FAST fragments – sentimental subset with abject apology for overwhelming omissions


[] bubbly riser flow – vertical concentric tube model loop bioreactor

[] thermal anemometry probe selection including micro sensor for wall bubbles

[] data acquisition analysis bubble and turbulence discriminated statistics

[] bubbly riser flow – vertical concentric tube model loop bioreactor

[] profiles of velocity and voidage in vertical pipe flow – sums match data

[] airlift bioreactor bubbly riser flow particle transport + downcomer settlement by monte carlo expert system

[] particle bubble encounter and capture model as basis for monte carlo simulation software

[] wind powered waste water treatment prototype devon site trials

[] blade wake bubble formation and breakaway from rushton disc turbine impellor mixer

[] principle event conditioned photo records here showing double bubble breakaway

[] strain gauge trigger photos bubble breakaway events on rushton turbine blade

[] bubble breakaway frequency versus stirrer speed at two gas flow rates as diagnostic

[] hairy root disk and flask culture for bench top evaluation of inoculums

[] hairy root drip tube bioreactor multiple inoculations stainless steel mesh biomass supports peristaltic pumping

[] 8 litre pilot plant close-up on inoculation sites showing hairy root non-geotropism

[] hairy root product sensitivity to lighting – alkaloid sensitivity

[] plant cell / cluster differentiation inn suspension culture

[] small airlift loop plant cell culture – meringue damage

[] vortex membrane bioreactor: no bubbles – less meringue

[] alternate stability of particle motions in annular vortices

[] alternate spin sense vortices in annular flow




[] bubble bursting event – film instability + recoil ligaments + micro drops

[] photodiode triggered fast flash photography – suppression by PAG of droplet ejection

[] evolution of thin film diffraction pattern yields estimates of bubble wall thickness and drainage rates

[] confined spreading arrest recoil for carboxylic surfactants

[] wave damping factor versus elasticity for carboxylic surfactants

[] substrate clathrate induction by oxy-induced hydrogen bond amplification of wave damping

[] fast analysis of chromatographic separations – FACTS screen page of FRED basic training software

[] plunge point jet entrainment by shear eddy capture / retention of bubbles in surface foam

[] shear layer engagement and accumulation of bubbles by energetic eddy structures

[] back step shear layer analogy for sand wave eddy particle capture

[] FRED SMART SPRAY nozzle featured in Farmer’s Weekly “fluid and air combine to improve spray action”

[] 10 foot tilting duct studies bubbly flow in segregated disperse two layer regime

[] segregated dispersed bubbly flow in inclined duct exhibits eddy scavenged accumulation / retention of bubbles

[] mean voidage profiles of segregated dispersed bubbly flow – upper layer buoyancy

[] mean velocity profiles of segregated dispersed bubbly flow – upper layer buoyancy

[] A-frame tilting tube + beam - two-point delay for bubble speed versus inclination

[] nose zone momentum balance as scaling basis for rise speed correlation

[] big bubble rise speed Froude group versus all angles of tube inclination

[] rise speed of non Newtonian big bubbles – multi decadal confirmation of correlation

[] conventional extended Kalman filter comprehensively de-tracked by noise-hidden chaotic attractor

[] switching enhanced extended Kalman filter “SAFE” = “Seek And Find Estimator” locking Lorentz attractor

[] illustrating relative amplitudes of embedding noise and chaotic attractor retrieved by SAFE





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