Jan Tsunami terrarism slaughters solipsistic parapolitical pseudoscientism

Dec Moaning about Massacre of Meaning and Making  Jun

Oct Arable Applications & Allergenic Activations as..

Sep 6thForm stats Clobber Camera Cratrap Conundrum Jul

Aug Carping Cartoon of Rabid Report on Car Cameras Jul

Jul … Elephantine Eighteens via Bayesian Bananas!  Jun

Jun …Petrolhead Porkies Cowboy Cops Elephantine ... May

May criminalizing cameras speed sleaze-spun slavery Nov

Mar Deified dicing of vCJD deaths fuels family fears

Feb SMART SPRAY spawns 1MEu DEFRA-aided activity

Jan hapless Horizon crapped out on Atkins anorexia

Dec gobbling goodies on generating griddled graduates

Nov current correctness campaign is coercive claptrap May

Oct aiming to antagonise apocalypcists on food follies

Sep BlueWater minted as two sides of EC-fp6 Eurocoin

Aug*collected contributions EMech 'Slicks & Seansing'

Jul bashing Beeb on Today's trite trivia and toadying

Jun admonsihing AWM'RA for missing main mission

May more multiphase meaning from Marek @ EFMC

Apr*new guise for FAST-FRED’s PA-EG games @ EinF

Mar EC FP6 SPRAY partner search advert @ Betatech
meaningful maths multiphase modelling @ IJMF
Jan*SPRAY system subliminally sequestered @ cropper
EC FP6 SPRAY partner search advert @ Betatech
project & partner search EOI @ EC Framework 6
SPRAY seeks project partners @ EC FP6 CRAFT
Sep*SPRAY system subliminally sequestered @ snower
Aug*ETFS 26/6-7 papers @ ICMF New Orleans May01

Jul*EPSRC surf zone slicks project @ Edinburgh Uni

Jun*BlueWater @ World Sustainable Cities Mosaic
May*BlueWater @ Stockholm Partnerships May02
Apr*GLS6 chem eng conf @ UBC Vancouver Aug03

Mar J Zahradnik (Henry) memoriam @ GLS5 Sep01

Feb slicks & stealthy subs @ S Times & DERA Apr98

Jan*Slick Sensing Air-Sea Interactions @ EMech 387

Dec*EC-INCO FP4 food biotech project @ Aston Uni

Nov*EC-INCO FP4 food bioech project @ Stuba Uni

Oct*early exposure for SMARTees @ Innovation WM

Sep*OUP IMA WOW Coupling conf @ Salford Apr97

Aug*PhD wave whimsies resurrected @ Phys Fluids
Jul*FRED's FAST doppelganger devotee @ Tokyo Uni

Mar*oil-gas pipe catastrophe code critique @ HSE-OSD

Feb*PhD wave whimsies @ Lighthill’s WiF ch4 CUP76