they can. Stockholm is to=20 be congratulated for coming up with the idea and providing = the forum=20 for showcasing projects which are striving to deliver = excellence.=20

    Message from: John Warren , City of Toronto = Waterfront=20 Scan and Environmental Improvement Strategy, Canada = (May-30-2002).=20
  • See=20 their entry - Send=20 email

    We would like to express our gratitude = to the=20 Stockholm=20 Partnerships 2002 Team, who have worked so hard in = co-ordinating=20 such an important global event. We hope to participate in = future=20 events, and send much encouragement to all others with = similar=20 visions. Thank you!

    Message from: Thomas Schneider, Berlin Ministry = of Urban=20 Development, Berlin Digital Environmental Atlas (BDEA), = Germany=20 (May-30-2002).
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    Congratulations for all efforts Stockholm has=20 made in the last 30 years in the field of international=20 environmental politics.=20

    It was an excellent idea to create a platform for = sustainable=20 projects and enable an easy access to informations to these=20 approaches, spred all over the world.=20

    The digital edition of the Berlin Environmental Atlas = serves the=20 steadily growing demand for digital information on the = environment=20 and ecology as a basis for sustainable urban and landscape=20 development. Our innovative information system enhances the=20 opportunities and improves the working possibilities for all = those=20 interested in the diverse facets of environment and ecology = -=20 whether professionals or engaged citizens - who wish to = contribute=20 to the further development of spatial planning and the = shaping of=20 urban and natural landscapes in an environmentally-friendly = manner.=20

    Message from: Chris Shirley - Smith, Albion = Water, BedZED=20 Green Water System , United Kingdom (May-30-2002).
  • See=20 their entry - Send = email

    We=20 would like very much to thank Eric Britton, Adam Holmstrom, = and=20 their hard working band of colleagues who have had the = vision and=20 energy to put the Stockholm=20 Partnerships for Sustainable Cities 2002 together. We look = to Sweden=20 to continue to be leading at the active forefront of = sustainable=20 development for a better world, and we hope that the beacon = you are=20 providing will inspire others, especially in the political = arena, to=20 begin taking major and decisive steps in the same direction = on=20 behalf of all humanity.

    Message from: Lenka Zackova, Humanized Housing = Estates in=20 Hradec Kr=E1lov=E9, Czech Republic (May-30-2002).
  • See=20 their entry - Send=20 email

    Many thanks to Eric Britton, Adam = Holmstrom and=20 all the team of Stockholm=20 Partnerships 2002 for their nice work.

    Message from: Mar=EDa Maack, Icelandic New = Energy, Iceland=20 (May-30-2002).
  • See=20 their entry - Send=20 email

    Thank you for the opportunity you = provide for=20 all of us to meet, to acknowledge the individuals, recognise = the=20 diversity, feel the power of cooperation, allowing us to = support=20 each other and celebrate the results! It is very valuable = for the=20 continuation of our important work.

    Message from: J.H. Crawford , Carfree Cities, = Netherlands=20 (May-30-2002).
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    The=20 carfree city offers an enormous improvement in the quality = of life=20 while simultaneously greatly reducing the environmental = burden and=20 improving the prospects for sustainable cities. The problems = to be=20 overcome are not large, and existing technology requires = only a few=20 embellishments to meet the demand for both passenger and = freight=20 transport. It is time to move this idea into=20 bricks-and-mortar.

    Message from: Dr Neale Thomas, BlueWater, United = Kingdom=20 (May-30-2002).
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    Blue=20 Water … an aptly named conveyance for webbing my = warmest wishes to=20 all honoured guests in the Blue Hell=20

    My gratitude to the Jury also for this chance to host = virtual=20 visits via my Ecard where you will discover = how=20 civilianisation of a “Cold-War” underwater gizmo = game courtesy of=20 the EC will deliver enhanced assurance of water quality and = cheaply=20 enough to be of sustainable benefit for everyone.

    Message from: Palle R Jensen, RUF Dual Mode = Transport,=20 Denmark (May-30-2002).
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    The biggest problem for sustainability = is the=20 life style of the developed countries, since it is a role = model for=20 developing countries. Consequently the efforts should be=20 concentrated about reducing the harmful effects of the = modern life=20 style.=20

    Combining car and train technology as in the RUF concept = can=20 reduce the energy consumption from transport very much = without=20 limiting mobility.

    Message from: Monika Jansson, A Rose-Red Sea, = Finland=20 (May-30-2002).
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    Stockholm is my=20 springboard out into the world. I have been very warmly = received and=20 looked after, both by the Jury and by the Stockholm Team.=20 It is fantastic that an ordinary individual citizen can get = as far=20 as this.=20

    Thank you for believing in me. Stockholm is an=20 excellent, important idea!

    Message from: Louis Carlier, nGroups - New=20 Ways To Work, France (May-29-2002).
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    nGroups has been=20 pleased to contribute as a volnuteer partner with and for = the=20 international jury of the Stockholm=20 Partnerships team in order to help in preparing this = interactive=20 Matrix in support of the Homage to Stockholm. We=20 feel strongly that this concept of creative, free-wheeling=20 international partnerships in favor of sustainable cities,=20 sustainable lives and social justice, without looking to be = paid=20 money at every turn of the road, is a great way to move = ahead on the=20 real agenda. And if you ever need us again, well here we = are.=20

    Message from: Paul Swider, Greenstar, Palestinian = Territories (May-29-2002).
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    Sustainability is as much about peace = and=20 respect as it is about creative projects. Stockholm=20 represents these ideals and should carry forward. The next = step,=20 though, is to take the message beyond special events and = bring it to=20 the attention of all, every man, woman and child, through = the=20 Internet.=20

    The World's leaders may struggle with the ideas that will = bring=20 us sustainable development but ordinary people, such as the=20 Palestinian artist of this simple wish for peace, know that=20 sustainability is all around us, if we would but grasp = it.

    Message from: Robert Smith, IWALK (International = Walk To=20 School Initiative), No country affiliation (May-29-2002). =
  • See=20 their entry - Send=20 email

    On behalf of the International Walk To = School=20 Working Group, I would like to say a huge Thank You to the = Stockholm=20 Partnership organisers, and in particular, Eric Britton, as = chair of=20 the Jury, for the opportunity to share our experiences of = successful=20 networking between like-minded creative and innovative = individuals.=20

    What a wonderful platform to bring together such a = diverse=20 collection of outstanding projects.

    Message from: Jan Pivecka, Pivecka=B4s Forest = Park, Czech=20 Republic (May-29-2002).
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    Our=20 thanks to the City of Stockholm for=20 the work well done. We promise that we shall "NEVER GIVE UP" = fighting for a better and happier world.

    Message from: Boris Berenfeld, Boris Berenfeld, = United=20 States (May-27-2002).
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    Message=20 to follow

    Message from: Omini Kumar Acharya, , Water for = Community=20 Empowerment, Nepal (May-26-2002).
  • See=20 their entry - Send = email

    It=20 is indeed a great honor and privilege for me to extend = heartfelt=20 "thanks" to the organizer of Stockholm Award=20 Ceremony; Hon. Eric Britton, chairman of jury; all highly = qualified=20 and intellegent jury members; Hon. Adam; Hon. Sham; Hon. C. = Ruben of=20 SEI; Hon. Maria and others directly / indirectly involved = and who=20 worked very hard to full fill objective of this valuable "Stockholm=20 Partnerships Conference", on behalf of my project village = community=20 and my country who has given me opportunity to participate = in "one=20 of the most prestigious Stockholm=20 Conference".=20

    Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere = gratitude=20 to all above said members for their full support right from=20 beginning.

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