Paraphrasing that moronically Masonic media mantra ďthis is what we doĒ Iíd say ďthese were (bits of) what was doneĒ by me but mostly by my guys before the gravy gits garrotted all good games a decade ago, when my campus career combining cerebral creativity with commercial connectivity ceased courtesy of crucifixion by correctness clowns and churchy creeps in cahoots with committee conmen. My modest microcosm of English excellence was merely one of many spawned from soundly schooled science, all cynically slaughtered in a countrywide culling conducted by cowboys cavalierly seconded from self-serving sectors to steal essential enlightenment assets from what little was left after the plethora of prior political plundering of our countryís classic core capabilities. An Armageddon that was absurdly asserted to be regionally regenerated renewal crudely crushed over a million meaningfully maintained in manufactured making and marketing extenuation of external economic equilibrium, substituting unsustainably subsidised short-sold stupidity in such as call centres & fast fodders and deadhead degrees, with woolly webbing and surfed surveying preposterously proclaimed the pinnacle of prospectively prosperous profundity! ś

Flip-siding these follies, top tripe tricksters taking tawdry Treasury tickets made mega money, with favoured friends of ministry minders, council cronies & qnango quislings even metamorphosing into motley millionaires after a decade of diversionary salvation from slagheap secondment. Standard spiv skiving in property pillaging, business buggering, financial falsifying, pension pilfering, farm fudging, environment excoriating, education emaciating, police politicking & health hijacking has been supplemented in camera criminalising by conning ex-coppers and software stuffing by scamming self-servers and charity cruising by corrupt crusaders, all parasitizing our public purse to tune of GDP %s & all eclipsed for coercive nonscience by codified contrivances in climate cartooning. It beggars belief bulldog Brits were tricked into tamely tolerating a drivelling decade of fascist foreign futility from parliamentary porridge oafs who pick-pocketed poor old Percyís hydrocarbon heritage, squalidly screwing such stupendous sums as to crucify crucial capabilities in caring citizenry that Anglos always assumed assured.ś

All this insanity cremated any chance of me recovering a reasonable return on or even retrieving my innovation investment of a half-million or so made from fault fixing and gizmo generating insights and inspirations during earlier eras of excellence. Indeed, with another half-million denied due to penalisation by premature pensioning a decade ago, it has also perished prospects of my marriage mellowing into relaxed retirement. Instead of the millionaireís makeover mansion with which sensible souls would have redeemed their readies, Iím now burdened with brandishing a begging bowl for recruitment to rescue my rocked relationship. So skim my stuff to see its amazing adroitness even excellence evinced in 4+ incisively independent pivotal pointers as tipping tricks, when nowadays 1- procures professorial persistence and 2- suffices to secure soft sinecure of emeritus extension! Bureauggery busted me because my brain was bent on boosted beneficialities as advancement avenues but not my bum on blustered banalities in kickback cul de sacs! n

#### By cretinous criteria of bean-bagged bureaucracy, my career-consolidated count of peered produce appears pretty paltry against aggressively ambitious also-rans asserting a century or more, colluding cowboys even claiming such counts before their forties nowadays. But bloated book-keeping, more multi-milked than double-entered, is merely a moronic modern*IT*y embraced by academic apparatchiks despite despise of leading luminaries who traditionally audited achievement for advancement. So thanks to guru grandees I did okay consolidating my campus career in teaching and training twin-tracked throughout with technology and transfer as commercial context, even in my last residence at a repressively reversionary redbrick where my survival was sustained solely by a soundly schooled scientific VC who protected me against pompous petty persecution for campaigning to consolidate conversion of my campus concepts. How crucial heíd (Sir Michael Thomson; ex-Harwell AERE physicist , ex-Sussex Uni VC) been only became clear on his retirement when the spiteful self-servers straightaway went baying for my blood, their absurd ardour amplified by arrival of affirmative action asphyxiating experienced excellence and cultural correctness crushing rigorous rightness, both bits of baloney bollocks embraced by MTís replacement. Reinforced by rabidly rampant religiosity of inquisitional intensity they determined to destroy me disciplinarily via decidedly dubious disrepute for my media motor-mouthing, always administratively unauthorised but tacitly tolerated in endless exploitation for PR press promotion featuring favourable fruits of my fortitude. So I was always confident my crucifixion could be counterclaimed contractually citing especially persistently prevented promotion even to extent that could be construed conspiracy for constructed dismissal. That said, bureaucratic blackballing for now nigh on decade has denied me due deserts to tune of upwards £K500 all told net of the paltry pension paid as blood bucks when the craptrappers killed my career. #### My courage to contest their conspiracy came from a former rugby mate whoíd just treetopped as Law Soc Pres, his help conveyed via a former ACAS head honcho who said that me being unrepentantly Neanglothal (middleclass-age dozenally bred bulldog whitey winner), especially a HIFlier (Highly Inspired Fixer), there was no way heíd carry QC cudgels on a contingency claim thatíd be dead-ducked by Newlaboural tribunal tricky-dicks forever favouring only LCDodgers (Lowly Correctnessed Dimwit)! But emboldened by his brickbatting of bureauggery I adaptively alleged a leading lawyer was eager to embark pro bono on battling for the benefit of promotional publicity, a sweet sting that secured me a splendid settlement, maybe best ever by way of premature pensions prevailing at that time. However my pleasure predicated on commercial consolidation was almost immediately murdered by the mediocrity mafia, their blackmail bitchiness reinforced by regressive RDAs that decimated over a million sensibly sustainable situations at behest of gormless government scandalously scamming public possessions for pathetic pittances, most notoriously being GBís defence jewels junked into QinetiQ without any recognition of original inventive ownership always substantially sourced from third parties like me! Must mention my battle bravery was boosted by the sadly now late great founding chairman of IWM, at that time regionally renowned as an SME sounding skateboard for intrepid innovators. An old school good guy known nationally not least for instigating the inaugural GB Inventions Fair well away from Luvvyland, at WMís NEC heartland, Malcolm Addyís ardour was absurdly asphyxiated when AWM apparatchiks anonymously arrogated all activities to Londonís quisling quargo. With AWM now notorious for its failure to furnish regional revival via replacements for murdered manufacturing,its victims may well feel itís been more fraudulent fiasco with upwards £M400pa scandalously squandered over what will soon be ten years without any sign of significant succour for self-sustaining social stability! Personally profitable, publicly pointless properteering and projecturing prettifications aplenty but no sign of socially significant substance by way of innovationally inventive initiatives nor intellectually inspired ideas! #### Okay, then, what about my peered produce? Well, pride of place goes to first papers published as core condensate from my PhD thesis completed courtesy of a stalwart supervisor Neil Stevenson (TNS, tenured at Manchester Uni throughout his career until retirement some time ago). Chunks of this stuff were also reproduced in a famous foundation monograph by the late great Sir James Lighthill, probably publicly unknown even as Hawkingís predecessor Lucasian incumbent, no doubt denied deserved recognition due to profundity, secrecy and diversity of his games, as well as media modesty. I discovered only recently, decades after it was done and all the more extraordinarily from head honchoat a top Russian RAS institute, that my elementary mathematical formulation for internal waves had been adopted as Greens function foundation for scoring success in stratification stealthing of submarines by the USSR as well as the USA, not to mention good old UK of course! Yuli Chasheshkin even Tom Clancied his story by saying the development had been deemed dangerously destabilising, enough to have triggered urgent secret talks between the cold warriors on revising the ground rules for detection engagement! Surely Serendipity then that my PhD project was selected for compatibility with pub lunches after footy & squash whilst awaiting accumulation of data dribbling from the test tank! Not bad as bonus considering my old grammar school headmaster deemed me undeserving for Loxbridge and for mathematics as core course anywhere! #### Also substantial, by all accounts, was a paper reporting an experiment radically delineating definitive descriptions for boundary blockage of turbulence, verifying an elementary theory that amazingly escaped detection during over a century of intensively funded R&D, all the more so considering not just its simplicity but profound practical implications for aeroplane/engine efficiency, a major motivation for military megabucks burned by principal players throughout that period. I suppose itís a gauge for gullibility of modelling merchants that approximate amendments cobbled up by code conveyors were uncritically adopted by supposedly scientific end-users despite still serious scaling shortfalls. Similar sloppiness, now endemic across all engineering arenas, is exemplified in evolutionary excesses of environmental extemporisation most culpably by CO2 climate cowboys! Flight fuel efficiency neatly nuances contemporary civilian context for criteria from foundation formulations for boundary blockage! Similarly substantial significance was also attributed to a foundation formulation for the mathematics of multiphase dynamics, by way of a force law correcting decades of manipulatively massaged ďmodelsĒ contrived for computational conjectures mainly and alarmingly aimed at assessing loss of coolant criticality in nuclear power plant, mainly as US-NRC and US-DOD megabucks motivated by meltdown mathsturbation! Amusingly, the new result reproduced a formulation from 50 years earlier derived to gauge gust response of airships, asymptotically being entirely equivalent entities embedded in atmospheric turbulence. This development was done by Sir GI Taylor, top HMG adviser for over forty years who mentored Lightill into post as Director of RAE Farnborough. Taylor also seeded early ideas on boundary blocked turbulence, principal points of which were demonstrated by AA Townsend in alliance with GK Batchelor, both antipodeans recruited to Cambridge by Taylor and GKB later to be long term head of DAMTP including during Lighthillís Lucasian tenure. At the time these bits were done I was blissfully unaware how they complemented Tom Clancy colouring of my PhD, realising only much later how clustering engagement of bubbles by boundary wave turbulence dictates sea noise and limits detection of anthropogenic anomalies in underwater acoustics. More on this later! #### In this plethora of posh naming I must mention Townsendís protťgť Peter Bradshaw was tenured faculty at Imperial Aero during my spell there mentored by PW Bearman (later head and pro-Rector) and I was fortunate to share the wind tunnel study of boundary blocked turbulence with PBís then student Phil Hancock who co-authored our resulting paper and since been long term tenured at Surrey Uni. Bradshaw long ago relocated to Stanfordís Turbulence Unit established by Bill Reynolds whose much earlier experiment was done at too low Reynolds number for retrieval of the essential inviscid scaling established in our study endorsing the theoretical description co-published by Julian Hunt (JCRH, then tenured in DAMTP, now Lording it at UCL) and Mike Graham (JMRG tenured at Imperial Aero, later Head, now Emeritus).The success of that liaison (JMRG recently said it triggered ten times the interest of all his other papers) prompted JCRH to recruit me to DAMTP where we mentored the multiphase mathematical reformulation mentioned above as a PhD project by Tim Auton (last to do Maths Tripos Part 3 in three years, recruited to ICIís then pharmacological group at Alderley Park). Essential elements of these studies were quickly conveyed in contemporary conference papers reporting also experimental verifications in a PhD project by Kevin Sene (recruited to Inst Hydrology Wallingford), all of it eventually consolidated in journal papers. Last time I saw him years ago PB (long ago Emeritus) was embarking on experimental excursions of boundary blockage probably for MEMS devices for turbulence drag reduction, again as always motivated mainly by military money. "Plus c'est la meme chose, plus Áa change"! #### Years later I was on faculty in Brum when a military materials man arrived to see JT Davies (then Chemeng Head) as renowned expert in surfactant process chemistry. But JT had died the day before so I was deputised as dabbling dilettante, not for any established expertise. With Q&C piety paper pledged, practical purpose was portrayed as prospective suppression by surfactants of sea surface sloshing for sensitivity of devices deployed from helicopters, such silencing films being feasible only if remarkably resilient in rotor downwash. This Tom Clancy stuff was irresistible, more so with my entrance exam prescribed as provision of compare-contrast report on established mathematical modelling of film-damped wave dynamics. Well I was lucky enough to do this bit RITE = Right 1st Time Exactly, moreover managing to report within a week even to extent of eliminating not just elucidating all various errors and omissions that dogged all earlier expositions, including in benchmark books by grandees Lamb (Hydrodynamics) whomentored Taylor and Levich (Physicochemical Hydrodynamics) who mentored Chasheshkin!†††† My thing wasnít peer published but essence was highlighted much later in a Nature article by JC Scott renowned for a lifetime inspired by Benjamin Franklinís oiling troubled water, a military sonar scientist who PhDed with T Brooke Benjamin who was also tutored by Taylor. Unpublished also was my shortcut sum assessing rotor resilience of filmed damping,, formulated as a viscoelastically skinned extension of John Mileís classical work on wind-waves, similar to stuff that since appeared on ruffling response aka catsí paws but lacking filmed surface suppression. Must mention JT dreaded conferencing his stuff in front of GKB famed for condemning compromised rigour especially prevalent from chemists with pretensions as physicists. I always wondered if JT had supported my recruitment with a view to protection in this respect so was ironic indeed that the mantle he bequeathed to me transpired to be such a strikingly successful longstanding liaison with Rod Lane, a top class military materialist at what was then ARE Holton Heath. Extraordinary looking back that initiation on fundamentals in filming flowology spawned so much more in what had been to me entirely alien arenas of nonlinear materials, acoustics and dynamics for submarine stealth and sonar transducers, all done and dusted over a decade ago yet still hasnít hardly at all been duplicated never mind displaced in publicised stuff. More below, also on how Scottís stuff looped back yet again to DAMTP-Cambridge via David Crighton as another Lightill acolyte and Batchelorís successor! Extraordinary adventures! #### Before the Clancy connections for filming factors an indication of interesting important implications ignored in all climate cartoons. Iím moved by massive massed mantras of media manipulators on further feeding frenzies this time triggered by 4TVís splendid sideswipe 8mar07 at codswallop crusading contrived to create contemporary fears of fossilised fuel. I was dogmatic denier a decade before absurd assertions were boosted by Blairian baloney on Ď97 election explosion of his Babeí bandwagon for focus follies cascaded to a crescendo of millennial madness since superheated in Stern strictures stupidly spawned from ecological exaggerations by gumbo gITs & gormless greenies for pecuniary & political privileges. After rancid rips-off already rendered in billion bust Dome & Y2K & Casino fraudulent fiascos & many more, itís always been clear that collusion cowboys corruptly cocaine on sly spun cynical scamming but nothing on such awesomely Orwellian scale & spectrum as the carbon conspiracy thatíll terminate tenable trading across the entire Euro-economy. Still stumps me that slapstick pseudoscience carried conviction to create a cataclysmic campaign against carbon although crossed my mind politically polarised policy was pipelined as long ago as í01 when JCRH, newly Lorded Luvvie as Met Office ex-MD, hosted MP Ian Gibson as Blairís Babe on S&T committee at a Science Museum showcase soiree. I attended aiming to assert a floor note on fundamental flaws in fudged fixes for air-sea exchanges, of similar significance to contribution from clouds also comparably cobbled in these codified cartoons originally contrived as conversions of US-DOD nuclear winter codes. At the time I still had a legacy of my role (courtesy of JCRH!) as founding chair of a European Club on Wind-Over-Waves (WOW!) through whose auspices an IMA Conf co-convened in í97 with a really good guy Sajjadi, like me a bureauggered Brit but he slipped his slaving shackles & succeeded Stateside some time since. By any standards the bash was singularly successful in booking the best of big boys across the board in that business, a dozen FRS matched by overseas equivalents, yet for all extraordinary expertise on all aspects of interactions only one (me & JCS) provided a perspective on how filming factors compromise convection in air-sea exchanges, heat & gas transfer as well as waves, both directly dissipative & indirectly inhibitive reduced rippling. #### My paper with JCS contributed a condensate of the calculations that had catapulted my Clancy cavorting nigh on a decade earlier. At the time and during the decade since I aired it as arguably expert opinion on striking significance of its implications for apparently perturbed weather patterns since the 70s origin of that supposed stick signature claimed for carbon catastrophe but more rationally and ironically for sure coinciding with rigidly regulated regime of emissions imposing introduction of super surfactants for suppression of smog from primary particles. Dispersive long range spreading & sedimentation sheeting of the sea this super stuff suppresses aqueous aspiration by killing key component capillary clefts akin to emphysemic inhibition of alveoli and with more than enough to sustain suffocation of coastal collars to >100km, there has been a powerful prima facie case for consideration yet I never recovered any expressed interest from anyone in that arena! Plausibly also a prima facie pointer to political poisoning of philosophical propriety! Must mention that dogmatic dunce disciples denied for decades any substantial significance for ionised aerosol & magnetic polar interactions with solar flux which eventually emerged as essential in any adequate account of weather dynamics. Indeed even as recently as that í01 Science Museum soiree, Piers Corbyn now well known as an advocate of solar significance was more rejected than respected by establishment experts eagerly egging their carbon caricature for every prospective penny of prejudiced policy. So no surprise mantra merchants like Monbiot and his mates milking percy public purse courtesy of charity charades like Greedpiece and Erfiends still denigrate him as denier of their nonscience despite carping concession of 30% consistency contribution by professionals cynically seldom mentioned in media. Climate cretins are also dogmatically in denial of comparable contribution of water vapour despite self-evidence even with only rudimentary recognition of forcing factors. Simply seeing <400ppm of CO2 is <4% of H2O (<1% vapour) suffices to signpost 50% greenhouse gain from just a 2% rise in vapour against 4% reality conceded even by contriving codifiers. So only stridently specious selectivity by manipulative media merchants couldíve so cavalierly consolidated a cowboy case so successfully that no-one knows 4% real increase in 1% vapour greenhouses as much as all CO2! Even professional protagonists donít deny at least 30% should be attributed, about as much as solar stuff campaigned by Corbyn. #### So that leaves <30% as causation candidate for CO2 up by <30% on pre70s levels. Activists asserted heating was always caused by CO2 as actuality over aeons but with heat also boosting biological conversion, anyone with an iota about biota expected CO2 lagged not led historical heating hikes exactly as records reveal & mostly by margins more like millennia than decades! Indeed itís all absolutely aligned with J Lovelockís Gaia feedback formulation complementing R Carsonís Silent Spring, together as twinned testament tracts that catalysed crusading campaign charities whose founding father disciples were decimated by hooray heretics, long overdue painful punishment for inciting irrationality! Crusading campaigns recall have been construed on codes as caricatures that canít even reproduce the record rates realised since 70s era of regulatory revisions that radically reduced soot sizes to suppress smog. With monitoring & modelling methodologies supplanting the intuitively intensive with expensively extensive, inevitably insight interpretation & clever conclusion got gazumped by a garish goulash of McLuhanís media messaging that spelled senescence for old-school science, stifling sensibility with superficiality. Climate codswallop provides a paradigm for popped politicking courtesy of cobbled codifications for components that canít be consistently characterised, such as clouds and contrails but massively more fractionated films naturally nanolayered to >12 decades down on resolvability restraints for modelling with even most monstrous military machines. Envelope extemporisation suffices to see few ppm particulates as few um combusted crud from few kL fuel conveys coating contamination to few dha, also approximately allowance per pop of liveable land & shallow sea and consistent with coverage of all available area during a decade of dumping kLpa as a patchwork prevailing to the planetís polarities! Filming favours water warming by reducing wind waves & evaporative exchanges, raising reserves for rabid releases in tropical storms as popularly perceived and promoted by professional pundits milking media mileage. By same token filmed inhibition of nucleated condensation slows cloud consolidation, delaying but not reducing rainfall meaning same amount in fewer but bigger batches. Intensified heating in filmed insolation & immobilisation atop viscously confined freezing polar water plausibly provides platform principles for mechanistically modelling melting of glacial ice margins by waterline undercutting akin to chalk cliff erosion whilst film blocked evaporative reduction reproduces reality of field data worldwide since the 70s in contrast to coded contrivances recently rigged to eliminate their evaporative error by ad hoc artefact of UV attenuation arbitrarily ascribed to amplified altitude aerosol blithely ignoring the conflict of this contrivance with massively multiplied melanoma since 70s! #### Iíve been banging away on all aspects for 2 decades since my initiation on film fundamentals and all to no avail apart from an EC-IST-F5 proposal I contrived for conspired compliance with codswallop constraints of Brussels burgers, a project in any case hijacked by g*IT*s for woolly webbageing without a sliver of scientific sensibility! Ridiculous really seeing as all elementary indicators carried compelling conviction for comprehensive consideration on Occamís account alone, in complete contrast to cobbled correlations codified into climate cartoons. My clincher was the BBC Horizon howler that haplessly (as ever) deliberated a dumbest downed debate in advertising absurdities of mindless mantras from manipulative Met mathsturbaters desperately denying their formulations followed expectations of enhanced evaporation in a warmer world, that adding altitude aerosol wasnít an artefact for compliance ofmodelling with measurement, rather yet another artefact added to a myriad more in computational caricatures created as pseuscience persuaders for politicos in pursuit of profoundly unprincipled policies. Even some simplest of sums as suggested suffice to implicate the regulatory revisions imposed since 70s resulting in particulate sizes squeezed from ~ten to few um, following 50s legislation that took them from tens. The intended substantial significance for dispersion distances can be seen via simple sum for settling speed scaled on shear speeds of eddy excursions, tens cm/s rms for daily breezes to 10m/s meaning 100um (1m/s) donít escape entrainment elevations for urban roughness ranging to tens m whereas 1um (<1mm/s) attain altitude >km, even effectively filling 10km orso atmospheric boundary layers in overland fetches & transportable enough to reach planetary polarities. So additional to filming from sea settling as surveyed thereís albedo alteration due to depositional darkening of snowy surfaces, noted indeed in popularly publicised spoilage of skiing slopes! So simplest of scaling sums sufficed to produce prima facie predication for properly provisioned project, indeed irresistibly so had science not be subjugated by socio slapstickers for eco correctness clowning thatís busted billions in conjectured craptrap, cretinouslycopied in madness mantras intoned by mouthy madams, generically gendered if Iím to escape persecution by political police overpaid & pensioned to peruse all penning for possible prosecution courtesy of our orwellianly overbearing obermeisters! So sad that despite endless airings with allegedly expert academics, face-to-face and from the floor at venerable venues, no-one ever deemed that I deserved to play a part correcting whatís been an absurd comedy of correctness clowning. But then all our sensibilities societal as well as scientific ones, have been crushed by cowboys in killing off pretty much all that once made up GBís greatness... and goodness! [TBC....]

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Dear Curtailed Correspondent >

    Many months of reducing reliability, recently even excluding rudimentary "receipts" for bounced or binned mail, prompted energetic enquiries that exposed an epidemic in exclusion algorithms activated by flawed filtering in juvenile junkmailers. These autocratic automatons have falsely flagged my silly syntax as pressed pork in their canned category, even to 150/50 condensate = summary extinction times three! It really is extinction because reinstatement may entail individual requests to each and every rejecting operator ~ all effectively inaccessible of course and none amenable to anything in the current climate of media manipulated hysteria that has spawned antispam as foremost amongst fashionable fads down kickback cul-de-sac.

    Absence of assistance from the regulator regarding redress has meant I must resort to test precursor indicating intention to mail on receipt of reply as handshake check that I won't be wasting my time. Insane isn't it, driven back to darkest DOS days of explicit echo-exchanges but I can't see any other escape from the evil empire that evolved from elementary emailing. Blair's boloney encouraged me to be e-verything yet now I can't sustain @nything, not even personal pottering never mind professional portfolios. I should have anticipated inanimation would be inevitable, thereby spinning cyberspace into alignment with all his other e-xciting @dventures.

PS Even more problematic for me has been identity invasion by a malevolent maniac who has not yet been excluded by any of the operators or regulators from systematically spawning corrupted e-mails and attachments purporting to originate from ~ aliasing my own bona fide address. Please ensure you reliably report any abuses so as not to encourage your system support to erroneously encompass my own in their enthusiastic exclusion of anything that smacks of spam or scam. has never been responsible for anything aberrant apart from enthusiastic eccentricity, a trait once deemed endearing and democratically deserving to endure despite correctness culture!


PSí Well, well ~ my micro campaign seemingly stimulated quick corrective concession that embedded addressing (above) indeed allowed identity invasion that crucified my correspondence. From now on my messages will be individually authenticated via the routing BIOS of the relay service. Unclear how this change can reinstate academicacceptability with campus ostriches obsessed with obstruction but at least the earlier error has finally been eliminated after nine months of expanding exclusion. Meanwhile I am now in hot pursuit of exemplorary extermination of the culprit and remediative recompense for service slackness from suppliers contractually content to pocket my prepayments whilst denying due diligence in precautionary prevention. Watch this space!


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My reaction- So this alone accounts for decimation of mail by their spammer ~ my dyslexic mail is retained by recipient for reference in his impeccably standard Fowler reply which then gets captioned en route to me courtesy of my own ISPís Bayesian Bananas and my reply is then rejected by his mail server for having been marked up as SPAM. Now thatís surely about as silly as could be especially with excessive sensitivities of BTís Bananas ~ contrast Bradford Uniís X-MailScanner-SpamCheck: not spam, SpamAssassin (score=0.206 (required 8) for a message mail versus simply signatured blank test mails encountering BTís X-Junkmail-Status: 45-65/90 (90 sets SPAM flag). How silly!