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|||| Scary how stuff seems not only evermore second hand but also everless adequately attributed and isn’t just omission of contextual citation but absence of any apparent awareness! Only opinion of course but testable as hypothesis and every time my suspicion seems substantiated. Could be construed as a plague of plagiarism (popularly presumed amongst publishers) but I blame dumb downing of depth and detail delineated in degrees and increasingly improvised, imagined even, innovative novelty however naff, nonsense even, portrayed because it pulls Pavlovian promotion from managerial mediocrities. It’s an everywhere epidemic so it’d be invidious identifying any one arena but I will because I just encountered it again, this time at an event on Automated Liquid Handling under auspices of LRIG (Laboratory Robotics Interest Group). Three “frowning facets” from my former familiarities were as follows # absence of awareness of dynamic modulus as distinguishing determinant for interfacial inhibition of drop ejection in live cell screening, an Astra Zenica issue ironically because AZ was ICI whose marine lubricants with undefined modulus beyond spot reference for surface tension furnished FRED’s five years from late 80s optimising PAG-PEG cocktails for maximum damping of sea waves, this formulation still being used a decade later by US Navy when I last enquired! # absence of awareness of dynamic modulus as distinguishing determinant for micelle formation and stability in stirred suspensions incorporating non ionic surfactants especially PAGs, also scope for blending with PEGs to provide a spectrum of solubility stabilities and partitioning rates, this as issue for an excellence centre ironically sponsored by Unilever who took two of my early 90s PhD people familiar with these factors over a decade ago! # absence of awareness of sensitivities and instabilities of undifferentiated finely dispersed suspension cell cultures in presence of physicochemical perturbations as a generic issue not specially singular for human stem cells, in particular shared by plant cells as meristem derivatives surveyed for secondary metabolite effects of exogenous inhibitors and hormonal signalling scoping to adaptively mutated or recoverably extended stasis ~ also ironic being a UCL biotech activity and them having hosted one of my early 90s PhD people en route to Amgen, a spit from Malibu Beach... and me blackballed in backyard Brum! |||| Motor racing as residual refuge for red-blooded head-bangers has sadly succumbed to correctness corruption courtesy of £M50 pick pocketed from poor old percy public purportedly for greening its grunt so as to let eco loonies believe they’ve beaten another beast in waging wanton wars against all masculine mentalities. I encountered this idiotic initiative in special session at a DTI awareness activity and since attended an event entitled Future Fuels under auspices of EEMS (Energy Efficient Motor Sport). Fortunately it was far less foolish than feared, well apart from opening overture by a woolly windbag who believed being an econogist amongst experts excused endless correctness claptrap scoped from simplistic to soporific, exactly as encountered a decade ago in absurd attacks on agricultural activities about to be beggared by Beckett and mugged by Milliband with inevitable ironic irreparable injury to sustainable supply of affordable foods for average earners, now amplified in brainless bio-fuelling intolerably taxed following fossilised formula. In same spirit, Stern’s climate crusade contrived to consolidate King’s catastrophe codswallop which though pilloried by plenty of politically and profitably unpocketed professionals has been persistently pushed for profiteering pop policies by parasitizing punters and pressurizing promoters. Indeed, these are only parts of a pervasive perjury promulgated via political pseudoscience that has seen such as Darling’s pointed penalty persecution of percy for profits from slender speeding safe by any sensible standards not just for enforcement flouters and abominable ACPOlogists, also wanton wasting of homes from flooding maximally multiplied in minimally maintained mismanagement by Morley mouthing mantras about yakking Youngsters diddling dice on damaged personal property & possessions. Direst of all has been deadly denial of drugs for paid-up patients proportionately provisioned at more than twenty times the cost of some for Big-A and even Big-C, this just one of many Milburn madcap monstrosities (like PPPP = Public Partnerships for Private Profiteering) hyped by the hapless Hewitt and all moronically moralised by mismanagers simultaneously squandering stupendous sums on superficial sillies and even scamming sprees, like ex-Crapita congestion charge clown just shed as a super salaried supremo of fatuously flawed patient preference programme. Yet all of the above will soon be swamped by gITish game on identity intrusion costing countless kings’ coffers hijacking health and personal privacies into proprietarily policed digital dossier that’ll never properly provide for purpose. So however impeccable the intentions of individuals involved in this latest little loony, EEMS will surely be pressured into pandering yet more political persecution of percy’s predilection for manual motoring, with car queuing privacy preferable by far to pedestrian passivity pending conveyance by carcass carriers as cashing cartels that should be but sadly aren’t exceedingly embarrassing to authorising apparatchiks! |||| TBC motivated by my meldrewismic mentality ~ meanwhile there’s always my moanickers!


|||| Well at least the floods furnished apocalyptic ecstasy for the muddled meddlers who as ever manipulated media misrepresentation to make yet more money from poor old percy’s purse to consolidate their campaigning careers via promotional pursuit of apocryphal Armageddon. All aspects of this debacle displayed greedy grubby grabbing that’s become a byword for burgeoned British replacement of reasonable rationality by disreputable deniability, with complicity camouflaged by contriving whimsical welfare even wartime caricatures for all concerned. It’s criminal that corporate cowboys in cahoots with poseur police and posturing politicos connived coverage conveyed as service selflessness with a water vendor vilified for phoney pricing pitched on dodgy dealings and pretty similar sharp practices by power providers, both beneficiaries of depreciated privatisations and improper profiteering condoned by cartel-compliant controllers. Also abhorrent was authorised agency’s abdication of accountability for its denial of due diligence to people unprotected despite pirated prepayment for provision, personified in principals parroting greenhouse gobbledegook whilst grabbing gratuitous gratuities hoping they’d stay secreted beneath this self-serving smokescreen that sought to shroud fiasco failure following endless expenditure on everything except expected eventualities. Blind to blameworthiness for blunders, the agency argued more money must be made available for assets, asserting science was on their side yet this so-called science only ever speculated winters would be wetter and summers should be sunnier, at least that’s what emerged from their endless extemporisation in elephantine exaggeration! Inevitably then the met office modelling mob boarded the bandwagon bidding for yet more mega money busting the billions already beggared for correlations cobbled in pursuit of politically preferred policies, all of it wantonly wasted waffling away in that wonderland world of managerial make-believe that software secures anything above self-evident superficiality! What beggared my belief beyond all bounds was cavalier condescension of a dapper dickhead publicly pronouncing the water hawker’s withdrawal from contractual commitment to compensate customers for having pulled its pumped provision, claiming no-one could ever have envisaged such an excess over the ‘47 reference used for positioning their pumping plant, never mentioning of course that it was nonetheless profitably plonked on the flood plain despite reality records that revealed 5 exceptions over 150 years meaning twice the expected interval elapsed to ’07 so it was not exactly extreme by any sensible statistics! With similarly spun slyness, the authorised agency asserted absence of flood barriers from their designated destination at a vulnerable village was due to driving delays on diversions, encouraging this excuse to bury blame for dereliction of their duty to provide paramount protection of power plant and water works which is where all that gear went as we know only no-one ever explained exactly as they intended from outset because saying that said sod the poor peasants penalised having protection pulled and no redress for damage done! ||| Most modern methodological mediocrities mostly default on deliverable diligence, unlike direct descendents of Lunar luminaries whose infrastructural inheritance comprises core competence in water engineering essentials of potable provision and dirty drainage, ditto energy and transport including proper provision for foresight in flood fortitude. It beggars belief that engineered embankments and elevations as well as detritus dredging and sludge siphoning were long since scrapped for sake of skinflint scamming, a stupidity not shared by the Dutch who unlike us learned their lessons from fifties floods and even now are doubling the duties of their dykes whilst our back-up’s been busted by wily woollies waffling wetland waders! For all that mega money mismanaged by manipulative ministerial mannequins and their amateurish agency autocrats dolloping our dough to dumb-downers and do-gooders, indeed with zealous zombies now numbered in zillions, there’s zilch by way of functionally factored flood-fighting facilities despite droves of former failures that should have prompted paramount priority for provision of proper protection. But then hot-air hooraying always had higher holding than nitty-gritty grafting for these heartless honchos and their mouthy mongrels racketeering not just risks but also realities for the massive majority penalised purely for being provincials, unprotected yet compelled to contribute to capital’s posh provision so London’s lording luvvies have happier hedonism. This maltreatment was monstrously magnified by our megalomaniac masters macerating multimillion manufacturing makers, many midlands men emasculated to engender employment on moronic mini money as MacDumbald menials enslaved in slushed starts-up contrived to consolidate centralised control, aka communisation. Particularly pukey was endless easy exposure allowing an incoming ignoramus wellie veggie seccie state to spin the standard slob story that scientists said it was climate cookery causing all calamities, well couldn’t say for sure but could well be seeing as there’s so many nasties nowadays... about as lewd a lie as could be seeing as only a smattering of schooled scientists are into analytical actuality as opposed to artificial angularity and of those only a smidgen able to assess anything beyond cuddly campaigning on field fringing for birds and bees or river restocking for fishes and frogs and of those only a soupcon of self-serving attention amplifiers claimed causation. His political perjury was compounded by claiming incomprehension of complexities and not moderated by maintaining he was merely mouthing the mantra promulgated by his predecessor poseurs! ||| Comparable cynicism was conveyed by the authorised agency’s apparatchiks most outrageously featuring their figurehead flapper, a dapper dame whose “debut ante” had all attributes of an affirmative action arranged by parliamentary pals and as a health honcho she shared in scene setting the disastrous delinquency of diverting public purse from practical provision into service swindling and property profiteering. Skipping ship before it sank she bagged Britain’s biggest bird charity as promoter principal picked for her powerful pals, that trick also explaining extraordinarily expanded emphasis to avian advantage in her subsequent sojourn at the agency, as well as accelerated access to profitable publicity for her careerist companions chomping charitable cash. That someone so short of simple sensibilities and devoid of deserving deeds achieved amazing advancement must be attributed to same old scientifically stunted Scot sycophancy that engineered an endless epidemic of absurdly advanced accented aliens magically metamorphosed from mundane mediocrity to manipulative megalomania by the Brownian Brotherhood of Lothian Luvvies and their media mates spinning support for siphoned slush. Affirmatively actioned arty administrators are always scientific skinheads, her predecessor indeed the idiot instigator of that sloppy solipsistic precautionary prejudice fraudulently floated as principle (no more that than is creationism codswallop), sadly since burgeoned by bureaucrats bolstered by androgynous armies comprising culturally correct cohorts as presumed prerequisite for all assays however absurd, a barmy betrayal that bifurcated into an irrational interval with scientific sensibility suppressed for demagogical duping of democracy via ignorantly irrelevant equally empowered unfocused follies. Science of course will survive because it’s tried and tested true unlike all fashionably faddish futilities but fidelity is foolish in the face of all that baloney blustered on selling it short as politically papped prerequisite for personal progression! Indeed slobbery for sake of career consolidation has prejudicially perverted project programmes producing proposals mindless of meaningful merit, so no wonder only greenhouse gases from fossil fuels are fingered for worldwide warming irrespective of implausibility amongst the massive majority of old-schooled scientists. ||| It beggars belief with dwellings despoiled by foul floodwater without much mediation for most for many moons that those arrogant agency apparatchiks had the hide to take telly spots to megaphone multimillion money for flooding of fenlands whilst deliberately denying even primitive protection for vulnerable victims; moreover and even more maddening was sight of their media merchant selling stupid soap story sponsorship of fictionalised flooding of London as loony limelight counterweight cartoon to Gore’s garish film folly featuring New York’s day after tomorrow. Same day saw agency apparatchiks attributing the inundations to excessively efficient drainage from fields, endorsing gormless greenies as ever moaning about modern methods, whereas almost all independent experts echoed commonsense commentary that the disaster was due to agency abdication of action on routine repairs! But worst of all was woolly weasel wordage about bonuses bigger than basic bread for most menials, emphatically asserted by the agency’s leading lady as payable for past performance but that surely must have been a shaggy story seeing as so few functionally fruitful factors were ever formulated never mind finalised or forefend fitted during the two decades since I first encountered the motley mob at meetings on what to do with waterway pollution from farmland runoff and sewage supernatant. Soon afterwards I got involved at firsthand via DTI SMART Awards and a sponsored PhD for wind-powered waste water bioremediation expanded elsewhere, encountering environmental eccentricities that almost without exception filled me with foreboding about futility of anything fruitful being furnished from poor old percy public’s purse... as borne out in billions burned at behest of bantering bimbos and blustering bongos but bugger-all on the bottom boundary for future fortification. After a decade of debilitating denial for my own remarkably robust renewable recommendation, principle proved-prototyped-patented and now probably pirated on the bandwagon burgeoned by bonkers base-load wind farming spawned by subsidised scamming to tune of twenty times conventional cost of power production, my exasperation exploded after millennial inundation of N Devon villages when an ancient ailing recently bereaved relative was left to fester in the residue from four feet of foul mess for months without aid until I threatened telly-time exposure expressly accusing agency complicity in creating clogged culverts and blocked bridges as a piratical ploy to protect a considerable coastal conurbation, a rebuke which remarkably resulted in plump payment produced within a week. Cursory checking of sites that suffered since strongly suggested comparable chicanery could well have contributed to their severity, a suspicion shared by most of the many mugged by these moronic meddlers including even the insurers themselves who have repeatedly remonstrated and are now planning to pull their plug paying out for pointless policies. ||| What made me monster my moan now after staying silent on all earlier events was reported 23 warnings issued in a week for flooding that never obtained near Oxford, trashing intolerable time for residents repeatedly returning home and heating hotshots into contemplating considerable court compensation for abysmal attention-attracting antics by agency apparatchiks mathsturbating on meaningless models. This trait today is sadly shared by most institutions paid from the public purse and strikingly so by our politicised police whose state sanctioned abuse of authority now knows no limit in pursuit of publicity, exemplified in closing a major motorway for over a day pointlessly playing Poirot for forensic frolics. Indeed the posturing prats are now so inured to insulting insanity by immunity from injunction that they even engage in executing innocents without redress and even more extraordinarily entombed a genteel girl on a terror ticket for over a day on whimsy of a Gestapo gorilla gung-ho enough to ignore impeccable innocence of her happening to cycle near a speciously suspected scene. I’ve my own scary story about this cretinous cadre, one of whom disguised as drifter in an anonymous ancient banger saw fit to shunt me off a motorway merely so as to assert authority in screaming “SO19 officer armed at all times” and summon up a vanload of mugger mates whom he assured me would have had me well worked over at the station had I not dialled 999 just in time and happened on Scotland Yard who would you believe guaranteed the gunman was indeed an authentic armed officer and told him to back off without so much as a blink at his bizarre behaviour which was never investigated despite my complaints to IPCC! Beggars belief that our once eccentrically envied England has become ethically emaciated to such an extent by perverse politicians as to provide a platform for psychopathic policemen to play pistol poker and no redress, not even for me as a Major Mainwaring mainstream middle-road-aged-class-Caucasian bona fide Brit bolstered by twenty generations of nurtured nationality never mind secret security status. Who’d ever have contemplated comprehensive institutional incapacitation in two generations since our empire expired leaving our etiquette abundantly still in evidence  across Asia, Africa and America whilst we incredulously irreversibly eliminated all evidence of esteemed institutional ideologies still embraced elsewhere? It surely should be scarier than anyone apparently admits that our descent in a decade of debt driven delusion has left little as real resource for recessional rescue of deserving decent doers deliberately don’ted by Lothian loonies who’ve honed their high-life heaps as London luvvies. ||| As for fatuously flawed flood forecasting, well it’s sickening so much systemic stupidity was pickpocketed from poor old percy public during decades of drivelling descent into mired mediocrity of Goedel’s graveyard for codified caricatures inevitably inadequate for improperly parameterised phenomena never mind poorly perceived ones, comprehensively compounded by coupling confusions: absurdity that was absolutely anticipatable and utterly inexcusable when insightful individuals always advocated appropriately approximate assessment for strategic synthesis of purposeful policy in practical provisions, meaning manageably modest metrics as inputs and outputs for retrieving responses without distraction of indeterminate details. What moved me to ponder these things was mediocrity manifested at meetings designated for dissemination of agency activities, in reality promotional pap for wonderland webbage portraying postcoded risk ratings pinched from insurance industry assessments available aeons earlier. But it was despair dumped on an oldie ignored by his insurer for months after millennial inundation that stimulated substantiation of simple sums sufficing to stuff them up the agency’s arse as endorsement of eyeball evidence that devastation was down to dereliction of duty, that bridge blockage burst the banks and clogged culverts delayed drainage, worse that rural hamlets were sacrificially swamped as a strategic scam to save considerable conurbations where protection had never been provided as promised. In doing the straightforward stuff spelled out subsequently I nearly meandered into mathsturbating myself, inflating its importance by ignoring uncertainties accumulatively associated with all approximated analyses. I got as far as contemplating how ambient approach flow would be backed up by bridge blockage with a view to estimating upstream extent of burst banks, also evolution of exit excess from a specified storm zone as elementary exercises in simple wave solutions, simple here in the special sense of characteristic conservation from single-sided sourcing. It’s all so absorbingly addictive that tritely titivating extensions embracing meander, deadness, flexure not to say numerous other nuances including stochastic as well as deterministic heterogeneities, are all speciously seductive indeed irresistible unless your eye is firmly fixed on the basis ball, here being strictly pursuit of policy predicated on paramount provision of practical plumbing including drainage ditches and closed culverts amenable to energy equilibrium equivalents of my example expounded below. If this lesson had been learned by agency autocrats seduced by software stupidities conveying cartooned codswallop motivationally maximised by ministerial morons making Machiavellian mileage for personal promotion from webbed wonderland, then most maybe all of the costly calamities could have been alleviated if not avoided altogether. |||  In this spirit, then, energetic equilibrium between gravitational slope and frictional dissipation suffices to see that the specific flow or speed U is set by depth H and reduced gravity g’ as U = Ö[g’H] with prime denoting quotient of slope and friction factor 1/300 orso as ratio of bed stress to mean speed, perhaps a tenth orso for Constabulary restful reference H 1m orso and U 1m/s orso. With flood factor 4 or more on H this ambient accommodates as excursion extremity 10cm rained over 30hour (1um/s) deposition draining directly from 10x10km into basis breadth B 10m over length L 10km set by storm scale (width W), such that storm flow 100cumecs is accommodated by UHB with H 4m and U 2m/s for fixed g’, requiring B a bit bigger than basis but no more than accommodated by standard sectional shapes whilst dispersively deferred drainage diminishes loading level and g’ is also boosted a bit by reduced relative roughness always assuming regular running repairs! Marginality materialises here mainly in depth diminished surface slope because 1:3000 from 3m deepening over 10km fetch just about absorbs ambient associated with restful reference assumed above so preservation of prime performance must be paramount priority, not just to resist raised roughening from bushy banks and silted beds but also to banish breadth blocking by broken branches beneath bridge bulwarks, together clearly capable of cutting capacity by factor 2 orso and adequately accounting for burst banks that are now a sadly standard sight following what were formerly seen as standard storms. An improved indication includes imbalance reflecting river’s reservoir response VLB with deepening rate V = dH/dt as initial reaction to rain inflow RLW (R=1um/s here) that is ultimately accommodated in equilibrium excess UHB-A over ambient A, such that the transition from initial to final phase is set by the response time for emergence of equilibrium, parametrically L/U or about 3hr for illustration indicated, meaning mostly the 30hr example episode evolves effectively as an equilibrium event. Eschewing inevitable temptation to trot out exact expressions extractable in terms of time dependency for ÖH, surely a standard textbook topic since start of time, it’s still useful to see that whilst raised roughness elevates equilibrium depth via reduced g’, blocked breadth boosts it also during initial response via W/B and it’s devastatingly more damaging if banks burst well before equilibrium is approached because it means the worst will be a lot worse! And the millennial inundation that drove me to distraction for the despair it caused to a great old guy was undoubtedly due to both bits but it must have been the upwards 50% branch-blockage of bridge bulwarks that bust the bucket. No surprise then that it was only a matter of months before the agency acted to complete long overdue confinement construction for the conurbation distantly downstream and cleared out the bridge because they no longer needed it as a river restraint, indeed with them having kept it clear continuously throughout the seven years since anyone with an iota is bound to believe they really were, and still are, no better than a bunch of blustering brigands. |||

|||| I graduated aeons ago in aeronautics as mathematically motivated mechanics, its educational ethos at Manchester Owens fathered by Osborne Reynolds of flowological formula fame, furthered by Horace Lamb whose “Hydrodynamics” still twins with George Batchelor’s “Introduction” as old to new testaments of theoretical theocracy, fortified by James Lighthill (later RAE Farnborough Head & “Sir”) feted for "Waves in Fluids" and legacy as last Lucasian shunning shallow celebrity cronyism. Supervised by Neil Stevenson my PhD on internal waves attracted attention from abstraction into “W-in-F” as retrospective on HL’s inspiration insightfully implemented by JL for sussing stealthy submarines, stuff that supposedly spawned simultaneous Soviet sequestering of its first principles Greens function formulation for diffusive dissipative spectral dispersion in designing as well as detecting deeply disguised disturbances... at least according to Yuli Chasheshkin, hotshot head of RAS Moscow Institute I chanced on a decade ago who conveyed this Tom Clancy context 3 decades after the project I picked purely because it furnished freedom for play & pub pursuits in parallel with instigating ideas done-dusted-delivered a decade ahead of analogous applications for aircraft stealthy signatures! Serendipity also saw me at London Imperial mentored by Peter Bearman (later pro-Rector) as aeronautics RF playing a part in foundation fixes of cfd codified cobblers for splatting stresses in boundary blocked turbulence and at Cambridge DAMTP mentored by Julian Hunt (later Met Office Head & “Lord”) as applied maths SRF playing a part in foundation fixes of cfd codified cobblers for fractioning fluxes in multiphase turbulence dynamics. Both improvements were inspired by ideas of GI Taylor tenured as Cantabrian kingpin from HL to GB, generating generic gains in myriad manifestations of which a contemporary critical couple could be blade stage gauging for jet engine fuel minimisation and gas dissolution to surface stirred deep sea as sink for fuel exhausts! |||| It sure was sweet jet-setting continental conference circuits slagging slipshod sillies in computational contrivances, especially commercially capitalised corruptions rendered into regulatory requirements setting so-called safety standards and fail-safe scenarios for conveyance and containment of chemical & biological hazards and nuclear & hydrocarbon fuels. Founded on my Osborne Reynolds Simon Engineering Fellowship mentored by Bill Hall in Manchester Owens for correlation closures of buoyancy blocked turbulence encountered as heat transfer inhibition in intensive exchangers of power generating nuclear plant and more especially arising after fatal accident burnout on a supercritical water unit, firsthand familiarity eventually emerged especially from evaluation of subsea scenario software for hydrocarbon high-pressure pipeline rupture post Piper Alpha catastrophe, commissioned to comply with Cullen committee calls for toughened training attaining awareness of composite complexities from explosive excursions in multiphase-component thermo-turbulent bursting. Endorsed by experts and issued as regulatory required reading, our report was withdrawn within weeks for claimed compromising of commercial competitiveness of shoddy software and it only emerged years later after Jim McQuaid (HSE S&T Head) procured policy precedent from HMG cabinet office that agency approved advice must never be blocked by business bluster. Sadly, software scamming survived to spawn endemic excesses in ecological epidemonisation culminating in alchemy of cataclysmic climatology, since stretched to sociological speculation sustaining mismanagement madelling metastasised as unacknowledged baseless baloney ballooned by avaricious apparatchiks gypping Goedelly gullible governments globally grabbing for Stateside systemic similarity in e-verything! |||| DAMTP’s cellar lab was always a cradle for karma and mine came courtesy of John “Sea-Breeze” Simpson’s gravity-current gear sharing space with Paul “Stirred-Layer” Linden’s grid-box gear, suggesting a simple synthesis that straightway secured similarity scales for buoyancy blocked mixing spanning from Hemholtz head instabilities to horizontally homogeneous interfaces… an achievement whose specialist sector significance for wind-water dynamics and discharges since spread substantially courtesy of climate catastropheering. Similarly inspired by JS Turner’s “Buoyancy Effects in Fluids” (JST was PL’s predecessor DAMTP Lab Director and grid-box guru), I also showed to own satisfaction that buoyantly blocked shallow shear-mixing as piecewise profiled parameterisation sufficed to exemplify energy extraction including ~20% extremity and solitary wave style scaling as precursor of complete collapse. DAMTP-like destiny also drove my decade doing defencies as covert contractor courtesy of an expired expert on film damped waves when as second string substitute for JT Davies at Birmingham Chemeng I chanced to correct textbook trips-up by Lamb & by Levich (“Physicochemical Hydrodynamics”; YC’s mentor even!), as well as by Stateside specialists in same game at same time for same reason ~ beggars belief saying silent submarines but really was, specifically for surfactant significance in suppressing wind-riffles from helicopter downdraught scouring. It also spawned simple sums on pervasive patches produced by natural wind downdraught eddies in sourcing natural wind-waves excited by airflow stress irregularities on splat patch spacing wavelengths, too long to be directly suppressed by skinning but nonetheless inhibited via reduced riffle-roughness, this bit courtesy of conceptual connection with classical critical layer calculations for film-free water waves by John Miles (mastermind mate of JL & GB). |||| Seeing as an average academic seldom sniffs a single seminal solution it sure was slick by any standard participating in provision of four or more, of which must mention also my minimal model for two-point turbulence in terms of just two confidently credible coefficients being Kolomogorov & Rotta classical constants, a 70s spectral suggestion suited as sophisticated subscales scheme in modern monstrosities of computational cartooning. But lady luck ladled me much more as engineering exercises in fault-fixing for blue-chip commercials and tech-tricking as patented practicalities via uk-DTI entrepreneurial excellence awards for wind stir-snorkel sparged sewage restitution & lean dose-drift sprayed plant protection. Former facilitated a VAW-Turbine topping theoretical limit in virtue of vorticity elevated capture cross-section, latter an Aeolian activator halving drop-size & wind-loss in virtue of vorticity confined inertially enhanced resonantly excited emission, the pair produced from four sequential SMART successes that secured Best Brit status for FRED a few years from creation as a campus company establishing my eligibility for covert contracts. All assorted activities were approved as academic ancillaries by an exceptionally enlightened ex-Harwell physicist Brum VC Michael Thomson for a decade of delivery during which he defended my denial of donkey demands by meddling mediocrities for shredding syllabus on traditionally taught theoretically toughest topics because they inspired otherwise under stretched star students to persevere on PhDs with me in pursuit of proper academic appreciation they felt denied in diminished degrees pitched at delta diversification against their alpha aspiration at what had historically been an elite establishment, these brightest best (>3A-As, circa 1990 cachet!) even eschewing lucredous lures for financial frippery deemed dropping-out and nearly all now a decade on respectably rewarded in recognition of real responsibilities, several superbly so by any standards. As for me, I peaked at 75 hours a week with my company commitment comparable to my campus one and commensurate commission charged but mostly paid in pursuit of promotional presences to consolidate contacts creating commercial connections ~ and about same again was conveyed from company to campus in cash and kind via an alter ego charitable complement FREDucational Foundation for teaching and training. If I’d put my pay in property instead of innovative initiatives I’d be a multimillionaire by now instead of bowl-begging for consultancy crumbs and contractual contrivances in politically propagandised programmes as rancid residue of formerly Great British and especially English expertise that valued Victorian virtuosity in inventing and implementing so much of the infrastructure that’s still central to essential services over a century later. |||| All that unequivocal evidence of achievement made it inevitable that within weeks of MT retirement academic anonymities and admin apparatchiks who’d resentfully resisted my freedom exacted envious vengeance by propositioning me with premature pensioning or endure disrepute disciplining for failing to procure prior permission on each and every encounter with many media merchants intrigued by what was then termed the “FRED phenomenon”! With a cardiac casualty as incoming VC anxiously soliciting soft sinecures for retirement readies, the masonic missionaries masquerading as suited sleazies were sure they’d screw me so as starter issued an expulsion order to remove my Powergen wind tunnel just two years after FRED financed its transportation and installation on a new mezzanine purpose paid in a backyard barn otherwise unwanted because it wasn’t promotionally prettified and polished! Seeing my strong science space allocated to an avant-garde archetype with processed peas PhD topped by fried eggs for inaugural anointment by an arty-age advocate of reed bed-lam, both god-grabbing greenies and card-carrying correctness committunists, I was all set to succumb when serendipity smiled again, an admittedly somewhat suicidal smirk, courtesy of Beeb’s Toady when I happened to hear an old rugby rascal boozing buddy interviewed as incoming Law Society head honcho so I sought his support, cashing in thirty-year chips from his graduation holiday hosted at my family home! He assigned a legal eagle who said he’d have had me on contingency for constructed dismissal if I’d any affirmative action attributes as tribunal tricks but only crucifixion could be contemplated for exemplary excellence empty of correctness compliance! Emboldened by an advisory alliance with businessman Malcolm Addy, leading light in the international innovation community courtesy of commercial creativity, I told my tormentors that an ex-ACAS QC was taking my case on contingency so please do disrepute and I’d counterclaim constructed with MA’s media mates making a meal of their moronic malevolence! They bought this bluff beautifully, boosting their opening offer to an irresistible extent that I accepted also to escape avalanches of mindless missives from dapper dunces needing nothing more meaningful to justify pay packs plusher than any academic ever accessed! It really was only fear of image injury that turned the trick because all academic advocacies, even from extreme echelons of JL’s disciple David Crighton tree-topping DAMTP & Jesus, were arrogantly abjured by the corporate cronies! |||| During the decade to this demise my one-man Team FAST = Fluid And Surface Transport with FRED = Flow Research Evaluation Diagnostics was biggest on the block, having a dozen or so routinely in residence by way of researchers, visitors and trainees doing a diversity of dimension that should have scared me stiff but didn’t because things got done-dusted and time-targeted due to absence of administrative assistance! Indicative inventories can be viewed via my metamonikers, also campus complements as SMART supplements and defence derivatives supported by PG & PD bursaries from FRED plus Royal Society (Kaptiza & Chevening), British Council (France, Italy, Czechia, China, Pakistan) and EP/BB-SRC (Cooperation and Excellence) awards as well as MOD (ARE, DRA, DERA) money and Corporate (ICI, Schlumberger, Rothmans) contributions. Pinnacle of personal pride was process biotechnology for natural plant products as secondary metabolite therapeutics & palliatives, a skill sourced from mega money in commercial contracts on non-smoking options for nicotine culminating in a trickle filter generator-extractor-concentrator for hairy roots. Its viability was verified for scopolamine from datura but denied by BBSRC blinkered by blustering Tom Blundell who busted so much in biotech and then beggared much more courtesy of his Royal Commission correctness cavorting. BBSRC then did only mammalian methods, then being before retroviral and prion frights floored all that foresighted futurological futility and pushed them into plant processes but too late for me with my team terminated for want of modest money to materialise our metabolomics a decade before this terminological tripe was trotted out! Cantabrian chemical cronies Blunderhell and Dave King (crusading correctness chief; no comedian) combined to castrate British bulldogging best whereby we had hit way above our weight in all international arenas whereas nowadays conferences can be customarily convened without any nominee natively tongued in English as universal language of knowledge (okay, courtesy of our colonial cousins!), this capitulation cavalierly camouflaged by focus follies claiming campaign-citizenry consensus suffices to signify sound science, a stupid superstition strikingly reversing rude realities in most matters: viz GMO, passive smoking, fossil fuels, landfills, speed cameras, road charges, etc, etc! |||| It’s always amazed me that FAST-FRED capability consolidated in under a decade from scratch start triggered by tinkering with toroidal Taylor-Couette configurations for a bubble-free bioreactor suited to sensitive cells driven to dormancy by stresses imposed in industrial scale monocell suspensions. Deactivation damage during disengagement had been a bugbear for ICI chasing Celltech’s commercial capability as an airlift process producing human growth hormone. Our proving project pinpointed energy density even to engine levels of MW/L (g-factor of 1000s!) due to miniscule mass in fragmenting films but we also provided plumbing practicalities taking a trick from FRED’s formulation for polymeric film damping of sea-waves, showing same stuff stifled energy extremities of bursting bubbles. Shouldn’t say so but seems it also served to silence deep dissolution of bubbles dispersed as dumped gases from electrolytic renewal of submarine oxygen, a challenge considering hyperbaric implosion can be akin to cavitation collapse in sourcing strongly supersonic shocks whereas surfactant stifling even encouraged sinking silently to the seabed, mimicking multiphase marine biotic behaviour delivering naturally encrusted gas-cored pellets onto abyssal plains! Ideas implemented from involvement in formulating foundation fundamentals for multiphase flux fractioning by turbulence and boundary blockage of turbulence also assisted in designation of dispersers avoiding agglomeration and associated acoustic autographs and in specification of sonically sourced cavitating vorticity bursts for scavenging of diffusively impeded electrolytic exchanges in batteries and gas generators, a cute call explosively disrupting to 10um standoff not damaging delicate plate electrodes or membranes. Acuter cognoscenti will conceptually connect from former to the SMART sprayer spawned from mechanistically motivated similarities entailing emission coupled coherence in dynamics and acoustics and from latter to bioprocess capabilities commercially consolidated in acoustic agitators achieving cell crushing and stimulation of surfaces with molecular specific selectivity, sadly but inevitably not in UK but in US as patented defence derivatives as ever demonstrating pathetic paucity of our innovation investment via central civilianisation disservices and regional degeneration agencies. Also deaf-eared for over a decade has been extensive endeavour to instigate interest in implementing the electrode enhancer for fuel cells in cars, accessing transiently to ten times rated output as emergency escape or enormously increased flexibility of hybrid units. |||| Solutions in sea-silencing were initially inspired as serendipitous speculation that ICI’s biodegradable marine lubricants had been approved under regulations not recognising asphyxia associated with surface skinning meaning modulus wasn’t mentioned. It still wasn’t recently as a few years ago when I last raised it in relation to climate conundrums, upwards of two decades since I scorned its absolute absence in all attributions and subsequently shared this scepticism at an early 90s IUTAM conclave co-convened with John Blake (JL’s PhD student!) on bubble dynamics and interface phenomena. Firmly footed in formulation fundamentals with phenomenological familiarity reinforced from five-year founding chair of an ERCOFTAC Euro group styled WOW=Wind-Over-Waves, I also co-convened another crème conference unmatched in the decade since, not least for JL’s swansong showstopper on tropical typhoons, but this time spelled out my military material on wave damping dynamics not characterised in climate catastrophe cartoons. With prior participation in securing sound scaling for splat stresses and fractioning fluxes both essential elements in air-sea exchanges, it was inevitable once filming was added to my familiarity frame I’d incline to implicate insidiously increased impact of contaminant concentrates ironically imposed on particulate pollutants via regulatory revisions initially instigated early 70s by Californian backyard bay buffoons to secure seaward shedding of their smog but fast followed by woolly wonks worldwide and especially enthusiastically by empty-headed euro-econogists egged on by moneymaking mantra-mouths like Monbiot and moronic media mates as well as armies of avaricious artistes assem-bling on gargantuan Gore’s graveyard gravy train trundling to its tipping point the day after tomorrow! Codified caricatures continue to convey deep-sea surface exchanges via classical correlation coupling of wind with water as well-stirred stress layer whose ~10m depth has similar thermal inertia as atmosphere, an assumption that alone precludes mimicry of 70s sudden slope-switch and subsequent steepness of warming wind-up whereas interfacial isolation due to inhibition filming by superfactants explains abrupt transition that’s been headline hyped as “hockey stick”. |||| That’s bad enough but until very recently all the cartoons complied with elementary expectation that evaporation would be higher in a warmer world whereas soundly old-schooled weathermen worldwide have been recording reductions since the 70s. In the spirit of fudged fixing, this disturbing discrepancy was astutely accommodated by reduced surface UV attributed ad hoc to increased aerosol at aeroplane altitudes, a perfect ploy for people plying energy envy for purposes of political-personal promotion that since succeeded in the extreme explosion of inane indignation against frequent flyers, yet was set squarely against measured melanoma explosion epidemonologically attributed to higher UV from opened ozone layers! Uhm, for anyone with an iota that should surely have baked the cake in dogmatically discordant selective song-sheeting yet no-one denigrated its nonscience, indeed never even whispered problematic porkies! Rainfall reality of increased intensities separated by increased intervals especially since the 90s have been conveyed only by contrivance in codified caricatures, unsurprising seeing as rainfall is set by evaporation which went wrong way until it was shUVelled in, whereas filming factors alone account for inhibited evaporation accompanied with microlayer warming by increased insolation and crucially also attenuated atmospheric nucleation with compromised cloud condensation, respectively reflected in the increased intensities and intervals! Seems surprisingly few are familiar with fact that greenhouse gassing by 1-10% humidity outstrips 30-300 fold reference level 350ppm CO2 so 0.1-1% humidity outstrips 30-300 fold 35ppm CO2, this being the 10% boost blamed by blind believers for weather woes and warming warning of hell fires to follow despite demonstrable dwarfing of its impact by humidity hiccups completely concealed in codified correlation clutter, dominance that is dismissed by faithful followers blustering background baseline as if implying an invariant or independent influence despite self-evident substantial shifts associated with adjusted evaporation-condensation realities never mind nucleation inhibition etc hypothesised here that alone accounts for observed emergence and expansion of intensified rain on extended intervals since 70s. Capping all is claptrap code cop-out on their undershooting of reality rates in icecap melting, a shortcoming speciously spun as “conservative” by gullible goons in mass media manipulation as if an extreme error evidenced even-handedness, whereas amplified absorptive trapping and retention of heat within surface skinning affords an Occamesque attribution (again). |||| So looks like all actualities are accounted by arcane adulteration of exhaust emissions ignorantly imposed by regulatory revisionists ironically as precautionary pseuscience promulgated by promotional politicos consolidating their cliques conveyed as Carson-Porritt-King-Stern perversion of Dawkins-Lovelock-Scilenced-Lunberg precision ~ arguably, idiotic-dramatic-frenetic-demonic dogma versus idiomatic-diagnostic-prognostic-pragmatic acuity. Nutshelled then, Occamed even, paring particle sizes sufficed to shift their settling speed from more to less than upward dispersive speed of ambient wind and so tipped their typical transport from terrain trapped toward troposphere topping, thereby increasing contamination carriage from coastal to continental resulting in rained-out reduced reflectivity for snowy surfaces in polar peripheries & at alpine altitudes, also comprehensively compounding coating coverage of land and water by filming agents ironically incorporated for  combustion chemistry control to comply on regulatory requirements for reduced exhaust emissions particularly particle sizes. It’s impossible to entirely exclude formulae from portrayal of these points so sorry about succeeding sums but sorrier still that despite them being trivial to all with iota of insight and trite even to arena aficionados, they’ve not been aired at all never mind ad nauseam in popularising pros and cons context of climate crusading. Their absence would be gargantuan gob grunting except of course they’d finger god’s greenies as dumb devils that caused the calamity which is why we never saw anything about this angle in any of the reams that rubbished realities whilst considerably carbonising the climate to boot! Anyway, here goes and if you really can’t swallow this stuff then skip down to see these numbers really do add up as alternative explanation! |||| In contrast to Gore’s gulfflawed arctic Atlantic Hollywood howler, “tipping turn” is almost appropriate for range response to halving particle size d’ from 50% more to 25% less than transition at which settling speed u’ equals upward dispersive speed u* which for typical ambient u ~10m/s with u* ~40cm/s also approximately demarcates inertial ~d’^1/2 and viscous ~d’^2 settling speeds at transition d* ~16um (densimetric g ~10^4m/s^2), upshot being inertial suspension d =d’/d* >1 is largely confined in lower stress layer to <10x terrain height whereas viscous suspension d <1 stretches through the stress layer exponentially tailing in the upper troposphere above H ~1km , the tropopause being ~10x higher at ~10km and terrain ~100x lower at T ~10m. Simple sums suffice to indicate ideas without mindless mathsturbation unwarranted with all uncertainties, so although d* ~16um isn’t exact it’s near enough and in any case life’s too short to mimic muddling manipulations of codifying cuckoos! My guestimate also had steady uniform contaminant concentration as ground condition posed as overland origin for maritime migration because it suffices to tell the tale as well as escaping Rutherford’s elephant. For the record then stress layer concentration (referred to ground value) c =(1+e/T)^-u where e is elevation, T is terrain and u =u’/u* =d^2 has integral height h =T|(1+H/T)^(1-u)-1|/|1-u| whilst top residual C =(1+H/T)^-u drives upper layer concentration c’ =Cexp(-ue’/H), e’ =e-H, in turn with integral height h’ =CH/u; these following from assigned dispersivities u*(e+T) and u*H. The overall overland contaminant height h” =h+h’ is assumed here to be sustained for maritime migration with depth averaged concentration diminishing by deposition going with sea distance s as exp(-u’s/uh”) which with inverse intensity u/u’ =25 yields integral indicator S =25h”/u as range comparator. Small stuff, say size <4um has d <1/4 so u <1/16 when C >3/4 and h” > h’ =CH/u >> h =(H+T) so sea range S >25CH/d^4 explodes with diminishing d, size <4um sufficing for 5000km continental carriage and conservatively so considering integral range measures only a single e-decay! Big bits, say size >24um, have d >3/2 so u >5/4 (inertial) returning h ~3T and CH ~T/3 so h” ~3T >>h’ and sea range S ~20T is well <1km and so aptly described as backyard binning!  As intermediate illustration 8um stuff, d =1/2, has u =1/4 and hence h ~40T with C ~1/3 so with h’ ~H have h” <2H and sea range S <200H say 200km, enough to ameliorate terrain trapped smog of big bits >24um by smearing into coastal haze of sea-breeze sloshing at 8um but not a patch on disappearance deception achieved with continental carriage of small stuff <4um. |||| A tad thick then hypothesising halved particle size sufficed to trigger a tipping turn but with 4um small stuff now standard seems staggering that everyday experiences of striking shifts from sixties soup via seventies smog to eighties haze and now millennial monsoons inspired no inquiries into enforced evolution of emissions as credible cause. On other hand media monkeys manipulated by middleclass meddlers posturing for paranoid politicos pandering to greenie geeks ranting for regulatory rigidity generated global gunking in first place so no wonder they and their apparatchik armies of loony luvvies only ever intone moronic mantras on greenhouse gases despite disbelief by majority of menials soundly suspicious about pseudoscientific scams endlessly excusing tyrannical taxation wasting their withered wages. Whilst disposal by dispersive dilution has been seen as a sensibly simple solution stretching to ever taller stacks and longer outfalls since start of industrialisation it was inevitable eventually that exponentially expanded occupancy would surface saturate all available area for spreading the stuff but any positing as people problem with radical reduction remedy has been politicked into a poisonous potato debarred from debate courtesy of correctness codswallop cringers. Notice I said surface saturation not volume, not by any means with ~M1ton air per person (~10ha area x K100ton/ha) meaning that emission of few tons CO2 pp pa (per person per annum) adds a few ppm overwhelmed by ambient 350ppm in turn overwhelmed 30-300 fold by ambient H2O as greenhouse generator yet it is precisely this tiny top-up that’s been trotted out for twenty years by gormless gITs for fear fuelling arcane agendas in pursuit of personally profitable political puppetry. Contrast this crazily claimed culpability with commonsense context that exhaust emissions expel ~1ppm particulates by volume or ~1ppt by mass (10ppt = 1%) meaning 1ton C burned to ~3ton CO2 produces ~3kg carrying combustion control concentrates that if conserved as ~300ppm additives carry over as ~300gm or ~10% particulates, point being ~1kg=L residual rendered in ~10nm skinning suffices to film ~10ha or entire planet per person proportioned (pppp: ~B4 pop equiv @60kg=10stone). |||| Such striking scale similarity surely should have signalled significance in the nigh two decades since I mooted my misgivings about regulatory revisionists’ clarion calls for smaller stuff, more so now as 1ton pp pa C combustion is substantially smaller than US & EU extremities, especially with this scenario since supplemented by simple sums conveying continental carriage of prevalent particulates and these two things together considerably more convincing than all the carbon codswallop that’s always been many magnitudes misaligned from meaningful measures for manifest materialisation. Marshalled McLuhanisation manipulated an insane inflation of everyone’s everyday experience that cloudless nights are cooler into a crusade against carbon asserted as analogous despite disparities evident to anyone aware enough to think these things through. An immense issue I encountered for first time in that excellent C4TV expose was incontrovertible indication of increased CO2 in ice cores coming after worldwide warming not before and common to all episodes examined moreover maintained for decades or more manifestly measuring inevitably increased aerobic activity in response to warmer wetter weather, exactly as epitomised by Gaia guru James Lovelock. As facade for failure to refute this reversal of their kingpin claimed causation because of course they couldn’t and rather than courageously convey contrition for conniving in cartooned codes contradicted by reality records, the greenie generals pressured one presenter into pulling his piece for fear of crucifying his career. Indeed after decades as pin-up whilst his principles underpinned personal purposes of the political poseurs, JL has now been dumped after demonstrating devotion to duty as a old-school scientifically solid principled physicist in expressing explicit endorsement of nuclear power for primary provision of electrical energy, as well as walloping windmills as trivially tokenising toys. I’m sure he’d see the sense in my material as well as being able to appreciate advanced aspects only alluded to here, notably that energetic elements effective in air-sea exchange are extremities of curvature at crests and troughs and it’s precisely these things that are stifled by skinning surfactants. Indeed that’s how skinning suppresses stress coupling extraction of energy from wind into waves, though not confined especially to extreme amplitudes but rather ripple roughness whose patchiness provides purchase for powering longer length waves furnishing whitecaps and whose capillary curvature is concentrated in troughs even to cusped pinch-off whose prevalence predominates in delivering dissolution dominated by characteristic clattering of clustered bubbles. |||| As noted it was this natural noise, specifically scientific specifications for surface skinning its suppression to help hovering helicopters hear submarines supplemented by satellite spotting of skin signatures (stuff still used by US Navy), that provided practical purpose of my project paraphernalia and catalysed commitment to counter climatic cowboys. Additional to inhibited evaporation and enhanced insolation already remarked regarding hockey-sticks and hurricanes, surface skinning slows seeding in cloud condensation and diminishes droplet diffusion, all of the above favouring fewer but stronger storms without any elephantine extemporisations encountered in complicated contrivances of codified cartooning. It also seemed to me that increased incidence of asthma (even eczema) since seventies might be ascribed to amplified aerosolised actives as bronchial barrier (dermal ditto) akin to air-sea stuff portrayed previously, again from prima facie plausibility in accounting for abrupt appearance otherwise unexplained in conjectural confusions cobbled by careerist campaigners. Absence of attention even acknowledgement from sector specialists supported my suspicion that science has sadly succumbed to squalid superficiality shared across society that’s been service-swindled since seventies into systematically switching selflessness into selfishness by grubby grabbers exemplified in puffed-up parliamentary politicos pay-perk-pensioning their pockets to tune of >4-fold inflated from faculty parity in the sixties, scabby stuff by any standards! Indeed the past decade delivered duplicity as designated default displacing diligence in almost all aspects of a country once coveted for its spliced sentimentality but now scorned for its stitched-up scamming of invaluable institutions irreparably injured courtesy of a conniving Chancellor who crippled the citizenry with uncontrolled credit to pay for profligate pandering to absurd excesses in an economy that far from even-keeled is almost over-keeled with debilitating debt. Foolhardy financing of public process from property to projectory for private profiteering has seen sleaziest shortcomings since Poulson’s property empire embezzlements only dirty dealings in the decade just done have been deemed above board despite burgeoning billions as %GDP purloined from public purse for competitively contrived concealed incompetence compromised by kickback contamination and cartel collusion. |||| Biggest banditry by far in effrontery for falsifications from promises to provisions has been seen in software skulduggery, with much more yet to materialise as moronic monstrosities prejudicing personal privacies in pandering to political policing primacy. Must mention our city council connived to convey £M400 as >10% of their tax-take doshed into a decade of dodgy digitising purportedly procuring wireless wonderland via topping up of tower transmission already extant so what’s exceptional for such extreme expenditure and why pay to play on publicly pursed provision. I’m still wondering who’ll be beneficiaries if any beyond buccaneers and cronies of council clown whose arrogant approval was accompanied by avowal that he’d have ticked off twice the price if deemed needed but then again with dictatorial deadheads comprehensively crucifying commonsense during the decade just done and promoted rather than penalised for empowering pathetic pettiness, no wonder we’re mired in mucky madness. I’m livid largely that all my loot lifted by their launderers personally purchases me merely rubbish removal and then only under intolerably tyrannical terms from tinpots taking 10x more than any commercial contractor! What a corrosive collapse from that earlier ethical era when procurement was predicated on proven past as prerequisite and prices were paid only after provision as promised, in conspicuous contrast to fraudulently fabricated fear of Y2K computational calamity and facade of £B1 Dome duplicity. Exemplifying this excrement was millennial mafia mugging that saw myriad micro military and manufacturing merchants like me (not to mention mega makers like Marconi) crucified courtesy of contrived conception of Qinetiq for private profiteering from civilianising scads of secret stuff entailing private party IP sourced strictly for defence delivery, avaricious arrogance that angered allies as well as associates for its cavalier commercialisation of ingenuity engineering extremities. No surprise then this devastation of our defence scientific supply services had all the highhanded heavyfooted hallmarks of boneheaded bonkernomic Brownianism in an inaugural budget he had the gall to call a defence dividend whilst paupering pensioners by debiting their dividend dispensation! Not many may know it was an assigned sale placed to placate the Pentagon via GW’s dad being board member as well as parliamentary opposition via an ex PM being beneficiary, even fewer aware that 90% of the published price was retained reserve so only 10% was really risked for a return whose 9-fold published profit was really 99-fold on committed capital and that realised in only a few years. I’ve yet to meet anyone who thinks what happened was other than repugnantly ripped-off pocketing of public purse for private profit, immensely more so than any honours honoraria hullabaloo yet nothing happened, no-one was prosecuted indeed there wasn’t even a protest from political policemen sitting on select committees. |||| Must mention my matrix of solid old-school scientists all elected early exit escaping enslavement as salesmen, such skill suicide blundered by bean baggers in all previous privatisations when I even encountered one of Brit’s best fast reactor hotshots wasted soliciting sales as stand-man until I urged him to chase a chair which he promptly procured as post retained until retired. No doubt these good guys were amply amused escaping embarrassment of association with emergence of what’s supposedly GB’s silliest submarine for thirty years, its noisiness no doubt courtesy of computationally coded codswallop which I advised against on my very last encounter. About same time water tunnel tests confirmed my configuration concept for supercavitation shrouding of an ultra torpedo, a futile formulation as it was shortly scrapped for sake of Brown’s budgetary blow-out on parental parasitism part paid from purging a superbly successful scientific sourcing service. Fatuously he flogged it for a fraction of its profitable price, merely a microcosm of his mad mobilisation of gold reserves at market minimum, moreover maximally minimised by forewarning his folly thereby beggaring big billions from our country’s coffers. Inevitably then after an invigorating involvement since Admiralty era, I was intrigued by Qinetiq’s grandstanding at Oceanology 2000 sporting the show’s swankiest set still sponsored by poor old percy but what grabbed me was poster portrayal of their top ten prospective products because one was seemingly spitting image of an acoustic algorithm I’d done for deconvolution of heterogeneity-hindered strong sonar, as Clancy-clandestine context a capability to cut across cluttering bubble clouds akin to radar reading across airborne chaff, their proto product promoted as improved industrial interrogator with featured focus on fisheries. Enquiries established originating rights would be recognised as ruled by Secretary of State but entailing entitlement established by litigation and so futile to fight especially against a publicly produced privatised cowboy corporate. Upshot is I and many more clever clogs are cheering that Cambridge character who alleged infringement of his titanium technology, praying he’ll provide a precedent that’ll create a corridor for compensation claims~ indeed it always amazed me Marconi never made any move for money from the myriad magic they sourced scientifically, at least nothing publicised so perhaps they secured a silent settlement! |||| Mired rather than moored in the manufacturing midlands made it all the more sickening seeing entire engineering entities expire for sake of simpleminded sensibility that would have not just saved but supported them through troubled times, akin to assistance amply applied by Franco-German governments indeed lavished loyally which is why both have outbid Britain doing deals in Indo-Chinese emergent mega markets. Based in Brum I’m livid that its Lunar legacy has been, still is being, looted by Lucre loonies lured by Prescott and empowered at Brown’s behest to beggar business for sake of stupidities that will soon have squandered £B4 in a decade of delivering no significant sustainability substituting for the million manufacturing jobs encouraged to expire in exchange for fashionably faddish subsidies on such as superficial software services, commonplace cottage commodities as well as academic appraisal appendages. I remember AWM’s advent as area agency, attending futile formation functions charged to collate condensate of collective capabilities from across all arenas offering opportunities for regional regeneration against a turning tide that made manufacturing an improbable investment for prospective prosperity. I recall trade association top dogs talking their talk of extended experience in London lobbying on behalf of bosses employing tens of thousands of people yet none of Prescott’s platform pals perceived their petitions, no doubt due to being breath-bated whilst pondering profitable property prospecting rather than redirection of revenues for restorative realities. Paramount amongst podium posh as governing gang was a luvvie London-locus accountancy group partner, incoming VC of Brum Uni as learning lifer from Aberdeen readying for retirement as cardiac casualty and now softly sinecured as a Social Sheriff, a Rover car company embalmer who inherited AWM’s reins despite being ironic namesake of a phoenix four-forty million heir. But amazingly there was no room on the top table for the one guy who broke his back ever energising DTI about the crucial case for consolidating technological SMEs, a soundly scientific techie by training who had lured an inaugural GB Innovations Inventions Fair from London to the NEC. Malcolm Addy never ceased in his campaigning their cause even to the day he died killed by cancer still striving to keep his company out of the clutches of the money men. Sadly though they won and did so everywhere as roost rulers across all regions, committing technological turpitude at every turn in pursuit of profits procured from public purse for short term subsidised superficiality sacrificing sustainable security that’ll be vital when the fat lady aka our oil finally shuts up or down! |||| By chance I googled "House Lords SciEngTec Policy mar2002" confirming my worst fears that financial flappers really ruinously running down all RTD revenues. TBC Institutions etc |||| Rational ready reckoning can also be rendered for biomass balance based on awareness of arable agriculture achieving ~100ton/ha harvested cereal crop, this being only a fraction of total hydrated material residing above and below ground so let’s suppose ~1000ton/ha sensible as capping on C content in functionalised farming, perhaps even as general guideline seemingly sensible for solidity as 10% at ~10cm height, this also as duo-decadal log-mean of 1-100% at 100-1cm. TBC  Photosynthetic plant C is sourced from soil microbial C in aerobic layer perhaps ~10cm, with rapid respiration delivering diurnal turnover times ~10hr against subseasonal for plants perhaps ~1000hr in which case ~1ton/ha (1ppt) solidity suffices as sourcing scale for conceived coverage by plants. Conquering caution about continuing commentary yet more on conjectural considerations, consider with C fraction ~30% in CO2 and CO2 fraction 350ppm in air, presumed plant C needs ~1kton/ha /hr air equivalent to flux (flow per unit area) ~100m/hr= ~3cm/s or ~10% of stress speed (u* ~40cm/s for mean u ~10m/s assigned earlier) representative of flux sustaining speed. So 100ton/ha still has fair margin to maximum possible 1kt/ha imposed by atmospheric availability although of course disappearing partial pressure probably imposes practical load limit ~10%. As sensible scale for cereals suggest ~1m height so solidity should be ~1% (100ton/ha) meaning stalk spacing ~10x stalk diameter ~  TBC Principal point is that ~100ton pa/ha for plant C is much more than ~1ton pa/ha=pp (~10%ppp habitable) in fossil C and massively more than ~100kg pp in food C (allowing 40kg from seed to swallow) whilst land C-loop is boosted by sea C-loop whose lower intensity may be more than matched by larger area! It’s no contrivance to compare ambient cycling with perturbation sourcing because excess is so small it should have been easily equilibrated by sinking into a slightly boosted but always much bigger background yet reality records this rational response was suspended in the seventies signalling advent of accelerated accumulation of heat and CO2 indicative of inhibited interfacial exchange as already explained and estimated. Simple sum sillies are absurdly addictive to old-school sense seekers like me so I’ll end with a couple of calculations on consumption of food and fuel as follows. TBC |||| Adopting 2400Cal pd appropriate as adult average according to experts, seemingly assimilated with higher than engineering efficiency of <50% and amply above on basis of water utility sewage solids sizing guideline of 80gm dry C pd equivalent to 800Cal, meaning 66% is energised as 800Cal rest state and 800Cal exercise or excess. Recalling 4200Joule /Cal and 3600sec /hr renders Cal/hr ~W=J/sec as amply adequate approximation accessing ~35W in rest state, also emphasising extreme exercise is essential if flab is to be fought in an hour a day, at 800W both time and motion being much more than most people can provide even if prepared to! Turning these trivial tricks a few years ago as a stopping smoker scared of surgery anaesthetic after 40year 40aday addiction, I took to doing 1200 stairs a day at 2 /sec, that’s 30min as 10min up and 10 min down and 10min after with doubled heart-lung rates. Needless to say not 1200 all at once but 10 lots of 120 done in 15 decremented down to 1 as token trimming of tiring hazard, ~200W delivered with maybe 4x as much being burned at initial inefficiency so at most killed 400Cal, only halfway to obstructing obesity so that’s why I also had to dump the dumplings despite doing daily equivalent of an Eiffel Tower and even so only stably shed 5kg of my target 10 after what’s now nigh on 2 years! Trouble is 500Cal comes from only 50gm=2oz dry C but weighs much more as wet fat! TBC Respiration |||| My much loved and now nearly extinct Mazda Xedos 9 has a 2.3L supercharged engine that nowadays never much more than tickles 3000rpm in our no-go nanny land where it’s sporty naughty doing only 10km /L at 100 km /hr even though my mileage is merely K10km pa meaning 1000L for 100hr of what was once pretty pleasurable before the baggers boosted all our transport taxes yet refused us road regeneration. Octane has caloric content about 50% more than hydrated carbon consistent with ~50% more O incorporated in its combustion (C8H18 -> 8CO2 + 9H2O) so 1L is energetically equivalent to 1kg dry C and my fuel burn is ~K10kW hr. This annualised average ~kW about the same as my house heating via gas boiler burning natural gas essentially methane whose caloric content is about 50% more again than octane or twice dry C consistent with twice as much O incorporated in its combustion (CH4 -> CO2 + 2H2O). All this stuff is technically trite by any old-school standards yet you’d never know now it’s been bureaucratised by bungling bimbos for banal bambis to follow fashionably faddish follies pandering propaganda pathetically postured in pseudoscientific portrayals and all of it paid by pick-pocketing poor old percy public. This pillocking pandemic nowadays never ever abates, last night’s C4TV News indeed an exemplar of excess what with a Tyndall tosser telling us everything must be turned off by everyone, well excepting hoorays like himself and all faith followers fuelled from his chemical cronies’ coven, fast followed by a typecast twerp blustering biofuels and paramount  priority of consolidating his career via campaign for carbon accountancy covering P&L balances for soil sourcing of plant biomass, pulling the proverbial with woolly wordage like he’s hardly started scratching surface etc! Such scary squandering is surely second only to the insane invasions that idiotically intimidated innocent Islamics, well truthfully third after gITish gorming that’s damaged delivery by devotees in all departments disarrayed by mismanaging kickback cowboys, well frankly fourth after agency absurdities across the administrative abyss but most topically twiddled thumbs in face of forever unfixed flood fortifications that were deliberately decayed by daft dictatorship of graffiti greenie, and so on in an endless litany of resource wrecking by slapstick spinners who bankrupted Brits and Britain in a decade of decay to decadence. |||| TBC trains and planes and windmills... |||| TBC |||| I suggested surfactant skinning by combustion contaminants as candidate cause of compromised air-sea exchanges in late 80s and aired it mid 90s at a global gathering on sea slicks I co-convened courtesy of military experts Frank Herr (US-ONR; S&S Head) & John Scott (UK-DRA; PhD with TB Benjamin, JST’s DAMTP predecessor!) endorsed by DC (Euromech Head), even contrived as compromised conveyance a late 90s multi-million Euro project (BlueWater interpretive imaging; originating IP retained) whose sensible science was sadly skewered by dumb downing gITs wired up only to web wonk in pursuit of petty profits. Enough said, too much indeed, but bear in mind I’ve not received any reward from anyone unlike all the armies of avaricious academics & politico promoters & pressurising profiteers pocketing percy public’s purse for vested venturing in induction of facile fears fabricated by the apocalyptic armies! Sad to say, correctness conformity is now completely consolidated as crowning criterion for funding so being unaffiliated as well as unorthodox meant there was never any chance of securing support even from fashionably faddish funds for ecotech or nanotech or biotech or even terrortech, certainly not me an aged expert appealing to charitable campaign causes constrained by correctness to champion inexperienced or ill-informed and infirmed minorities or mediocrities and religiosities including of course cerebrally compromised Armageddon activists. Susceptibility to extremism engendered by active attendance at the mother of all academic chemical climate covens you’d think should have culled any chance of candidacy for chief scientist but not a bit of it so sadly no surprise that an alien has been allowed to persevere on policies pulverising our industrial interests without ever answering for damage done. I was deeply disappointed in my first encounter at one of his plush promotions when he seemed floored about asserted absence of any greenhousing evidence in atmospheric profiles, such as sources seen in glass greenhouses! Frankly I’ve no idea if footprints could survive dispersive eddying but in absence of an assured answer if only as bluff it seemed to me the scenarios may well be worth not much more than their originating 70s style computer cards! Indeed since solar streaming of ultra altitude aerosol has at long last been acknowledged as significant as Piers Corbyn asserted since the 80s and since cloud significance remains much more contrived than computed it seems to me that my own fetish for filming factors is every bit as valid a contender as asserted above, deserving due evaluation denied since late 80s. Time will tell but it’s sickening to see so much still being squandered endlessly turning same old handles without any additional insights from that contrived consensus counted in thousands of those supposed scientists! |||| About time I aired an indicative illustration of my engineering exercises as fault-fixers so sustaining my spirit of sullenness I’ll turn to Tube Trains as last of four or more tricks done during mid 90s decline of Brit’s train-making Brum base whilst MetroCammell expired into GEC expired into Alstom expired entirely as UK entity during inexorable endgame maintaining methodical madness of manufacturing murder by Blair’s Brownian bonkernomics. The tube task stemmed from a string of successful face savers on intercity125 and regional sprinters, former for HVAC shortcomings & aerodynamic exacerbation, latter for aero-acoustics of open windows, all securing stopped penalty payments for production underperformance so all collecting commensurate commission for FRED! The tube trains trouble-shooter targeted a dissipater designed for mechanical augmentation of electrical deceleration during rush-hour overload, absorbing ~100MJ in ~10s at power density >100MW/cum underneath the train with only centimetric spacing to spare, evidently not enough to avoid melting the shoe soles of an inspector checking out carriage compliance! My fixer came courtesy of a former fast breeder nuclear reactor expert on extreme heat confinement, a speciality skill in lagging long-since lost to industry in his redundancy retirement to Lake District sheep farming but him sufficiently old-schooled to sort an 80% solution same day, not to say so pleased as punch at being productive again that he’d have done it as a freebie, leaving me just 20% to be attained aerodynamically. Specification was sourced as paper provision in under a week, fabricated and demonstrated inside a fortnight and provided for production in under a month... uhm, cocked hat knocking comes to mind by comparison with competitive con-tendering that’s now crude common currency courtesy of claptrap coin counters. |||| So where’s my sullenness? Well, in supplying a report to release the reward I cautioned that with the heat no longer inside the train it would sit in the station and not so many trains would be needed for 30C hotspots as unbearable excess over summer month ambient. I even offered options for fixing via escalators as exchangers akin to architectural aspiration, inspired more by flows induced in Kings Cross fire, and as last resort water spraying inspired by paper exercise showing FRED’s Aeolian activator ~10x more efficient than conventional nozzles for flash chilling of an intensive reciprocating heat pump, this job commissioned by National Power’s Mike Coney (reviving 70s acquaintance as CERL multiphase expert) after he serendipitously saw it demonstrated at the inaugural GB Inventions Fair where it won a prize as eco-clean candidate for arable applications. My sourness surfaces recalling how Loony Livingstone pumped publicity for himself as mayor and his million-a-year mate ex-CIA Cowboy Kiley in proffering a prize for trouble-shooting the tube’s oppressive overheating, so of course I immediately revived my fixers in the context of not only having produced the problem in solving a more pressing one but also having sorted it at least on paper at the time I caused it, upwards of a decade earlier! My chagrin came not just from not even getting a receipt never mind recognition of special status attaching to my approach but having to endure hearing, without so much as a hint of history I’d communicated as context years earlier, both bits recently replayed on the radio ~ on R4, atrial escalators advocated by no less than lordie JH (Brit’s brainiest baronet said the luvvie linklady!) and on R5, spray sprinklers suggested by a likely lad academically affiliated at UCL, like JH! Indeed, prompted by promotional presentation on regenerative braking at a recent one-day do, must mention I also urged consideration of aircraft carrier catapult concept as candidate with commensurate capacity, >100x current consideration for bus flywheels yet promotional pap points to loony luvvies toying with this as trackside techno trick, an arm and leg cost option okayed as poor old percy public will be paying the premium despite profiteering prices already endured for disservice derided by most other capital cities! Naturally nothing by way of answer from anyone, neither then or since, naturally! |||| So what you say ~ there’s nowt newsy about Brummies buggared by Loondies, about our country’s castration by its capital cretins abetted by quango quislings kowtowing correctness for careerist kickbacks. But more maddening has been mafianisation of public pursing exemplified in explosive expansion of idiotic inspirational initiatives engendered by emotional economics spawning slush subsidies to the tune of £Bpa for regional revivalism, maybe as much as £B40 busted in a decade of superficial squandering soft subsidies for silly starts-up in property purloined from local populace excluded from any advantage in profiteering from premium prices paid often as not by percy public as taxes to the institutions that inhabit them. My biggest “bete Brown” was local looters laughing at any idea of money for market materialisation of my SMARTees, even as proposition with intended involvement of Rover or Alstom guys in exploitation of Aeolian nozzles and VAWT aerators as eco-evolution engineering, because GB didn’t do dirty any more not with menial making substituted by service sophistication on orders from Gordon’s gurus! Imagine my ire then when one of their many parasitic pawns pushing promo pap (this one nurtured from nought to millionaire mansion in a decade of dubious dough) headlined a recently launched US VAW-Turbine exceeding established energy efficiency by almost as much as our early 90s invention, its ignorant implication being “why can’t we do things like that here any more?”. Even more exasperating was this thing’s higher constructional complexity surrounded by stators to increase its inflow factor and thus also specific power price compared with our adaptive attitude super solidity minimal mass concept yet they made the market courtesy of cosy campaigning by likes of these cowboy clowns paid from public purse selling short Brit’s Brummie best! Similar fate befell the Aeolian activator whose pioneering principle possessing a US patent, indeed generic (meaning principle without reliance on detail), was apparently pinched for an alpine snowmaker as well as an arable applicator and perhaps even emergency quenching of superheated systems such as PWRs whose scenario LOCAs limited by Leidenfrost inhibited heat extraction have always employed air accelerated ejectors but never Aeolian activated amplification as outlined earlier. |||| TBC meanwhile try my monikers for much more amusing antagonism.